In A World Of Indecency Rises Some Good


Well . . . here we are in Blytheville Arkansas, just finishing Breakfast, about to head North East, eventually to the Great White North. Hopefully, by the time we get to our Summer Home in Canada, it won’t be the Proverbial Great White North, and the Winter Snow will be Nothing more than a Bad Memory.

Because of our Travels, it’s kind of Hard for Me to Write, since I’m Behind the Wheel of our F-250 Schlepping a 38-Foot RV, which takes all my Concentration . . . And because I’m no Youngster, when we Pull-In at the end of about a 350-Mile Drive to the RV Park . . . I’m pretty Tired.

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . While Driving, the Radio is Tuned to Fox News, Fox Business News & then Blues Music after I’ve heard more than enough of the News Alerts – or the Breaking News Mantra for the Umpteenth Time.

It’s always a Marvel to me, how the Media can take a Nothing-Story, and for Hours on End, and very often a Day or More – Keep on Rehashing the Crapola they Dramatize as News, which Passes for Breaking News.


When we Pull over for Gas, Food and/or just Coffee – I read ALL THE EMAILS I RECEIVE, and all the Comments that are Posted on the Latest Editorial. I also use WIFI or my Data-Plan to Read the Usual Newspapers and News Sites, which I generally peruse from around the Planet . . .

AND BELIEVE ME – Because of my Addiction to what’s happening in the world, I’m going Kind Of Nuts to Start Writing about all the Lunacy that’s Invading our Culture and Freedoms.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That with Each Passing Day, the LEFT are becoming more and more Unglued, or perhaps UNHINGED, to the point that they will Trigger an event that could Change the Lives of Decent People throughout what we’ve always Considered to be the Free World . . . IN A FLASH.


I’m too Tired Right Now to Write about the more Recurrent Current Things, which are Worrying me more than just Somewhat, but I will get into it in Real Depth as soon as we stop for a Couple of Days . . .


But Not To Leave You Hanging & Guessing . . . What’s happening Today, with China, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Gaza, Syria, Turkey . . . International Trade, the High Tech World, the Islamization of Europe, the Impending Central American Assault on the US/Mexican Border . . . and the HORRID Anti-American Democrats, who through the Treachery of the FBI, Justice Department, State Department and Congress, seem more to want America to SUFFER . . . Than To Have President Trump SUCCEED.


I have Written several Times about my First Cousin Todd’s Son . . . Jesse, who went missing some 7-Months Ago, while Touring the Mountains of Peru, before Starting His University Medical Studies.

Jessie was just 22-Years-Old when he went Missing . . . and as Far as his Dad (Todd) is Concerned, JESSE IS NOW JUST 23-YEARS OLD, and Todd will not stop Searching until Jesse is Found Alive, or Todd knows for certain that Jesse is not.

I WILL TELL YOU . . . That Todd is not a Rich Man, and everything Todd has, he has spent in the Search for his Son Jesse. And as soon as Todd Realized that Jesse was Missing, Todd was on a Plane to Peru, And He Hasn’t Come Home Yet.

And Every Day For Todd . . . it’s Hiking through the Mountains of Peru, into the Valleys, along the Hiking Trails and into the Villages with Guides, Translators & Professional Searchers.

There are a great Many People looking for Jesse, including one team of the Greatest Israeli Trackers who have been Flown into Peru at Great Expense to help the Search.

But in the Meantime, while Search & Tracking Teams, the Police and the Military are looking for Jesse, Todd is Relentless, and spends every day Searching with his own Teams, putting up Posters, speaking to Villagers, and giving as many Local Media Interviews as he can.


From-Time-To-Time, Todd & I Speak on the Phone . . . but, because of the Costs Todd has to Bear Searching for Jesse, I really didn’t want to spend Todd’s Money, by causing Todd to Incur Long Distance & Roaming Charges.

