When Will Governments Start Paying-Off The Debt(s)?



I write that the Political Demise of Rex Tillerson is NO-BIG-DEAL, because in the Greater Scope of Things – EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE . . . Including Rex Tillerson.

TILLERSON . . . was, is – I’m quite certain, a very Reliable, Savvy Guy, who knew the Difference in the Direction Between Up from Down & Left from Right . . . but he wasn’t the President of the United States of America. And as such, Tillerson was either going to CARRY-OUT the Policies of the President . . . OR NOT BE HIS SECRETARY OF STATE, wherein seemed to be the Problem.


It wasn’t necessarily, that Rex Tillerson was Wrong in his Assessments and/or Advice, which he gave to the President. It was simply, that he wasn’t the President, and AFTER Deliberation & Debate with the President, Tillerson’s JOB, was then to Execute All The President’s Policies as Deliberately & Efficiently as he Could.


Had President Trump NOT FIRED REX TILLERSON, President Trump would have been Cheating Himself and the American People, from having a Strong, Clear & Consistent World Policy.

The Cabinet’s Job Is To Execute The Policies Of The President.


It doesn’t Matter which of them Wins – and which of them Loses, since both are in their own Unique Ways . . . “Pretenders To The Throne”, and do not Represent a Harbinger of Political Things to Come.

From everything I could DISCERN, Republican Saccone is no one I would have been Excited to Vote For. To me, Saccone seems to be Lazy, Uninspiring, Depending on Others to do his Work for Him & Unimaginative without an Independent Thought in his Head. Not to Mention that Saccone was far Out of Touch with the People.

For The Democrat – Lamb . . . I see him as a Young Guy full of Piss & Vinegar, who has Read the Mood of what the People want to Hear – which is Exactly what Lamb Told the People in Order for him to Secure their Votes.

If Lamb Really Believed In All The Conservative Rhetoric He Espoused . . . Why Didn’t He Run As A Republican?


I’m Always Blown Away . . . By the American LEFT’S Constant RESISTANCE to Real Voter ID, which would go a long way to Guaranteeing, that ONLY Valid American Citizens could be able Vote in American Elections.

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT I DON’T GET IT – BUT I DO . . . The American LEFT wants everyone who would VOTE for them, whether they’re ILLEGALLY in the USA, or aren’t Registered to Vote, or will Vote Multiple Times . . . TO BE ABLE TO VOTE.

All Reasons The LEFT Gives AGAINST Voter ID’s . . . Are Nothing But LIES.

We Just Had A Leadership Vote In Ontario . . . And this is how it went:

1 – I had to Register On-Line with my Full-Name & Complete Address.

2 – I had to PAY to Join the Conservative Party.

3 – I had to Wait for a Membership ID Number to come to my Home by Canada Post (Mail).

4 – I had to Take the Voter ID Number they sent, Key-It In . . . On-Line, and Attach An Official Photo-ID of Myself (Driver’s License), with my Current Address. And Then Email It To The Conservative Party Office.

5 – Then I had to Wait for the Conservative Party Office to send me an Email with a Voting ID, which I couldn’t use to Vote . . . Until I Responded Correctly to an Alpha/Numerical ID Test to Prove that I wasn’t a Computer. THEN I COULD VOTE.

The Process Was A Pain In The Ass . . . But The Integrity Was Worth It.

I’m Not Holding the Province of Ontario or Canada-Up as the Poster Province & Country for Voter Integrity, because we have Plenty of our own Problems and Foibles. But, in Comparison to the American VOTING FREE-FOR-ALL, America could do very well to take some Advice from Ontario & Canada on how to Run a More Secure Election.


We Keep-On Hearing How Great The Economy Is . . . When in all Truth, the Economy is a House of Cards Built upon a Non Existent Foundation, which Sooner or Later is about to come Crashing Down. Which is what happens to a Socialist Society.


According to all that I have been able to Ascertain . . . The Canadian Population – Not The Government . . . The People, are in Debt to the Tune of $1.8-TRILLION DOLLARS, and from what I was also able to Glean from a Series of Related Financial Reports . . . if Either the Interest Rates were to Rise, or Inflation were to Become even a Modest “Problem” Above the “Norm”, there is a Real Possibility that the Canadian Banking System Could Collapse.

Now . . . Couple that with Runaway Spending at the Local, Provincial & Federal Levels, with a Decline in Oil Revenue, a Weak Manufacturing Sector – A BURGEONING COST OF BUREAUCRATIC ENTITLEMENT SPENDING . . . along with a NON-PRODUCTIVE Entitled Generation, In Whom we’re Hoping to Pick-Up & Carry our Load – What Chance Does Canada Have?

