Treachery Beyond The Pale


This Isn’t A Defense Of President Trump . . . It’s A Condemnation Of RINOS.

Today is Saturday March 24th, when Anne and I planned to do much of nothing. My plans were to Bake a Turkey, Anne is going to be doing some Bookkeeping, and Stryker’s going to Whine even Louder than Usual, for one of his Gazillion Cookies, which Stryker FORCES US to give him every day – And we decided to do some Shopping . . .


I wasn’t at all Comfortable with this TRAVESTY Foisted upon the American People and the Free World at Large . . . And Neither were the Vast Majority of People who Communicated with me Yesterday, Overnight, and this Morning.

I wasn’t going to write Today, and decided to take the advice of Anne and a whole Bunch of the People who Read, for me to Slow-Down-Some . . . But How Could I Slow Down, When Decent Values Are Being Assaulted From All Sides?

If I stood before a Nazi and a Judenrat (Jewish Elitist Collaborator), and I had to Decide between the two of these Two Cretins, which would be more REPREHENSIBLE . . ?

The Judenrat Would Win That Despicable Dishonor Over The Nazi In A Heartbeat.

NOW ALLOW ME TO JUXTAPOSE THE SAME SCENARIO . . . Between a Democrat and a RINO, which brings me to the CRUX of this Editorial.


THE TREACHERY OF THE RINOS . . . Goes in my Opinion – Far Beyond The Pale.

In the Last Quarter-Term of the Presidency of Hussein Obama, the Republicans had the House and the Senate . . . Yet Helped Obama Pass The most Draconian Policies The Republicans SWORE To Stop.

MCCONNELL & RYAN PROMISED THE VOTERS . . . If you send us to the House and the Senate with Majorities, things WILL CHANGE. We will END OBAMACARE. We will STOP RUNAWAY SPENDING. We will END SOCIAL ENGINEERING . . . And On & On & On . . . When In All Truth; Obama Ended his Presidency Getting Everything he Wanted – AND MORE.

THEN MCCONNELL & RYAN PROMISED . . . For the Republicans to Live up to their Promises, THE REPUBLICANS NEED TO KEEP THE CONGRESS & WIN THE WHITE HOUSE, and then Abruptly Campaigned AGAINST their own Presidential Candidate.


FAST FORWARD 18-MONTHS . . . And Now McConnell & Ryan have the Full Congress, Majorities in the Senate and the House – AND THEY HAVE THE PRESIDENCY, yet . . . it  SEEMS as if the Democrats are Running Things like Business-As-Usual – Because The Democrats ARE RUNNING THINGS As If They Own The Senate & The House.


First The Excuse Was . . . We can’t do anything in Congress, because we need the Majority in Both the Senate and the House. Then it was, we can’t do anything in the Senate and the House, because we need to have a Republican in the White House.

Now They Can’t Do Anything Because They Need 60-Votes In The Senate.

So what will be their Excuse if they ever win 60-Votes in the Senate? PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS . . . There is Absolutely No Constitutional Mandate for there to be 60-Votes in the Senate to Pass any form of Legislation.

This Rule was a Self-Imposed Rule, which Enabled Senators NOT TO VOTE for Legislation they didn’t Like, by Blaming it on their Own 60-Vote Rule.

And if McConnell wants to end this 60-VOTE RULE RIGHT NOW, there is nothing to Stop Him from doing it . . . So Why Doesn’t McConnell Do It?

Senators looking for an Excuse not to do it will say, that if we get rid of the 60-Vote Rule, the Senate will be Paralyzed by FILIBUSTER, which is at Best a Specious Argument, since the Cloture Rule was Created Specifically to Control Filibusters . . . and in 1975, was further Tweaked to Need 60-Votes to End Filibusters.

THAT SAID . . . The Speaker Has the Authority to Limit Debate. And Most Interestingly, the Senate Leader has the Authority through the US Constitution, Article 1 Section 5 . . . To Determine The Rules Of His Or Her Chamber.

Therefore, if McConnell really wanted to change the Rules, to make them FAIR to the People, opposed to being FAIR to Himself & Party . . . It Is Within His Power To Do So.


I Wrote This . . . Because I want People to see for Themselves, just how Underhanded & Dishonest the RINOS have been for Generations, always Sloughing-Off Blame for their Own Deceit . . . To The Rules, which they Themselves are in Charge Of.

SO . . . When THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS Handed President Trump A Crap Sandwich To Swallow Whole ($1,3-Billion Omnibus Bill), it gave the President JUST ONE CHOICE – Either Sign It . . . or be the President who will be Responsible for the Ultimate Demise of the American Military, and will be the President to Shut-Down Government during a Time of Great Social, Political & Legal Upheaval in the Nation . . . President Trump Had No Choice But To Swallow-It Whole.

AS SMART & AS TOUGH AS PRESIDENT TRUMP THOUGHT HE WAS . . . I Personally Believe – that President Trump had no Clue as to the Enormity of the Swamp, and how Filthy the Swamp Really Is.