SO I ASKED TODD A COUPE OF DAYS AGO . . . How Much Is This Phone Call Costing You? Todd’s Answer Had Me In Tears.

I Tried Several Times To Help Raise Money For Todd, which I’m certain was somewhat Successful, but in all Reality, was Probably just a Drop in The Bucket Compared to what Todd Really Needs . . .


Todd had a Standard Roaming Package through his Canadian Cell Phone Provider, Rogers Telecom, which covered him throughout Central and South America. But business being business, and even though Todd is in the Peruvian Mountains, several Miles above Sea Level, he still gets his Monthly Cellular Phone Bills.

And then he noticed that his Roaming Charge went up by $50 Per Month, which under Normal Circumstances wouldn’t be a Big Deal. But to Todd, every Dollar has Meaning. So, from Peru, he contacted Roger’s Client Service, and explained to the Person Several Thousand Miles Away in Canada, that he wasn’t in Peru on Vacation or for Business, but was there looking for his Son, who is Lost in the Peruvian Mountains . . . and as such, Could He Get A Break On The Price Hike?

With that, the Customer Service Representative asked Todd to Stay on the Line. And when someone else from Rogers came back on the Line, he introduced himself as a Senior Manager, and informed Todd, that he was Aware of Jesse . . . who was Missing in the Andes, since in Canada, this has become National News.


“Mr Galganov”, the Roger’s Manager Said . . . “As of Now, your Cell Phone Service is Free, as long as you’re Searching for your Son, and all the Cellphone Costs you’ve been Charged from the Day you left Canada to look for your Son, have been Credited to your Account”.


It Got Even Better – Todd continued by Telling Me, that his Customers from his Sign Making Company, are not just continuing to give him Business, but are looking at ways they can Increase giving him Business.

AND THEN THERE WAS GAZ MÉTRO . . . Which is the Exclusive Montreal Supplier of Natural Gas, who Notified Todd, UNSOLICITED, that there would be no Bills for Todd’s Winter Gas, as long as He’s In Peru Looking for Jesse.

TODD’S HOUSE HAS BEEN EMPTY THIS WINTER . . . But that didn’t Mean his Driveway and Walk weren’t kept Shovel Clean by the People Todd generally Hired to do the Snow Clearing Service. And when Todd Explained to them, that he wasn’t going to be Home for the Winter, and that he had to save his Money to Search for JesseTHEY ASKED WHAT MONEY?

THEN THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE . . . like the Gardeners who offered to Cut Todd’s Grass and Tend to his Rock Garden this Spring & Summer, to which Todd Responded that he will be Home in time for him to do that himself, and Thanked them for their offer, to which they said . . . YOU’LL NEED TO HAVE THE PLACE SPRUCED-UP BEFORE YOU COME HOME.

If That Doesn’t Help Restore Some Faith In Human Nature . . . Nothing Will.

After Reading, Speaking & Writing about all of these Horrible LEFTIST JERKS in our Societies, who are Working Overtime to Destroy the Wonderful Freedoms we all Enjoy . . . THIS DOSE OF CONSERVATIVE HUMAN KINDNESS CAME AT THE BEST TIME.

I’LL WRITE TO YOU AGAIN SOON . . . But in the meantime, I’ll continue to Read your Emails & Comments. I can’t Guarantee that I‘ll be able to Respond. But I will Guarantee . . . THAT WHATEVER YOU SEND TO ME WILL BE READ.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Mr. Russo, like many liberals, ‘tucked tail and ran’ when others don’t cower to their misinformed and distorted views.

    Let me add, I have a newfound respect for Rudy Giuliani for standing by his comments.

    It’s always refreshing and enlightening to read your views about the current political landscape.

  2. I am not a particularly religious man, but these words come to me, possibly from a song: “God is watching…”. But I believe it to be true. Not only for you and your family but on us and our nation. What could be any other explanation for President Trump’s election as our president?

