Take This Exactly As It Is Meant To Be – I Really Don’t Like France!

The French Are An Arrogant People, who Live in an Existence Created on Lies, Delusions & Illusions. And the Last Thing America Needs, is to be Lectured to by the French.

I Listened to French President Emmanuel Macron, as he Addressed the American Congress, Mentioning Many Times . . . The Phrase – New World Order.

If Anything . . . Macron Knows How To Lecture His Betters.


ISN’T IT RICH . . . Watching & Listening to Macron, the Frenchman with all the Answers, Lecturing America on how to live within a Successful, Moral and Democratic Society, when France is a BASKET-CASE of Islamism, Anti-Semitism, Unemployment & MOSLEM NO-GO-ZONES, where French Jews are TERRIFIED to look Jewish, who are EMIGRATING from France, as soon as they can.

I FOUND IT PARTICULARLY INSULTING . . . listening to Macron Lecture America on Freedom & Responsibility, after Laying out his Version of History – of how France Helped America Win the American Revolution with Lafayette, when France was there NOT FOR AMERICA, but rather to USE AMERICAN PATRIOTS as their Proxies to Defeat the British, because they sure as hell couldn’t.

SUGGESTING THAT FRANCE . . . had something to do with Wining the Revolution for America, is akin to Suggesting that the Hessians (Germans) Lost the Revolution for the British.


Not since Napoleon got his Ass Kicked TWICE by the British, has France won anything of Consequence. The French have been Booted-Out of all their Colonies. And they were Creamed in Vietnam, without even a Pretense of Accomplishing Anything.

The Germans Beat the Crap out of the French, needing the English Speaking World, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA to save their Sorry Asses TWICE.

And the French Never Really Explained, why at Least Half of France Supported the Nazis, with perhaps more than half who didn’t, who didn’t care one way or another.

Or Why the FIRST NAZI DEATH CAMP to Exterminate Jews was set-up in France, and not in Germany, or any other European Country? Or why the French, HELPED the Nazis Deport French Jews by the Tens of Thousands to the Gas Chambers & Ovens?

So . . . when I Hear President Trump Laud the French as America’s Earliest Ally and one of America’s Greatest Friends, President Trump should RETHINK who is and was America’s Greatest Friends . . . because it certainly isn’t the French.


I FOUND IT RICH . . . How the Democrats Gave Macron Standing Ovations when he Spoke about the New World Order, and how Science will Save the World, making an Oblique Reference to Global Warming or Climate Change, whichever suits the Purpose.

THE DEMOCRATS WERE NEAR HYSTERIA WITH GLEE . . . when Macron Spoke about A WORLD WITHOUT NATIONALISM, as President Trump is Trying to Move Heaven & Earth – TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

I ALSO NOTICED HOW VICE PRESIDENT PENCE . . . Was TEPID in his Perfunctory Applause to the French President’s Applause Lines, while Ryan Displayed his Dutiful Role as Speaker of the House.


If President Trump were to go to France, and Tell the French in their National Assembly, how America Saved France’s Ass TWICE, and reminded the French that at least Half of France, in one way or another, Supported the Nazis, Sold Out the Czechoslovakians & Folded like a Cheap Suit at their Maginot Line . . . They Wouldn’t Be Too Pleased.

And Then Follow-Up With . . . How the French should become MORE Nationalistic, MORE Defensive of their Borders, LESS Socialist with More Productivity from their People & LESS Trusting of a New World Order . . . THE WORLD MEDIA, but the American Media in Particular . . . WOULD HAVE A GLOBAL CONNIPTION.

He Came . . . He Saw . . . He Conquered The Weak Minded Anti-American LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. They are all so afraid of being called racists that they let the liberal media bully them. Guiliani should have simply said “I stand by my statement” and kept repeating it like a broken record. The media tried to label me a racist when I wanted to kick out every illegal alien and I told them that illegal wasn’t a color and I stand by my position that they need to be kicked out.

  2. Trump can not work with Macron as an adversary – he can only get Macron to listen on friendly terms – the Islamic problem for France is now too little too late. Macron like all EU leaders has no biological children or grandchildren of his own, in other words no skin in the game. Macron cares only about his reputation in History – as a friend Trump can asure him he will be remembered only as the man who destroyed France by giving it to Islam. Thats the angle.
    “Art of the deal”

  3. Trump needs France on board to Deal with Obama’s Horrible Iran Nuclear Deal…. that will benefit Israel in the long run which I’m all for. So his words are probably part of the Deal Making.
    Kind of like his kinder remarks towards Kim Jong-Un. Trump KNOWS what he wants. He KNOWS how to get it. I suspect in the long run everyone will see the wisdom in what he’s doing. We live in an ugly world (outside of democracy). Different Rules Different Strategies. Lets see how this all ends up playing out!

