How Much More Before The Bubble Breaks?


The LEFT Is Right . . . RESIST! Their Problem however, is that they have no Reason to Resist anything, since it’s us Conservatives Carrying the Load for Everyone.


I Don’t Know About You . . . But I’ve had Far More than my Fill of Breaking News, News Alerts – and all the other Dribble the Media can come up with to Sell their Entertainment as News . . . when in all Reality it’s all about Ginned-Up BS to Gain Readers, Listeners & Viewers – TO MAKE MONEY!

There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Making Money . . . But there’s Plenty Wrong, when you Make your Money by Deceiving the People who Place their Trust in what you Write, Say & Show.

If it wasn’t for . . . COMEY, COMEY, COMEY . . . MUELLER, MUELLER, MUELLER . . . ROSENSTEIN, ROSENSTEIN, ROSENSTEIN . . . COHEN, COHEN, COHEN . . . And Now The Prostitute Porn Film Star Known As STORMY DANIELS – The Media would have to go back to RUSSIA . . . RUSSIA . . . RUSSIA.

Imagine . . . Putting The Entire Future Of America On The Word Of A Prostitute.

How does it make a whit of Difference to America, if President Trump had Sex with this High-Priced Whore? Or what kind of Sex Donald Trump might have had with her, as long as it was Consensual and the American People didn’t Pay for it?

But This Is What’s Important To The Media . . . Including Fox News.


Perhaps For Someone Else, I would say that it’s a Terrible Pity Barbara Bush Just Died. But then Again, in a World of Political Garbage, I kind of think we should not be Mourning Barbara Bush’s Death, but Rather Celebrating Barbara Bush’s Life.

I Often Write about a Moral & Ethical Compass, which seems to be Devoid in Government, especially amongst the Politicians . . . and more so at the Top . . . But, if only Some of what I’ve Read about Barbara Bush, and the Things I can Directly Attribute to Her Life, which I am Personally Aware of, by having Heard her Speak & Knowing what she Stood For Outside of Politics . . . Barbara Bush, who Lived in the “Swamp”, Proved that the Political Swamp Isn’t Just About Nasty Swamp Creatures, But Also About Some Decency & Ethics.

There’s No Question That Barbara Bush Was One Tough Character . . . She had to be, to be Raising such a Political Family, especially with a Son like George W, who was a Drunk and a Drug User.

But No Matter . . . One has to Imagine, that after all is Said & Done, it seems as though Barbara Bush Raised her Children Right.


Her Impact As Matron Of Her Family . . . Supersedes Her Impact On The Nation.

I Really Don’t Think All That Much . . . Of Bush 41. I think the Presidency of Bush 43 was Saved by 9/11. And I think Jeb Bush wasn’t much of anything. But, for a Wife & Mother to hold a Family like the Bush’s Together, and still come across as More than just an Acceptable First Lady . . . Says a great Deal About the Positive Role Barbara Bush Played as America’s First Lady, First Mother, and First Grandmother.

And Now For Some Real News.


I know that the Economy of Ontario is Not Top Of Mind For Americans . . . BUT IT SHOULD BE, since what’s Happening in Canada’s Largest & Once-Upon-A-Time’s Financial Engine, which Drove Canada’s Economy Before the LEFT had a Crack at it . . . HAS BECOME A LEFTIST SOCIAL/FISCAL BASKET-CASE.


When Politicians Campaign to give Everyone who is already ON-THE-TAKE . . . More Free Stuff, the Stupid People who Vote for them CAN’T UNDERSTAND, for the life of themselves, that they’re Being BRIBED with someone Else’s Money . . . AND WHEN THAT MONEY RUNS OUT – WHAT NEXT?

AS ONTARIO’S DEBT CONTINUES TO GROW . . . Multiple Times Greater, IN REAL TERMS, than the Debt Of California, which has more than FOUR TIMES the Population of Ontario, and Infinitely More Resources than Ontario could ever Imagine in Ontario’s Wildest Dreams . . . ONTARIO IS FALLING APART.

THE AMERICAN LEFT LOVE CANADA’S FREE HEALTHCARE . . . Well – Let the American LEFT DEFINE FREE, when Healthcare, with the Exception of the most Dire of Circumstances is Unavailable, because there isn’t enough Money to Sustain it.

IN ALL TRUTH . . . Because of Ontario’s Level of Debt, which also Incudes Ontario’s Enormous Public Sector Obligations (Salaries, Perks, Holidays & Pensions), the Infrastructure (Roads & Bridges) has Fallen in Gross Disrepair to the level in many Circumstances to Irreparable.