  3. First I would like to wish Todd,and his ever increasing circle of friends, a positive outcome in this difficult time.
    Secondly , just as in the post above, Thank God For Trump.
    There was a parody of 5 Days Of Christmas which has been stuck in my head since last Christmas. If you humm the tune a little and when you get to the point where the line is “5 Golden Rings’ I substitute “Not Hillary” in it’s place. Still tickles my funny-bone.

  4. There are good people and there are bad people in the world and everyone else in between. Life is all about your choices. I’d like to thank all the good people for making that choice…your choice does make a difference in the world, for the good.

  5. There are moments like in the aftermath of 9/11 when we see the worst of humanity – and then the best of humanity. Todd may want to consider setting up a GoFundMe page. Slimeball Andrew McCabe just shut his down – after collecting $500,000 for his own potential legal defense. I have a feeling Todd’s page would be successful. In the meantime, may G-d bring him strength for his efforts, and success in finding Jesse. Safe travels to you, Anne the “kids”, and the “toys” on the road back to Canada.

  6. Hi Howard,
    What a wonderful story of the human kind, that these folks take their compassion so seriously. I do hope that your nephew Jesse is found unharmed and in health. May HASHEM guide you all safely, to establish contact, and for you to let us know.
    Wishing you and Anne a good, Kosher Pesach, and a safe journey home.
    John W. Rosen.
    Johannesburg, South frica.

  7. What “made America Great” was people working together and helping each other in times of need! Most people today are immature, selfish (taking photos of themselves everywhere) to the point that their phones are their “best friend”! Jews believe “we are here for the sake of others” (not ourselves). God help us all if Jews (once again) get blamed for what’s going on in society! (Reading “comments” after articles, already happening in U.S.) Pray God has a plan for Jesse to still be alive in Peru!

  8. I posted story on facebook. I hope others will too. Maybe if enough people post on Facebook, it might help get the word out and help your brother find his son. God Bless

  9. Praying for your brother and his family and most of all that his precious son is found alive! Praying for peace in this situation for all of you and thanking God for His mercies and the great blessings He bestowed on your brother….

  10. Have a safe trip home Howard and after I read the info on Todd and his son Jesse, my prayers will be going out for them that Jesse is found and well.. I’m sorry, but I got very emotional reading about all the good people out their helping Todd.. my tears are still pouring.. it is so touching what you shared with all of us.. May God Bless All of You!!

  11. I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
    I noticed that many times along the path of my life there was only one set of footprints.
    I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in my life.

    I questioned the Lord:
    Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you’d walk with me all the way.

    The Lord replied:
    During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I Carried you.
    “Footprints in the Sand” by Mary St

  12. Very heart warming! Now I want to just state a fact as far as one reader, I, am concerned. I found this post a bit easier to read because there seemed to be fewer BOLD letters. I appreciate that it is part of your style and will not stop reading in any way, just wanted to state a fact for me.

  13. Howard, since Jesse was reported missing, I and other friends in Montreal offered a prayer for his safety. I do hope from the bottom of my heart that he will be found. Thank God that there are still some good people that care for others. God bless them all. Steve Acre, Canada

  14. May the grace of God be with Todd and Jesse and bring them both home safe and sound. May He who created the Heavens and all within including mankind keep you and your family safe as you travel back to your home in Canada. We pray that someday you may find a permanent home here inTexas. God speed.

  15. If we listen to the media and believe what they spout is all that is going on in the world we miss, fail to acknowledge, that the majority of people live regular lives, work and play, and do good for themselves and their fellow humans.

  16. Thank you for sharing that. It so helps to restore one’s faith in individuals and companies. Prayers going out this family who have great faith and endurance! Thank you once again for sharing this. It’s so uplifting!

  17. Thank you for sharing this story. You have me in tears! It is so good to know true human kindness and caring are still alive. I’m praying that Todd will find Jesse soon, alive and well. May God bless him and continue to provide for him.

