ROLLERBALL – Alive, Well & In Our Lives


How Many Good “Guys” Are There In Big Government Or In Big Bureaucracy?


Has President Donald Trump Bitten More Off Than He Can Chew? Has The President Made More Promises Than He Can Keep? Is The President Dazzled By His Own Perceived Brilliance?

NO ONE IS SUPERMAN . . . If Donald Trump Thinks He’s Superman; Someone Should Tell Him That An Inflated Ego Is A Narcissist’s Kryptonite.

Do you think the people are getting the REAL TRUTH, from the Vast Majority of Politicians, LEFT or RIGHT? Or from the UPPER-UPS at the Justice Department, CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF and/or whatever else Alphabet Security Agencies are out there?

What Role Do You Think Big Media Has to Play In All Of This?

And do you Really Believe for a Second, that all the People aren’t Being Played like Fools, Believing that we know what’s happening, because every now and then the People are Thrown a Bone, while the Noise of Politics Blares in our Heads?

Do You Really Think Most Of Them Give a Rat’s Ass About Anyone But Themselves?

We’re Living In A Never Ending Episode Of Kabuki Theater . . . Where what you see, has nothing to do with what you get.

IT WAS MORE THAN 400 YEARS AGO . . . When Shakespeare Famously Wrote In His Play “As You Like It . . .

“All The World’s A Stage & All the Men & Women Merely Players . . .”

That’s Who We Are . . . The Governed – MERE PLAYERS with a Limited Lifespan upon the Stage of Government & Special Interests, to Fulfill our Role at the Whim of the Producers & Directors, all of us, who are Caught in a Never-Ending Drama.

And whether we Participate or Not in this Drama, or think we DON’T Participate . . . We Do, since like it or not . . . We All Have Our Role To Play.

A Friend Recently Said To Me . . . “It’s No Use – Just Enjoy Life”.

He Was Worried About Me . . . Because during our Long Walks together with our Dogs, or the times we visit Home Depot, or BBQ Smokers, or Chinese Buffets – He’s Worried For My Health, Because of my Passionate Stand against Government & LEFTIST Abuse. His Fear for me, is that I will have another Stroke, so in his Words . . . I Should “Chill” – And Let Somebody Else Do The Fighting, because, as he sees it . . . I can Fight all I want, but like Don Quixote who Tilted at Windmills . . . It Won’t Make A Hill Of Beans In The End.

BUT MY FRIEND IS WRONG . . . Because – whether we become Engaged or not, we all have our Part to Play, much like a Parade of Life, where there are People who Orchestrate the Parade, others who Lead the Parade, others who March in the Parade, others who Line the Streets to Watch the Parade pass by, and others who stay away, pretending the Parade isn’t Happening.

But The Parade Happens . . . & Whether We’re In It Or Not . . . We’re All In It.

43-YEARS AGO – IN 1975 . . . Anne and I were already Married for 2-Years. I was 25-Years Old, Anne was Twenty-Four, and our Biggest Concern was making a Living and Establishing a Life for the Two of Us.

In those Days, for me especially, it wasn’t all about Politics, Social Issues & History. It was more about trying to Figure-Out how Anne and I would be able to make our way in Life as a Married Couple, dealing with Extraordinary Personal & Financial Challenges . . . Far more than a Young Couple just starting-out should have had to deal with . . . but that’s a different Story – One that made us Stronger rather than Weaker . . . WHICH SEALED OUR INSEPARABLE BOND.

Nonetheless Those Were The Circumstances That Brought Us Where We’re At.


EVEN THOUGH OUR WORRIES . . . were Far Greater than who was going to be Sitting in Government, or what was the Number-One Show on Television, or what was the Latest Fad, which Song was Topping the Charts, or what was the Hottest New Movie . . .

Hollywood Produced an Action Movie titled ROLLERBALL, Starring James Caan, which was not a Social Classic in the sense of Orwell’s 1984 or Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

ROLLERBALL did pretty well at the Box Office, earning some $30-Million, which at that time was more Respectable than just somewhat . . . But it was far from being Iconic. Yet, In 20/20 Hindsight, ROLLERBALL had an Incredible & Troubling Effect On Me.

EVEN THOUGH . . . ROLLERBALL wasn’t Top of my Mind for the last 43-Years, every now and then, something would Happen, or be said, which would make me think back to the Movie.

AND NOW, MORE THAN EVER – A Movie Produced 43-Years Ago, Seemingly Without A Serious Social Message, Which Was Created To Represent Life In 2018, has become Far More than just Prescient.