  4. I too viewed Macron’s speech to Congress, but first of all noticed how close Pelosi was to him as he made his way to the podium. Surely this is a revealing sign of how devoted she is to Macron’s viewpoints! Macron came off as heartfelt and sincere, but cleverly and expertly slipping in his vision of a world order and the elimination of nationalism. Hopefully President Trump maintains a careful wisdom in matters relating to France.

  5. I feel and hope he was only being polite to the guest!!! Think Trump knows when someone is full of HOT AIR and that guy was for sure . When they get done with all their hunting witches in Washington I will be watching his visit with Putin The only other leader of a country fighting this NWO. We can hope and Pray he will tear up obama’s deal with Iran Time will tell Pray for our President to have Godly wisdom .

  6. How do you have a world without nationalism? Isn’t a micro-example of that the current European Union? If this analogy is apt, how’s that working for all the member nations and their respective citizens? Sounds great for the people at the top, not the rest of us who have to live with & suffer with their decisions…

  7. New world order……… that just gives me the creeps! I remember a sign in a Paris shop wind :English spoken American understood” need I say more?

  8. Right on! Pompous asses them all! It takes “Howard the Fearless” to set the record straight.

  9. True to traitorous tendencies, the French Canadians chose to side with the British to keep the USA from moving north and conquering them. The idiots didn’t know that the snow would keep the USA from moving north.

  10. Howard – Concur Totally. Very disappointed by how our President sucked up to this guy.

  11. Well said Howard. The French are always the same wherever we might find them. The U.S won’t be able to depend on them. France may have helped the 13 colonies during the war of independence, but for the 168 years that British colonies existed in what is now America the French were their first enemy who constantly attacked colonial settlements along with their aboriginal allies. The French are opportunists who will claim their ‘share’ of the spoils that others shed their blood for.

  12. I disagree with the absolute condemnation of Macron but what else can I say in 500 characters or less. I trust that Trump will not be swayed from his objectives stated so far. We’ll see and soon.

  13. It’s a matter of not peeing off a needed ally. If you think Trump really likes Macron, or Trudeau for that matter, then think again. France recently joined the US in air strikes into Syria. Trump will no doubt need Macron again in the future. The more allies, even if just for the optics, the better for the United States and Donald Trump. If American leaders can pretend to like the Saudis, for example, then pretending to like the French is comparatively akin to a leisurely walk in the park.

  14. Macron is our guest and the head of state of one of our allies. Unlike the French, we are polite and mannerly in the treatment of guests in America. For all of Trump’s business and administrative abilities, the ability to schmooze is essential in politics. I wish it wasn’t but it is. You have to play nice with the other kids if you want to make friends for America. I’m certain the buttering up of Macron is because Trump is going to put the bite on him down the road.

  15. I couldn’t have said it better. Kudos Mr. Galganov

    Lloyd Reighley, Fallbrook, California

  16. I know this is very serious, but…. France is TOAST! I put lots of butter and syrup on mine!
    Nothing would have been gained if TRUMP were to treat the new leader of France rudely. The left will do what they do, no cure for them. Trump: What you see is not what you get!

  17. Margaret Thatcher 1989 at G7 Conference when asked impression of the French Revolution: It resulted in a lot of headless corpses and a tyrant.

  18. He likes Macron as they both won as outsiders-nothing deeper than this.
    We know how the French were in WWII and the rest of your editorial. No worry however, Trump will not follow his leftist agenda. Trump also likes Macron as he is diplomatic with Trump and defers to him at the right times in their discussions.
    Their relationship is all about personality and Macron is helping Trump quiet his extremist views like the Paris accord and the Iran Deal. Like what is Trump’s alternative.

  19. I stopped going to quebec for skiing 10 years ago because the act just like the french do in france and they dislike Americans

  20. Trump will listen respectfully then do what is best for America like he always does. The relationship with Macron is a counterweight to Germany, which is now probably too far gone to save. It could be interesting to compare Merkel’s visit to Macron’s.

  21. “Macron, the Frenchman with all the Answers, Lecturing America on how to live within a Successful, Moral and Democratic Society, when France is a BASKET-CASE….”

    I know, Howard. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it? Arrogant a**, like his predecessor Charles de Gaulle.

    Like Mel Gibson’s character “Benjamin Martin” said in 2000 movie “The Patriot”: [grunting in disgust] “The French.”