M-103 . . . MAYBE NOT SO FAST:

AS IT TURNS-OUT . . . Because of the Noise People Like Me have been Making about a Proposed Law, that if Passed WOULD TAKE AWAY OUR CANADIAN FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, by Criminalizing People Like Me, because I would Write or Speak Against such things as the Islamization of Canada, and the DREAD OF SHARIA LAW, it Appears that the Government of Canada is looking for Ways to Back-Off.


The Shooting at the Florida High School a Month Ago was Horrible . . . BUT IT WASN’T A HOLOCAUST. It was a mass Shooting Carried out by ONE VERY SICK 19-YEAR OLD, which the Authorities from the School, Social Workers, Local Police (Sherriff) & the FBI could have Stopped . . . LONG BEFORE IT HAPPENED, if only just One of These JERK LEADERS of any one of these Institutions had only done His or Her Job.

But They Didn’t . . . So Now It’s On The NRA & Somehow Akin To The Holocaust.

It Was Not A Conspiracy Organized & Headed By A Nation State To . . .


There Was Only One Holocaust & Only One Reason To State “Never Again”.

For These JACKASS PARENTS, But Especially Jewish Parents, Teachers, Administrators. Religious Leaders & Even Students . . . to CONFLATE a Local Shooting to the Holocaust, DIMINISHES the Most Horrific Crime that was ever Perpetrated on the Human Race by the Human Race, & Insults & Demeans the VERY MEMORY OF THE 6-MILLION JEWISH VICTIMS and their Surviving Families.

Before Anyone Says Boo About The Other 6-Million Who Died In The Camps.

The Nazis & Their Mostly European Accomplices WERE MONSTERS, and it is Estimated that as many as 6-Million Non-Jews also Died in the Concentration, Work & Death Camps . . . BUT ONLY JEWS were Slaughtered & Treated so in-Humanely because of their (my) Religion, which to the Nazis and their Willing Global Executioners, was so Important that they gave virtually everything they had . . . TO WIPING-OUT ALL SEMBLANCES OF JEWISH GENETIC ORIGIN.

FRED MOORE OF CLANCY MONTANA . . . Commented Yesterday on my BLOG, that Jews are Responsible for all the Ills Facing America – I guess in his Mind, much like in the Minds of other Sick People, that we Jews, according to Fred Moore, are Responsible For Everything Bad, because we Jews, who Represent less than 2% of the Entire American Population, Nonetheless Control all the Media, the Banks, the Politicians . . . and I Imagine EVERYTHING ELSE that is Worthwhile in this World to Control.

I Left Fred Moore’s Comment On Yesterday’s Blog . . . But That Will Be His Last.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. GIULIANI NAILED OBAMA!!!!!! Fox News is leaning more & more to the left, I love Megan Kelly & Bill O’Reilly BUT, have noticed a slight swing to the left lately by both of them. There was a time when I wouldn’t miss The Factor, however it’s fast becoming a thing of the past! What is it going to take for Bill to finally admit Obama’s a born & bred Muslem????? Did he not read Obama’s books? Did he not hear Obama, himself, admit he’s a Muslem??????

  2. Its really too bad that these kids know nothing about WWII and what happened to not only the Jews, but what the Japanese did to their prisoners. It was not as bad as the Holocaust, but today very little is taught about our history and what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are. These children don’t have a clue about the NRA. I saw a picture today of a “assault weapon” laying on the ground and man was poking it with a stick. Guess what, the weapon did not jump up and shoot the man, WOW.

  3. Anti-Semitism is totally UNREASONABLE! It is some kind of sick JEALOUSY that they are not even aware of! Is it because God chose the Jewish people to reveal Himself to? God knows. I don’t. However, it disgusts me. Any hatred because of a race or religion disgusts me. Each human being has the freedom to believe what they want to believe. (There’s a line from a song in there someplace …. “… hear what you want to hear, and disregard the rest …” or something to that effect. Enough hate

  4. Hey Howard,
    You stated; “For These JACKASS PARENTS, . . . to CONFLATE a Local Shooting to the Holocaust, DIMINISHES the Most Horrific Crime… VERY MEMORY OF THE 6-MILLION JEWISH VICTIMS…”

    I have been watching my country going to s”’ making new definitions to words, trying their damnedest to rewrite or erase history. It has become so obvious that the progressive socialists have taken over, the enemy IS within… I pray they fail, but they control the education (indoctrination) system so..

