Look Beyond The Fog Of The LEFT


This Is Day-6 On The Road . . . Stopped In Mercer Pennsylvania.

The Weather this Far North-East of Austin Texas isn’t what we were looking forward to, since we’ve found ourselves in more than just a bit of Snow, Below Freezing Temperatures throughout the Night, and some pretty Gusty Winds.

Anne and I figure we’ll Layover here in a really nice KOA, and head for the Final Stretch this Coming Monday, when the Weather Back Home will be more Welcoming.

In the meantime, Mercer isn’t a Punishment. And when Anne and I Awoke Friday Morning, what did we see right outside our RV, but a Horse Drawn Buggy, Driven by a really nice Amish Man, who is one of the People who Maintains this exceptional RV Park.

What’s really Great about Travelling in this Manner, is that we never know what we will See, what will be the Next Challenge, or who we will Meet at the Next Stop.


No one Believed the Nazis when they Fully Embraced Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and even after Hitler and the Nazis chose to Commence the “FINAL SOLUTION” . . . And Even While Six Million Jews Were Being Murdered, there were still Plenty of Jews who Didn’t Believe.

AND HERE WE ARE IN THE YEAR 2018 . . . just a Hair More than a Measly 70-Years After The Holocaust, and a Whole New Different Type of Nazi is Extolling the “VIRTUES” of Murdering Jews, this time in the Ancient Home of the Jews, the Land that Gave the World Abraham, Moses, Hillel, Christ and a set of Decency Laws, which the Entire Conscionable World is Built Upon.

SO – AS THE SO-CALLED PALESTINIANS . . . And their Willing Arab, Moslem & World Co-Conspirators Help to Rush the Wall Separating their Dystopian World (Gaza), and the World of Israel, Recreated after 2,000-Years Of Jewish Exile, based upon Virtue, Freedom & Conscience . . . for the SOLE PURPOSE OF DRIVING THE JEWS OUT . . . World Jews – and Specifically Israeli Jews, MUST REMEMBER, that the Last Time a Jew-Hater, supported by a World of Jew-Haters, told the World what he was going to do to the Jews, THE JEWS DIDN’T TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY.

SO . . . Screw the United Nations and the UNCONSCIONABLE Drivel that Keeps these Globalist Buffoons Afloat – Feeding On The Global Teat, because Israel Should and Must do whatever Israel has to do to Protect it’s Sovereignty & Humanity, even if it Means Eliminating the Existential Threat of Jewish Armageddon By All Means Necessary . . . SO BE IT!

As For The Hordes Who’ve Illegally Invaded The Jewish Homeland . . . GET OUT.



Here is a Truth many People either Never Knew, might have Known and have Forgotten, or in the Case of our Younger Generation Would Never Care to Know . . .

BUT BEFORE THAT . . . What we do seem to Know about the Above Named Corporations, is that they are in themselves Gargantuan, and seem to Individually have More Money Than GOD . . . And The Power Through Their Money To Prove It, which seems to be Forever, Incorrigible & Undefeatable.


We’re Watching & Listening to the Media, who Too many People Assume are the Smartest Journalists & Pundits Ever, Bemoaning the Fact that the Above Mentioned High Tech Firms & Others, are the Modern Emperors & King-Makers of all they Survey, to the Point that they are So Big, that they are in Fact Untouchable by Government or Legitimate Competition.


IN THE VERY LATE 1800’S . . . There were a Group of American Industrialists, who were Known, and not Affectionately so, as the “ROBBER BARONS”, who were so Wealthy & Powerful, that in Comparison to Today’s Mega Rich High-Tech Entrepreneurs . . . The Owners of Facebook, Google, YouTube & Others, would Be Pikers.

IN FACT . . . Just one of these Incredibly Wealthy Robber Barons, by the Name of JD Rockefeller, was so Rich & Powerful, that his Wealth was Greater than all the Modern Uber-Rich Owners of the Preceding . . . COMBINED!

Rockefeller’s Wealth . . . By Todays Standards Exceeded $400-BILLION.

But Rockefeller was just one of Many Unbelievably Wealthy People, who were Indeed the Most Powerful Men on Earth, who Literally Bought & Sold Politicians from City Councilors to the President of the United States of America with near Impunity.

AND THEN . . . A Funny Thing Happened On Their Way To Supremacy . . .


IN 1890 . . . The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was Passed at the Behest of Republican President Teddy Roosevelt, who is Considered to be Amongst America’s TOP 5-PRESIDENTS.

