Why Aren’t They All In Jail?


We all Heard the Chants . . . LOCK HER UP – LOCK HER UP – LOCK HER UP. And as Enticing as those Chants were, and as Meaningful as they were, Chanted by the People who Really Wanted that to Happen . . . It Wasn’t, It Isn’t & It Will Never Be.

ALSO . . . Everyone Reading This BLOG Knows . . . that if any of us Mere Mortals, ever did One-Tenth of One Percent of what these Political Gangsters, like the Clintons had Done . . . WE WOULD ALL BE BEHIND BARS – PERIOD!

We Wouldn’t Pass Go . . . And We Wouldn’t Collect $200.

NOT ONLY WOULD WE NOT HAVE PASSED GO – Nor Collect The $200 . . . But there also would have been No Paid Speaking Gigs, No Paid Publishing Deals, No Paid Book Appearances & No Paid Television Interviews to say the least.

If We Were To Lock Any Of Them-Up . . . WE WOULD HAVE TO LOCK ALL OF THEM UP, because they’re all as Dirty As Sin, and they all have Dirt on Each Other.


Do you Start at the Top with the likes of the Clintons . . . who became Mega-Millionaires, after Crooked Hillary publicly claimed, that after She and the Hillbilly left the White House they were “DIRT POOR”?

Why did Crooked Hillary’s Full of Crap Daughter Chelsea, who is as useless as Teats-On-A-Bull, get paid a $600,000 TV Contract By NBC News?

It couldn’t be for her Good Looks, ‘Cause she sure doesn’t have any. Nor could it be for her Great Sense of Humor, since that also seems to be in very short supply.

Also, it wasn’t because of how well she Speaks to an Audience, since we all saw her Mumble, Fumble & Stumble Reading off a Teleprompter. NOR could it have been because of her Erudite Knowledge of the Socio/Political World, since to the best of my Knowledge, she doesn’t know her Arm from her Elbow let alone How The World Really Works.


OK . . . So let’s Forget About the Crooked Clintons, because they’re Easy Pickings, and let’s look at the Socialist Sanders Family . . . Where Bernie, who never had a real Job in his Entire Life outside of Government & Writing some Pornography, is worth More than A Million Dollars in Cash & Assets, whose Wife (Jane O’Meara) is Famous for Bankrupting a Private Vermont College under her Management, even with Dubious Loans given to her because of her Senator Husband.

Why Aren’t These Holier-Than-Thou Carpetbaggers Behind Bars?


If I wanted to Compile a List of Members of Congress . . . Senate & House Members, who went to Congress without much money, or perhaps just with some, but after a short period of time in the House or the Senate, but seemingly more so in the Senate, somehow just about all of them Miraculously Became Millionaires – How Does That Happen?


Harry Reid Came To The Senate With Nothing – Reid Retired A Multi-Millionaire.

And what About all the Bureaucrats at the Top of the Government Food Chain, the likes of James Comey (FBI) & Lois Lerner (IRS) . . . who seem to have done much Better Financially than just a Little Bit from their Government Jobs?


Outside Of A Few, And I Do Mean Just A Few . . . THEY’RE ALL DIRTY – So where does one Start to Cast the First Stone, when they all Live In The Same Glass House?

SO JUST THINK ABOUT THIS . . . Someone says to Crooked Hillary – “I’m going to Take you Down & Prosecute you for High Crimes & Misdemeanors, amongst a Plethora of other Criminal Anti-American Activities . . . from Cooking The Books, Money Laundering, Operating A Fake Charity, Extortion, Selling Key American Assets like Uranium to the Russians, Making Underhanded Deals for Friends and Relatives, to Screwing a Nation like Haiti out of Billions, Lying to Congress, Destroying Evidence” . . . & On & On.

AND THEN CROOKED HILLARY SAYS . . . “Oh Yeah – would You, Your Friends, & Family like to Share a Cell, “Across Or Down The Way From Mine”, because that would be the End of the Story.

