If Not Now – When? If Not You – Who? And If Not Here – Where?



There are a Whole Lot of Very Serious Problems the entire World is Facing Today, because of Barack Hussein Obama, Surprisingly Least Of All The Decline In American Nationalism.

I Wrote Least Of All The Decline In American Nationalism, because that could, and will be Restored by America in America . . . through the Reintroduction of American Confidence & Pride. Reagan Did It . . . Trump Is Doing It Too!

But . . . What Hussein Obama Did Internationally Is A Very Different Story.


Had it not been for Obama’s Feckless Anti-American . . . Anti-American Exceptionalism Crusade – Russia WOULD NOT BE in Syria, Russia WOULD NOT have Successfully Invaded Georgia & Captured Huge Swaths of Ukraine, Iran WOULD NOT BE Spreading its Shiite Caliphate Throughout the Middle East, Turkey WOULD NOT BE the NATO Member Threatening NATO, North Korea WOULD NOT BE a Threatening Basket Case & China WOULD NOT HAVE Created Military Islands in the South China Sea.

We Can’t Blame Everything on Obama, since Both Bush’s and Clinton have more than their Fair Share of Incompetence & Bad Decisions of their own, To Account For.

But even though it was the Bush’s & Clinton who were Building this International and National Disaster, It Was Ultimately Obama, who Ran For The End Zone TO SPIKE THE BALL!

AND IN-SO-DOING . . . President Trump is now the Leader who has Literally One of Two Choices; he can either ABDICATE his Responsibility & Kick The Can Down the Road for the Next President to Deal with, or President Trump can Summon all his Courage & Skills to Undo what was Done by Past Presidents, and REDO all that it was, which Initially Made America Great, BEFORE the last Three-Presidents Screwed It All Up.


The Attack on the Three Syrian Buildings did Absolutely Nothing to Really Punish or Curtail the Savagery of the Assad Tyranny, since I have to Believe that Assad has no Shortage of Chemical Weapons Stored Elsewhere for Whenever he wants to use them.

In Terms Of Infrastructure . . . The American-Led Attack on Damascus didn’t amount, to so much, as a Fleabite on the Ass Of An Elephant. BUT WHAT IT DID DO, which is the Most Important Achievement of all, was that it Sent Two EXTREMELY SERIOUS MESSAGES . . . One to the Russians, Chinese, Iranians & Turks, that when America says it will do something . . . TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

The Other Message . . . Which is a Variant of the First Message – was sent to America’s Allies, whom for More Than Two Decades, had no Shortage of Reasons to have Lost Trust in the RESOLVE of the American Government.

THE “FONZ” SAID . . . To Be Feared – You First Have Had To Hit Someone!


Israel Is The Most Powerful Country On The Planet . . . Not Because Israel can Defeat a Country with the Size, Wealth, Population and Strength of the USA, Russia, China, India & Others . . . But Rather, Because Israel is ALWAYS WAR-READY, and Always Ready to do what has to be Done to Fight to the Death.

AND ANY COUNTRY FOOLISH ENOUGH . . . to want to Test the Resolve of the Israeli Military & Israeli People, has to know, that they “Might” be able to Destroy Israel, but at a Price that will Probably Destroy Themselves Too.

2,000 Years Ago – The Jews Sent A Message To The Future From Masada . . .

When the Romans Finally Successfully Stormed the Fortress At Masada, all but several Women & Children were Found to be Alive . . . While some 1,000-Men, Women & Children Committed Suicide with a Simple Message . . . “WE WOULD RATHER DIE AS FREE-JEWS, THAN LIVE AS ROMAN SLAVES”.

Today . . . 2,000-Years Later, every Jewish Student Visits Masada to Understand the Sacrifice, which was made 2,000-Years Ago, a Covenant . . . so Israel could Survive Today as a Free & Democratic Jewish Society. And every IDF Warrior who takes the Oath, Climbs to the Top Of Masada & Swears Atop the Ancient Fortress . . . that they too Would Die Before Surrender.

I Stood Atop Masada . . . And I Too Made That Pledge.

HITLER WAS INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL . . . Because Hitler Fought all Countries which weren’t Prepared for War, with the Exception of Czechoslovakia, which the British & French made Certain Hitler Didn’t Have to Fight, by Selling-Out the Czech People for Britain & France’s own Safety.

NOT ONE OF HITLER’S CONQUESTS . . . were Ready for War, including England and Russia. England Survived only because it was an Island. And Russia Survived, only because Stalin was Prepared to Sacrifice Millions upon Millions of his own People so as not to Surrender.


WHEN RUSSIA CREATED THE SOVIET UNION . . . Immediately after the Second World War came to an End, who besides Churchill, against his Own Parliament, and George S Patton against his own General Staff & President, wanted to Take on the Russians, while the Allies were at their Strongest, and the Russians were at their Weakest? NO ONE.

Had the Allies Done what had to be Done a bit more than 70-Years Ago, there would have been no Soviet Union, No European Communism, and no Cold War. But Real Leadership Takes Courage and Foresight.

