If You Don’t Know That The Revolution Has Already Started . . .


If America Abandons It’s Global Role Of Independent EXCEPTIONALISM, America Will Abandon “Its Rendezvous With Destiny” . . . President Ronald Reagan.

There Is Only One America . . . Every other Country in the World is Nothing more than a “Pretender”. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Hezbollah . . . all got a Message Yesterday (April 13, 2018) – that there is a New Sherriff In The White House. The Memory Of Barack Hussein Obama Be Damned.

There Was No Question In My Mind Concerning Two Critical Issues:

1 – President Trump was going to HIT SYRIA for Several Reasons. The First was because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. The Second was because had President Trump NOT HIT SYRIA, President Trump would Become a Paper Tiger, to be Feared & Taken Seriously BY NO ONE.

By Whacking Syria . . . The World Is On Notice Not To Screw With America.

2 – As for the FEARS Expressed by the Trump-Haters . . . that Russia Will or Would Retaliate, What A Crock . . . Russia (Putin) is Indeed a Paper Tiger Full of Bluster, Threats & Toughness only against Weaker Foes.

But in the face of the USA, Particularly in the Middle East, with Israel as a BACKSTOP to American Military Forces, the only thing Russia can do in Terms of Taking On The USA, is to Commit Military Suicide.

Russia Is Nothing More Than A Bankrupt Bully . . . Who Has Gotten Away With It.


THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT . . . Russia said they will Retaliate against the USA, if America Strikes Syria, and would SHOOT American Military Assets Out of the Sky – So What Happened? Where Was The Russian Retaliation?


There’s just Too Many People in the Public Sector, certainly within the Bureaucracy, who think for some Reason, that they’ve become Empowered to Make Decisions for the People who Employ them.


How did it Come to Pass, that People who we either Elect, or who were Appointed by the People we Elected . . . Whose Entire Financial Well-Being Depends EXCLUSIVELY On Our Tax Dollars, get to tell us, how in their Opinion, We Should Lead Our Lives?

Don’t You See Something Really Screwed-Up With This Picture?


All the People who Simply Accept the LEFTIST Push to a One World Global Community, where Everyone on the Planet will be Subjected to the same Governance from a Kumbaya Authority, much like the Failed EU, are more than just Deluded . . . In Fact – They Are IMBECILES, with ZERO KNOWLEDGE of real History, Current Geopolitics . . . or Human Nature.

I Say This To All Who Will Listen . . . The Imbeciles who wish to Lead us Down this Garden Path to a Socialized One World Government, WILL NOT BE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE for the Demise of our Freedoms & Prosperity . . . It Will Be Us Ourselves, Who Will Be Responsible For Following Their Path.

If You Want An Example Of What A One-World Government Would Look Like.


When A Free State Puts Its Judicial Freedom In The Hands Of The LEFT.

The ICC wants to bring Hell & Damnation to the Filipino People & their Leader, President Rodrigo Duterte, because his Troops have Killed THOUSANDS (perhaps as many or more than 4-Thousand) of Drug Pushers, in Action Assaults Against the SCUM, who are Poisoning the Filipino Nation . . . Physically, Morally & Socially.

The ICC Constantly Holds Israel To A Ridiculous Double Standard, as the Israelis DEFEND their Country from People who Haven’t Just Threatened to MURDER Israel by Word Alone, but have NEVER CEASED in their Actual War of TERROR, to Murder as many Jewish Israelis as Possible.

And If The World (ICC) Needs A Reality Check . . . Just look at what the Syrians and other Middle Eastern Arabs, Persians & Turks are doing to their own People Every Day. So just imagine what these Savages would do to Jews if Given Half The Chance?

YET . . .

The ICC Is Not Holding Syria’s Assad and his Cutthroat Allies . . . Russia, Iran & Hezbollah’s Feet To The Fire – who are Literally Responsible for the MURDER of perhaps MORE than a Half Million Men, Women & Children . . . as well as the Creation of MILLIONS of Dispossessed Syrian Refugees Flooding Europe & the Rest of the World.

And then there’s the Matter of using POISON GAS to Murder as many Innocent & Defenseless Syrian People as Possible.

And What Do We “Really” Hear From The ICC, EU & UN . . . ? BUBKES.


Some Things Change . . . And Some Things NEVER Change – And unlike what so many LEFTISTS would like to Think, or would like the Rest of Us to Think, the Laws Of The Ten Commandments are Neither Whimsical Nor Fashionable, to be Changed with the Latest Fad.


I look upon the TEN COMMANDMENTS as an Observer. Not Necessarily through Religious Eyes, but Rather, as someone who sees in these DECREES, a Moral Compass, WHICH WILL CONTINUE TO WITHSTAND THE TEST OF TIME.

