The Media Has Some Really Screwed-Up Values



Donald Trump Messed Around On His Wife Melania . . . So Now You Have It. It’s out there, President Donald Trump . . . Before he was President Donald Trump, “DIPPED HIS WICK” where he shouldn’t have.


USING THE INTERMINABLE YIDDISH EXPRESSION . . . Trump “SHMEISED” (Had Sex With) a Playboy Bunny and a Porn Star, which means to the Mainstream Media . . . that because of it, somehow, the World’s going to be Coming to an End.

I Used The Yiddish Expression Shmeised, Because It Doesn’t Sound As “Dirty”.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT ARRANGEMENTS . . . President Trump has with his Wife Melania? Neither do I. Do you know who Donald Trump was Shmeising before and during his Courtship & Marriage with Melania? Or who Melania might have been Shmeising? And Neither Do I.

IF SCREWING AROUND ON YOUR WIFE . . . is some kind of Disqualification to be the President of the United States of America – JFK & Hillbilly Clinton should have NEVER been allowed into the White House. Not even through the Back Door.


And The Bimbos Trump Was Shmeising Were Anything But Convent Girls.

HOWEVER . . . I know this is Earth-Shaking News through the Mainstream Media, that President Trump Shmeised a PORN QUEEN & A PLAYBOY BUNNY BEFORE HE BECAME PRESIDENT . . . But to the Best of My Knowledge, President Trump didn’t Screw them in the White House, and in the case of Hillbilly Clinton, NOT IN THE OVAL OFFICE.

AND EVEN MORE TO THE POINT . . . No one is saying that President Trump did some Pretty Nasty Sexual Things, Especially in the Oval Office, like The Hillbilly Did, when Clinton Violated a Very Young Girl’s Private Parts with his Oversized Cigar. And I Do Mean Cigar, which wasn’t a Euphemism for Anything Else.


And I Would Be Even Happier . . .

If President Trump would come out and say THREE THINGS: I Like Screwing Women. What I do in my Private Life is None of your Business. And Judge me on how I Govern this Country. And not on how I choose to Enjoy my Private Life, because as long as I’m NOT BREAKING ANY LAWS, or FORCING Myself on anyone . . . ERGO THE HILLBILLY # 42 – Get The Hell Out Of My Private Life.

Two Presidents Who Didn’t Screw Around On Their Wives . . . MAYBE?

Jimmy Carter & Barack Hussein Obama . . . Probably (Possibly) didn’t Screw Around on their Wives, So Instead . . . They Screwed The Entire Country.

PERSONALLY . . . Anne and I will soon be Married (May 1st) for 45-Years. And before our Marriage, we Courted for 1-Full Year – and in all that time, with no Shortage of Opportunities – “I NEVER JUMPED THE FENCE”, as my French Speaking Horse Buddies Describe it, when a Stallion Takes it upon Himself to Take it upon Himself.

I BELIEVE IN MONOGAMY . . . And if any of my Friends like to “Jump The Fence”, I don’t want to know, because if I knew, that would End the Friendship.

BUT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ISN’T MY FRIEND . . . Donald Trump is the President of the Greatest & Freest Country that has ever Been. And President Trump is NOT ONLY the Commander-In-Chief of the American Military . . . But Rather – President Donald Trump Is The Commander-In-Chief Of the Free World . . .

SO WHY WOULD I GIVE A RAT’S ASS . . . Where the President Dips his Wick, as long as President Trump Keeps The World Safe . . . Forces other Countries by Example, and by the Power of the American Purse, for them also to be Free & Engage in FAIR-TRADE, Opposed to Un-Fair Free-Trade?


“Let The Man Or Woman Without Sin Cast The First Stone”, which would make Stone Throwers as Sparse as an Honest Man or Woman at a Democrat Convention designed to Promote the 2nd Amendment and an American Meritocracy.


I’m Still Plenty Bummed-Out That President Trump Signed The $1.3-Trillion Spending Bill . . . But after Hearing President Trump say Today (March 23, 2018), how Upset he Also Was, and that this will be the LAST TIME he will sign anything like this, because the LEFT (Democrats & RINOS) Shoved him into a Corner – Meaning no Goody-Package for the LEFT . . . would mean – No Necessary Military Package For The Security Of The World.

After All Is Said & Done . . . I have to figure that the $1.3-Trillion Spending Bill was Probably the Best Deal Under the Circumstances, which Conservative Americans and the Rest of the Free World could have Hoped For.

I’m Also Thrilled That McMaster Is Out & John Bolton Is In.

AND AS FOR THE NEW TRADE TARIFFS . . . Good On President Trump & Screw the Chinese, along with those American Corporate & Investment WHINERS, who Like Chicken Little are Running Around yelling that the Sky Is Falling, because their Greedy Not-So-Little Trade Gig Is Up.

BESIDES . . . What are the Chinese going to do – Not Sell their Trillions Of Dollars of Crap to the American People, to Teach America a Lesson for Wanting to have FAIR-TRADE?

