“I Am Looking For An Honest Man”


Greek Philosopher – Diogenes, one of the World’s Greatest Thinkers, who Saw the World for what it was, not for what it Pretended to be . . . was born some 400-Years before Christ, the Crucifixion, and the Sacking of the Second Temple of Jerusalem . . . was a Cynic who believed LESS in what the Authorities Said, Than What They Actually Did.


Diogenes is Famous for many Quotations . . . which some 2,500-Years After his Life, are as Profound Today, as they were when he First Made Them.

IN PARTICULAR . . . It has been said that Diogenes would wander the Streets and Villages of his World in Broad Daylight, Shining a Candle or a Lantern into the Face of People – Reportedly In Search Of An Honest Man.

IN TODAY’S NARRATIVE . . . Diogenes would need to shine a KLIEG LIGHT into the Faces of our Educators, Media, Politicians & Bureaucrats . . . In The Near Hopeless Quest Of Finding Anyone Of Honest Repute.

INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST & WRITER PETER SCHWEIZER . . . of “Clinton Cash” Fame, is in Search of an Honest Man or an Honest Woman in Government, to which I imagine there might be Some . . . BUT NOT MANY.

I won’t Go Into Schweizer’s Newest Exposé to be released this Week, other than to say that I’ve Read Excerpts from it, and was not Surprised in the Least to Read about the GRAFT, CORRUPTION & THEFT at the Highest Level of Government.

AND I’M NOT SURPRISED OR AGHAST . . . At the Dollar Amounts these Particular Bad Actors have Manipulated from the TRUST OF THE PEOPLE, simply to Enrich Themselves, Friends & Families.


I also have to Include Educators, Bureaucrats, Media and an Entire Sub-Culture of SANCTIMONIOUS HYPOCRITES . . . who are either Held in High Regard, want to be Held in High Regard, or Hold Themselves in High Regard, who by Comparison . . . Make Street Prostitutes Look Like Paragons of Honest Virtue & Integrity.

At The Very Least . . . Street Prostitutes Don’t Pretend to be anything they are Not. And at the end of the Transaction, they Deliver Exactly what they’ve Promised, with No Strings Attached.

WHEREAS . . . The Politician, Bureaucrat, Educator – ETC. . . Never Let Go.

So Who Do We Trust In Government . . . For me the Answer is SIMPLE – I Trust None of Them, and because of that – I won’t ever be Disappointed.


Look In The Mirror!


The American Founding Fathers . . . WERE PRESCIENT LONG BEFORE THEIR TIME. And, as many People have Intimated over the Past 250-Years, the Framers might have been Touched by the HAND OF GOD, or just by an Incredibly Lucid Moment in Time & History, in order to Create a Constitution, whereby, if Followed as Written, would either End or Curtail the Curse of Government Dishonesty, by Spelling Out a Modern Day MAGNA CARTA, Based upon the Secular Rule of Law Following Judeo/Christian Philosophy & Values.


The US Declaration Of Independence & The US Constitution . . . were both Created in a Fashion UNLIKE any other Documents of their Standing & Importance . . . because, UNLIKE any other Documents of their Unbelievable Scope & Definition, The Declaration Of Independence & The US Constitution were Crafted in as Few Words as Conceivable, upon which, any Reasonably Cognizant Person could Read & Completely Understand their Purpose and Meaning.

The Us Declaration Of Independence is Composed of 1,458-Words Including Signatures, and takes approximately 10-Minutes To Read.

The US Constitution is Composed of 4,543-Words Including Signatures, and takes approximately 30-Minutes To Read.

So How Could These Incredible & Eruditely Simple Documents . . . Upon which the ENTIRETY of the Freedoms & Laws of the United States of America Are Based, have become Defined by MILLIONS – IF NOT BILLIONS OF PAGES OF LEGAL DEBATE?

THIS ISN’T SOMETHING I BELIEVE THAT “MIGHT” BE TRUE . . . Because I am 100% CERTAIN, WITH ZERO DOUBT, that this is Absolutely True, that GRIFTERS . . . AKA LAWYERS, with the Capacity to Enter Politics, and from Day-One of the Framing of the US Constitution, have set about to REDEFINE the Written Will of the People, to their Unmitigated Advantage.

Because of The Lawyers & Other Assorted Grifters We’re In Serious Decay.