And what I see Today Throughout the World . . . is a Constant Repeat & Reminder of what Happens when our Compass Points Away From What Was Decreed More the 2,000 THOUSAND YEARS AGO.

I DON’T KNOW . . . If there was a Burning Bush Atop Mount Sinai, when Moses Reportedly Climbed Down with the Engraved Stone Tablets, supposedly Engraved by the Finger of God.

IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME . . . If the Biblical Story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS is Accurate or Not, since I wasn’t There to Bear Witness.

What Matters To Me . . . Is The Content & Meaning of the Commandments, FAR MORE than how They Came To Be, since the Meaning of the Laws Outlined in the TEN COMMANDMENTS – Created Long Before The First Jerusalem Temple, Before The Birth Of Christ & Before the History Of Everything-Since, has Been The Moral Compass, which Has Guided & Steered The Ship Of Humanity on a Righteous Course, IN SPITE OF TREACHEROUS SEAS, Unlike any Document Previous or Since.


THOU SHALL NOT COVET . . . which to me, Defines every Reason to Stand Against Socialism. Because – IN THE SIMPLEST OF TERMS . . . Thou Shall Not Covet Means Not to Demand, Nor to Expect . . . Nor to Take ANYTHING that is the Property of Anyone Else, which Essentially is what the LEFT & Socialism/Communism are all About.

AND AFTER ALL THE SMOKE IS CLEARED . . . This is the Enemy we all Face, who wish to Take what is Not Theirs, which Includes PROPERTY, THOUGHT, SPEECH & INDEPENDENT FREEDOMS.

The Revolution Is Not Complicated . . . In Spite Of The LEFTIST Propaganda.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “You can’t fix stupid….” ~ Ron White? Forrest Gump? Funny, the left wasn’t outraged about the “moron” part of Rudy’s comments. I guess they just didn’t get it. And they’re the SMART ones. LOL!!

  2. Very excellent piece Howard – hyperlink going out to all of mine!

  3. Thanks for the excellent blog Howard!! You are right on track with your truthfull comments!! You are really correct on our Presidents decision to take action… we cannot be “paper tigers”. Look forward to your comments tomorrow..

  4. Will USA become “like other nations” (run by UN)? Are all people “created equal” (deserve “equality” in spite of mentality or different political attitudes)? Which nation should “set example” for rest of world? China? Russia? USA? “Set example” doesn’t mean financially supporting rest of world (like we’ve been doing to detriment of our own nation) or accepting anybody/everybody who seeks “refuge” here to “covet” (take) what we have away from us! “Don’t mess with Texas (or USA)”- You will “pay”!

  5. And that is the very reason all things Biblical have been removed from all things government (public education, et al.). It is a moral rebellion; our society is seeing/experiencing the results, wantonly and blindly ignoring anything resembling negative results.

  6. Trump has no mandate for military action in Syria. Syria is not a threat to the US. Why did he attack the day the OPCW investigators arrived in Damascus? His actions were those of a; international bully and thug. He has betray us who voted for and supported h8m because he promised to get us out of these wars. We are broke. We can’t afford these imperial adventures. Enough!

  7. How true it is. One does not have to embrace or adhere to any man-made or influenced religion, go to a building to be a believer, or be restricted by man – made dictates of what has shown in too many cases to be corrupt and almost evil religious leaders. If only everyone on this earth had a copy of the 10 Commandments, and adhered to the message we would have a heaven on earth, freedom for all, Eden. Memorize them, heed them, share them with your family and loved ones and if all do the above we

  8. Being elected to Govern, means keeping the water supply clean, electricity on, hospitals open, and ensuring the population you govern is safe. NOT telling us how to live our lives, controlling business, infringing on a tax paying citizen’s rights ,pissing tax dollars away on “others”, nor forcing minority views on the majority .Being paid to do a job (govern) also implies being fired when you do not . and fired by the people you serve .

  9. Howard, the TEN COMMANDMENTS have been the MORAL COMPASS which have GUIDED & STEERED the SHIP of HUMANITY on a RIGHTEOUS COURSE–until NOW. The Ten Commandments are the ENEMY of SOCIALISM where we now have an ANYTHING GOES SOCIETY. We can thank the LEFT for this CHAOTIC LIFESTYLE. The SOCIALISTS “want it all” without any consideration to RESPECT, the RULE OF LAW, and PUNISHMENT for those who DESERVE to SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES of their SINS–including the SWAMP CREATURES! GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!

  10. HG, I fully agree with your superb editorial! In fact, prior to the retaliation, Russia even named the US warships they would attack. So far, nuttin’, which exposes Russia as a paper tiger. As for the 10 commandments; instead of; though shalt not kill, a more specific commandment would be; thou shalt not murder. This carries through to the title, Pro Life, which is far too broad. It should be, more specifically, “Pro birth”.

