Blow-Up The Swamp – All Of It!



FIRST OFF . . . After more than a 2,200-Mile Road-Trip – Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Home, which kind of Feels Strange, because as Happy as we are to be with our Canadian Friends, Horses and Property, we feel Just as Strange not to be in Texas, the United States of America and with our American Friends.

I Guess The Countdown Starts Today For Our Return To America In November.

In the Meantime . . . NOTHING CHANGES WITH THIS BLOG. I will Keep on Hammering Away with all Guns Blazing, at the GALOOTS who are Screwing Over Both of Our Countries.

I will also Remain Relentless in My Defense of Israel, and my Enmity Against Anti-Semitism, by Doing, Writing & Saying Whatever has to be Done, Written or Said.

And even though I am now Writing from a Different Country . . . after all is Written, Said & Done – NOTHING For Me Will Have Changed.

IT IS MY ABSOLUTE PLEASURE . . . to Thank all the People who Wished Anne & I Well on our Trip Back to Canada, and to the People (more than just a few) who expressed their Concern for my Political/Legal Safety, because of my Never Bending Determination to Speak-Out against the Canadian Government for its Ridiculous Laws, which Fly-In-The Face of our Natural Born FREEDOMS.

Anne & I are also Very Touched by the Enormous Number of Americans who’ve expressed their Desire for us to Move to the USA, which we would be Happy to do, if it wasn’t for that Niggling Little Thing Called A GREEN CARD.

THAT SAID THOUGH . . . When one Ponders our Lifestyle – We get to Live in Canada and the USA (each) for Literally 6-Months/Year. In Canada, we get to enjoy “Free” Healthcare & Free Medications, for which we have Paid Dearly during all of our Working Years (Nothing’s Free), and if we Need More Timely Healthcare, it’s a Simple Jaunt Across the Border to the USA, which we have done for Cash Multiple Times.

And Where’s The Pain . . . when we get to Live in a Moderate Climate in Canada during Spring, Summer & Fall, and a Moderate Climate in Austin Texas during the Winter?

SO – IN THE LONG-RUN . . . Anne and I have ZERO to Complain About. But it would be Nice, if we could Enjoy the same RIGHTS Americans are Blessed with, through the Unbelievable American Bill of Rights & US Constitution, which is a Good Part of the Reason why I Write as much as I do about American Freedoms, which are Constantly under ONSLAUGHT by the American LEFT.


There is no Question Whatsoever, that when we are in the United States of America, we feel a Remarkable Sense of Individual Freedom & Pride, in the Knowledge that we are Living, even Temporarily in the Land of Lincoln, where the Government “Of The People, By The People & For The People” . . . Rule Supreme.

But We Can’t Live In The USA, So We Shan’t Live In The USA & We Will Soldier-On.


I’ve Been Giving This Some Very Serious Thought . . . A lot of People are Calling on President Trump to FIRE THE THREE OF THEM – I Don’t Agree.


As Far As I’m Concerned . . . This Russian Collusion BS was Nothing More than an Excuse by the LEFT & Insiders to UNSEAT A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. And after far more than a Year, and MULTIPLE Tens of Millions of Dollars Spent looking for any Excuse to Unseat President Donald J Trump, all PRETENSE of a Legitimate Investigation into a Non-Existent Crime, has long Stopped being Legitimate.


WHAT I SEE . . . Has Long Stopped being a Legitimate Investigation to Defend America’s Republic Against Russian Collusion & Russian Attempts to Unseat Free Elections . . . NEARLY AS MUCH AS AN AMERICAN CONSPIRACY OF THE LEFT TO COMMIT SEDITION.

I DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND . . . That President Trump should FIRE the Three Above Mentioned Bad Actors, as much as President Trump SHOULD HAVE THEM INDICTED, ARRESTED, & TRIED FOR CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT SEDITION.

This Is No Laughing Matter & People Better Pay Attention.

America Can Handle the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Turks & all the Other Bad Actors – To me, that’s a Given. But what America CANNOT Handle . . . is REAL COLLUSION between TREASONOUS Media, Big Leftist Money, Big Social Media, Big Academia, an Incestuous Bureaucracy, and a Political Elite which sees Themselves to be . . . ABOVE & BEYOND THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.


The Big Question . . . Will You Fight For Trump? Or Will You Leave Him Hanging?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, it is refreshing to hear Guiliani say it like it is. He reflects the views of the majority of Americans except for the ignorant Leftist. As far as Debbie Wassermann -Schultz, I think she has difficult identifying if she wants to be a Wasserman or a Schultz. All I know is she is two tacos short of a combination plate.

  2. Glad you and family are safe in your northern home, safe and sound.

  3. Welcome home Howard and Anne, good to have you back this side of the border again. Best wishes for a nice summer with your friends and horses.