And that is why – NOTHING WILL BE DONE . . . Until The Picks, Shovels, Tar, Feathers, & Torch-Lights Take To The Streets.


As I’ve Written Repeatedly For Years . . . I don’t care if the House Member or Senator is a Republican or a Democrat – THEY ARE INTERCHANGEABLE. They are all Beholden FIRST to Themselves, Second to the Lobbyists & Third, at the very Least, they are Beholden to the People to get Elected Again.

AND UNDERSTAND THIS . . . The Amount of Very Generous Money they all Receive at the Tax Payer’s Expense for supposedly doing their Jobs, is in Fact . . . a DROP-IN-THE-BUCKET, Compared to the amount of Money, which Virtually all of them SLEAZE FOR THEMSELVES FROM THE LOBBYISTS.


If even a Small Majority, of these House Members & Senators did a Half Decent Job; not necessarily a Great Job, but just A Half-Decent Job, WOULD AMERICA BE IN THE MESS IT’S IN? . . . And That Goes For Canada Too.


For Absolutely No Reason Whatsoever . . . Justin Trudeau, has Decided to REVAMP Canada’s Already Draconian Gun Laws . . .

So . . . in the New Regulations, which Trudeau and his Lamebrain Liberal Party is INSISTING Becomes Law . . . No One in Canada – From the Date of the Passage of the New Gun Law – Will Be Allowed To Purchase any kind of Firearm WITHOUT a License from the Federal Government.


FOR YEARS . . . And I Mean Many-Many Years – It Has Been ILLEGAL for any Canadian to even Touch a Firearm without Passing One of Two Stringent Gun Courses.

THE PALPossession & Acquisition License, must be Passed with a Comprehensive Course, which Includes a Written Test, Practical Test . . . AND A FULL RCMP BACKGROUND CHECK.

THE PAL . . . Only Allows For The Purchase Of Selective Hunting Rifles.

THEN THERE’S THE RPAL . . . Restricted Possession & Acquisition License, which Demands even More Study & Testing, which allows for the License Holder to Acquire Restricted Guns, which Includes all Hunting Rifles, Selected AR Style Carbines, and Hand Guns which have a Barrel Length GREATER THAN 4-INCHES.


WITHOUT A PAL OR RPAL . . . You can’t even Touch a Package of Ammunition, let alone buy any. Without a PAL, you can’t Touch a Hunting Rifle at a Gun Counter. And With a PAL, but WITHOUT an RPAL you can’t Touch any Restricted Firearm.

The Preceding Even Applies To Police Officers In Uniform.

So You Tell Me . . .

Do You Think It’s Possible To Define SCHMUCK Any Better Than Justin Trudeau?

And You LEFTIST Americans Think You Have A Bad Leader . . . Wanna Trade?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with Rudy completely. A American who love his nation does not go around bowing to leaders of Muslim countries and telling everyone how bad America is. Nor does one try to change history by claiming Muslims were a part of the founding of America. The only way they had anything to do with that was selling us slaves they were taking from other countries.

  2. Howard, in the US situation you just described another layer of the SWAMP!!!

  3. Howard, we all knew that nothing will happen when Trump said he will clean up the swamp, because many Republicans swim in the same swamp as well. Its the biggest mafia style system that everybody gets rich. Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  4. Well HG correct on all points BUT you have been TRICKED by the PM’s sight of hand … The crap you just listed is the smoke , the ones we all focus on . The real PLAN is in the small print :the RCMP now will have complete control of which firearms are restricted ,banned and subject to seizure AND there is no longer an option to lobby or influence Politicians to overrule their decisions . NO COURT OF APPEAL , NO REVERSAL BY POLITICIANS . Done deal , firearms will be reclassified out of existence

  5. Trudeau is the Canadian obama. Young, dumb and corrupt–obama was just corrupt. AF. If Hillary and all the rest of them who did everything they could to put her in the Oval Office and yet they STILL couldn’t cheat ENOUGH to pull it off. It gives me hope that America will be OK because the vast majority are FED UP with the DC scumbags. If we can beat the rigged election, there is hope for all of us–but the scumbag politicians have NO CLUE how close Civil War II is to being a reality.