ROOSEVELT . . . Much like Donald Trump was a Rich Outsider, who Marched to the Beat of his own Drum, defying those within his own Party, just as he defied those from without.

And even though Teddy Roosevelt was a Man of his Own Financial Means, and was always Happy to be around other Men of Equal & Greater Wealth, Roosevelt Respected Entrepreneurs who became Filthy Rich . . . But had ZERO TIME for men of Great Wealth who used that Wealth to Subjugate the “Little People”.

Roosevelt Hated Bullies, Especially Bullies Who Took Advantage Of The Poor.

IN 1902 . . . Republican President Roosevelt Hit Railroad Magnate J. Pierpont Morgan (JP Morgan) with a GUT PUNCH, Ordering America’s Attorney General to Start the Proceedings to BUST THE TRUST . . . And That Was Just The Beginning.

If You Want To Know What Real Wealth Was Like In The Early 1900’s . . .

By Today’s Equivalence, John D Rockefeller was worth more than $400-Billion, which Represented Approximately 2% Of The Entire US Economy In 1913. And Rockefeller was just One of the Many Robber Barons, who Included . . . JP Morgan, Andrew Mellon, Andrew Carnegie & A Host Of Many More.

What Roosevelt Started . . . His Vice President William Howard Taft Finished.

And if you think Fake News by the Rich & Powerful Media is somehow a New Thing in our Societies. THINK AGAIN, because no one was more Media Powerful than William Randolph Hearst, whose Racy Publications were Replete with Blood, Guts & Scandal . . . Sold to More than 20-Million Americans Everyday during the Mid-1900’s.

Roosevelt Ran The Show & Governed Through His Gut – To Hell With Naysayers.

And as Today’s Media Criticizes President Trump for Playing Musical Chairs with his Cabinet, Roosevelt Changed Cabinet Secretaries Like Most People Changed Their Socks.


SO WHO HATED TEDDY ROOSEVELT? All the Insiders. And Who Loved Teddy Roosevelt? Most Of The Rank & File Working People Of America. I guess that’s why Teddy Roosevelt’s Face Is Carved On Mount Rushmore.

SO HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE . . . If President Teddy Roosevelt could BUST THE TRUSTS more than 100-Years Ago – President Trump Can Take Them Down Today.

And If The Fake News Media EMPIRE Of Randolph Hearst . . . could become Yesterday’s News, so will Today’s Purveyors of Fake News.

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT PERFECT . . . And President Trump Is Not Made of Steel. And President Trump is Under an All-Out Assault from the Entire American and Global LEFT. And After All Is Said & Done . . . all President Trump has Going for Him Politically . . . are the People who Put Him Into the White House. And unless President Trump Screws-Up “Big League”THEY’RE GOING TO BE STICKING WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP ALL THE WAY .

Who knows . . . Maybe There’s Room For One More Face On Mount Rushmore?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good editorial as usual. While in Mercer, don’t miss the Mercer Museum – lots of REAL history. You won’t be sorry

  2. It was interesting to see that Trudeau’s minister Freeland condemned Israel for using excessive force. I guess she is hopping Hamas can do what her Nazi grandfather failed to do

  3. Great history lesson!Your Editorial is right on target! When it’s said that History REPEATS itself, we’d better believe it–as proven by the past HOLOCAUST and what’s happening in 2018–PLUS the COMPARISON of Pres. Teddy Roosevelt & Pres. Trump!There IS hope for AMERICA! Re: THE WALL–those who thought that the DEED WAS DONE, i. e., no wall well, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, as Trump is now in the process of FULFILLING his PROMISE to build a WALL–one way or another! GO TRUMP GO! GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!

  4. Howard drive safe and arrive in good health, The weather be dammed. Lawrence did not hear that one . But that is what a Liberal does best. They have no brain and shoot from the mouth.