  22. Pres. Trump, is “sly like a fox”…I’m sure he has Pres. Macron’s number! I enjoyed all the other remarks as well! I personally think you Canadians are too close to the situation, because of the situation there in Quebec, with the “drama queen”, Trudeau…& ALL the other “LEFTIST-LOONS” in Quebec. ONLY TIME WILL TELL! I definitely agree with Teri Newman, in Belleville Il., one definitely can “catch more flies with honey, than vinegar”, our Pres. Trump, DEFINITELY KNOWS “THE ART of THE DEAL”.

  23. Why? Because all Europeans from Iceland to Far East Russia are related to each very closely and descendants of the same people. We’re realizing our world is coming apart and if we’re to survive we must have unity among each other. When I see Hungary resisting foreigners invading their lands I feel complete solidarity with them. There’s something that moved in me when I saw St Peter’s in Rome & The Parthenon but nothing when I saw the Kotel and the Taj Mahal because they weren’t mine.

  24. I too wondered at T’s speech. Look at pics (on Breitbart) of ceremonial welcoming by Prez & Mrs T as Prez & Mrs M were approaching, they are rather telling. Prez T has a scowl on his face. Mrs T’s face was rather blank. Only as the Macrons got close did Trumps put smiles on. Since whole visit’s festivities were planned solely by Melania, perhaps hubby was playing nice to please her. Wouldn’t be diplomatic to bash Macron; but bet he was swallowing bile rising up in the process.

  25. Howard, you “nixed” my comment the last time I said: “French would can their feces and sell it as pate if they could get away with doing this”! There may be a “method” to Trump’s “madness”: maybe he is exposing the leaders of nations in favor of the “New World Order’ (before “taking down” those in our own nation who are supporting this)? Just what if those who “cheered Macron on” are the very people Trump now needs to indict? French have “attitude” that they are “better than other nations”!

  26. Trump MAY have other ideas up his sleeve! I think he has Macron’s number. The LEFT is finding Trump’s diplomacy a little disturbing. Don’t count on what you SEE! Trump always has something else going behind the scenes as we have discovered. Melania Trump saved some bucks by doing their FIRST State Dinner on her own. Quite a presentation!

  27. I always wondered why France even exist. Even part of the European Continent, it has no connection with the other countries. And why does anyone wants to go live or visit France is beyond me, except for the landscape. They are like a materialistic voodoo to the rest of the world, give-me, give-me, give-me. But, don’t expect anything in return. And as you know and you have shown us, LOOK-AT-QUEBEC! And Trump, who is a “pragmatic”, is up to something, GOOD-FOR-AMERICA”, that none of us can see.

  28. Well said Howard, and here we Justin trudeau the equivalent of Macron

  29. MS. WEST said it BEST–“Don’t count on what you SEE! Trump always has something else going behind the scenes as we have discovered.” Also, as MR. MacKAY wrote, MACRON is “the man who destroyed France by giving it to Islam.” I, too, believe that our Country needs as many ALLIES as it can possibly get! Pres. Trump wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and so far, he’s done quite WELL, I might add. The LEFTISTS don’t even know HOW to COPE with Trump! He CONTINUES to OUTSMART THEM! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  30. A mentor of mine was one of the sweetest, kindest and considerate persons I ever knew. She went on a tour of Europe back in the 60’s and told me that the French people were so rude to her while she was a guest there. I never had any desire to go to France ever since she expressed that to me. We are talking about only 20 years after WW 2 and all we did for France!!! I am not impressed. They have had attitude problems, not for years, but centuries.

  31. I found it disgusting The nerve of the self righteous SOB to lecture on the NWO when his own country is falling apart as a result. Go home and lecture the locals and clean up your own backyard before you lecture the rest of us on how the West needs to change .

  32. Really enjoyed your editorial & the comments from your readers. I think most of us know what the French are like just by looking at how selfish & ruthless the Quebecois are. Canada is such a seriously divided country because of Quebec & their determination to destroy Canada. Using his devious mentality, P.E. Trudeau entrenched into the 1982 Constitution the OLA. The declining French language is now being used in the choice of public servants, instead of MERIT. Canada is declining fast!!

  33. The world is in total denial. Trump is a statesman too. He can smile at the BS, and later find a use for the likes of Macron.

  34. 1957 on our honeymoon we drove to Quebec as had not been to Canada. No roadsigns in English, not a menu in any English and we were disappointed in it all now we were in paris with my daughter and she speakes French(she lives in Belguim) so we had it had it easy as my daughter conversed for us and except for the prices Paris is beautiful Went to Lyon about 10 years ago with daughter and son in law for lunch with 2 bottles of wine and meal was very nice bill in U,S, money was $415 dollars

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