Not Preparing Is Neither A Plan Nor An Excuse


It’s Good To Be Home – or Should be Good to be Home . . . At least to our Canadian Home, but that’s Really Hard to Say with a Straight Face, especially since we Returned to our Canadian Home from our Winter Home in Austin Texas, to Face Nothing but Miserable Weather, with Snow, Cold, High Winds & ICE.

For the People who Supported this past 15th, Please Accept My Apologies for Not Sending My Personal Gratitude to you Via Email. It’s not that I didn’t want to. It’s that in South Eastern Ontario, the Weather has been so Bad, that the Ground had Frozen, Freezing the Underground Water. And the Winds and Freezing Rain were so Violent, that they Killed the Electricity for most of the Early Morning & Subsequent Day.


SO . . . Instead of Writing & Sending Emails of Gratitude – I was Busy Working to get the Water Going, Keeping the RV Heated . . . & Helping to Set-Up the Tractor-Generator, so at least we could get Water to the 60-Plus Horses on the Farm.

THE WEATHER STILL SUCKS . . . But at least the Power is Back-On & the Water is Running. The Temperature is finally slightly above Freezing, and the Freezing Rain has now Morphed into a Constant & Dreadful Damp Shower.


We Don’t Think About This . . . But Maybe We Should.

Imagine . . . what would happen if one day, a Country like North Korea, with the Capacity to Launch a Missile Loaded with a Nuclear Bomb, were to Explode it over the North American Atmosphere, Causing an Enormous EMP, which would Literally Destroy our Entire Power Grid, Crippling Everything from Water to Transportation, to Light, Heat & Electricity. FORGET ABOUT COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATION. And if you have even a slightly Late Model Car/SUV/Truck –They Won’t Work Either. Neither Will Modern Farm Equipment.


AN EMP OF THIS NATURE . . . Would Effectively Cripple Our Entire Society. There would be No Transportation, No Food, No Water, No Heat . . . NO ANYTHING!


In Our Case . . . Living out in the Country, especially the way we do, we are very much Self-Contained & Self-Sufficient. We can easily Heat with Firewood. We have plenty of Water. We have some older Farm Equipment Immune to an EMP with Tractor-Run Generators. And If Necessary, We Can Butcher Livestock For Food.

We also have Milk, Butter, Cheese & Eggs from our own Cows, Goats & Chickens. And if Need Be – We can also Hunt. Plus we have Horses for Transportation.

AND IF ANYONE . . . Wants to Take from Us, what we Need to Survive & CANNOT Afford To Give . . . We Have Guns & Ammunition.

I asked the Wife of a Friend of Mine, who Leans somewhat to the LEFT . . . and places a great deal of Trust in the Good Nature of People and the Police, what would she do in a Similar Situation as I outlined above, if she had Just Enough Food & Heated Shelter for Herself, Children & Grandchildren . . . BUT NOT NEARLY ENOUGH OF EITHER TO SHARE . . . And She Had Firearms & Ammunition?

What Would She Do . . . If a Neighbor, who also had Children & Grandchildren, but had no Food or Heated Shelter, came to her Asking to Share what She had, KNOWING THAT SHE ONLY HAD ENOUGH FOR HER & HERS to last for perhaps a Few weeks, understanding that the Situation could be so Dire, that the Dystopian Nightmare Could be Permanent?

WOULD THE WIFE OF MY FRIEND . . . Be willing to Condemn her Children & Grandchildren to a Possible Death, so the Children & Grandchildren of someone else could Live A Bit Longer? Or would she defend what she had with whatever means were available to her?

AND WHAT WOULD HAPPEN . . . If it wasn’t just one Neighbor with Children & Grandchildren who were Cold & Hungry, and wanted to Share what she had Enough Of Just For Herself & Family . . . But There Would Be Many People Who Were In This Predicament . . . AND WANTED HER TO SHARE?


