The LEFT . . . Proud Self-Hating Americans


Regrettably . . . and I mean that Most Sincerely, I can understand why Canadians Aren’t Fierce Nationalists, because our World of Canadian Academia Promotes Globalism over Canadian Nationalism. And has done so . . . ever since I was a Child.

Nazi Germany . . . The Best Example Of The Evils Of Nationalism.

I Clearly Remember . . . when at least one of my Grade-School Teachers Expressed her Extreme Belief that Nationalism is the WORST ENEMY to a Good Society, and that the Americans are the Best/Worst Example of the Evils of Nationalism.

BUT SHE WASN’T ANECDOTAL . . . and more or less Represented the Overall Opinion of Canadian Academia, which helped Raise Generations of LEFTIST Canadian Children, who came to learn that the State (Big Brother) . . . is where all Canadians Could & Should Turn for all our Social Needs.

BUT WHAT OUR TEACHERS DIDN’T TEACH . . . was how Canadian WARRIORS did More to Defeat the Nazis and their Axis Allies, than any other Military, Measured on a Per Capita Basis, because to do so, they would have had to Acknowledge an Incredible Pride in our Nation, which would have shot their ANTI-NATIONALISM Narrative all to Hell.

AND WHAT THEY ALSO DIDN’T TEACH . . . was that Without the Enormous Sacrifice & Contribution of the Nationalist American People & American Military, the Nazis would have Succeeded, and every Last European who wouldn’t Bend a knee to Hitler, and every European and Middle East Jew . . . Would Have Been Obliterated From The Face Of The Earth.


WITHOUT AMERICAN NATIONALISM . . . The Nazi Concentration Camps with the Cremation Ovens and “Scientists” like Dr Mengele, would have become a Normality throughout Europe, and not the Extreme Symbols of Evil, which they’ve become since the UTTER DEFEAT of the Nazis.


The World . . . Including LEFTIST CANADIANSHATE THE SWAGGER of Conservative Americans, Especially President Donald Trump, even amongst those Countries, which owe their Prosperity & Freedom to America . . . BECAUSE:

THE LEFT HATE AMERICA . . . Not because America does Harm to the Rest of the World, but Rather, because the Rest of the World, including Canada, CANNOT MEASURE-UP to Conservative American EXCEPTIONALISM.

We see this in every LEFTIST FACET, throughout the World, and in the United States as well, where Teachers are Teaching THE PEOPLE’S CHILDREN that EVERYONE IS EQUAL, and that there are No Winners & No Losers, and that Doing Good Enough Is More Than Good Enough . . . And Everyone Wins A Participation Trophy Just For Showing-Up.

That Would Be Fine If That’s How The Real World Worked . . . But It Doesn’t.

The Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, Eastern Europeans & Arabs don’t Play by those Kumbaya Rules, which the LEFT Imagine the World should be Playing By, because, in all Reality, the REAL WORLD Plays Rough, Tough & Tumble . . . WINNER TAKES ALL – with No Mercy Whatsoever for the Loser – Because That’s The Way It Really Is.

AND IF WE DON’T PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE . . . This isn’t a THEORY, this is a 100% GUARANTEE, that some other Country, or some Major Movement within our Respective Countries, is going to Come and Take it Away From Us . . . INCLUDING OUR FREEDOMS.


I DON’T JUST LIKE THE IDEA. . That the United States of America, through President Donald Trump has Dropped the Gauntlet to the Entire World, and has made it Clear . . . AMERICA FIRST – I LOVE IT . . . I just Wish Canada would have Half the Balls to do the Same.

A Country Is No Different Than A Large Family . . . where Everyone Disagrees at one time or another over Everything. But what a Real Family Does, whether they Disagree with each other or not . . . Is Protect It’s Own.

A REAL FAMILY . . . makes Certain that there is more than enough Food on the Table for all the Family, before even giving the Slightest Consideration for the Neighbor’s Family. Your Children First.

A REAL FAMILY . . . Does whatever it takes to Educate & Train its Children, so they could all get the Best Jobs and/or Build Businesses, while worrying far less about what’s happening within the Neighbor’s Family and their Children.

A REAL FAMILY . . . Roots & Cheers for its Family Members at all Sporting Events, for them to do all they can to Win, even if it means Beating The Neighbor’s Family.

A REAL FAMILY . . . Spends as much Time as possible to Entertain Itself and each Other, with Family Trips, Family Restaurant Meals & Family Get-Togethers. Not Worrying about how well the Neighbor’s Family is getting Along.

