Toronto And The Illegitimacy Of The LEFT



Just So You Know My Bonafides . . . I Am A Non-Toronto Native Expert On Toronto.

What Happened In Toronto Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Yesterday – April 23, 2018 . . . We were all Shocked to Hear the News that Someone MURDERED Innocent People on one of Toronto’s Main Thoroughfares, For Apparently No Reason At All. But we all know better than that. There’s Always A Reason.


As of the Writing of this Editorial . . . Ten People are Dead, Numerous others are Seriously Injured & the City is Scarred & Confused.

I won’t waste your time rehashing what Happened in Toronto, because I’m positive you have already Read, Saw & Heard all about the Attack a Gazillion Ways the Media can Portray it. So I’M going to tell you what the Media won’t Tell You.

AS A MONTREALER . . . Like all Montrealers of my Age – I’ve had a LOVE/HATE Relationship with Toronto for as long as I can Remember.

Toronto . . . to a Montrealer like me, has always been an Arrogant Massive Backwater of People, which Didn’t really Come Alive, Until a Half Million Montrealers Left Quebec, because of French Language Ethnocentric Nationalism . . . which Effectively made the Unrestricted Use of the English Language AGAINST THE LAW – and only then, did Toronto Begin to Emerge as a World Class City.

WE MONTREALERS ARE FOND OF SAYING . . . Toronto should Erect a Statue to Rene Levesque, Quebec’s first Separatist Premier, for Making Toronto the Great International City Toronto has Become.

BEFORE THE LARGEST PEACETIME EXODUS IN WORLD HISTORY . . . which was Montrealers Leaving one Canadian City for Another, Toronto was the Brunt of Montreal Jokes.

Toronto was as Dull a City as one could Imagine, where by 9PM, Toronto Restaurants were Closed, while in Montreal, by 9PM, Montreal was just getting Started. The drinking Age in Toronto (Ontario) was 21-Years Old, while in Montreal (Quebec), it was 18-Years, or as long as you were Tall Enough to see over the Top of the Bar.

Toronto Was Polite . . . So Polite as a matter of fact, that People Generally didn’t Speak to Strangers in Crowds, while in Montreal, a Crowd Meant you made New Friends.

Toronto Was So Regimented . . . there was no Joie De Vivre and no Spontaneity; it was like Mayonnaise on White Bread. While in Montreal, Everything Went, it was like Rye, Kimmel & Black Bread with whatever you could Pack between the Slices.

If You Want To Know What Toronto Had in the 60’s & 70’s Compared to Montreal:

Montreal was the Banking Center of Canada.

Montreal was the Investment Capital of Canada with the Montreal Stock Exchange.

Montreal was the Insurance Head Office Capital of Canada.

Montreal was The Garment Manufacturing (Schmata Trade) Center of Canada, which was also Recognized as one of the Four Fashion Capitols of the World . . . Competing with Paris, London & New York.

Montreal had a Great Football Team, the Best Hockey Team, and the First Major League Baseball Team in Canada.

Montreal Hosted the Expo World’s Fair and the Olympic Games. Montreal had the Most Modern and Efficient Subway System in the World, Connecting Montreal’s Underground City Labyrinth of Offices, Shops, Restaurants & Entertainment Centers.

And The French & English Of Montreal Actually Got Along & Prospered Together.

What Did Toronto Have With Which To Compete? . . . White Bread & Mayonnaise.

With Everything Going For It . . . Montreal was the Absolute GREATEST CITY in the World, in which to Grow-Up . . . And then came the Idiot Ethnocentric French Quebec Nationalists to Destroy-It, Never to be Rebuilt or Resurrected Again.

Where Did All This Money & Power Mostly Go . . . You Got it “Toronto The Good”.

I have Referenced Toronto – as “Toronto The Good”, which was Basically a Smear of Toronto, because in Essence, Toronto was nothing much more than a STIFF Before the Montreal Influx, But because of Montreal – Toronto became a Juggernaut & World Class City . . . with a Price Toronto will not be Able to Bear.

With this Enormous Influx of Money, Power & Prestige . . . Toronto – like Drunks who all of a Sudden Won a Lottery, began Spending Money as if they were going to Continue Winning the Lottery Everyday, for as long as they Existed – AND MOVED SO FAST TO THE LEFT, THAT TORONTO CHANGED THE NATURE OF CANADA.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Toronto has Swelled to a City with a Greater Population of MORE THAN 7-MILLION PEOPLE, which Represents 20% of the Entire Canadian Population, and just 1-Million Less Than The Entire Province of Quebec.