What would Happen if she, and her Children & Grandchildren had Nothing . . . were Cold & Hungry, but knew that her Neighbor had a Short Supply for the Neighbor’s Family, knowing that the ONLY WAY her family could Survive in the Short Term, would be for her Neighbor to Share with her, what they had . . . BUT DIDN’T WANT TO SHARE, because there wouldn’t be enough for her Neighbor’s Family to Survive in the Long Run?

Would she Take what her Neighbor had, whether the Neighbor wanted to Give it or Not? Her Answer Was Succinct.

“This Is Very Disturbing. I Don’t Want To Talk About It. It Will Never Happen”.

THE TRUTH IS . . . It has Happened a Gazillion Times Throughout History. It is Happening Today Throughout the World, in Places like Syria, Africa & Asia . . . And There Is No Guarantee That It Can’t Or Won’t Happen Here.

It’s even Happening In Canada and the United States, where people have Fallen through the Cracks, and have to RELY ENTIRELY on the Good Will of Society, where many of the People Otherwise Wouldn’t Survive . . . Many Don’t!

I HATED THE LAST FEW DAYS WITH A PASSION . . . Who needs this Misery?

But without this as a Reminder, of what can Really Happen, we become Numb to our Frailties and how Cruel & Brutal the Real World can be, Especially when we are not Prepared Mentally & Physically to Deal with the Worst.

We have become so Conditioned to Depend on Government for Everything, that when the Government can’t Help . . . To Whom Do We Turn?

My Friend’s Wife . . . Said in this Horrible Scenario, that She’ll Trust the Police to keep Order & Safety, Forgetting that the Police have Families Too – And They’ve Got Guns.


I know the LEFT like to think of People who Keep Extra Food on Hand, with some Cash at the Ready & Firearms for Protection . . . as RIGHTWING NUT-JOBS. But they’re Wrong. They’re Not Nut-Jobs.

If During this Brief Storm . . . Anne, our Friends and I didn’t have EXTRA Food, Wood for Warmth, Fuel – ETC . . . How Smart Would We Have Been?

And if this Power Outage would have Lasted a Month or More, which has already Happened more than Once in Canada and the United States, because of Ice Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Fires & Earthquakes . . . Where Would We Have Turned, Had We Not Been Self-Sufficient?

I know that this isn’t the Type of Editorial you’re used to Reading from this BLOG, but Hopefully, it will make you Think about what Really Is . . . & What Really Isn’t.

In My World . . . It’s All About What Really Is – In The World Of The LEFT . . . It’s All About Their Pretend World.

I’ll Try To Send-Out My Personal Thank You Emails Later Today Or Early Tomorrow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does. The Dumbocrats prove it every day!! Keep up the good work.

  2. You might be aware that there are three national power stations in the U.S. that supplies the electric power to the entire country. One is here in north Texas. Texas Governor Abbot has directed we protect it. So either that EMP protection of that plant has been completed or it is in the process of being done. That means we Texans will have power in the event we have had an EMP attack. Regardless, our ICBMs will have already been launched at anyone who attacked us.

  3. Hi H.G. You paint a harrowing picture and a very accurate one. I suffered an extreme side effect from an injection of an osteoporiosis med. Hip, leg and groin pain that left me bedridden and totally dependent on my son. I said I don’t know what I would do without you and he responded, “You would be f’d” (sorry, but true). We have firearms, ammo, extra water and canned and dry food…but that does not seem to be enough in your scenario. And extra Prescriptions? A great heads up BLOG!

  4. I have been quietly putting away survival staples for quite some time People always ask why I keep a LifeStraw in my handbag, but next to my .357, it’s most important survival tool I have. I paid $18 for it & tested it. The device allows me to drink clean, safe water from filthiest mud puddle or stream. It can be hooked up to filter potable water into a container & will clean 1000 liters of water. You can live weeks w/o food but only 3-5 days w/o water so it’s a great thing to have!

  5. Great article ,hope it rattled some brains It could happen so quickly . Wish i still lived in the country ,but moved after my husband passed 20 years ago never thinking the world would become so messed up.Also being nearly 82 I may not have been able to keep things up anyway .Young people should be getting prepared for the worst to protect their children.