A REAL FAMILY . . . Makes Certain that the Neighborhood is Safe for Itself, & Keeps the Property Protected with a Fence, Bright Lights, Alarm System, Perhaps a Dog, Guns & Locked Doors.

A REAL FAMILY . . . Takes care of Itself & Each Other, BEFORE it worries about the Neighbors.

And A Real Member Of The Family Wouldn’t Take A Knee To The Family Flag.


The Last Thing I Would Want . . . Would To Be A Member In His Or Her Family.

IT BEHOOVES ME TO IMAGINE . . . How Any American Could Possibly Cheer Against His Or Her Country, anymore than I Can Imagine, how a Healthy Family could not do whatever it would take, for the Exclusive Benefit of the Family, BEFORE & ABOVE ANY & ALL ELSE.

BUT THAT’S WHERE WE’RE AT . . . With Americans Praying For The Failure of their President. That’s where America was at with Hussein Obama, with the American LEFT Cheering Obama’s Degradation of American Exceptionalism.

AND THAT WAS WHERE AMERICA WAS AT . . . Under Successive Presidential Leaders, whether they were Republicans, Democrats or RINOS, who Sacrificed American Wealth, Treasure, Blood, Sweat & Tears for the Benefit of SOMEONE ELSE’S NATIONAL FAMILY BEFORE THEIR OWN.

As For Trade & Tariff Negotiations . . . If the Chinese are Really Upset with President Trump’s Tactics, it’s because the Chinese are doing all they can for the Benefit of their own Family, while an American President is Finally doing what is Best for the American Family.

And if the Chinese don’t like it, let the Chinese Communists find Some Other Family to sell their Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Crap to.

With President Donald J Trump . . . Finally – It’s The American Family First!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The disease of these lunatics is clearly marxist theology. Believe me when I say I’m not really a conservative socially at all I really do think Ron Paul has it right especially with foreign policy. I have to say the left is aiding and abetting this psychopath in his goal of screwing up Western culture. He hates whites and what they’ve created out of jealous on behalf of blacks an anyone who wishes to destroy white culture.

  2. All I can say Howard, is, I’m damned PROUD to have YOU as MY neighbor. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. AGREED well said , the only comment I could add is that in the past 20 years , anti_Americanism has grown, certainly in the media , social media , with teachers and leaders ,resulting in swaying the normally silent sheeple into speaking up on the matter. There is no Canadian Nationalism left. We are a group of foreigners , with foreign ideas and beliefs One Flag that everyone agrees needs a second hyphenated also -flag.

  4. Mali, at war, the most dangerous place today. Our imbecile P.M. is planning to send troops and following his equality policy, equal number of men and women. Mali is an Islamic war, most are around the world today. Can you imagine anything more asinine than sending females to fight Muslims. Can you imagine what can happen to women combatants if they are captured. Bob Rae: Canada needs to grant refugee status to Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims. It’s neighbours first, Canadians second in Canada today

  5. The Trudeau pandemonium show covers for the theft going on behind his scenes. Leftist greed benefits from the useful idiot voters who blindly fool themselves instead of conducting investigations on their own to reveal the facts. Voter laziness is behind the left’s success.

  6. Why would the Western civilization want to adopt Socialism when there are ample examples of where that philosophy/political system has failed? I will never understand that. Socialism encourages mediocrity & laziness – hard work is not encouraged, responsibility is not encouraged, “feeling safe” is demanded instead of being developed as part of the survival instinct. Socialism has permeated the Western civilization & our children have become weak & whining for “safe spaces”. Shame!!

  7. Totally agree with Kim McConnell’s comments. Welfare system that promotes it has not only been accepted but preferred by those who then vote to keep it that way. Infiltrating higher education was the aim of communism/socialism pre-1950s. It’s successfully worked from the inside to claim a majority of the people. They even published books about how to do it & what the results would be. McCarthy was the only one to take it seriously. Now look at where we are.

  8. Every point made is SPOT ON!!! There is nothing wrong with Nationalism. To me, it is pride in one’s own country, very much like the pride within a family. We have forgotten all about patriotism & why it is needed to make a country sound & secure. I am not ashamed of President Trump making America First. It is as it should be.

  9. How do we entice you into becoming a US Citizen? I was a teacher on Navy bases in California in the 1960’s. Then in the 1970’s in California schools and saw these horrific changes taking place. I’m so ashamed of being a 5th generation of what was the Golden State of my childhood, that I now call her the “Tarnished State”. Family First! Country First!

