Silence Of The Patriots?


Just BEFORE John Boehner left the House as the Republican Speaker, I Clearly Remember Boehner Passing an Obama Budget, which Ran-Up the Deficit, the Debt & Cursed Future Americans to an UNSUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

In Fact . . . What Boehner Did in his Last Act as Speaker of the House, was to help Obama Realize, Virtually everything Obama, Pelosi & Reid had been Pushing for in their LEFTIST One World Government Quest to Re-Construct America.


I can’t Imagine any Real Conservatives in the House, who were Sorry to see John Boehner’s Backside walk out of the House for the Last Time, since he was the BEST SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, that Hussein Obama could have Prayed to Allah & Mohammed for.


Just like Boehner gave America the Final UP-YOURS . . . with his Last Budget before Abandoning Ship, knowing that the Conservative Base had More than Enough of him . . . doesn’t it seem like Déjà Vu, knowing that Paul Ryan JUST DID THE SAME THING, by Passing his own Custom-Made SCREWING to the American People, by Introducing & Passing A $1.3 TRILLION SPENDING BILL to the Absolute Delight of the Far LEFT, which Still Has Pelosi & Schumer High-Fiving Each Other.


ESSENTIALLY . . . Paul Ryan has turned out to be Not just a Disappointment to the Conservative Tea Party, to which he Owed his Entire Political Success, but was in his own way, No Different than the Type of Guy who gets to go to an Exclusive Party, which is Far Out of his League, only because he was Invited by the Homely Girl . . . but once at the Party, he Drops the Homely Girl as if she had a Sexually Transmitted Disease . . . To Flirt With All The Hot Chicks.

THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT PAUL RYAN DID . . . Ryan Screwed-Over “The Ones Who Brung Him”, for the Prettier Girls at the Party. And then when Ryan knew that he was Probably going to get Tossed on his Ass for Betraying the Conservative Cause, just like Boehner knew when his GIG WAS UP . . . Ryan Abandoned Ship.


The MORE we’re all being Introduced to the SHAME of the Mueller Probe, the Obstruction of Justice & Information coming from the Highest Levels of the Justice Department, the FBI & Others . . . the MORE the American People should Start to Panic, because this is no longer just a Political Witch-Hunt . . . This Is An All-Out Attack On The Very Foundation Of The American Constitution.

If American Freedom Falls . . . Who’ll Keep The Barbarians From The Gate?

For More Than A Year, we’ve all Witnessed the Slow-Walking Smoke Screen Buried in Volumes of Double Speak, Useless Committee Hearings, a Gazillion Pages of BS Reports No One will Ever Read . . . AND MEDIA OPINIONS AD NAUSEAM, all of which Achieved Nothing More than to Shield all the Culprits of the Swamp, most of whom need to be Wearing Orange Jumpsuits.

DON’T YOU ALL THINK . . . That we’ve Heard more than enough from the PR Guys (Spin Doctors), who are Skilled and Highly Paid Creators of POLITICAL FICTION, which with the help of a Willing Propaganda Media (Yellow Journalism), We The People are Buried with Convincing Lies about the People who we are Instructed to Trust the Most . . . BUT SHOULD ACTUALLY TRUST THE LEAST?


Until Proven Otherwise . . .

I Cannot be Disappointed in anyone, with whom I have ZERO TRUST, so when it comes to Bureaucrats, Politicians and the Media – There is no Disappointment, there is ONLY ANGER and a sense of Utter Betrayal, no matter which of the two Countries I Reference (Canada or the United States of America).

As For Canada . . . I Fear The Country of my Birth – has Crossed the Rubicon to the LEFT. And is just Short of a Serious Socio/Political Revolution – Canada has become IRREDEEMABLE, which leaves all my Hopes in the USA, On The Shoulders Of President Trump.


IF TRUMP GOES DOWN BECAUSE OF THE AMERICAN (GLOBAL) LEFT . . . The Freedoms we all Grew-Up Under . . . Will Go Down With Him.

If The One World Order – One Government Global Community, which the LEFT has been Promoting for Centuries Becomes Our Future . . . We Will Be Living In Ayn Rand’s & George Orwell’s Nightmarish Dystopian Novels.


