TODAY – FRIDAY . . . MARCH 30, 2018 – Two World-Changing-Events Have Fallen On The Same Day – PASSOVER & EASTER.

EASTER is the Celebration of the Resurrection, when Christians . . . more than 2-Billion, will Celebrate or Commemorate The Rising Of Jesus Christ From The Dead.

It is Both Unfortunate & Terrible, that in this Day & Age, there are Whole Societies, which Deem the Unrestricted Celebration of Christianity ILLEGAL, as is Evidenced in many Moslem Countries, Asian Countries such as China, and even Cuba, just 80-Miles Off The South Eastern US Coast.

It is beyond belief, that in this Day of Modernity, there are still Societies who Beat, Torture, Disenfranchise, Rape & Murder People for their Non-Threatening & Non Aggressive Beliefs. BUT NONE MORE SO TODAY – THAN TO CHRISTIANS.

Even In America . . . Christianity is under Constant Assault from the LEFT, where the Public Display of Icons of Christianity Are For Too Many . . . in their interpretation, An Insult To Freedom “From” Religion.


But How Do These Manifestly Horrible Things Relate To The Teaching of Christ?

And As A Jew . . . Me Personally – Shouldn’t I be amongst the ones to Rail-Against Christ & Christianity for the Despicable things that have happened to my Ancestors in the Name of Christ . . . From The Time Of The Crusades-On?


GREAT MOVEMENTS . . . Led By Great People, are almost ALWAYS HIJACKED by Despicable People, in Order for them to Advance their Own Agenda – THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST BEING ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST EXAMPLES.

I’M JEWISH . . . And as such, I don’t believe that Christ Was The Messiah whom the Jewish People have been Waiting For . . . BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN – that I am in the Least Bit Opposed to Christ’s Message, Nor To The History Of Christ.

WE WOULD ALL DO WELL . . . To Listen to the Message Of Christ, & Live According to Christ’s Teachings, which in just about every way was taken from the TALMUD (The Root Of Judaism) . . . and the TEN COMMANDMENTS . . . Especially the Passage of . . . Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself . . .

It doesn’t Matter what Religion you Profess to Believe-In, even if you Believe in None, The Message Of Christ . . . who was Born a Jew, Lived as a Jew, and Died as a Jew – is a Message the World Would Be Far Better-Off Following Now . . . Than Today’s Dystopian Message Of The LEFT.

Therefore . . . On My Jewish Behalf – For What It’s Worth – HAPPY EASTER!


Long Before The Founding Of Israel – Long Before the Birth Of Christ . . . & Long Before King David of Jerusalem . . . Moses led the Jewish People from Bondage, from the Land of the Pharaohs . . . To The Promised Land.

And Every Year . . . for Thousands of Years, no Matter the Hardships Faced by Jews anywhere in the World, whether they were at the Hands of the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Crusades, Inquisitions, Pogroms, Nazis & Global Anti-Semitism even Today – In The Year Of 2018 . . . We Jews Have Survived.


From the Time of my Earliest Recollections . . . I Clearly Recall Ending our Passover Seders (Feast) with everyone at the Table, Saying these Simple Four Words in Unison . . . NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM.

Whether we were Poor like my Family . . . or Rich like Others. Whether we were well Educated, or Could Simply Read & Write. Whether we were Employed, Unemployed, a Professional, a Manager, or Owned a Business – THERE WAS ONE COMMONALITY . . .

We all sat at our Passover Table with Family & Friends, Eating the same Traditional Foods, Reading from the same Book (Haggadah), which tells the Story of Moses and the EXODUS from Egypt . . . By The Hand of God, which Brought us to the Promised Land.


EVEN IN THE NAZI DEATH CAMPS . . . Where 6-Million Jews were Slaughtered, there was always Hope . . .

For the Jewish People, We Always Live With Hope, even the Name of the Israeli National Anthem . . . HATIKVAH . . . Translates Into English . . . As “THE HOPE”.

And For All Our Christian Friends . . . Please Remember, Some 2,000-Years Ago, Christ, who was a Rabbinical Student, also Gathered around the Passover Seder, where he and Others Celebrated the Liberation of the Jewish People from Egyptian Bondage, Bringing The World The Ten Commandments.


For Myself . . . I Celebrate Passover, Not As Much out of a Religious Context, but Rather, Because the Story of Passover is the Ongoing, Never Changing History & Story of the Jewish People, which to a Great Extent Makes Us Who We Are.