  11. The EU is suing Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for not taking their fair share of refugees. So much for national sovereignty.

  12. I fear for the US when the Democrats take over the presidency. Another president like Obama with a majority in the House and Senate will open the borders just like they have done in the EU. That will bring larger government and a step closer to one government rule. The election of Trump as president was very lucky for the Republicans. They had control of House and Senate and squandered it. They may never be that fortunate again. Trump is fighting Republicans as well as Democrats.

  13. Sometimes you are more religious than most “religious” people I know. You hit right on the center with this Editorial. I had never thought of leftist propaganda in the light of the Ten Commandments. It is totally true. Thou Shall Not Covet says it all. Maybe I never thought about it because I do not want what is not mine. Irma

  14. Not only is Trump sending a msg to Syria and Russia, by North Korea,China,Iran are all of a sudden respecting the USA again. A respect Obama threw out the window. And then there is the protection of Israel. With the US launching attacks when necessary, further anti-Israel build up will have to be given 2nd thoughts! Love your comment on 10 Cmdmnts. When immigrants come here and their culture doesn’t have that, look at how many of them act here. Not all but more than average!thats Saying somethin

  15. Amen to the 10 commandments, they will always bear the test of time.

  16. Great points, Howard! I am also not a religious person and certainly don’t “wear it on my sleeve”, but regard the “bottom five” of the commandments as a basic moral guide for any civilized nation. Your point about “covet” as basic property rights is spot on regarding the ills of socialism that is enshrined in our constitution that I think a lot of people just don’t get.

  17. If God is inscrutable then why theorize/argue/debate who or what it (not Justin) is. On any clear midnight sky I stare up into some 4 billion years ago and soak in the feeling of awe of what the WHAT created. That’s it. What matters is that our values of government (only the USA) are based on a higher authority. Hence the only morality is that of the Judeo -Christian morality . In Canada we have the Eleven Commandments. That is, the original 10 plus the “Not Withstanding Clause” which neg

  18. 10 commandments also tell us how bad we are. Libs hate them and do not want to be reproved. I appreciate the perceptive comment of Patricia Robinson that Libs want to hide even the negative RESULTS of their propaganda. We must stand for truth everywhere we find ourselves and be a light to the rest of the world in darkness. May God give us the strength to do that and He will. I agree , Howard, that you are more on to the truth than many so called religious people. Keep it up!

  19. I agree with you Howard on most things but this unwarranted attack is a disaster and may lead to a world war. Trump has now lost his presidency to the deep state. What happened to standing up like a man and draining the swamp? What happened to working with Russia? What happened to fiscal conservatism? We now have a disgraceful $1.3 trillion deficit budget, a war cabinet lead by the walrus mouth Bolton, and the Goldman Sacks criminal cartel advising on finance. Trump is done. Sad.

  20. The Ten Commandments…..wisdom and truth like that could have only arrived on earth from some other world, or universe, or God. It is obvious that mankind could have never come up with anything like it…..In fact mankind can’t even manage to keep the promise to keep trying.

  21. My God, I am a great follower of your column but it blew my mind whay you said about the Ten Commandments because that is what I always say.

  22. Excelent blog today…and I support Trump 100%. To Martin Achilles, I am wondering if Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic will SAVE money by being sued by the (Useless) EU versus the cost of taking in all of our immigrants, enemies and terrorists. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  23. And Canada continues to suffer under Trudeau …… My heart aches for Canada!

  24. Great article!i I shudder to think of where the country is going with how little our younger folks know about what’s happening in and to our country! U hit the nail on the head so many times! Couldn’t have done iy any better! I blame the parents for not looking at what our youngsters are learning at university, and how they’re being indoctrinated , right in front of our very eyes!! these are the future of the greatest country on earth! These young idiots haven idea how lucky they are!!!!

  25. This attack was a pin prick, assad’s air force wasn’t touched.

  26. OMG, one of the best of your editorials, Howard!!! @John Floyd-I guess you approve of Assad chemical usage. Assad is a threat to all of mankind, especially when Western countries stand by & do absolutely nothing!!! Somehow, you think that the Middle Eastern countries all are above board & honest. Well, here’s a news flash for you – Middle Eastern countries LIE & LIE big time!!! Trump is doing what should have been done years ago. Putin is standing behind Assad, so that he can run away.

  27. Great editorial once again, well written, to the point. I found this feature where you get to hear that stuff instead of reading it on my web browser and it’s 100 times more powerful. I recommend everyone to try it.

    I hope you will do some more radio broadcast on your blog we definitely miss them.


    Yan P.

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