  10. Right on Howard. I believe that much group think, within our education systems, and civil service, is because they are unionized. Unions/Socialists/Marxists, all the same. Until our teachers and health care unions are outlawed, nothing in Canada will change. And I don’t think there is a leader including Scheer who will take them on.
    So Canada will continue to drift towards a pure Socialist/Marxist Country, until we become a sh—hole like most of Europe and most of California.

  11. As usual Howard, what you have written hits the nail squarely on the head.
    My one observation about Canada is how a bozo such as Justin could have ever been elected. ( I understand that his your elections for PM are “indirect”, but nonetheless still elected). I have relatives ( fortunately by marriage) who live in BC and they are feverent supporters of Justin, but I am at a loss to explain them.
    Keep it up Howard !,,

  12. In Canada, one personality who has single handily helped return National Pride in Canadians (undo what academia and media have tried to take from us) is Grapes (Don Cherry). Love him or hate him, millions of Canadians
    have learned once again to take pride in being tough and strong and defending ourselves! It’s no wonder so many liberals in Canada hate him. In fact, do you notice the media pretty much stay away from him! They are afraid of him because he’s loved and stands up for himself.

  13. A REAL FAMILY . . also knows how to COMMUNICATE with each other, whether they AGREE or DISAGREE with each other. They KNOW how to DISCUSS and RESOLVE their FAMILY issues when they arise! AMERICA is a FAMILY and at this time, its PATRIARCH is Pres. Trump who wants us to FOCUS on MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Those who CHOOSE to NOT partake in this TASK [LIBERALS] can simply MOVE OUT! Isn’t it WEIRD that in AMERICA…our FLAG and our culture OFFEND so many people, but our BENEFITS don’t! AMEN!

  14. I read this a few day’s ago and I think it pretty much speaks to the illegal immigration situation, in its current form.
    “When you break into my home and demand I feed and cloth you, that does not make you, PART OF MY FAMILY.!!!”

  15. Yes, the US is doing GREAT under Trump. I wish we had Trump in Canada! Instead we have Trudeau, an absolutely pathetic so-called Prime Minister, certainly the worst in my lifetime, and I’m no spring chicken! I’m happy for the US – too bad more Americans can’t appreciate him. They would change their tune, I’m sure if they had Trudeau even for a week!!

  16. Right on Howard….I have always felt fortunate to be born and raised in strongly conservative Alberta, however, our education system has become loaded with those of the socialist ilk, unionists, etc. They are tainting the system with socialism. I have long admired the mental freedom, the people from our great neighbor nation are endowed with. They rightfully think it’s okay to have confidence and be successful, whereas many Canadians frown on such qualities, hence their attraction to socialism.

  17. Walmart( i call it cinemart)is china’s biggest U S customer with about 45 billion $ of goods shipped every year. I don’t shop
    there and when i purchase any thing if made in any country but the United States i will do with out it. Most all china made goods is crap any way.

  18. You are so right. All the text books taught that wars came about as a result of nationalism which I now understand is a big lie. God divided the nations at Babel as a one world government would be evil and so He scattered the nations by confounding their tongues. This shows that God does not want a one world government even as early as Genesis after the Flood. No wonder the libs hate the Bible.

  19. Right again Howard. It is almost scary hoe much you and I think alike. I, (87 years old), have been out behind the barn without a light. I am not aware of Canada politics, but in the USA it seems that the GOD of liberals is the media. If the media promotes anything the liberals believe and promote it. They believe that the media determines what is right or wrong. I first encountered liberalism promoted by some professors in September 1950, my first semester in college.

  20. That’s yet one more thing about libs I find hard to understand; they take everything to such extremes. (Which extreme depends on their views.)

    Nationalist? Must be a Nazi then. Gun owner? Must be a homicidal maniac about to go crazy & shoot a bunch of people. Want lower taxes? Must hate people. (That’s for those things they don’t like.)

    Socialized medicine? We’ll make it work when all others failed, cuz we’re SMARTER! Fight poverty? Make more handouts that’ll solve it. (For those they lik

  21. Another “homerun”….DEFINITELY A “on point”! Thanks for being right, again!! Also, safe travels to you, & your bride, Anne, as you head back to Canada…..may God continue to bless you, your pets, etc.!!! Where did the time go? Seems like you only just arrived in Texas, for your “annual visit”!

  22. Lynda Cook and Wallace Day – kudos!! you are right…
    Northern BC voters helped the “Liberal party” win the last election to have their so-called leader become our leader by default. And, for clarity, it’s de-fault of those voters. If you catch my drift.

  23. Right on point Howard. With a globalist ideology, there is nothing worth fighting for but your own tiny piece of the pie. Nothing is worth fighting against either. Globalism producing sheep that will not fight against any form of tyranny.

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