The Shroud Of Evil That Surrounds Us



I Took A Few Days Off From Writing Because I Was Simply Overwhelmed.

Sometimes, I think that Ignorance would be Bliss . . . & NOT KNOWING would a Blessing. And Knowing Too Much is a Curse.

MOST OF US . . . By A Huge Number – Aren’t even Aware of the Extent of Evil, which Lurks just Below the Surface, Surrounding us 24/7, always Ready to Take Us Down.

I Have Made My Life & Living With Words . . . I know BS when I Hear it, Read it & See it. I know the Difference between a Grifter . . . from a Man or Woman of Good Character . . . So When I Write Or Speak Of Evil Within The Gates – I Know Of What I Am Writing & Speaking.

It Is Said . . . The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions – WRONG!

The Road To Hell . . . is Paved by People whose Intentions are Anything But Good Or Reasoned, but Rather . . . From Greed, Racism, Intolerance, Xenophobia, Envy & Ignorance . . . ESPECIALLY IGNORANCE.


Ignorance & Silence Are The Pillars Of Evil.

The Use of Words, Fashioned by Elites, are Created & Molded to Mean the Opposite of the Truth, or to Hide the Truth, or Diminish the Truth . . . Such as “DREAMERS & UNDOCUMENTED” – Which Are The Type Of Words Evil Uses To Establish Its Cornerstone.

Where Elitist Words are Used to Embarrass, Belittle & Cower the Speakers of the Truth, and by the Force of Law to FORBID the Telling of the Truth – for Example, of the History and Calamity of “ISLAMISM”, Sexual Perfidy, Socio/Political Censorship . . . Etc – Evil Establishes A Foothold.


I Don’t see Evil & Good through a Biblical Sense, such as the Difference Between Heaven & Hell, I leave that up to the People who Claim to Know . . . I see the Reality of Evil in the Earthly Sense, where we will Pay for our Sins in the Here & Now . . . What Happens Later – Happens Later . . . But it is in the Here & Now where People Suffer for the Sins & Ignorance of Others.

KNOW THIS . . . What A Person Does To Himself Or Herself – Is On He Or She . . . But, what He or She does Outside of Himself or Herself . . . Is On All Of Us.


Where Is It Written . . . That White People Can’t be Anti-White, or Black People Anti-Black, or Jews Anti-Semitic, or Christians Anti-Christ, or Moslems Anti-Islamic, or Women Misogynists, or a Nation’s People Against It’s Own Nation . . . And On And On?

Where Is It Written . . . That There Should Be A War On Merit?

Virtually, None of what I just Listed seems to be Written Anywhere as Fact . . . But in all Honesty . . . IT IS ALL FACT . . . Written or Not.

I HAPPEN TO KNOW AS A FACT . . . And so do you, all of which is Substantiated through 3,000 Years Of History, that there have Never been any Shortages of SELF-HATING JEWS. Or, if you Prefer . . . Jewish Anti-Semites.

The Holocaust Wouldn’t Have Happened Without Elitist (Judenrat) & Thuggish (Kapo) Jewish Support. Some Jews Wanted To Fight & Did – Most were too Unknowing to see the Truth & Peril for What they Were . . . Because they were Too Frightened and Too Ignorant to Believe For Themselves.

Evil Came in The Package Of Best Of Intentions Being The Road To Hell.

LEFTIST Jews think that Orthodox “Secular” Jews like me are TOO JEWISH. And Haredi (Chasidic) Jews, think that I’m NOT Jewish Enough. Do you see Evil in that? . . . Because I Do.


From all of which we are Bearing Witness Today . . . There is no Shortage of Self-Hating Christians, specifically those who are too Stupid to admit it, especially with the Open Assault on the Public Viewing of Christian (Religious) Icons, such as the Ten Commandments, and the Public Expression of Faith in Jesus Christ, when for Example, Teams VOLUNTARILY Take A Knee to Give Thanks or to Pray for Success.

