BAN Bad Parents . . . BAN Bad Teachers . . . BAN Rap Music . . . BAN Hollywood

All The Good Work Wiped Out In A Day


After giving this an Awful Lot of Thought, President Trump should have NEVER Signed the Omnibus Bill, which was nothing less than a Betrayal of the People who Voted For Him. I Fear This Was A Bell That Cannot Be Unwrung. The President Had A Choice . . . And He Chose Wrong!


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . What LEFTIST Adults are doing to these American “CHILDREN”, is no different than what the Nazis did to their Children, and the Palestinian Arabs are doing to Theirs.

In Two Simple Words We All Understand – It’s Called . . . CHILD ABUSE!

Do these Mentally Abused “Children” Understand that they’re being used, as Little Pawns by the Adult LEFT, who want to Create a One-World Socialist Government, where the Obedience of these Children, if such is achieved, will be Sworn to an Elitist Group Of Appointed Bureaucrats?

How Could They . . . ? They’re Just CHILDREN.

IT IS BEYOND REPUGNANT . . . How LEFTIST Adults, are Brainwashing “CHILDREN”, many of whom are either Just Out of Puberty, or aren’t even there yet, for them to Believe they are Capable of making Adult Decisions, as these “CHILDREN” are Egged-On by Teachers, Rappers, Hollywooders and an Assortment of other HORRID SOCIAL ROLE MODELS.

And If These “CHILDREN” Don’t Believe This . . . which I’m positive they don’t, all they have to do is have a good Look at the EU . . . and if they are smart enough, which I doubt they are, they would see what a Living Breathing Disaster is, when Governed by a Socialistic (Communist) Committee.

DO THESE “CHILDREN” EVEN UNDERSTAND . . . That the Freedoms, which Allows these “CHILDREN” to March and Scream – Weren’t Won by Discussion, Cool Songs & Staged Demonstrations, but Rather . . . WERE WON AT THE POINT OF A GUN, when the British did all they could to BAN GUNS Owned by the People in the Colonies?

Do These “CHILDREN” Even Understand The Meaning Of The Second Amendment?

DO THESE “CHILDREN” UNDERSTAND . . . That one of the FIRST ACTS of Adolf Hitler was to BAN JEWS from owning Guns. Or that Stalin did the same thing to the Russian People whom he didn’t Agree With. Or that Chairman Mao Banned Guns too, As did Pol Pot and the Castro Brothers? I THINK NOT.

THESE “CHILDREN” . . . Most of whom don’t have a Clue what Life & Living are all about, are all of Sudden the Voices of Reason & Intelligence – YET, they all Agree that no one under the Age of TWENTY-ONE, should be allowed to buy a Gun . . .


So Let’s Not Stop There . . . Because, if these “GENIUS CHILDREN” Truly Believe that an 18-Year Old isn’t Responsible Enough to Buy and Own a Gun – Then Let’s List All The Other Things Someone Under the Age of Twenty-One Shouldn’t Also Be allowed To Do.

1 – Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote.
2 – Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Enlist In The Military.
3 – Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Get A Full Time Job.
4 – Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Sex.
5 – Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Get Married,
6 – Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Children.

. . . Is Prohibited Thorough The USA, As Described By The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, For “CHILDREN” Under the Age of Twenty-One.

SO . . . We Can’t Trust “CHILDREN” to Drink Under the Age of TWENTY-ONE. And the “CHILDREN” want go Ban Gun Sales to “CHILDREN” under the Age of TWENTY-ONE . . . But We Trust “CHILDREN” to make City, State & National Decisions at the Polls – Deciding upon who is going to Govern the Most Incredible Country in the World . . . WHEN DID WE ENTER THE TWILIGHT ZONE?


This is the Type of SURREALISTIC Logic . . . I Expected to See, when I used to Watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus . . . BUT NOT ON A REAL NEWS PROGRAM.

To Best Describe This Series Of Anti–Gun Demonstrations . . . ABSURD.

These Demonstrations WERE NOT about Keeping “CHILDREN” Safe . . . They were in Fact all about a LEFTIST Carnival of Anti-Trump, Anti-NRA, Anti-Republican, Anti-Constitutional & Anti-American . . . PROPAGANDA.

If These “CHILDREN” and their Adult Sponsors were really all about keeping “CHILDREN” Safe, why have they NEVER Demonstrated to Save the Children of Syria, who are being Denied an Education, Having their Childhood Stolen from them, Driven from their Homes, Beaten on the Streets, Orphaned, Raped, Murdered & Slaughtered by the Thousands?

Or what about the untold number of “FEMALE CHILDREN” in Africa, who are Kidnapped by Black Moslem Terrorist Gangs . . . Raped & Sold Into Slavery?