  5. AS for what you wrote, AMEN. As for what Fred Moore wrote, he is among the “SICK” people of the world. I spent a year in MT years ago and I have a Brother Mason who moved here from MT and he would take yours and my side about Fred that he is one sick puppy. God bless you and yours.

  6. To an armed criminal a gun-free zone is an invitation to commit murder. It stands to reason then, that the most dangerous place in the country is a gun-free zone. You don’t need to be a genius to understand why. One may logically deduce, therefore, that the safest place in the country is a NRA convention, where everyone is armed. Let that sink in. The Parkland Strong marchers are political pawns, useful idiots for the fascist Democrats who want to disarm America.

  7. I’d call it child abuse. Instead of encouraging thoughtful debate on the problem of violence and danger to schools, so-called educators are indoctrinating malleable young minds with political propaganda.

  8. Great editorial Howard. The new voting system in Ontario should be used across Canada it should stop voter fraud! I agree with Barry Jackson of Quebec, especially the last line! Our PM Mr. Dress Up is working very hard at making Canada the NEW VENEZUELA or an Islamic State, he is and idiot!! Now it is up to the Provinces like Ontario to vote in PC Doug Ford, he is planning to change the education system. What is ISLAMAPHOBIA? Know one knows! I’m for FREE SPEECH…FREE SPEECH…FREE SPEECH!!!

  9. Lamb vs. Saccone – it doesn’t matter which one wins? I humbly disagree………it would matter, if the Dems get enough votes to impeach.

    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  10. Re: When Will Governments Start Paying-Off The Debt(s)? – For most the answer is “someday,” and that is a fantasy. It won’t happen because governments can’t even start let alone pay off the debts. Why? They are simply too big.
    More and more has to be borrowed just to roll over the debt that comes due every year. Interest on those debts is about all gov’ts can manage to pay and that is increasing and eating up the taxes collected. Raising taxes = political suicide. Cutting spending = same thing

  11. The Ontario PC leadership race was a disaster. A significant number of the membership, like myself, never received their ID information. Calls to PC Ontario were neither answered or returned. Furthermore, had I been able to vote I would have had to buy a scanner which I don’t have. This looks to me like a modern day poll tax.

  12. Years ago I was told that anti-Semitism was created to remind Jews that they are Jews. Two elderly Jews were reading their newspapers. One read the Jerusalem Post (JP) and the other a Louis Farakan newsletter. The JP reader turns to his friend asking how he can read such lies. His reply: The JP is full of problems, anti-semitism, intermarriage, assimilation, terrorism and so on. But the Farakan news states that Jews run the banks, the media, the govt everything. Very impressive don’t you think!!

  13. Working for President Trump is a day to day job you never know when its your time to be gone.As a successful businessman
    i guess that’s how he ruled his empire.

  14. ANOTHER WONDERFUL BLOG, Howard! I ALSO enjoyed the comments by our Canadian “bloggers”, as well. I SO LOOK FORWARD, to your blogs, Howard, because I’ve learned your NEVER FAR “OFF THE MARK”! And for that, I’m FOREVER GRATEFUL…..May God continue to “bless you”, for ALWAYS BEING “ON POINT”!!

  15. Yes the Holocaust was real and terrible.
    But don’t forget the Holodomor, which in my opinion, was equally as horrific.
    Stalin and Hitler were both from the “devil”.
    I know you say you’re not religious, but we are in a fight for good vs evil. God vs. The Devil.
    Left vs. right. Christianity vs. Islam. Republicans vs. Democrats.
    Need more examples?
    The good news is that in the end, good will overcome evil.

  16. All you have to do is look at Israel and you will see why they are God’s chosen people. They are light years ahead in medicine, technology, defense and commerce etc. Then look at the Palestinians, not so much! Israel exudes love, Palestine exudes hate. Hate is not the answer! God made a promise to Israel and God does not break His promises! I stand with Israel and President Trump. God Bless America and you Howard Galganov for your courage to get the truth out everyday!

  17. It has always been satan’s plan to eliminate the Jewish race through known history, it started in the garden and some of the other times such as;again just prior to the flood,again at the tower of babel,again when Herod killed all 2 year old’s and under, again the Nazi’s and who knows on how many occasions. Satan has not changed, he is still the same. Praise God Jehovah He changes not and will accomplish His plan for man. It is through this race He send His only son so we could have eternal live

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