And Why The Propaganda That Christmas Has nothing To Do With Christ?


Here’s Louis Farrakhan . . . The Black Purveyor of Hate & Promoter of Violence Against Whites & Jews, and against the Establishment of Order in a Secular Society . . . Why is Farrakhan Lauded by Prominent Members of the Black Community – Including Members of Congress . . . ?

Yet . . . When Conservative & Successful Blacks REACH-OUT to the World, Regardless of Race, Religion & National Origin – And Work Hard To Succeed, They’re Labeled By The Black Community as SELL-OUTS OR UNCLE TOMS.


Can You Imagine Anything MORE LUDICROUS . . . than the Precept of “WHITE PRIVILEGE”, especially by White Folk Themselves, who seem to believe for whatever INCONCEIVABLE reason, that they have to Feel Guilty for Living a Moral & Ethical Life, for Hard Work & Sacrifice, for Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking, for being Skilled Workers, Managers & Owners . . . BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE?

The Preceding Is The Tip Of The Iceberg . . . The Essence Of Evil.

When did all this Begin & What Do We Do About It? And will we ever Really Win? Heady Questions to be Sure . . . BUT WITH SIMPLE ANSWERS.

It Started Long Before Mankind Began Keeping Records. What do we do? WE FIGHT, But we will Never Really Win. The Best we can Hope for, as History has Shown us over the Millennia, is that EVIL has always been with us, And every now and then – EVIL WINS & MILLIONS of People, Animals & Nature Suffer & Pay The Ultimate Price . . . AND THEN – The Pendulum Swings Back to Good Versus Evil, Until we have to Fight Again.


We’re All Tired – But None Of Us Can Afford To Be Too Tired To Fight.

Evil is with us. Has always been with us. Will always be with us. And the Majority of People will always be Too Ignorant, Too Uninformed, and/or Too Apathetic to Know Right From Wrong, Good OVER Evil . . . Or The Difference Between The Two.

In A Short Sentence – The Hard LEFT Is Evil & We Can’t Be Too Tired To Fight.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You have no idea how you make my day Howard, what a breath of fresh air you are.
    I think one of our main problem is the fact that universities keep pumping out the left wing agenda rather than critical thinking, and the band plays on.
    Keep it up

    Connie Maassen, Whitecourt, Alberta

  2. For several years the pendulum has swung way to the left. It is now obvious that it is on the way back, be patient. Love the Obama folks and their multiple attempts to discredit Trump, the latest “Miss Stormy”, what a joke. She will pay back $130K and will “sing.” Are we suppose to be stupid, A Liberal joker will put up the cash ++++ and give the canary the chance.

  3. You are right, tho sad it is. I only hope in rearing my 2 children I managed to instill a moral, ethical & responsible foundation based on Biblical teachings & belief in God our creator & his Son Jesus Christ. It is sad so many parents fail to teach such principles to their children. Our gov’t is responsible as well via social programs that helped but created an entitled mindset in the process w/o responsibility or consequence for bad choices. At 76, may not see the ‘war’, but pray 4God’s grace.

  4. Prime Minister Netanyahu was on Fox News’ Levin show last night. He provided a wonderful and fresh perspective on how he feels about America. He included this statement: “So when I look at America, I don’t think of the principles of freedom. I think of America’s defense of freedom in the world and alliance with Israel and support for Israel. I have the deepest feelings about the United States of America for both reasons.” It was truly a great thing for me to hear.

  5. Silence is the fuel of tyranny, that is the true concept which has always led to the bigots, megalomaniacs, and proliferators of “EVIL”. Yes, it’s sad, but there is always the “right” side of being truthful, and being truly right, morally, ethically, and as human beings, and within the confines of reality! We should all embrace that, every day in every way! Sometimes the cost is more than we can bear,….but bear it we must!! It has always been the “Resistance”that is right in the end! AMEN!