ANNE & I ARE 2,000 MILES FROM HOME . . . But Even In our Own Way, Tonight, JUST THE TWO OF US, Anne & I will Light the Sabbath Candles, say a few Traditional Prayers, Drink some Kosher Wine as is Instructed in the Haggadah, Eat Matzos . . . And Together We Will Say . . . THANK GOD – WE’RE BACK IN JERUSALEM.

Happy Easter – Happy Passover . . . & May We Forever Be In Jerusalem.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Rudy’s right! So is Howard! Today’s Fox said while Big-O continues to play down the ISIS threat, Homeland Security’s most recent memo says American citizens are the greatest threat to America, so continuing to target conservatives is their obvious goal (IRS, NSA, DHS, A/G, FBI, all LEA). “Transformation of America” evidently means its utter destruction, so Rudy’s statement could have been much stronger – I, do, in fact, question BHO’s patriotism to America, but not his support of Islam!

  2. Amen, Howard, Amen. May God bless you and keep you, may he make his face shine upon you and give you peace. Chag Sameach.

  3. Happy Passover, Howard and Ann! I belong to a Messianic Jewish congregation, and I love it. I love celebrating the Feasts! Although I was raised in the Roman Catholic church, I left it many years ago. For years I didn’t go to any church, but when I discovered a Messianic congregation, I felt like I had come ‘home’!

  4. Happy Easter & Happy Passover to all. May our two great religions be a beacon of hope in a broken world.

  5. Well said and a very happy Passover to you and family. Also, I pray for humanity to have peace on earth. Amen
    Steve Acre, Canada

  6. With others, I wish you and Anne a blessed Passover. And to Christians out there, remember what we commemorate today – Christ’s crucifixion. His shed blood was the atonement for our sins. And a blessed Easter as we celebrate our risen Lord. God’s blessings to all.

  7. Happy Holidays: Passover and Easter – together – as they should be.

  8. Happy Easter and Passover to all. Christ, Born a Jew, Lived as a Jew, and Died as a Jew – rose from the grave and left an empty tomb, the son of God at the right hand of the Father.

  9. Thank you for your presence in our lives, Howard. As you obviously know, the One God only requires the bending of our knee to the Creator God, as He has given us understanding of Him, for justification. Abraham did this and Christ made it more understandable. His death made the need to do so concrete, not only to Home sapien sapiens but to “the principalities and powers in the Heavenly spheres”, esp to Lucifer, author of the evil that plagues this world. Our HATIKVAH is that One God.

  10. Great points Howard! It can be argued that Judas didn’t make Jesus a bad person. But today, the liberal media would make such an accusation to condemn Jesus. Christians and Jews MUST stand together …. or we will fall together. God bless you and yours

  11. Love you & Anne. your always straightforward commentaries are so welcome here – even in this Gentile home – if that need be said by a non Jew by birthrate, and most reading understand this position. But still, we – citizen’s of the world, can in an instant recognize just who are our true & real brothers and sisters. Let us in this grouping, never fail each other as was sadly in some cases, times past were. Not naming names, or instances, but we of older, know of those times still haunting.

  12. Amen, and may it be a blessed night. Beshana aba be Jerushelaim.
    Judith & Antonio

  13. Christians that seriously study Scripture do Support Israel & the Jews; if we didn’t, we call down a Curse upon ourselves.

    Gen 12:3
    And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  14. Happy Easter and Passover! God Bless and THANK YOU, Mr. G and Anne for all you do!

  15. Serious Xians and Jews, with a value system and a strong belief in their culture and faith, who pass on these teachings and practices to their children, share much in common. Happy Easter and Happy Pesach to everyone.

  16. Let’s hope “Next Year in Jerusalem” means U.S. Embassy will (finally) be there! Today, American citizens are being “passed over” for “illegals”/”foreigners” intent on making us their “slaves”! (Ten Commandments/U.S. Constitution/laws getting totally ignored!) Are we now going back to Egyptian (Muslim) “bondage”? If so, then the “Exodus” of those who are promoting this needs to happen ASAP! Pray for Jerusalem and Israel! World peace isn’t possible if people force their ways or faith onto others!