IT’S FASCINATING . . . How Anti-Gun Rights Demonstrations were held Simultaneously all over the World in Conjunction with the American “CHILDREN” . . . WHY? And even in Canada, where Gun Violence is Virtually Non Existent, the LEFT are Planning Anti-American Gun Demonstrations.

Why should anyone in the World, especially where there are NO GUN RIGHTS, and the People are at the Mercy of their Respective Governments . . . Care in the Least about American Constitutional Freedoms?

They Care . . . Because The Entire World Is Jealous Of American Freedoms.

BUT IN THIS ORGY OF LEFTIST SELF ANTI-AMERICANISM . . . There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel, and it’s Not an Oncoming Train.

SELF HATING-AMERICANS are Poking the Sleeping Bear. And with every DERISIVE Demonstration & Threat from the LEFT . . . & Anti-Constitutional Law the LEFT Endorses – CONSERVATIVES ARE BEGINNING TO GRUMBLE, which will Morph from a GRUMBLE to a RUMBLE to a ROAR . . .

. . . Then Katy Bar The Door.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We need 10,000 Giuliani’s saying the same thing every single day.
    Lets face it;
    Obama is a Marxist/Communist, Obama does hate America, Obama is a Muslim, Obama hates Christians and Jews alike but most importantly Obama’s sole goal is the destruction of the US.

  2. This was an OMNIBUS bill–NOT a BUDGET. Trump can absolutely ignore it and do what he wants vis a vis spending. Why do you think obama never had/passed a budget? 8 years and NO ONE knows where the money went. How else would obama get that rich? Book sales? Really??

  3. As a child I was told to be quiet , adults were speaking. Lately if a child chooses to speak ( interrupt) the adults stop talking and encourage the youngster to but in . No idea what exactly happened there but it seems to be the trend. Staged , manipulated and I agree Abused is the right terminology. Yes and Marin Luther King’s 5 year old granddaughter on stage expressing her world view was just about the time I switched off the News.

  4. HG, another riveting editorial. Stats prove, banning guns do not deter crazies from committing crimes. Bomb making is banned, however, that didn’t stop the Austin bomber. Here in Toronto plus 11 Canadian cities, where, as you stated, guns are outlawed, there still were demonstrations against guns. I can only conclude that Canadian demonstrators find the time to object to a local nothing burger are merely anarchists.

  5. I grew up in rural W. Michigan. Worked for pay since age 11. All our farmer neighbors had guns. At age 11 I told Dad I wanted a shot gun. Dad said I had to be 12. I saved every bit of $ I earned. The local hardware store owner let me make payments. On my 12th birthday, I had the final payment & the gun was mine. I still have it. We didn’t have money. That gun put meat on the table. The gun never shot anyone, never moved from where it was kept. Never loaded itself ! Amen.

  6. How many mass shootings have been done by children the last 10 years,at least 5 and their weapons were taken from
    there parents home or stolen.Scholls were the favorite target,and single shootings of there family and so called enemies
    I don’t have a answer but it seems it is increasing with no end in sight. We are in deep DoDo.

  7. It’s very hard to add to what you’ve written. I would add, however, many people look for the “quick & simple fix”. Of course these never work because as you’ve pointed out the fixes never address the root causes, only symptoms. How many people are killed in US by cars daily, or weekly as compared to deaths caused by guns? No one calls for cars to be banned. More “laws” aren’t the answer. Return to yesteryear’s sanity & common sense values are.

  8. President Trump going with the budget is like Bush saying read my lips, no new taxes. could be a 1 term president.

    I wish they’d bring back the draft and require every capable 18 year old to spend a minimum of two years in service.

    IMHO These kids didn’t write those speeches either more efforts from the left to make these pawns seem relevant.

  9. DemonRats are as bad as the Taliban, using children, aka useful idiots, as human shields.

  10. It’s very nice to know that Pres. Trump signed an OMNIBUS BILL which is NOT a BUDGET and he can SPEND the MONEY HOW HE WANTS!As some wrote in your last Editorial, this could be INTERESTING! I, too, don’t doubt that he could USE the MILITARY to build THE WALL–GOOD MOVE! “We ain’t seen nothing yet!” Re: the GENIUS CHILDREN [SNOWFLAKES]–I say, “Bring back the DRAFT” even if it’s just for ONE YEAR–to STOP them from WHINING, to teach them DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, & APPRECIATION for the MILITARY! AMEN!

  11. Yes draft these spoiled brats . Best thing that could happen to them parents forgot how to say NO and explain why the answer is no. Yes and President Trump is a genius He can fix it with our help

  12. I agree that bell will be hard to un-ring. BUT, today Trump proposed a great idea, LET THE MILITARY BUILD IT!! Just think about it for a moment, and all this Omnibus Stuff may well have been, the smokescreen, needed to get both the Military funded and the wall built. Army Corps of Engineers could handle it. It is after all a national security issue and they would be providing added border enforcement at those work sites. Win Win, I’d say.