1984 By Orwell, delivered an extremely Prophetic Social Message about a Dystopic Society, where in Orwell’s Vision, the People of the Future would Serve The Government . . . Known As Big Brother.

In Anne Rand’s Atlas Shrugged . . . Rand Prophesied a Period of Time in the Future, where the Government would Pick & Choose Winners & Losers, making a Society of Individualism with Rewards Based on Meritocracy a Crime.

And Even More Recently (2008) . . . Suzanne Collins, Published the Classic Hunger Games, where in her Book, a Tyrant Controlled Society in the Same Manner The Roman Emperors Controlled Rome and the People . . . Through Entertainment in The Coliseum, with Gladiator & Animal Fights to the Death.

IN ROLLERBALL . . . The Premise was that Corporations Ruled the World, and to keep the People in Line Competitively, through Entertainment (Corporate Nationalism), but not Politically Engaged . . . the Corporations created Teams, Representing each Corporation, which Roller-Skated around an Oblong Track (BROADCAST WORLDWIDE), where the Players on each Team tried to Score the most Amount of Points to Win for the Glory of the Corporation.

THE ENTIRE SCRIPT CREATED BY THE CORPORATIONS . . . was for the “Game” to be as Bloodthirsty as Possible, where Champions would Emerge who Skated Faster, Harder and Most Ruthlessly to Victory . . . which in essence became a Social Drug for the People, whose Entire Raison D’être was all about their Team in ROLLERBALL.

AND THEN ONE DAY . . . The Star of ROLLERBALL, who was the People’s Champion, Figured It All Out, That ROLLERBALL Wasn’t A Game At All.


ROLLERBALL WAS A DISTRACTION, a way for the Corporations to Amuse the People, to the Point, where the People would Ignore the FACT, that they were being Controlled by the Corporations, while Thinking their Lives were Fulfilled, when in all Truth, they were Nothing More & Nothing Less . . . Than Addicted, Pampered & Entertained Slaves.


Think about all the Noise & Distractions. Think about all the BS Breaking News. Think about Comey, Mueller, Clinton-Foundation, Leaked Documents, Destroyed Emails, Russia, Russia, Russia . . . AND ALL THE TALKING-HEADS.

And Think About How many People Are in Jail Or Will Really Go To Jail?

Think About Shakespeare . . . “And All The World’s A Stage . . .” And think about your Part, and what Part you’re willing to Play in a Script Written by Others, for the Interests of Others . . . Opposed To Yours.

And Then Think Of Lincoln At The Gettysburg Address . . . “Of The People, By The People & For The People”.

The Framers Of The Constitution Gave You The Tools . . . Great Writers & Philosophers, Ancient and Current, Peeked into the Future, and through their Words and Books gave all of us a Glimpse of what’s to come . . . And How We Will Decide To Use What They Gave . . . Is Entirely Up To Us.

Personally . . . The Parade Doesn’t March Without Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. 1975, you say? Only thing on my mind then was getting married, buying a house, and getting my el Camino running faster! Then, came JAWS…! (Went to see it 3 times the first week out!)
    Then I started reading more! And yes, Atlas Shrugged and ‘1984’ was in our future… but what’s happening today is JAWS! We are slowly being “eaten” by our own Government, at the expense of our Constitution.
    Lets just pray we aren’t headed for “Soylent Green”! Haha!

  2. Howard, fighting tyranny or ignorance in any form is not a waste and should not be “left to others.” No life is wasted that stands up for right and stands against bs. We each have a responsibility in our own circle to take these stands. Exposing the crap in our modern universities, gov’t and media does make a difference and can force the right kind of change or enlightenment.

  3. Could it be that the iPhone revolution is another version of mass mindless people control. it is sickening and sad to see people of all ages sitting, or walking, totally addicted to the iPhone. One wonders what can be so captivating but maybe with the recent revelations about Facebook, perhaps there is a message there. Who knows what subliminal propaganda is hidden in the text and pictures. You’ll never get me on Facebook. Howard, take care, you need to be healthy to do what you do.

  4. Social media & smartphones are absolutely 2018’s rollerball & older folks like us dont have any role in what’s coming as they don’t care about us as evidenced by all the new “assisted suicide” laws. When did life become so cheap? Wasn’t hospice, where they put you in a narcotic coma with no food/hydration until you die, enough for them? Didn’t you ever wonder why NO ONE lives more than 4-6 days in hospice care & NO one leaves alive? Hotel California: You can check out, but you can never leave!

  5. Let’s see 1975… People had to deal with unsavoury Dope Dealers to get marijuana , 2018 they will be dealing with the Gov. for the same product , likely the same consumers and their children anyway. Has the world really changed that much or have the Dealers become more sophisticated ?