  5. With respect to Trump and his liberal critics: “It behooves every man to remember that the work of the critic is of altogether secondary importance, and that, in the end, progress is accomplished by the man who does things.” – President Theodore Roosevelt

  6. Your words wrote my thoughts, while I was reading this, “Trump’s face on Mount Rushmore.” Instead of Obama. Not only this but, he is undoing everything that Obama has done and I hope he can carry this storm to wipe out both Bushes and Clinton all the way back to President Reagan

  7. Seems Pres. Trump took first year to try to do things ‘the political way’. That’s not working (& only getting more bogged down) so now he’s going to do it the way he’s proven in business to be tried & true. His new cabinet choices are more hard-liners like himself; doing his part in cleaning house. I hope plenty of true conservative republicans run so we voters can do our part. Remember we can only vote for those on the ballot. Unless organized, write-ins only help opponents.
    Safe travels…

  8. Trump is a breath of fresh air! I wish we had him in Canada instead of Trudeau! We thought his father was bad???? He is CLUELESS! He does say “Uh” very well. Not Prime Minister material!

  9. Your valid comparison of President Trump to President Teddy Roosevelt reminded me that I haven’t heard the term “yellow journalism” in a very long time. I guess today’s “fake news” is the same thing. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! Bill Laux

  10. One of the most enlightening articles to understand the bigger & historical picture. I’ve been studying the Old Testament for understanding the King’s anointing. In Ps. 72:1-3 a King must rule justly & v. 4 – Please stand up for the poor, help the children of the needy, come down on the cruel tyrants. As you wrote of Pres. Roosevelt, wrote of Pres. Trump having the working class behind him, this is the role of a King. I read, “a King is to defend the weak from the strong” G. Burd, Amaril

  11. Howard I’ve said this to you so many times even I’m tired of saying it. Once more with feeling ! I understand that Fidel Trudeau has opened the doors and invited ISIS in. That’s enough ! Sometimes you have to cut off the arm to save the body. I earnestly wish you and your lovely bride, dog, cat, horses and whatever else resides with you would pack up your belongings and become American citizens. Jews are welcome in America and I’m afraid Canada is about to turn muslime. Hurry while there’s time

  12. How Prophetic. Think about it. Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify before the senate this week. IF … its under oath …imaging what the senators could learn …. and THUS Expose. Can hardly wait to see how Fox analysis this. I’m assuming this is closed doors. But if it gets as bad as I hope … it could be the beginning of the end of their bias political monopoly!

  13. Great historical analogy. Your comparison and commentary are astute, indeed. You’re one of the few writers I can read and improve my perspective without vomiting.

    Bill Larson
    North Port, FL

  14. How President Trump is continuing his journey with all the ‘yellow journalism’ is the back bone of a man of steel. He doesn’t give up and he doesn’t give in. I have a question. When I go to another country I have to have a passport and am scrutinized. HOW do the illegals do what they do with NO scrutiny and no passport? Just asking!

  15. Howard,
    Just a humble reader and follower,….BUT for the hundreds of thousands of readers you have,….Could you put together a “pod cast series” of the history of the Jewish Nation and let everyone know what it is, how it began, what it has been through, and most importantly how it has survived some thousands of years,…and WHY God is important to every human being walking this earth!!

  16. 20,946,000 were murdered in nazi camps. We fixate on 6 million Jews but are oblivious to the 15 million overwhelmingly Christian, who perished with them. Visit Dachau and witness the memorials to Evangelicals, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, etc who comprise the overwhelming majority that died in that camp. This isn’t to minimize the holocaust of the the Jews but to recognize the broader crime. Christians remain the targets of the left. Given similar circumstances, history would easily repeat.

  17. Only about 11 million died in camps, not 20. Regardless, it is only the Jews man-enough choosing to remember the atrocities of the Nazis. The rest of the planet who also suffered greatly are choosing instead ignorance, denial and to forget it even happened. The Jews cannot be blamed for others being blind and ignorant. The holocaust should be that important to everyone to remember it and it’s lessons to ensure it never happens again. If you don’t, then that’s your problem.

  18. We needed somebody from the “outside” (who couldn’t be “influenced” by “political connections” like members of Congress). Clintons and Obamas became wealthy off “deals” that weren’t good for USA (or the rest of us)! Many companies and corporations are “too big for their britches” with owners acting more like (false) “gods” to control people’s lives! Perhaps Zuckerberg influenced elections more than we know? We have visited several concentration camps, including Auschwitz. “Humbling experience”!

  19. When the Titanic sank, the richest man in the World at that time went with it, JOHN JACOB ASTOR. Among so many other parts of his massive portfolio was the ASOTRIA HOTEL in New York City.

  20. A GREAT article. I am blown away. Your communication skills are to be admired. SHOW ‘EM THE WAY BACK.
    A friend of mine used to say,”Stay well because all else is Bubkiss.” Stay well, Howard.

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