Because of Ontario’s Manipulation of the Power Grid . . . To Squeeze as much Money as Possible . . . the Normal Unrestricted use of Electricity has become an Unaffordable Privilege to Society at Large. And to add to that, Ontario is in such DESPERATE NEED for More Money to Feed the Public Sector, Ontario has Pushed the Cost of Gas & Diesel Through the Roof – With A Salacious Carbon Tax Fraud.

But As Bad As It Is . . . It’s Only Going To Get Much Worse.

Because of the High Costs of Everything in Ontario . . . Including All Taxes, Especially the “Little” Hidden Taxes most People have become somewhat Immune to, the Cost of Living in Ontario has become UNSUSTAINABLE for most People, who find themselves Living Paycheck to Paycheck, falling More & More Behind with every Paycheck, but especially for the Retired Elderly, the Working Family & Young People just starting out.

I’M NOT A RICH MAN – BUT I’M ALSO NOT POOR . . . Yet – it has come to the Point, where Anne and I CANNOT AFFORD to simply Eat-Out at Restaurants on a Whim, because even Cheap Fast Foods have become too Expensive. We also have to think about where we want to go with our Car or Truck before going, because of the Cost of Gas.

BECAUSE OF THE EVER GROWING COST OF LIVING IN ONTARIO . . . Caused Exclusively because of Government Debt & Regulations . . . The Cost Of Everything is going Through the Roof, which Includes Basics like Vehicle Insurances, Grocery-Food, Basic Shopping, Home Construction, Home Renovations, Vacations, Entertainment – AND ON AND ON.


I Focused this Editorial on Ontario . . . But Make No Mistake About It – Canada is in no Better Shape . . . AND NEITHER IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell Handed President Trump a National Death Sentence to Sign, which was NOTHING SHORT OF TREASON, in a Spending Bill of $1.3-TRILLION. The President Didn’t Have to Sign It . . . But the President did have to Sign It if he wanted to Fund the US Military.

To My Way Of Thinking . . . Ryan, McConnell & the RINOS Betrayed the American People who Voted for the Republicans. If The Mafia Had Done Anything Like This . . . It Would Have Been Called Coercion, and it would have been Illegal.


Ontario is so Broken Because of LEFTIST Dirty, Corrupt & Incompetent Politics, that I have to Doubt, that No Matter what any Future Government Can Do, it can Never Do Enough to change the Disaster, until Ontario Collapses Entirely, to be Rebuilt from the Ground-Up. And I don’t see that happening without Serious Social Pain & Suffering.


In Spite of all the Rosy-Stuff we hear about Every Day, Concerning the Stock Market, with a Glitch Here & There . . . It’s All Smoke & Mirrors. Even the increase in Housing, Consumer Confidence & More Jobs for More People – It’s All Being Built On Free Money From The Fed.


What Happens When The Free Money Becomes No Longer Free?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is the first time I do not subscribe totally with your piece. I do however agree with the bulk of it, but I take exception to the notion that it is greed and avarice of the Europeans that have them siding with the moslems and arab states. Their antisemitism has extremely deep roots and this oil thing is only the latest in a long line of excuses for their blind hatred of we Jews. The reason that Antisemitism has existed since “forever” is simply because the Jews gave the world a conscience.

  2. The world banking Families are laughing all the way to the bank

  3. Howard I was recently traveling with my wife and grown children and we were in the Delta sky club in Detroit and sitting across from me was a couple from Ontario who were dressed very well, the gentleman was wearing very expensive street shoes. He told me they were going on a very routine cruise vacation. The couple appeared to be in their early sixties and
    the gentleman informed me that he had been retired for thirteen years from Ontario public sector. Go figure.

  4. “How does it make a whit of Difference to America, if President Trump had Sex with this High-Priced Whore? Or what kind of Sex Donald Trump might have had with her….” Funny how when it’s a lib PROVEN involved in a sex scandal (Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, etc) then we’re told “it’s their private life and none of our business?” But when it’s an UNPROVEN ALLEGATION against Trump it’s all over the news 24/7? Libs are such hypocrites!

    Barbara and Laura Bush were both 1st class 1st ladies!

  5. Everything you say is true. The Liberal government has made such mess of Ontario finances after being in power for 15 years I really don’t know if it is possible to turn Ontario around. Doug Ford, new leader of the Ontario Conservatives, may turn off too many voters as they may see him as too Trump like in his demeanour. Everyone wants free stuff and they see Ford as the person who may take their free stuff away from them.

  6. The world banking system is controlled by a very small group of elitist One World Order and will force the Globalist agenda on us very soon. Governments like Ontario, Canada, California and others around the world will soon have to declare insolvency…..they won’t have a choice….and you know who will suffer. It won’t be the elitists…’ll be Joe Lunch Bucket.