  6. Howard, this editorial is the most relevant one you’ve written in a long time. The Western civilization is falling apart & so few of the citizens care enough to even pay attention. Most of the people I meet on a daily basis think only about the next vacation spot, the next entertaining book they’re going to read or the next TV show they’re going to watch. NEVER about what’s happening that will cause the next World War. I believe that it’s coming. Will worrying about it, stop it?

  7. HG, first, your Editorials give people COURAGE to STAND TOGETHER and give us a VOICE which many others DON’T have! You also know WHEN to take a BREATHER! The $1.3-TRILLION Spending Bill IS REPUBLICAN TREACHERY! If this BILL is APPROVED, it goes AGAINST many things that Pres. Trump PROMISED—and he will SUFFER its REPERCUSSIONS. It’s no wonder that the DEMORATS have a BIG SMILE on their FACES! SOMETHING is definitely WRONG in LA-LA LAND [DC]. RYAN & McCONNELL MUST GO! The SWAMP is GROWING! AMEN!

  8. Off the charts on this editorial, Howard!!! In 1975 I was working in surgery & awaiting the birth of my last child. But, I have always been aware, on some level, the need to know politics & to watch the US Congress. I learned a lot from the surgeons I worked with, at that time. Trust me, most of them were Jewish & were not Liberal in their thinking. They knew what was going on within the US & frequently, did not like any of it, they were being paid pennies on the dollars, even then.

  9. Very thought provoking narrative, Mr. Galganov. I always enjoy your take on current events, but somehow this one struck home with me. Most likely it is because I have had the same thoughts as your friend – many times over – but I always return to the scene of the crime. I feel a tremendous debt to the Founders, and all of the men and women who have given life and limb for the finest system of governance that mankind has known. Thanks for your work, and lets carry on!

  10. As usual Howard you are spot on. We are living in 1984 and Rollerball ( I remember it like yesterday ) Ann Rand was right.

  11. I intend to be IN the parade not on the sidelines watching and wringing my hands. Government is TOO BIG. And one of my FIRST assignments in college was to read Atlas Shrugged. Ms Rand was far ahead of the times, but saw the future. I did NOT see Rollerball, but I have re-read Atlas Shrugged on multiple occasions. Excellent Editorial, Howard! God Bless.

  12. Your Rollerball Blog certainly triggered our recall of the film. Probably the most impressive, memorable and scary film we have seen in our 85 years. In fact, we often commented on the fact it was so seldom mentioned as a parallel to what is happening in today’s world. Who would have thought it would be a reality 45 years later.
    Keep up the good fight!!!! You are The Man!! God bless you……Anne…..Stryker and April!
    Boss and Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA

  13. In Noah’s day man became so evil God was actually sorry He made them. He destroyed all but 6 in a flood. Over 55 years ago reading that I could not imagine what man was like to cause such an action on God’s part. Today, I believe we are all seeing what man was like in Noah’s day. As such, I believe we are living in a period of “last days” as prophesied. According to those prophecies, the good will be removed. The earth will be totally destroyed & God creates a new one. Has this happened before??

  14. Today’s western world is probably not to far off from some of the worlds you described in this blog. We have lots of big arena’s where people go to watch their favorite team or player. Have some beer and what else they can get. Keep them happy and content to a certain extend while the powers to be keep taking more freedoms away for their safety while building their own ultimate godless Utopia. “Are we freemen or men living in the illusion of freedom” Howard keep up the great research. God bless

  15. Howard, I am with you about fighting and not letting others do the work. My Hero is Victor Hugo. Since I was a kid in school, Hugo struck me as David against Goliath. He practically brought the French Government down by his writing ( J’accuse ) the story of Captain Dreyfus who was railroaded to be the scapegoat of leaking secrets to the Germans, just because he was a Jew. But, Victor Hugo uncovered the truth and Dreyfus was brought back from Devil’s Island. Steve Acre, Canada

  16. My comment doesn’t relate to today’s column, but I think reflects your thinking. There is a song by Nelson Eddy as follows;
    “Give me some men who are stout-hearted men,
    Who will fight for the right they adore;
    Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men
    And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more”–& it continues in that vein.

  17. Even as a Canadian I’m disappointed that the President gave into that ‘Gimme bunch’ who won’t get off their backsides to help themselves and are jealous of those who work hard and are successful.
    I’ve read 1984 and Atlas Shrugged. I remember feeling depressed after reading 1984 – now I’m glad that I’m ‘getting old’! I’m keeping an eye on the younger generation to see how much better they do running a country or business or whatever!

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