The Main Toronto Telephone Area Codes Are 416 & 905 . . . Which According To The Way 416 & 905 Votes . . . Is Who Gets To Govern Canada . . . And Thus Far, it has been to the LEFT, for which Canada as a Whole is Paying a Dear Price with Trudeau as our Prime Minister . . . Because Of 416 & 905 . . . Ontario is for all Intents & Purposes Bankrupt, while Toronto has become an Unaffordable City with Skyrocketing Debts and Unsustainable Immigration.


Black People from the Caribbean Islands, Specifically from Jamaica, have been Immigrating to Toronto in Large Numbers through Canada, which is fine. But what’s not fine, is that with this Immigration, has come a Large Number of Black Violent Jamaican Gangs (Posses), many of whom have moved into Specific Parts of the City, one of them being an Area called Scarborough at the East End of the City.

The Posses have been so Violent, that Drive-By Shootings had become a Daily Event. Beatings, Stabbings and Shakedowns became a Routine Part of Life for many of Toronto’s Black Residents . . . And as things went from Really Bad to REALLY-REALLY BAD, the Media were “Convinced” not to show the Faces of the Victims or the Perpetrators.


WORSE . . . The Media Couldn’t even say if the Victim or Perpetrator were Black. To The Point – that the Media were also “Convinced” to not even show the CUFFED-HANDS of the Perpetrator, because it would Reveal his or her Skin Color.

The Great Exodus From Montreal To Toronto Started In The Mid 1970’s . . .

Not only did the Great Exodus of Montreal’s Best, Brightest & Most Entrepreneurial English Speakers, most of whom were Bilingual (English/French) Start in the Mid 1970’s . . . It’s Still Continuing, to the Extent that Montreal has Become a Backwater, while Toronto has become “THE DESTINATION”, but not just for Montrealers, because People from Everywhere, and not just from where we would Expect to Welcome the Best & Brightest are coming . . .

Which Brings Me To A Reality Torontonians Don’t Want To Talk About.

Toronto has become a Magnet for Islamism, and a Center of Anti-Semitism, which the Politicians want to Keep As Toronto’s Dirty Little Secret . . . WHICH HAS ALSO BECOME THE BASTION OF THE LEFT.

It Is Not A Surprise To Me That Terror Has Struck Toronto . . .

It Is Also Not A Surprise To Me . . . that the Toronto Police & Toronto Mayor “John Tory”, who once wanted to be the Leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, who is without Question, at least in my Mind, is the BIGGEST SCHMUCK to ever hold a Political Office, that he and they (Police) have been so Reluctant to call this MASS MURDER what it really was – A TERRORIST ATTACK, but instead . . . This Idiot Mayor Called Upon The People Of Toronto To Remember – That Toronto Is & Must Remain An Inclusive Society.

I Feel For The Victims Of This Terror Attack – But You Reap What You Sow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As William F. Buckley put it. “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” Possibly it is the fear that their own views are weak or simply wrong and can’t can’t withstand debate.

  2. I am a native Montrealer myself exiled to Ottawa 16 years ago because I lost my job at Air Transat after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York. Since a lot of people were scared to fly, airlines were not making money so 5 million around the world in the aerospace industry lost their jobs. I call toronto, moronto because 80% are morons, the other 20% are Conservatives. Montreal before the 1980 exodus used to be known as Canada’s métropole. Montréal, la Métropole du Canada !!!

  3. Well said Howard. So why do conservatives in Canada, the US and other countries remain mostly silent concerning the insanity of the left? We too, are reaping what we sow it seems.

  4. The first time I went to Toronto was for an international conference. A group of us went to a restaurant we had heard had authentic Carribean food and live music. It did. As dusk fell, the Reggae lyrics became increasingly racist…I.e. Anti-white. The two “seniors” of the group of eight (older than forty years old), decided to leave without dessert. My senior friend asked the bartender to call us a taxi but was told they didn’t come there after dark. We walked back in a brownout. Wow!

  5. You have the courage to say what idiots like Tory won’t. In 1974 the Royal Bank transferred me to head office in Montreal from Winnipeg. We were so excited. Wanted to make our home there and were learning French. Ten years later I returned to Western Canada with my middle finger extended backwards. The left are pure evil whether in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver for that matter. Tragic.

  6. Are you talking about the Uber is here to stay moron who was going to level the playing field. against taxis and effectively elimimnated my retirement income and the pension of tens of thousands of cabbies in Toronto?