  7. How prophetic sane folks are these days! Even myself, is weaning myself of the “fair and balanced”, and other “SUPPOSED” news channels and finding old re-runs of CHEERS, to be a healthier alternative. Trump is on the right path, but I had NO IDEA OF THE WIDTH AND DEPTH OF THE SWAMP!! Politically I think we’ve gone to far already, and short of a “Designated Survivor” scenario” I see no way out, other than old age, or updated passports.
    It’s really sad that those are the only viable outs!

  8. Very good reasoning and SAD to learn of Ontario’s costly ventures in socialism.

  9. Straight up Howard! I’ll NEVER forget my first day in Journalism class in the 60s. The Prof slammed a 3″ thick Sunday edition down on his desk and asked, “What’s the purpose of this rag?” Because of his abrupt and unsettling entrance, no hands went up at first then some timid responses. “To print the news fairly?” “To balance the news with advertising?” “BS!” (abbreviated), the veteran newsman said, “It’s to make the greedy owners wealthy! Never forget that.” Funny how some things stick with you

  10. Unfortunately the Takers will Re-elect Liberals in Ontario and at the Federal Level ASAP . Immigrants ,Unemployed , Unwed mothers , Uneducated and of course the Government Employees, Teachers , Police and Firefighters and Dopers are equally lined up for their Take of freebies and Guaranteed Job Security and Pensions. The real issue is these people outnumber the rest of us DONE DEAL.

  11. I find it incredible how media and public waste so much efforts and focus on stupidities like the Stormy Daniels affair when there is so much more important stuff going on in the world like what is presently happening in Syria. The ‘dummying down’ and ‘intellectually pacifying’ of so many in the west is a curse of our own doing that will end up destroying us. Our media and leaders do nothing but pass off crap to suit personal agendas while ignoring anything of truth, value or substance.

  12. We are BLESSED that TRUMP became PRESIDENT because no one really knew that a SWAMP existed in Washington and/or how DEEP it was! Trump’s PAST sexual ‘escapades’ ARE personal and do NOT have an IMPACT on his PRESIDENCY! When a PROSTITUTE PORN FILM STAR accuses someone of ‘sexual activities’, it’s NOT very hard to DETERMINE that they are SEEKING MONEY and/or COOPERATING with others to CAUSE HARM! She, et al, are SWAMP CREATURES! Enough said! Meanwhile, GO TRUMP GO–Make America Great Again! AMEN!

  13. Howard Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut. I’m going to send this editorial to all my family in Ontario. They all oppose Katherine and will be voting for Doug. What you are talking about is indeed happening all over Canada. Lets hope the people awaken and had enough and consider drastic changes to whom governs this country which should be true representatives of the people not greedy politician with self interests or that of their puppet masters. God bless Israel.

  14. Tammie Jo Shults was the pilot of a Southwest airlines jet, traveling from NY to Dallas when she literally lost an engine. There were 149 souls aboard, one was killed in the initial explosion and aftermath, but Ms. Shults brought the remaining 148 souls back to earth safely. A true hero!

    Unfortunately, the media only cares about making our president look bad. Thanks for keeping it real Howard

  15. The media and the Democrat party seem to be hell-bent on character assassination more than on issues. The Republican party seems to be racing to catch up to them. What can be done outside of the political machines?

  16. Greedy public sector parasites bankrupting our nation for decades now, massive government, debt…all started under daddy, Trudeau Sr with no end in sight…bubbles everywhere…this will not end well at all…poor Canada, what a mess…

  17. Barbara Bush was a formidable, no nonsense lady. This I loved about her. I agree 41 & 43 were NOT to my taste. President Trump has accomplished MORE then the majority of pass presidents. RE: Stormy..after her interviews yesterday she landed in Detroit, for a SHOW at an adult male club. Ahem. The corrupt SWAMP is being uncovered, as President Trump promised. From the very TOP it is oozing. I hope Canada recovers from the LEFT.
    God Bless

  18. For those of you who follow world events, there is hope!
    The election in Hungary proves that there still are some sane people in the world.
    Too bad not many left (a pun) in Canada.
    Please God bring us a Trump to Canada! Our insanity had gone too far, and maybe can’t recover!

  19. Howard, if it’s that bad in Ontario as you say, you can always move back to Quebec.

  20. God BLESS Pres. TRUMP, & I hope & pray you in Canada get a Pres. Trump like-PM! Don’t give up before the miracle!! A lot of prayers were answered, here in the USA!!! True-DOPE is the ABSOLUTE WORST!!!! (DRAMA QUEEN)

  21. If it were not for my fiancé refusing to move back to Quebec (where she was sick and tired of being treated as a second-class citizen… OK, as an un-citizen because she speaks English, and French with an English accent) I would not move to Ontario. As bad as taxes are in Quebec, Ontario tops the list in North American taxes. Regardless, I’m packing up to move to Ontario where the unrestricted use of the English language is permitted.

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