I Recently Wrote . . . that the People in the Justice Department and the FBI, from the Top to the Bottom, were Complicit in the Act of SEDITION, which is amongst the VERY WORST OFFENCE that can be Perpetrated upon the Legitimate Government of a Country.

And from what Mueller & Rosenstein JUST MADE TO HAPPEN to President Trump’s Personal Attorney – Michael Cohen . . . in the Draconian Brown-Shirt Tactics of Hitler’s GESTAPO, Post War East Germany’s STASI, Stalin’s NKVD, Putin’s CHEKA SECRET POLICE . . . and no Shortage of other Secret THUGOCRACY Police Forces, which are found in Dictatorships such as Turkey, China, North Korea, Iran & Virtually all Arab & Moslem States – IS NOTHING SHORT OF A CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT TREASON IN THE FORM OF SEDITION.


I’m Going To Conclude With This . . . Had the Equivalence to Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, today’s FBI, the Bureaucrats, the Opposition-Politicians & the Media, done this to Barak Hussein Obama – Obama Would Not have survived the First Year of his Presidency – and the Clintons . . . BOTH OF THEM, WOULD BE BEHIND BARS FOR THE REST OF THEIR NATURAL LIVES.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank-you for giving us a place where we can read beliefs and ideals that match our own. I get so tired of “free and balanced” that I could barf.
    BTW – “The SHRILL, and always ‘excremental’ Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee”… love it, love it, love it!

  2. I’m sitting in the front row of the choir. I’m sick and tired of these Lefttards.

  3. Trump keeps coming out smelling like roses and will again
    THEN the voters will realize the SWAMP he’s dealing with and that he was Right. I suspect the voters will be enlightened enough to support Trump again to continue his fight against the Swamp. In a very ironic way as Trump is attacked the left are exposing themselves for who and what they really are out of a self righteousness false confidence and from believing their own press assuming everyone else believes their way. Their DownFall!!!

  4. SPOT ON, Mr. G. Boehner recently made a comment (can’t remember what I was watching at the time) regarding all the Republicans NOT running again for office…Boehner said it is because they know they can’t win. One World Order…sheesh .. and I am sure Obama wants to be its KING. In all of my 78 years I have only seen this ONCE. Hitler’s Germany. Anarchy is here. And you know what is about to hit the fan. MYPOV

  5. Agreed all this is a dangerous trend. There are millions who think as you do. What can we do if our vote is the only thing keeping the leftist wolves at bay? Even our vote is suspect as, for example here in California, there seems to be substantially more votes being cast then there are registered voters. Sure we should call our Senators and Congressmen and complain, but, that usually goes on deaf ears, and nothing changes. I feel the average American is losing the tools to change things!!

  6. Satan’s minions continue to play ball with their own rules and expect all of America to cowtow to the far left’s agenda. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. But I can tell you this, the sordid games that keep being played are going to be bad news for this country if we don’t find a way to get the Lefts’ minions from hell off the podium and out the door. Destruction of my country is their theme song….let’s purify politics folks! The scabs from the Lefts are hanging by a thread…can’t you see this!!?

  7. One of your best, Mr. Galganov. Many kudos coming your way from the Great State of Utah.

  8. The sheeples of america and canada are so brainwashed by the lame stream media that they will elect a “demon”c”rat senate and house and in canada turdope will probably win another term. Welcome to George Orwell “1984” in the 21st century !

  9. Sadly, Howard, you have nailed it. If Trump fails the USA will become another EU at best. Perhaps, Canada can save them by example. It will happen here first, and if the Yanks are awake, maybe they will notice and perhaps wake up to the total stupidity (not evil) of their Leftist Democratic Party.

  10. Wow Howard, you did it again. You must have picked my brain for this one. But you have a better way with words to express exactly what I have been saying for years. Only the names of the parties change. Keep up the good work.

  11. Mueller and his band are nothing but thugs in suits with law degrees. Mueller’s number two, Andrew Weissmann is an unethical justice department prosecutor who has been cited for prosecutorial misconduct in several high profile cases (Enron,Arthur Anderson, Merrill Lynch) all of which were overturned by higher courts. They are using Mafia tactics under the banner of American justice.