  18. Dear Howard, My prayers go out for Todd to find Jesse alive and well and for you & Anne’s Safety on your travels as well. May God continue His many Blessings for you and your family. God Bless……..

  19. Thank you for again sharing the story/news of your brother and nephew. It is so good to read about the thoughtfulness and caring for Todd and his family. An enjoyable editorial; the only thing to make it better is Jesse found alive. I totally second Karen Smith’s post. And may you, Anne, Stryker and April have a safe journey back to your home in Canada.

  20. Howard, I don’t want to be a wet sack but Jesse may very well be dead. We spent several days in Peru some months ago and interacted with many locals who are in the know. In Lima, we met some people who advised us that we should not go out certain roads into the mountains because they are controlled by Drug cartels. One of the more knowledgeable citizens told us that cab drivers and the police will refuse to enter those areas because those who do may never return.

  21. Great update. I was wondering what was going on with Todd & his search. I believe that there are more good people in this world, than bad. The problem is, the bad seem to “run” the world by it’s governments! Leaving G-d out of the equation & then blaming Him is also part of the problem. You do not have to be religious to believe in G-d & that is the real issue. My you, Anne, Stryker & April the cat have a safe & sound trip back to Canada. A belated Chag Sameach. }:O)

  22. It has been some time since I have commented..I injured myself on Jan 12 and have been bed ridden and wracked with pain. I am just now getting better. I know that in our darkest hours GOD does watch us and help us. People wait for signs of GOD…but miss the Angels GOD puts before us. They are the everyday men, women and children who are helping Todd in what I hope will be his successful quest to find Jesse!

  23. The milk of human kindness. What a great story. Drive safely.
    Arnold Charitan Los Angeles

  24. WE are MANY fine people in this world who would be helpful to almost anyone in need; you just don’t hear about us!

  25. Having read your post and all of the responses, I have wiped my tears away so I can see again. I pray that your nephew is found quickly, safe and sound! Please keep us posted. I will continue praying …..

  26. May God grant travel mercies on your trip home….and as one posted “God is watching”…He is..

  27. YES, there is GOOD in people as shown by the HELP Todd is receiving while searching for Jesse. This restores my faith. People truly ARE GOOD. Have a safe trip. God Bless. My prayers for the WORLD.

  28. Praying for Todd and his son. We went through Peru when we left Brazil in 1972 and it was dangerous then. Logs across roads so we couldn’t pass easily, but we made it safely to Lima. Thank God. We had our two young children with us and this was not a pleasure trip. We were sent to Brazil by our company. Do not bother to answer. I know you have a lot going on. I wish you a safe trip. Sorry you are leaving us.

  29. Howard, I’m posting this on FB, in case someone may see it and hopefully have helpful news for your brother regarding your nephew. God speed to you, Anne and Stryker as you head back to Canada. Stay safe.

  30. I pray that Todd’s search for Jesse ends in “Rescue”. Todd is blessed to have so many wonderful friends to help in his time of trouble.
    God works miracles all the time and this just might be one of those times.
    Never give up, there is always hope.

  31. Thank God for the still many kindhearted people the MSP seldom covers. Howard and family have a safe trip home.

  32. Howard, praying that you, Anne, Stryker & April, the cat, have a very nice SAFE trip! Please take all the time you need to REST during your trip. We all enjoy your Editorials but would rather prefer that you and yours REMAIN SAFE during your trip back home. Todd’s story is very sad but also heartwarming. Yes, there ARE many GOOD PEOPLE in this world, but the BAD ONES always tend to “stand out”! Stay safe! AMEN!

  33. I too am crying as I read this. Can you keep us updated on any clues on leads Todd has had?

    I LIKE the BOLD words…they break up the text and make it fun!

    The libs are indeed going crazy but I don’t think it’s working. Rush was just talking about how ESPN and CNN are tanking. People are so fed up with their propaganda. Hopefully there is still time to educate skulls full of mush!

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