HOWEVER . . . After This Spending Bill Debacle – I’m no longer Convinced that the Republicans will Keep the House in the 2018 Mid-Term Elections. And they might not even be able to Keep the Senate . . . BECAUSE THEY DON’T DESERVE TO . . . and there are Far Too Many Conservatives, who after this LAST TREACHERY, who I think will simply Walk Away from the Republicans – Deservedly So.


If The Republicans Lose The House & Or The Senate – It’s Curtains For Trump.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be Curtains For America . . . Perhaps now is the Time for Americans to FORM A REAL CONSERVATIVE PARTY, which will Sit Outside of the Democrats and Republicans (RINOS), on a Real Constitutional Platform of Values.


Not Only Do I Think A Party Of This Nature Would Do Well . . . I think a Real Conservative Party Built upon a Platform of Values, Freedom & Decency would Hold the Entire Balance to Power, and over a very short Period of Time, would Bury the RINOS in the Dustbin of Treacherous History . . . Where They All Belong.

And For Anyone Who Thinks The Republican Party Is Salvageable . . . Think of Humpty Dumpty . . .

“All The King’s Horses & All The King’s Men . . . Couldn’t Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Most Americans believe that Giuliani spoke for the majority of us, who have watched Obama and his administration attempt to keep the promise he made to transform America! If he loves America, why would he want to change it and even “apologize” for it’s greatness?
    As for Wassermann-Shultz, Col. Allen West described her best as being completely “vile”!!
    One minute video below worth seeing, as Obama spews his typical blather, then blames everyone else.

  2. The Republicans are DEAD IN THE WATER. The Democrats will rule, thanks to the stupidity of Republicans. President Trump will NOT get a second term because of these idiots. The Omnibus Budget HAD to be approved by President Trump because he wanted funding for our military. Sad but True.

  3. Big problems in the United States, but even bigger problems in Canada. Trudough and crowd blame the Conservatives for everything, and yet waste money, spend money faster than it can be printed, and all the time “LIE” to all Canadians.

  4. I’m ready for a real Conservative party. Good editorial as always.

  5. Howard I am absolutely as concerned as you, and EVERY thinking American. I am rethinking my own options as to the Libertarian Party, OR happily a NEW Jeffersonian Party. I still to this day, and most of my 73 years, at the Marvelous CONCEPT and it’s implementation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights! Why is it so difficult to get the remaining States to call for the Constitutional Convention option? That’s what it is there for, it was designed for the PEOPLE to exercise, to curb the swamp!

  6. The senile RINO John McCain didn’t vote, his mind is going but he didn’t want his fingerprints on this travesty, now he will sit back and whine that Trump failed, didn’t keep his promise, etc.

  7. I agree with what you say most of it but when trump turned on the NRA it kind of showed what he really would do . Appreciate your editorials.

  8. Maybe Mr. Trump should bring strength to we the people and explain the truth, hand picking a cadre of secret service agents he trusts and will surround him with military forces to protect him from extreme left and RINO attacks. And we the people should back him by holding our immediate congressmen/women to the straight and narrow. Great article Howard.

  9. I was open even more to what you just wrote in this column. DC-IS-A-SEWAGE, DUNG! It is making Trump looking like an s-o-b, but this is nothing new with the RINO’s. And looking at the vote we all found all-of-them! Everyone needs to read what the ORIGINAL-REPUBLICAN-PARTY was, the-then-GOP. And like you just wrote there does need to be a third party. A GNP, Grand -New-Party with the original views, conservative, created by President Lincoln.

  10. There are no words to describe the depression that has gripped the hearts of many Americans. We can see and sense what has happened. And…sadly it has brought on a fear that most of us have never felt before. Not to mention the children being manipulated today by the very same people. My tv will not be on to watch any of it😢🤬

  11. Howard,

    I am asking permission to forward this one to McConnell, Ryan and my congressmen. R.S.V.P.


  12. I have attempted to post this to Facebook several times and can’t get it done.
    Would someone please post it to public so I and others can make it viral?

  13. A pox on all their houses. Continuing to fund the baby slaughterhouse of Planned Parenthood is beyond disgaceful. It is loathsome. It is obscene. It is disgusting. It is unacceptable. Same with sanctuary cities. So what now? Where does the furious, betrayed conservative turn?

  14. As the saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force the horse to drink it!” Many “two-faced liars” in both parties of Congress who are “saying one thing, doing another thing”! (God is about the only “being” we can “trust” today!) Democratic Party “isn’t what it used to be”, but neither is the Republican Party! Time for “Patriot Party”? Way too many “hybrids” in our society, especially in Congress! BTW, “False promises and broken dreams are the sign of a selfish heart!”

  15. I find it hard to believe that Trump didn’t know about what was in this bill, and the timing. He is the President and is supposed to be smart, so how could he let this happen without his knowledge? There is something here we are all missing, and I don’t know what it is. Can someone explain this to me? Could swamp rats Ryan and McConnel pull this off without Trump knowing about it beforehand?
    Something smells!