  17. You are so correct, when Passover & Easter come at the same time, it is always more meaningful to me. Yes, Jesus was born, raised & died a Jew & I wished all Christian churches believed that fact. They still blame the Jews for Christ’s death. Faith is a knowing in your heart, that is not easily explained. It’s a knowing & awareness that simply exists. It’s like one’s soul, it can’t be seen physically, but you do see elements of it, with a person’s action, be it good or bad.

  18. Howard—-You said it all…….”WE WOULD ALL DO WELL . . . To Listen to the Message Of Christ, & Live According to Christ’s Teachings, which in just about every way was taken from the TALMUD (The Root Of Judaism) . . . and the TEN COMMANDMENTS . . . Especially the Passage of . . . Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself . . .” AMEN!

  19. Happy Resurrection Day and Happy Pesach to everyone. Thank you for your words today, Howard and Bless both you and Anne.

  20. Howard, I am a Christian and love the Jewish people. I am not trying to proselyte you. I know for certain that you are a learned and wise person, far above average.You say that you do not accept Jesus as Messiah. I wonder which of the Messianic prophesies that you consider to have not yet been fulfilled.

  21. Chag Pesach Sameach, to you, Howard and Anne, and to Jews worldwide. May the world be blessed by Hashem, and may it know peace forever!
    To all Christians, I wish you a Blessed Easter and may you celebrate and live the message of Christ in peace also.
    To other faiths, may you all be blessed in a world at peace
    Am Yisrael Chai!!

  22. My mother was one of the godliest women I have ever known. Her middle name was Hope so I have a special love for that name. She always taught me to never argue politics or religion because there will never be a winner. And from my experiences she was 100% right ! I would never force my beliefs on anyone…however it is one of my hearts desires that someday the Jewish people will accept the Jewish Jesus. All I can say for certain is He changed my life and my world in the twinkling of an eye.

  23. Happy Passover and safe travels. I remember hearing our Jewish neighbors say, “Next year in Jerusalem.”
    As a child, I lived in a neighborhood comprised mainly of Jewish refugees who had been liberated from one death camp or another. We were one of only three non Jewish, non European families in a six block area. Our Jewish neighbors taught us to be grateful for every blessing and we all cared for each other.
    Blessings to you and Ann, rejoice in Jerusalem.

  24. Subject: Marriage & Marijuana
    In Canada, the government, in its eternal wisdom, recently passed two laws.
    They are:
    1. Legalized gay marriage
    2. Legalized marijuana
    Legalizing gay marriage and marijuana at the same time now makes perfect Biblical sense.
    Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.” Apparently we just hadn’t interpreted it correctly before!

  25. Because my husband and I are a blended couple (Jewish and Christian), we will be celebrating both Passover and Easter. Yes, we can all get along! I love this time of year.

  26. Dear Howard, & Anne…wishing you BOTH a meaningful Passover, & to the other Christians, a very blessed Easter! I truly enjoyed everyone in our “blog family’s” comments!! How very special that BOTH holidays fall at the same time of year. I truly hope & pray that this will mean DOUBLE BLESSINGS for BOTH Jews & Christians in the coming year, ahead! MAY WE FINALLY SEE THE EMBASSY FINALLY MOVED to JERUSALEM, WHERE IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS!!

  27. Mickey: I am Christian and Mormon convert, another often persecuted religion. As a Protestant child I remember some Jewish prejudice, but also respect for them. My aunt married a Jew and no one seemed to mind.
    I think Christians are the greatest supporters of Israel. We have a great reverence for those of the Jewish faith…which was that of our leader Jesus Christ. And sadness for the suffering they have endured.

  28. Isaiah 53 is prophecy about Jesus. Why did the Jews change their calendar so it wouldn’t coincide with Jesus’ ministry? They already had a king (Herod) and didn’t need a new one (Jesus). Herod had all the male children under two years old murdered. How do you think the Magi knew about the “star”? I believe, from Daniel’s prophecy when he was in Babylonian captivity. Also, in Daniel, chapter 9, there’s the prophecy about the two comings of Christ. Showed up right on cue the 1st time.

  29. I am a very pro-semetic Christian. I cringe at hearing “poor me”, my grandfather was a slave – so was mine, white and born of French Royal family, and as an orphan, sold to a Canadian family for farm labor. No one, or nationality, has ever been enslaved, murdered and terrorized like the Jews. Never saw a Jew on welfare, without a job, or blaming every other country, especially whites, for their poverty, no jobs, high crime rate, etc. The biggest slave boss is Al Sharpston. It’s his job.

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