  6. As for Congress being beholden to constiuents to get elected, yep. After election, that is no longer true. As for Trudeau & his party, it sounds as though they aren’t aware of the laws already on the books. That’s same for most politicians in both countries no doubt. Trump began process of eliminating 2 ineffective or expired laws off books for every 1 passed. To me, a legal office within DOJ should be set up whose job is to study & make that determination for every law still on the books.

  7. When I was young, 11, I told my father that i wanted a shot gun because all the farm kids in our neighborhood had guns. He said I had to be 12. I saved & worked to earn that gun which was in the hardware in town. I told the store owner and he put a sold tag on the gun, took a notebook out & said I could make payments. It was paid for on my 12th birthday. I still have it & cherish it & the memory. That gun put a lot of meat on our table. P.S. I’m 82.

  8. TERM LIMITS can be one of the ANSWERS to get RID OF the CROOKED POLITICIANS! PATIENCE everyone! SWAMPS don’t get CLEANED that quickly–especially POLITICAL ONES! PRES. TRUMP has 3 more years to go, so let’s give him a CHANCE. Look at everything he’s ACCOMPLISHED in one year’s time! As for CHELSEA and her ROLE MODEL PARENTS, what ELSE could we EXPECT. That’s WHY, in my last comment, I had questioned what happened to the “STORMY ONE’S” daughter??? This GAME isn’t over by any means. GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  9. I have to agree with Bruce Caskenette on this one Howard. That is the real purpose of Turdeau’s legislation. The beginning of the police state. As ignorant of the current law as he is, he can’t make it to much harder to get the PAL or RPAL. My brother just got his PAL and the background checks took seven months. Time for me to go get mine.

  10. Your boy graduated with honors from Obama University and is now working on his PHD.

  11. Oregon gun grabbers Initiative 42 is beyond crazy. The net, net, is no AR’s/mags allowed. Either sell them out of state, turn it in, make it inoperable, or follow a ridiculous process to own one and registered with the state. This includes service rifles like M1’s, etc. It goes on and on, effectively taking away our 2A rights. A leftist church group is working to get 88,000 signatures to get it on the Nov ballet. If it gets that far in leftist Oregon, you can kiss our firearms good by.

  12. HOWARD, what an AWESOME “blog”…..& I mean that from “the bottom of my heart”! We, in the USA can DEFINITELY take some lessons from our CANADIAN FRIENDS!! It’s really unbelievable, WHAT that DOG (drama queen) TRUDEAU has been able to do!!! USA is NOT FAR BEHIND with ALL the DC SWAMP CRITTERS!!!! May God BLESS our beloved Pres. Trump, our dear Canadian friends, & Happy Easter & Passover to ALL…we are SO CLOSE TO A Civil War II, here in our USA!!!! Pray for our Pres., even the LIB. LOONS!

  13. NO…I would NOT trade for Trudeau. No one TELLS, so it goes on and on. (sigh) Great Editorial, Mr. G.

  14. Howard, you always hit the nail on the head. It seems to me that nothing less than a civil war will enable us to get rid of the garbage. That’s how bad it has become. Can we import a Trump clone into Kanada?

  15. Our PM is just an idiot leftist with childish ideas that make him feel better. All these fascist rules will do nothing to curb violence. Like taking away one’s driver’s licence will not prevent another idiot from driving drunk and killing someone. These lefty fools all climb on top of each other trying to outdo and bring fascist laws onto people who don’t think like them.

  16. The left wants the 2nd amendment of our Constitution repealed. What they don’t understand is the Constitution does not GRANT us rights. Our Bill of Rights was put in place to protect our GOD GIVEN right that every man holds. Governments want to usurp what God granted us. We will not let this one go without a fight.

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