SO HERE WE ARE . . . After 8-Years of Obama and 8-Years of George W Bush’s Stupid Foreign & Domestic Policies, we find Ourselves Facing Enemies that Should Never Have Been, leaving none other than President Donald Trump To Pick-Up The Pieces.

What the Last 20-Years has done to the Security of the World, will not be Undone in just one Conservative Presidential Term. So, unless you want to Live the Result of Dystopia . . . GET BEHIND THE PRESIDENT & THINK OF MASADA.


At This Juncture Of My Writing . . . I don’t Believe that I have to Prove Anything to Anyone about my Absolute Commitment to Defending the Freedoms we all Love, since for more than a Generation, I have Walked-The-Walk, with many of you Walking With Me.

RESEARCHING & WRITING THESE EDITORIALS . . . Is A Full-Time “Job”, which I will Continue to do With or Without any Financial Support. But Please Understand This . . . for me to do what I do, means that I am Turning Away other Opportunities, which for me isn’t easy, since I am Not a Rich Man . . . That Said Though:

What Could Possibly Be More Important & Noble Than Disseminating The Truth?

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  1. Rudy said what most americans have been thinking and talking about! What president tells americans and Congress that he will take 5 million illegals break the law and make them citizens? That is NOT a lover of AMERICA? What president says you can keep your healthplan after he forced obamacare down our throats and come to find out, your great insurance is GONE whether you like it or not. That is NOT a lover of america. HE IS WORKING AGAINST US! PAY ATTENTION

  2. Although no one feels it now, the Russians will become irrelevant once the out of control municipal, state and national debt starts to eat into the standard of living. That’s the stuff revolutions are made of, which requires the heavy handed control of government.

  3. The ex FBI director has written a book ,which i will not read but will listen to others discus it.When he was in charge he failed to carry out the the prosecution of hillary’s e/m and the clinton foundation and the attorney generals implication of the support of hillary.Now we have special council mueller directing the fbi to attack Trump through his attorney.Its time to stand up and say i will not take this any more our faith in some aspects of government is a danger to the citizens of the U.S

  4. Great article spelling out out the previous administrations did or did do and their lack of courage to do the right thing. It was the One World Order plan that they followed. I hope that the Deep State (Swamp) is not successful in blocking President Trumps second term with their lies and undermine his Presidency.

  5. Lawrence, you mean like the way Obama brought in millions of illegals, put millions on government handouts, regulated and taxed the country, incited riots and racial unrest and promised more of the same with Hillary’s election?
    Does ANYONE wonder why Trump won? I knew he was going to win the FIRST DAY he announced. Do you know why? Because Trump said what everyone I know was saying privately to friends and family–America first–and they are ALL very happy with the job President Trump’s done

  6. Teri in Belleville, I am Canadian, and I believe in Trump. Not always his mouth, but his actions – it’s so obvious he puts the USA first (Hey, Trudope, can you take a lesson for us?). I never liked BHO – and didn’t trust him from day 1. But as the years passed, he actually began to disgust me – his actions were definitely not pro-American!

  7. Hi Canadians n Americans too, Howard is home in Canada, he’ll be back in Texas in six months.
    Celebrate his homecoming with a $10 donation to keep him working. Support the great work he does bringing us the facts and truth you will never see on CNN or CTV or CBC. I admire Howards tenacity, energy and effort to bring us the real news and help us to better understand politics on both sides of the border. If you enjoy his analysis and the blog, make a donation now. With love from Canada

  8. Hi Ken Davies, check is in the mail…REALLY !!
    Hi Paula Rudner, You did not ike BHO from day one and began to disgust him (as I did) because he was an America hating, lying muslim. Where was he born? He is either an American born in the States and allowed to be the President of the U.S.A., or he is foreign born and allowed to attend University in the U.S. under a foreign student visa and receive free tuition or help with the costs. Cannot be both. Ever see the Manchurian Candidate?

  9. When will we ever learn? If Obama had a third term (which he “stealthily” think he has), Israel would be “history”! All the Israeli technology and land they worked so hard to convert from desert to vineyards, orchards, and hatcheries would be destroyed! But his “Goal” is (always was) to totally destroy USA! (BTW, people committed suicide in Nazi Germany too!) Mostly B.S. (not much “truth”) being told by MSM lately! Trump will “do what has to be done” to “fix” all this or USA is forever “doomed”!

  10. Why does this Comment section, not appear on ALL your blogs? So often I wish to comment and there is no where to connect to U. I’d like to see this Comment section appear on ALL your blogs. Obviously some have received it, why not everyone??

  11. There is a lot of historical fact and wisdom in ““SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM” . . . IF YOU WANT PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR.”

    “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.” – Thomas Jefferson

  12. I think Obama and Hillary Clinton did more to de-stabilize the entire middle East than any army could ever do. How I would love to see both of them in prison. We all need to do whatever we can to support Trump so that he can reveal and dismantle the Deep State. And thanks, Howard, for spreading truth and keeping us informed.

  13. The love of money, (and/or power), is the root of all evil. People who get into positions of power, (regardless of political leanings), seem collectively ,to lose their moral compasses and are willing to do anything at all in order to increase their wealth and power.

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