  4. Fight for Trump. And Pray, President Trump does as you suggest .. indict. Enough of this ‘Get Rid of Trump any way possible’. Start draining the swamp. Glad for your safe arrival to your Canadian home. God Bless.

  5. I never thought it would be possible with another civil war, but it is starting to look like it is coming. I am not advocating it, but it might come naturally. We are many that will do all we can to protect our president.

  6. Howard…I’m writing from Thailand as a Canadian that is coming back at the end of April. I have always followed the American political system as what happens there affects us greatly. My question to you and others is this..”could it be possible that Trump and Sessins are at odds in public, while Sessions is possibly building a case like you suggest”? What other reason would Trump allow the FBI to raid his former lawyers offices and homes? He would tip his hand if he fired those and achieve nil.

  7. Oswald: I agree with you. Sessions is too quiet. Something is about to happen which is why they are putting upwith all this garbage. I think some big arrests and indictments are coming. He is sly like a fox.

  8. If I were you I’d do ever third summer in Israel 🇮🇱. You get the Southern California climate with Lebanese style cuisine.

  9. Good one. I’ve been putting them on Facebook. Glad you’re in Canada, will be up there in June/July.

  10. Glad that you & Anne are safe & sound. A lot is going on with the 24/7 Cable News these past couple of days. I listen to OAN Network & I am NOT happy with Mueller’s move to “invade” Trump’s personal lawyer’s office!!! This action is extremely BAD for ALL US Citizens!!! All the Left wants is to find something where they can impeach Trump, that is what this is ALL about! It has already been proven that Russia was not in collusion with the Trump campaign. Drop it already!

  11. Glad you are back, safe & sound to your HOME in Canada. The title of this particular blog says it all.

  12. When one looks at the political climate in the US today and compares it to that of 1860, Arne Hansen has made a point that should be taken seriously.

  13. I feel that the generic term “Left” is too broad to describe what are facing today. This is a well financed, smart and focused group that organized in the early 90’s and came to power in 2009. They have one goal, ABSOLUTE POWER. They have come very close to having all the tools to accomplish their goal. Stay tuned.

  14. As the Congressional committee dig in deeper into the FBI/DOJ …. it shouldn’t be surprising to see Mueller attack back with a raid on Trump’s personal lawyer. Now the Republicans have to dig their teeth in fast to get those 1+ million documents released so we can all see how corrupt the FBI are and how bias they have been to republicans! Go Trump. Glad to have you back Howard!

  15. So glad you & fam are home safe & sound. Great news–Paul Ryan leaves in January!!! Next best news would be Mitch McConnell won’t run again. Big losses tho are Chaffetz, Issa & Trey Gowdy. Let’s hope & pray REAL conservatives run to replace all GOP & Dems leaving this term. Need to grow the Freedom Caucus. Hope your time back home goes smoothly.

  16. Where there is smoke there is fire in the Stormy affair ,we know that the Donald finds it hard to keepo his pants on when around sexy ladies. The 180 thousand pay off will come back to haunt both Cohen and Trump.

  17. In my humble opinion, There is NOTHING left, about the “LEFT” that’s AMERICAN!

  18. Glad you had a safe trip home! SESSIONS should at, least, FIRE ROSENSTEIN and request for MUELLER to “get off his behind” and either show PROOF of COLLUSION or CLOSE the case against Trump! MUELLER has gone ABOVE and BEYOND a LEGITIMATE investigation! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!Since his NOMINATION. TRUMP has SUCCEEDED against his ENEMIES. Agree that SESSIONS is too QUIET. We are in for a lot MORE FUTURE SURPRISES FROM PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO….let’s Make America Great Again! Pray for Pres. Trump! AMEN!

  19. I am so relieved that you and family are home safe. May your travels always be safe. I so wanted for our nightmare to be over when President Trump won the election. The nightmare still lingers to kill the constitution. Thank you Mr. Galganov for continuing the fight for freedom with every blog you write.

  20. Glad all of you got home safely. I do not hate liberals or Democrats. I am sorry that they are being led astray. I do hate their agendas. I cannot for the life of me understand how they can believe as they do. It seems that they are doomed to lead the USA down the path to destruction.

  21. Is our nation a “comedy” or a “tragedy” today? (All these “charades” must stop!) We’re tired of “fake and phony” people “masquerading” as something they are not and lawyers exhausting taxpayer’s money! Trump learned to stop being “nice”, start playing “hard ball” with those in his administration and nations that delight in “messing around” with USA! If major indictments/convictions don’t happen soon, people will lose patience and faith in Trump. Swamp has to go ASAP or USA will be “gone” too!

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