  13. I agree with Mr. Caskenette; I switched the channel when they brought the MLK child to the microphone.

  14. Obama nearly destroyed our Military. The only thing the federal government must fund is our national defense. I understand why he signed that bill. As for the Military building the wall – Hell yes. I military engineers do all kinds of stuff overseas. Why not here? Bet it will be cheaper to do it with Corp of Engineers and the Navy Seabees. The military needs so much it is at pathetic level. As a retired military family we watched the military decay. Military loves Trump! Moral is up!

  15. I don’t think I have EVER been so disappointed and thoroughly disgusted. Trump can do as he pleases. He’s lost me.

  16. When I was a teen in high school back in the late 1950’s there were no shootings. Chewing gum in school was the worst thing. And guns were allowed as part of the Second Amendment. then as well. It is not the guns that is the problem. It is a MORALITY issue. People kill people not guns. I am sickened about what has happened to the USA in just my lifetime.

  17. Howard, You hit the nail on the head again. The tail, (children) are wagging the dog, (adults). Children should not even be aware of what they are protesting, and most of them are probably not. If Trump had vetoed the Omnibus Bill, Congress would have realized teir mistake and would have taken corrective action quickly. I also agree with the PAULINE M DEMERS response. Much of the military are sitting on their laurels instead of doing worthwhile work. Use them, and any willing volunteers.

  18. All the pics I saw taken of the march had more adults than children; no big surprise. Also pics of all the trash they left behind, including the signs. Responsible people? I think not if they disrespect the folks who life and work in the city they protested in by trashing it. Don’t forget, these parents are themselves past students of same ideology being taught to their children; so it’s no wonder they push their kids the same direction. Lastly, I think the military would proudly build the wall.

  19. “Millions” in our society “refuse to grow up” (won’t ever “mentally” be age 21)! Kids in USA aren’t expected to “mature” at age 12/13 (when they are able to “create another human being”- like Jewish faith teaches)! Why does our military do so much for other nations, but not our own nation? (They “fight and die” for “freedom” in foreign countries, while it slips away here under “liberals”!) Let military protect/defend our Border, not other nations! Have “Marches” near Border, not Washington!

  20. bringing back the draft is a very good idea. The kids today are out of touch and it is not their fault. They never drafted me, I enlisted for three years and it was a great experience you get thrown in with people from all over and it gets you out of your comfort zone. 1953 t0 1956 and I found out that the Japanese people were all very nice, and loved their children as much as we love ours.

  21. At age 6, I was given a single shot .22 rifle and ammo. I was given safety instructions and had total control. At age 8 I was given my deceased father’s 20 ga pump w/ammunition. Again, I had total control. At age 22 as a 2nd. Lt., the post commander at a military base appointed me range officer, responsible for fire arms training, safety, qualification, for all troops, and running the firing range for the Arsenal. Because of firearms familiarity, this was natural to me.

  22. Why a tunnel from Jersey to New York? What’s the toll going to be? It seems to me like putting our money down a rat hole. AS long as the people are happy with their smiling faces and kudos the rest of the country be damned. Blind leading the blind brings to mind.

  23. I am upset with Trump for signing that budget also. But I do have a little understanding why he did. I have talked to a man that stays up on the military and if he is correct how he describes our military as not only depleted but lacking the right tools. Rebuilding and building our military has to be pressed forward at a record pace and at almost any cost. There are many more forms of war than there used to be and the good old USA has not kept up well enough because of the past eight years.

  24. “Conservatives are beginning to GRUMBLE, which will morph from a Grumble to a RUMBLE to a ROAR”. Allah VY! From your lips to G-ds ears. Arnold Charitan Los Angeles, Ca.

  25. First of all, felt he was obligated to sign it, Trump still could have saved his butt, by simply NOT signing it AT-ALL, and it STILL would take effect after 10 days, US Constitution Article 1, Section 7, Line 2. All he had to say that it would still help the military, take effect in 10 days and present the people with the list, at the same time to EXPOSE THOSE WHO VOTED YEA & NAY FOR this, (……..), Omnibus Bill.

  26. Howard: So, as long as I believe everything you do, everything is OK. But, if I disagree on any item, I an BANNED?

  27. I enjoyed ALL the other “bloggers” comments. I too am disappointed in Pres. Trump, but that was probably the “cost of doing business, in the swamp”! THANK GOODMESS 1 of the LIBERAL LOONS isn’t President, or worse yet, “Crooked Hillary”!! Pres. Trump definitely needs our prayers, with all that he has to deal with, in the SWAMP!!! May God continue to bless HIM, his CABINET, & all others on his “TEAM”!!!!

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