  7. Howard, spoken like a true Montrealer. I came to Montreal before the mass exodus to Toronto. Toronto was already booming in constuction and expansion on all fronts, including the time of Expo. Most of the exit traffic was from people who previously went to MTL to get jobs and via transfers. It wasn’t language. Toronto, even Winnipeg, was way more cosmopolitan than MTL. So Toronto didn’t become the GTO because of the gift of MTL’s great! Hardly. It was affirmative action on steroids to MTL tha

  8. You said it, I wish I had first. I think it’s only going to get worse because as a society we refuse to see forest for the trees. I feel for all these people who were killed and injured. Yet we kid ourselves into believing the truth. Ray Moscato Calgary, Ab

  9. You are right about the leftists Howard. Aided and abetted by an extreme level, deep socialist Prime Minister, the young, the unread, and those wearing blinders, are hurriedly plunging Canada into the cold grey world socialism. Many of Canada’s youngest and brightest embrace the socialist ideology, because that is what they were taught on their way through many of Canada’s public education systems. Most amazingly however, conservatives, who can envision the horrific end result, say nothing.

  10. If you argue with a leftist on semi-automatic rifle gun control …. consider this about this Toronto Terrorist attack.
    Shouldn’t be Ban VAN’s TOO? Van’s Kill People! SHouldn’t everyone be forced to use SMALL little vehicle because you can’t kill as many people with a small car as you can with a Van. So when a Stupid liberal argues against banning guns …. tell him if he thinks we should ban Vans. She what the soccer mom has to say about that.. Howard … GO HABS!!! Love the Canadiens!Next Yea

  11. I have yet to meet a Leftie who has genuine concern for his cause. It is all about personal agendas and political motivations. There is nothing sincere about their actions to help another group of people who they (derogatorily) perceive in some way as being less than themselves.

  12. We must be politically correct. Prime Minister Trudeau said the Toronto massacre is only an INCIDENT. Wonder why he would say that? God bless ten people who will never see the light of day again, and the fifteen who will never forget that terrible day. As usual, today will see masses of Candles, Flowers n Tributes and a couple of weeks from now it will all be forgotten. Five Muslims got $10million each; the young white male who killed six in the Quebec Mosque shooting was sentenced to 150years

  13. Having left Mtl in the period you mention , I always felt sorry I did , until my latest visit . Glad I do not live there and even gladder I did not go to Toronto. Both have immigration issues . And yes, sad for the victims, but looks good on the city. AND I’m sure our Leaders now believe we need further BANS on FIREARMS . Imagine if this nut job also had a firearm. Leftist Logic: it cannot be the people must be the TOOLS available to them .

  14. This is only the start. Wait till the liberals legislate some of their next progressive ideas such as decriminalize all illegal drugs and the sex trade further deteriorating the declining morals in our society. Oh but it is to protect our children!!!!! In most if not all great societies the moral decline was the forerunner of total collapse. Howard keep up the great editorials of truth.

  15. I will take Toronto over Montreal as the last time i visited Montreal and quebec to many signs ” french spoken only ” and that french was hardly french i understand.

  16. Good artickle about the left doing its utmost to hide the symptoms and root cause of our problems.What has happened in Toronto is just a forerunner to what’s coming, sad to say.Our politicians are just like the leftist politicians around the world..hiding the truth from the public.Alberta, the bastion of conservatism for years elected its first socialist government the last time due to the influx of leftist from the east seeking jobs. Now Albertas are paying the price and will be a have not one.

  17. Being 73, and from New England, and having been to Montreal and Toronto BEFORE the changes, and AFTER the changes, you have presented the most cogent presentation of the changes I have ever read! We went to Montreal in the 60’s and bought a pair of “trending” shoes called “Jellies”, for our daughter who was a “trending” teen-ager. She turned her nose up and they went to the back of the closet, but lo and behold, four years later she was the “star”of her school as a “fashionista”
    it’s more!!

  18. I too left Montreal, and for all the reasons Howard listed, but in 1996 after the second xenophobic referendum. I moved to Boca Raton, FL and I’ve never looked back. I cherish the fact I was brought up in Montreal and I cherish my second life as one of the most privileged people on earth, an American citizen. My heart aches for the victims of the Toronto psycho. Evil is out there & consider this: Nice, New York, Toronto – no armed citizens on the sidewalks. Try a van ramming in Ft. Lauderdale.

  19. You did a WONDERFUL job, as usual, in describing the HORRIFFIC TERROR, that happened in Toronto, & my heart goes out to those poor souls, who happened to be in that MADMAN’S WAY! It is absolutely “unreal” what our society has turned into, thanks to the LEFTIST LOONS!! We can only expect that to happen here in our beloved USA!!!

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