  6. Howard, SO ACCURATE from within so many different angles!
    I follow another excellent blogger, The Daily Jot, who happened to write on a similar strain today … but from a slightly different angle:
    “There is consistency in what is written in the Bible about the heart of man.
    Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

  7. you are correct that we Pay for our Sins in the Here & Now…but being a Torah believing Christian I also there is a much harsher payment for our sins in the here after. I agree with all you are saying, and am once again copying it for Face Book. May God continue to give you the truth that you are not afraid to print.
    Shalom .

  8. Discouragement is one of the Devil’s favorites ploys, because people give up. As Churchill said so eloquently, never, never, never, give up! We need to fight the left with everything we’ve got, or end up in a Big Brother controlled society run by the elitist left (commies).

  9. The only Heaven + Hell are the here + now.
    Sometimes it is like Heaven and sometimes it is like Hell.

    All religions have evil.
    Same applies to the Left + Rights.
    No one is perfect —just treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

  10. Howard..sounds like you are close to abandoning most of the “isms”:-) Pantheism encompasses much of what you are finding as a quandary. Having been a protestant, catholic and Jewish student at one time or another, I have never given up on the belief that mankind can eventually evolve into a humankind capable of finally resolving differences. We have a long way to go, a real struggle, however, your voice along with others will hopefully make it happen. We tried in the last 100 years to make t

  11. Evil exists. It entered the world through Adam and Eve allowing Satan’s deceit. God gave us Jesus. Satan tempted Jesus but failed. Jesus is the name above every name that is named and to which all things must respond. We must stand against all evil. We must never give up! And we must continue to fight! Now is our day. Thanks, Howard. Keep up the good work!

  12. It’d not really the pendulum. It’s the second law of thermodynamics the energy output eventually wains
    Evil is never defeated because good doesn’t live long enough and gets corrupted if it lives too long.

  13. Your description of words meaning just the opposite, I heard one a while ago, “Calling an illegal Undocumented is like calling a Drug dealer an undocumented Pharmacist.” I think it fits into what you are talking about. Keep up the good work and I am glad you took some time off.

  14. The TRUTH always CONQUERS, but sometimes, it takes a WHILE!The TEN COMMANDMENTS are the BEST GUIDELINES for people to FOLLOW, but they have been CAST ASIDE, as people want to live in an ANYTHING-GOES SOCIETY!Even our LANGUAGE has changed where EVERYONE needs to be POLITICALLY CORRECT!Why do people keep insisting on LIVING IN THE PAST and STIRRING UP past and HATEFUL activities?There are enough PRESENT ISSUES to cope with? As you wrote, “We Can’t Be Too Tired To Fight.” Thank GOD for TRUMP! AMEN!

  15. Cmon man! Christians can be anti-Christ? We must have a completely different definition of the term “Christian”! Christians, by my definition cannot be anti-Christ. I hope you will explain.

  16. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. You are GOOD…

  17. I’m SO CONFUSED, but that’s OK! I did read everyone’s posts, & that’s good. That still doesn’t help “my confusion”…..maybe I just need to take a few days off, like you Howard? WOW, WE CERTAINLY DO LIVE IN A “CRAZY MIXED-UP WORLD”! HAVE A GREAT DAY, EVERYONE, & DON’T GIVE UP “BEFORE THE MIRACLE”, FOLKS!! BLESSINGS TO ALL THOSE, WHO ARE AS “CONFUSED AS ME”!!! And, Howard, please KEEP ON “BLOGGING”.

  18. You and some of your correspondents seem to deny that eternity applies to us human beings. What do all of you maintain that happens to the spirit and soul when one dies. It is obvious to some of us that there is a lot of difference between a living person and a corpse.

  19. Like it or not, accept or reject it, Jews are the cause of much, if not the most of the mass media perfidies now being inflicted upon the West with their incessant lies! I respect your opinions, but the Torah clouds your observations with your own religious and ethnic prejudices! Wake up and smell the goy roses! Civil War is coming! Enough is enough!

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