  16. In order to DRAIN the SWAMP much quicker, Pres. Trump must “FIRE” RYAN & McCONNELL ASAP [if it can be done]! Trump LOVES a CHALLENGE and the $1.3 Trillion Budget is one of his BIGGEST ones yet! He WILL OVERCOME this ATROCIOUS ACT! We must ALL remember that things would have been much worse had CROOKED HILLARY been elected, so there IS “light at the end of the tunnel”! Pres. Trump needs our prayers at this time–more than ever before! GO TRUMP GO & “Make America Great Again”! AMEN!

  17. My heart aches for what is happening in this country. We are at war, only so far without military-style weapons. Currently the weapons are treachery from within & adult bullying from without. It’s like people are solely living by their feelings, & those feelings are being incited to have strong opinions & hate for anyone & everyone who has a different opinion. Won’t be long & actions will follow those feelings. I’ve never, in 76 years, seen emotions so negative & continue unabated.

  18. The American people will never know what they have lost until they lose it. By then it will not be recoverable. Sad day for
    All who love liberty and freedom.

  19. Quote from ACT
    President Trump revoked former President Obama’s policy for funding overseas abortions at U.S. taxpayers’ expense – to the tune of $600 million annually? Justin, sanctimoniously, stepped up to the plate and placed that burden on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. If he can easily fund the murder of unborn babies in the womb, what is the price of a Canadian soldier if his personal goals are to be realized? His disdain for the military is inherited. end quote.

  20. It COULD be that POTUS is playing three dimensional chess while congress is playing checkers. This was an Omnibus bill not a Budget. POTUS can spend the money how he wants, think executive orders, he can have the money taken from anywhere and spent on the wall. Will he do that? I don’t know but this could be interesting.

  21. I’ll go with what Gary Northrupp said!!! I keep seeing that amongst comments on articles about this OMNIBUS travesty. Let’s hope Trump sees it that way and beats them at their own game. Someone needs to put a bug in his ear to proceed forward this way, if they haven’t already.

  22. There is one truth that remains constant….”The right wing and the left wing are on the same bird.” And birds of a feather flock together ! The system is broken. Not because the system is a failure but it’s a failure because of the people who run it ! You will NEVER get a silk purse from a sow’s ear ! The only difference between Obama and CONgress is Obama is gone ! Everybody is born ignorant, but you have to work really hard to stay that way. Vote Democrat, it’s much easier than thinking.

  23. Howard, your editorial above is 100% right on. Trump is surrounded on the Hill with disgraceful RATS of the highest order. I’m truly afraid for all of us who are reasonable, thoughtful people to realize that the rot is so deep and ingrained that try as Trump might, he alone cannot clean out the swamp. People in EVERY ELECTORAL DISTRICT around the USA MUST take the lead and get rid of SCUM like McCain, McConnell and Ryan – and FAST! That’s the only way the swamp will be cleaned out!

  24. Roman elite partied hearty as their economy tanked. The Communist Party members ate well in Russia- while the rest of the Russian population lined up for a loaf of bread. Get ready North America – the lefties you vote into power, living high on YOUR money, will usher in bad times like you can’t imagine for you and your offspring.

  25. The Republicans have never had 60 votes in the senate since WW2. The most they ever had was 55 4 times, 1 Reagan, 1 GW Bush. You are correct, the 60 vote “RULE” is a sham and McConnell and Ryan think we are a bunch of morons. Well, I for one am fed up. If Trump loses in 2020 or worse impeached before then, the Republican party is dead to me. I will vote for anything that is not DNC or GOP. My first vote in a presidential election was Reagan, nothing better has come along since

  26. Howard my heart broke when Trump signed this MONSTER bill. I hope Gary Northrup is correct in his assessment of the Presidents ability to stop some of the stupidity in this bill, ie: Planned Parenthood, sanctuarary cities, etc. I am working on my feelings about Trump. I was praying for a last minute VETO! Edgar Sellers

  27. This crap sandwich is an Omnibus bill not a budget. Like Obama did with his omnibus’s, Trump can spend the money as he sees fit. That’s what O did, ignoring congress for 8 yrs. I think as CIC Trump can “allot” some of the military budget to the Army Corps of Engineers, and order them to build the Wall for national security purposes. He can slow walk funds to Planned abortionhood and sanctuary cities too.

  28. It’s an Omnibus bill NOT a budget! Obama did this for 8 years! No one knows where all the money went. President Trump doesn’t have to spend the money as “instructions” say. He can hold funds back until nominations go through for instance unlike a budget which he HAS to follow. The President can spend it the way he wants! I bet the Army Corps of Engineers will build the wall. He’s playing 4D chess and he’s 5 steps ahead of the opposition.

    Brenda Donovan, Mora, NM USA

  29. Mr. Corcoran’s suggestion to hold a constitutional convention won’t work – read Publius Huldah’s dissertation on this subject.

  30. We really need new people and term limits in Congress!! Article well written as usual. Thank you.

  31. Dazed and confused. Not really, but really disappointed! I know Congress and the Senate have one thing in mind, “THEMSELVES” under the guise of making us believe otherwise! Republicans along with Democrats are in the Same Boat, Different Seats. Guiding us in the same direction with different paths to attain the same thing! CONTROL! President Trump should not have signed that Bill! Felt betrayed.

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