GREED, DISHONESTY, IGNORANCE, ENTITLEMENT & CORRUPTION . . . Have become the Hallmarks of our Society, Because we Sold our Virtues to Legal & Political GRIFTERS, in Exchange for Unwarranted Trust & Empty Promises from Those we’ve Empowered to Rule Our Lives to our Demise.


Those Who Allow Themselves To Be Fully Governed, Will Never Be Able To Govern Those Who Govern The Governed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Love your Column Howard and I see in your Comment section you have another Rochester Hills, Mi. resident loves it as well. You are the Man! Thank goodness, if Obama wins in the long run we still have Canada to flee to until we can build up a force enough to take our Freedom Back!

    Lonnie B. Collett, Rochester Hills, Mi.
  • Diogenes would need a nuclear fission to get enough light on Washington DC to find an honest man other than our President.

    Teri Newman, Belleville IL
  • Well said. I totally agree.

    Deborah Kitchens, Greensboro, NC/USA
  • When Jesus said, “whoever is without sin, cast the first stone”, he knew no stone would fly. The reason is because we all sin (disobey God’s laws), therefore no one could say otherwise. So neither Diagones nor Schweizer will find an honest person. People may be honest from time to time (when guilt is unbearable perhaps), but not all the time. The problem is the listener never knows which is coming out, especially of a politician or lawyer.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA
  • Amen, Howard, AMEN!

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • Excellent blog as always, Howard… can’t wait to read them each day.. at least I know it’s NOT FAKE NEWS… hahah, you always do your research before writing… God Bless You!!

    Barry W. Dolbier, SUMMERVILLE, South Carolina, United States
  • What is true in the United States of America, it is far worse here in Canada.

    Robert B. Hadlow, Calgary, Alberta
  • The Ladies of the Night perform a real, valuable service. In high demand. They deserve our thanks and not our opprobrium. Society ought to make real efforts to protect these people and ensure their safety from those deranged individuals intent apon harm or exploiting them. How to do this is a big question. I only know that to start we need to open our eyes. As is the case with many of Howard’s topics.

    Rod Packwood, Ottawa, Ontario
  • I definitely enjoyed today’s blog! Thanks for your mention of Peter Schweitzer’s new book, “Secret Empires”. Guess I’ll try to borrow a copy from the library, rather than purchase it. It’s supposed to be a big expose, of McConnell & his wife Elaine Chou….as well as Jared Kushner, etc., & MORE Washington, DC “swamp dwellers”! Thank you Howard, for keeping us SO WELL INFORMED, & to our Canadian friends, please don’t give up before the miracle! At least you have a chance for change, in ON!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • Great commentary!! Just imagine if lawyers (liars) were able to DO without the need to ADD. They need to re-learn TRUTH. They have turned into Muck Rakers, manipulators of words and look only unto themselves. A more divisive bunch of crooks I have never previously seen. The more I hear and see the more repulsed I become. Can they actually do the job for which they were hired? Time to clear the swamp. MYPOV

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, USA
  • Howard, I would go even earlier than Diogenes. In the Bible, we find the story of Sodom and Gemorah the best example of searching of honest people. It has been said that God told Abraham that if you find 10 honest people, I will not destroy the city. There you go, nothing has changed and will never change. We are as gullible as we were thousands of years ago. Steve Acre, Canada

    Steve Acre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • I heard my Grandfather once grousing about George Wallace. I asked, “Well why don’t you run for the office of Governor”? He said, “Sonny, I can’t”. “Why”? “Because as a member of the Bar, I am part of the Judiciary branch of government”. I didn’t understand then, but I do now! And How! Diogenes might have looked there.

    Bill Dexter, Birmingham, Alabama, United States
  • I once heard it said that 98% of the lawyers make the rest of us look bad!

    David Innes, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • Excellent editorial! Thank you!

    June Harding, Williamsburg VA 23188
  • Howard, you speak the truth…and it is sobering.

    Karen McKim-Altman, Beaverton, Oregon, United States
  • Good one Howard. Our Liberal MPs are so honest (yikes) they have difficulty answering simple “yes” or “no” questions asked by the leader of the opposition. They waste tax dollars (our money) obfuscating instead of answering. Come the next election – we must reward them with the same deliberate non-committal to which they promote in the House. The fool on the hill will get his…just … desserts…

    Neil Lensen, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
  • Locks keep thieves honest.

    George Myers, Pasadena, MD

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