  12. We don’t have to worry about a muslim or foreign power invading the U.S. What is going on now with the left and all the demacraps are destroy my country. I expect there will be violence from the true patriots of the United States against those who want to destroy us. Shakespeare said in one of his plays ” KILL ALL THE LAWYERS ” ,not a bad idea

  13. This is one editorial I wish the entire country could read. Never in my life would have I believed the swamp was so large & so deep & I often wonder if Trump would do it again if he had it to do over. They have literally tried to destroy him. I have never seen so many politicians join together for a cause as they are in trying to take Trump down. Their little fifdom is beginning to crumble & they can feel it under their feet.. I hope the rest of America realize what is happening to our country.

  14. Howard, as you stated the”One World Order” has been, being promoted for Centuries! With less than a hand full of countries opposing this and with the last two generations of Americans being dumbed down we are closer than most think!As a Gentile, my love for Israel started and grew from the age of 10. Israel has NOT Forgotten it’s roots and Foundation! America HAS!We as citizens of the U.S. have abdicated our responsibilities not only to ourselves but to future generations! I remain Semper-Fi

  15. Mr. Galganov, I almost hesitate to open my emails and read your blogs. You literally scare me to death! But, I know that you speak straight and say what you see occuring in both of your countries. The rock I live under is getting smaller and smaller as my blood pressure goes higher and higher and the truth is not setting me free. Even my home state, Alabama,elected a Democrat last year all because of a ramped up witch hunt declared on Judge Roy Moore! God Help Us ALL!

  16. The Liberals are turning our country into a fascist state. Little by little we are becoming a place where it is not allowed to act or think outside the leftist “norm.” The irony about modern liberals, elitists, so-called ‘free-thinkers’ and progressives, is that they are as fascist, tyrannical and oppressive as any brutal state in history. They are George Orwell’s 1984 and 1984 is happening because of them.

  17. TRUER WORDS were NEVER SPOKEN, HG…..”THE SWAMP IS DARK, DEEP, & SCARES ME”! We definitely need to “pay attention” to what has happened to Canada, & UNFORTUNATELY the USA isn’t FAR BEHIND, thanks to ALL the LEFIIST LIBS-LOONS, touting their LIBERAL ADGENDA!! Pray for BOTH of our countries, Pres. Trump, & that God “will somehow save us from ourselves, & what is going on in BOTH countries”!!!

  18. If he had it to do over, would Trump run again? Indeed he would, he loves the USA that much & is that patriotic. As much as I just wish he hadn’t waited so long, I feel things had to be this bad perhaps before people would have believed him. Without the outright obvious ‘change’ & racial war Obama brought, would we have seen the need for a Trump? More & more are selling out accepting Satan’s ‘carrots’ of money &/or power to advocate his lies. Let’s pray Trump, with God’s help, WINS the battle.

  19. Excellent Howard. Our only hope is Trump, what a challenge before him. If he fails he might as well take the flag with him. I feel that there are still great hopes from man that are silent that this will not happen “and in the end we will prevail.” A quote from King George the sixth.

  20. Once again, your thoughts and feelings mirror so many others, including mine, Howard. Thank you for being a voice which helps us to focus on important issues. And once again, I’m posting this editorial on my Facebook page. I always get excellent feedback from your comments. Much appreciated.

  21. You are absolutely right Howard, I don’t know when the American people will wake up.

  22. Many people blame the LEFT for our Country’s DOWNFALL!We can’t forget that the RINOS are contributing to it as well!Until they start REALIZING that their SUPPORT is absolutely NECESSARY to save our Country, all HELL will BREAK LOOSE because Pres. Trump CAN’T do it ALONE!Who else would have been ABLE to WITHSTAND what TRUMP has ENDURED since his ELECTION?The SWAMP FEARS him and with GOOD REASON!The PEOPLE ELECTED him and they will RE-ELECT him!”To IGNORE the FACTS does NOT CHANGE the FACTS!”AMEN!

  23. Howard, Great blog! We must win in the mid-term elections and keep the majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Everyone who supports Trump must get out there and vote. The swamp needs to be cleaned out and the sooner the better.

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