The Collapse Of The LEFT

“There Ain't A Horse That Can't Be Rode . . . Nor A Rider Who Can't Be Throwed”.

The One thing we can all be Assured of . . . Is That When The Tough Get Going – The LEFT GET RUNNING. And if it takes RATTING-OUT all their “Colleagues”, or more appropriately . . . Their Partners-in-Crime – to save their Pathetic Asses – NO ONE ON THE LEFT IS SAFE, AS THEY ALL RUN TO GET UNDER THE ROCKS!


As long as the LEFT held all the Levers of Power in the Judiciary . . . from the District Attorneys, Prosecutors, Judges, the FBI, the Attorney General, all of the Deputy or Assistant Attorneys General, Right up to the Leadership of Congress . . .

There Was No Such Thing As Blind Justice.

I will go even Further . . . In all reality as Current History has Proven Time & Time again, JUSTICE, is and was Only what a Judge wanted it to be . . . Therefore, Selective Prosecutions & Judgments were ANATHEMA TO THE RULE OF LAW, as it is Perceived by the People, and Supposedly Guaranteed in the Constitution.

But A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Screw President Trump.

THE LEFT TOOK A CRAP-KICKING IN 2016 . . . With Crooked Hillary still Wondering & Questioning what Happened.

President Trump didn’t waste a Nano-Second . . . Immediately Undoing & Wiping-Out Generations of Anti-Freedom & Anti-American Regulations by the THOUSANDS . . . Freeing American Business Entrepreneurs, Contractors & Farmers to once again Chase after the American Dream of Exceptionalism.

And even before Donald Trump Took the Oath of Office to become President Trump – The Long Knives were Assembled . . . And Out To Get Him.

People who believe that Absolute Power is Absolute or Forever . . . are Delusional, because Nothing is Absolute. Nor is anything Forever . . . even the Sun in our Solar System isn’t Forever. Yet, the LEFT, including the RINOS, didn’t Govern America, but Rather RULED AMERICA, as if they somehow had a DIVINE RIGHT to Govern Forever . . . As If That Right Was Absolute.

SURPRISE – SURPRISE . . . Every Narcissist Gets His Or Her Comeuppance.

I’ve Learned a Great Many Life-Lessons from the Most Unexpected Places, Surprising Circumstances . . . & from some of the Most Unlikely People & Animals, because not everything is as it seems to be on the Surface.

“Learned” Experience Is The World’s Greatest Teacher.


45-Years Ago . . . In the First Week of May – 1973 To Be Exact, Anne and I were on our Honeymoon in the Catskill Mountains, before the September ’73 Heavyweight Title Rematch between Ken Norton and Muhammad Ali . . . where Norton Trained Months in Advance for their Big Fight.

Anne and I had the Rare Privilege to be at Ringside, Watching Ken Norton Train & Spar against several Extremely Tough Opponents, whom he Dispatched as if they were Children.

After Watching the RAW POWER, SPEED & SIZE of Ken Norton, and how he made the Speed Bag Dance, and the Heavy Bag Groan with each Blow . . . I KNEW that Ali was going to get Creamed, especially since Norton had already Beaten the Once Upon-A-Time Champ in their Previous Fight . . . The Problem However – was that I Overestimated One – And Underestimated the Other . . . Muhammad Ali Won In September.

What happened between Norton & Ali . . . and the Over-Assumption on my Part that Ali didn’t have a chance – Established a TRUTH in my Mind, which I have Never Forgotten and will Never Forget, which is that No One is Too Under-Rated Not to Win . . . Nor is Anyone Too Powerful Not To Lose.

A VERY ELDERLY, HARD AS NAILS & CANTANKEROUS WOMAN . . . Who Traveled by Herself, but with her Three Mules in a Fancy Horse/Person Fifth Wheel RV, who Followed the Seasons, told me long ago, when Anne and I met her at a Lake George (Lake Luzerne NY) Horse & Rider State Camping Ground, when she was Pondering “Breaking” a Horse for another Rider, and when I asked her if she Really Thought it was a Good Idea for her to do that at her Age? SHE SAID TO ME . . .

“There Ain’t A Horse That Can’t Be Rode . . . Nor A Rider Who Can’t Be Throwed”.

I think about this Old Curmudgeon from Time To Time, because she was So Different. She did get up on that Horse. The horse gave her plenty of “Action”. But by the End of it, she was On Top . . . and the horse “Was Broke”.

When You Underestimate An Opponent . . . It’s At Your Peril.

I’ve been Writing for as long as I was able to Form Sentences. I followed Politics ever since I can Remember. And I Truly Think I was Born to be a Conservative Activist, even though in my Earlier Days, I saw myself as a Liberal.

BUT I ALWAYS WATCHED . . . Always Absorbed – Always Tried To Peek Behind The Curtain, so I could see the Ingredients Before the Sausages were Made. AND I NEVER TOOK A POLITICIAN AT HIS OR HER WORD.


The Answer . . . Is That It Physically Cannot Happen.

So Here We Are . . . At What I Think Is A Real Crossroad, where the Many on the LEFT, the Rich & Powerful . . . who have Thought for Generations that they were all Too Powerful to Fall, who see themselves perhaps as The Unstoppable Force, have all of a Sudden Come-Up against an Equal & Greater Power . . . Who in the Name of the People & Freedom, are the Immoveable Object, who Believe they are Now All Too Powerful To Quit . . .