And Why Shouldn’t Trump Have Called Putin To Congratulate The Russian?

Didn’t Don Corleone give his Opponent (Brother) THE KISS OF DEATH Before the Don Twisted The Dagger . . . Maybe the Schmucks in the Media want to Play this Congratulatory Phone-Call to Putin, like they want to Play the Trump Bimbos?

But I assure you, whether it be Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, Iran’s Ali Khamenei, or China’s Xi Jinping . . . No One Is Going To Underestimate This President Of The Untied States Of America – Except The Mainstream Media.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. OUR “PAUL REVERE”! On his way to “CONCORD BRIDGE”! At last! Bud Farrell

  2. I sure hope you are right about Trump signing the Omnibus Spending Bill. I am totally bummed and feel like we got sold out. I’ve been upset since he signed it. Unfortunately, there is some question about when there will be another budget bill, and whether this is for only 6 months (Paul Ryan), and the timing of this seeming sellout and the elections. We could lose Congress over this, since many voters will only see the sellout, not the horrible ramifications of voting in Democrats.

  3. As opposed to what runs Ontario ? Not the President , but in my opinion just as depraved .or should I say confused

  4. The hypocrisy within the MSM is beyond belief!!! I guess, they honestly believe that by telling these “stories”, that someone will truly give a rat’s ass about it. Listen, the MSM has known for decades of the decadence of Hollyweird’s doing, right? Nothing was ever said, even when those within the business talked about it. But, MSM will grab at anything to get Trump out of office, even to lying, which they have been doing since the beginning. MSM totally disgusts me.

  5. Hi Howard and followers. I will be forever grateful that President Trump kept the true deplorables out of the Whitehouse, and I was hopeful that things might change, but his signing of this bill tells me the swamp has swallowed him whole. I now think he has neither courage nor understanding nor negotiating ability and fear worse will come. He is over his head. As a true small and big “c”’conservative I am just sad and disappointed. As for Bolton, be afraid, very afraid.
    Robert Turnbull

  6. The anti-Trump globalists in Congress are trying to fracture Trump’s support with this godawful bill. However, The President has the power to stop payment of appropriations he doesn’t want to pay with Executive Orders, so hopefully that is his plan. I don’t believe the women. They’re looking for fame the Kardashian way: Public Whoring. The media is so eager to believe ANYTHING bad about MY PRESIDENT that they would run with it if Barack Obama said he had sex with Trump.

  7. I, too, am very upset that Pres. Trump signed the $1.3 Trillion Bill; however, if we look at his “PAST MOVES”, there must be a very good REASON why he did so–especially since there’s very little money appropriated for THE WALL! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens NEXT? Will he VETO certain LINE ITEMS? I read an article where the PORN QUEEN denied ever sleeping with Trump (??? true)! The SEX NEWS is mainly about MEN…what about the WOMEN who ARE and have been UNFAITHFUL? AMEN!

  8. Compare the coverage of Trump and his dlaiances and that of the front running candidate for governor of California. Newsome had an affair with his closest political confidant. Ruined their marriage. Sure doesn’t stop the dems from backing him.

  9. How about, what takes place between or among consenting adults in private is no one else’s business?

  10. Did I miss it? Was someone holding a gun to President Trump’s head when he signed this insane omnibus bill?

  11. The left, Dems, RHINOS and all other Trump haters will use anything they can to discredit him. They are a sick, disgusting bunch of snakes. And Clinton, JFK & others get a pass, because they were Dems. Right now I’m more concerned with the latest gun grab bill that Oregon is trying to pass. It’s more or less a confiscation of any firearms and magazines that the left views as scary. Not only AR’s, but any type of military rifles, i.e., M1’s, etc. It’s insane!

  12. Many people are wondering if Trump really has the “cajones” for this position? I think he does, but he seems to “play by much different rules” than they are used to! Let’s hope that he can find ways to not allow funding for many things! (Just don’t think “women” are what’s on his mind in the Oval Office.) If Trump is indeed another RHINO, he won’t get my vote again, but on the other hand, if the other candidate is “worse”, then perhaps he might! (Too bad his own party isn’t totally backing him!)

  13. HG, this editorial has reinforced my beliefs on each point. Thanks for empowering me!

  14. One of the best things finally happened…… Bolton is in now watch the fur fly !!!

  15. This is not a budget that was passed. The Omnibus Bill has does not have the same requirements as a budget. The budget requires a president to spend money on certain things as was prescribed in the budget however an omnibus bill, as I understand it, does not require the president to spend money as prescribed in the actual bill. Obozo did it for 8 years.

  16. HG, your “blog”, today made LOTS of SENSE, to me…..keep up the GREAT WORK! I also enjoyed what the other “bloggers” had to say!! I also like Bolton, even if he is “hawkish”… least he WILL KEEP OUR USA SAFE!!! Go Pres. TRUMP, God Bless you, Sir.

  17. The media has – every since Watergate – turned more and more into a valueless Propaganda Ministry for the liberal left. As news organizations they are worthless.

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