  6. Well HG welcome back and yes the weather is not cooperating , but Healthcare remains intact with a 12 hour wait and property taxes and fuel costs are escalating regardless. Self sufficiency is not a given for 90% of the population even in a country like ours . Your neighbor is far more representative of Canadians than you might think and I wish her and hers well. BUT in the situation you describe they will not do well and Survival for any but our Privileged Elite Leaders is not a given.

  7. Four years ago, in a north suburb of Chicago, a tornado touched down and in five minutes several 100 ft tall oak trees came down wiping out roofs, electricity etc. We were without electricity for nine days but we knew how to survive and DID! Our childhood, 60 years ago taught us to live with the minimum. Only the summertime weather kept it from being worse than it was. Always have a ‘plan B’ to backup plan A. Glad you made it through Howard. What is a “Lifestraw?”

  8. My friends and family make fun of me for having so much food in my house. I know though if the proverbial hit the fan that they’d be coming out because they know I have such a high stock of food. I’ve been robbed twice because of the rural location and the people stole food, laundry detergent, sheets towels etc. It may have been an afterthought who knows, but they took almost everything. I wasn’t home either time but on the 3rd attempt let’s just say they were surprised. They haven’t been back.

  9. In Va we had flurries in winter & heaviest snowfall after Spring began. Folks here joke about a new season called Sprinter (not a runner). Sounds as tho you are experiencing your late winter too. As for your scenario, there are both kinds of people–those who would share & those who wouldn’t, neither having to do with political or social ideology, but more to do with faith in God & Biblical teaching to help ‘neighbors’ even with last of what we have – widow’s mite. Not easy but called to do so.

  10. Some time ago I read a book called one second after. I do not remember the author, but you can find it in book stores. It gives you a perfect picture of how life will be after the EMP attack. It is important to read the way people acted and became animals. If you have a chance to read it, do it! It is the best preparation for an attack and life after. We are preparing for that day. It will come, but we do not know the date. Only the prepared will survive. Thanks for writing this.

  11. We have suffered severe wind, rain, flooding, downed trees etc, 325,000 without power and snow. The winds picked up through the night and there were more downed trees, power lines and snow. Year before last, my electrical wires were ripped out of my home because of downed trees. It was a harrowing experience, but my faith in God got me through.
    Because it was cold, my food did NOT go bad and with the BBQ I could cook for myself and neighbors. We have become FRIENDS. Not all bad. AMEN

  12. Having lived (as a young boy) in England through WWII with bombs dropping all around, and for 24 days without power in Glengarry during the 1998 Ice Storm I think I would be able to cope. For those 24 days my female companion and I spent our time helping other people. We had food, fire and water from various sources and managed quite well while others waited, sitting on their butts, to be waited on. Storms bring out the best and worst in people as Texans well know.

  13. Welcome home, Howard/Anne! Great reminder for those who have not thought ahead or prepared for emergencies. We prefer to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared! Even the government will tell you to have 3 days of: water, food, medications and supplies. Seriously, start with 3 days then 3 weeks then 3 months and etc. Also, be ready to defend your families and supplies!

  14. Hello HG, & Anne, & I’m thankful you arrived home safely, back in Canada! Sorry to hear the weather is so bad, but it definitely gives you cause to “count your blessings”!! Your blog, today, was definitely a reminder of how things can be, for the “unprepared” persons. Thanks for the reminder! May God Bless you, & Anne, for your safe arrival back home in Canada, & thanks for the reminder that we each need to “BE PREPARED”!!


  16. I just read an interesting novel about this eXact scenario. It was called, “Alas, Babylon”. It was a novel, so a few flaws, but it really made you stop and think. Easy read.

  17. My daughter, while poking around in my basement cupboards, came across a box which contained about 30 cans of canned foods, mostly varieties of soups containing meat and vegetables. She thought I had lost my mind, had dementia, etc. However, I convinced her through the internet that it has been proven that food in cans which have no defects, dents, or any other imperfections will last for 100 YEARS, irregardless of an expiration date. (Check it out for yourself.) I have two can

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