There Is Coming A Cosmic Socio/Political Event . . . the Likes of which we haven’t Seen in more than a Century, where all the Rules will be Rewritten if the Immoveable Object Does Not Succumb to the Unstoppable Force.


Whether They Can See It Or Not . . . Have Serious Reasons To Worry.

Just Like . . .

“There Ain’t A Horse That Can’t Be Rode . . . Nor A Rider Who Can’t Be Throwed”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Enjoyed both parts 1 & 2 of the video with Rudy Giuliani. Also appreciate your thoughts. Keep up the good work.
    Pat Otis

  2. Your comments are a delight, always putting the smile back on my sour-puss. 😉

  3. After Obama the Democrats thought they had it in the bag with all of their voter fraud and cheating. But along comes Trump a non-political person but a good businessman which is what the good Americans wanted. What they didn’t count on was that the good Americans wanted change and all of the crooks booted out. Trump was the man to do this and has been doing it even to some in his own party. Trump will win bigger than ever in 2020. The Democrats are History.

  4. What a delightful read this beautiful Saturday morning in the ever so left state of California!!!!

  5. Don’t underestimate the left. They miscalculated how much they would need to cheat in order to put Felonia von Pantsuit in the Oval–but they won’t make that mistake again in 2020. The cheating will be astronomical and President Trump will need to hold the states he won in 2016, but with Florida now filled with Puerto Ricans who were displaced after the hurricane, it could very well go blue in 2020 because they ARE US citizens and they CAN vote–however they also have to be Florida residents.

  6. If your prediction comes to fruition..I believe it will happen because of Divine Intervention.
    We are a praying country and our God hears our prayers. He will not let this great country
    Country fall..the left is underestimating the Power of our God. They have tried for years
    to wipe the name of Jesus from existance..once again underestimating Him. The Unstoppable
    Force. God Bless America. Mary Bemis

  7. it still has me baffled as to why the USA attacked Syria the way they did. Nothing about it this whole thing makes any sense at all.

  8. Trump keeps coming out smelling like Roses!!! The Left ….. That’s the Manure. God is with this man! He’s going to make America Great again …. and with him ….. Canada will benefit and so will Mexico. So THANK YOU TRUMP!!!!

  9. I believe that there will always be evil in this world. If the good win a round, it does not mean that they can let down their guard even for a second. The something-for-nothing crowd will always be looking for a way. I think that the evil folks are more clever than the righteous. You have to be clever to be a thief — a successful thief, anyway. Time to re-read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, and brush up on producers vs. looters — or makers vs. takers, as you might say.

  10. “Every Narcissist Gets His Or Her Comeuppance.” My greatest anticipation on this Earth!!!! Especially if it gets rid of them for good.

  11. Howard, I agree with almost all you write. However, I do not believe that the left is nearing collapse, (like you do). I see evidence all around that complacency on the part of us conservatives could well upset the apple cart. I really believe that we have a fight on our hands come the general election. So many conservatives failed to vote in the mid-term that it was scary.

  12. There ain’t a politician that don’t lie. Nor an idiot that will believe that lie.

  13. Spot on old man, nailed it to the quick. The dark hates the light.

  14. HILLARIOUS was so sure that she was going to WIN that she just SAT BACK and hardly campaigned! WHAT HAPPENED? You LOST, Hillarious, even if you thought the DOSSIER would be your INSURANCE TO WIN!Trump’s ENEMIES can’t be UNDERESTIMATED, however–as proven by the DOSSIER ATTEMPT! Ms. Newman, I love Hillarious’ new NICKNAME of “Felonia von Pantsuit”–it’s PERFECT! However, I DO like pantsuits! PRAY for Pres. Trump and for JUSTICE to be done to all those who try/tried to RUIN him! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. Wow…you give me hope. Even though I sense it too, it’s comforting to see it put down in words!!!!

  16. Sir, your articles are always a great read. Every person’s past has some sort of skeleton that can be dragged out of the closet and depending on the spin can be put in a bad light. Mean, hateful people will do “Anything” to win, the LEFTIST are doing so much to destroy our president that as you say they have opened themselves up to scrutiny. But even a mother lion will eat her young when starving. They are starving. Look at what California is trying to do with a new Senate Bill.

  17. Great insights Howard. I feel it coming and it is wonderful. I know it is a lot to ask for, but it would be great if the Clintons are “OFFICIALLY” exposed for who they really are. We know it, but there are so many that are blind to the truth. My sister is a typical LibTard. She learns all she needs to know from watching CNN and The View. It is so frustrating to be around her that we only see each other once or twice a year for lunch somewhere. Ugh!

  18. The conservatives cannot rest a minute if you ask me! We have not learned how to communicate the truths in a way that the voters can see the “give-away, deep state” is manipulating the voters! Add to that the Universities left-wing indoctrination of the young and the drive-by media we have enough reason to stay concerned! Thanks for your efforts and commitment Howard! Tony Adsley, Austin, TX.

  19. As Churchill said, “We shall go on to the end”, “We shall fight on the beaches”, “We shall fight in the fields and in the streets”, “we shall fight in the hills”, “we shall never surrender”. Conservatives MUST adopt this attitude. We are in a fight that will prove to be a fight for the survival of freedom, for what’s right, and for the goodness of mankind. As mentioned in another comment, “conservatives cannot rest a minute”.

  20. And I certainly hope the ‘pretty pony presently in power’ gets his come-uppance! He is pathetic! Of course I am referring to Canadian politics!


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