I Apologize . . . But Even Now & Then I Too Need A Break


My Last Editorial Was March 7, 2018 . . . Four Days Ago – which to me, is like a Socio/Political Writer’s Eternity. And I know to you, or at least to many of you, it has been a reason to wonder why I haven’t been writing . . .

So In A Few Words – It Was Simply Because I Was Exhausted.

Sometimes . . . No Matter How Hard You Want To Stand & Fight – It becomes Impossible to do, because you simply become devoid of energy, and Run-Out of Steam, no matter how much you want to stay in the Fight and keep on Swinging.

SO – WHEN I TELL ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS BLOG . . . That your SUPPORT, has Real Meaning & Value to me, and I’m not just “Talking” about Money, because believe it or not, your Approbation for the Things I Write About and the Things I Do . . . Carries More Value For Me Than You Probably Realize.

I Watched President Trump’s Speech Yesterday, as he Addressed the Thousands of Hugely Enthusiastic Fans in Pennsylvania, who weren’t Cheering him-on because of Fancy Words, Empty Promises, Attacks on Straw-Men & Empty-Suits, but Rather . . . BECAUSE President Trump was Speaking the Truth in a Language with Words Everyone Could Clearly Understand.

I Have A Solid Brain & A Strong Constitution . . . Yet, every now and then, it all gets to me, and in the BIG PICTURE, what I have to Deal With Doesn’t Amount to a Hill of Beans, in Comparison to what President Trump has to Carry on his Shoulders 24/7.

I Worry About The President Of The Free-World More Than Just Somewhat!

President Trump Is The Solitary Wall . . . Standing Between Good & Evil. Between Real Freedom, which Encapsulates the American Dream . . . and the LEFT, with their Communist One-World-Order . . . Where Privilege Rules Supreme.

But Unlike Me . . . When I Get Overwhelmed – I just Pack-It-In for a Few Days to Allow my Mind and Body to Rest – But, think about this for a Moment . . . What Does The World’s Single Human Savior Do When He Gets Overwhelmed?


WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Feels The Weight Of Real Leadership, and the Assaults, which Constantly Come at him from all Directions, Including from Within his own Administration, and possibly from his Own Family (Jared & Ivanka), who have their own Agenda . . .

President Donald Trump Turns To The People For Strength & Approbation!

Hence . . . Yesterday – Saturday March 10, 2018 . . . President Donald Trump Stood Before A Cheering & Adoring Pennsylvania Crowd, who Wanted Nothing More from THEIR PRESIDENT, than for him to Stay the Course & Continue on his Journey to Making America Great Again.


More Than Anything . . . This Crowd Of Supporters Were Shouting Thank You.

I heard the Chants of USA, USA, USA. I Heard the People Scream Build The Wall. And I Saw & Heard them BOO the Mainstream Media . . . They didn’t Yell THANK YOU in those Particular Words . . .

But With Every Cheer, Every Applause & Every Chant – That’s What They Said.


There Are Three Principal Political Parties In The Province Of Ontario:

There’s the Ruling Liberal Party, which makes the Past 8-Years Of Obama Actually look Positive. One of the Under-The-Surface . . . Yet Public Campaign Strategies of the Liberal Party of Ontario, has been to Promote its Leader, Kathleen Wynne, who’s whole Leadership Experience has been Living off the Public Teat, As A Proud & Enthusiastic Lesbian. Whoop-De-Do


The Liberals under Wynne & Previous Political LEFTIST Liars, Cheats, Thieves, Incompetents, Elitists & Cutthroats . . . have Turned Canada’s once most Dynamic & Prosperous Province, which was the Undisputed Commercial, Manufacturing, Educational, Agricultural . . . And Most Affordable Place To Live into a HAVE-NOT PROVINCE, where Virtually all the Middle Class – Are Now Just HANGING-ON.

There’s The NDP . . . New Democratic Party, which out of all Literal Kindness I can Muster, I can only Describe as Nothing More & Nothing Less than Communists in Socialist Clothing – ’Nuff-Said.


Up Till Last Night . . . As far As I Was Concerned – Had My Candidate Doug Ford, NOT WON THE LEADERSHIP OF THE PARTY . . . I would have NEVER Voted for this INANE/INCOMPETENT GANG ON MISCREANTS, which Stood for Absolutely Nothing, Rather than Winning Power, for the Sake of Winning Power.

But . . . And I’m Proud to Say – that at the Least, I was one of the Voices that Helped make a Real Difference in the Outcome, Using my Blog & Recruitment Efforts, DOUG FORD Was Able To Win By A Margin Of Just 150-Votes, in a REALLY RIGGED ELECTION, which was Fixed Against Doug Ford, from the Moment he Announced his Candidacy . . .

And Now That Ford Is The Leader . . . The Long Knives Will Be Out For His Blood.

But Much Like Donald Trump Beat The Insiders . . . So Did Doug Ford!

Where There’s Fight – There’s Hope!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A multitude of Kudos on you Howard for defending Giuliani, not that he needs defending but will surely appreciate your support. To all Americans, don’t get too attached to Howard, he’s Canadian, only on loan, and we want him back when his 180 day allowance expires.

  2. This week in Texas is “Spring Break” (sounds like you took “break” yourself)! Trump vs. “Establishment” is like “David vs. Goliath” story! Let’s pray Trump indeed has God on his side (if he doesn’t, it will be “Allah over” for USA as a nation)! There’s “talk” Texas may “turn blue”- perhaps that’s just “talk” since saying goes: “As goes Texas, so goes the nation”! We missed your “Editorials” and information. Please know that many others are also “mentally exhausted” by all the recent “politics”!

  3. Howard – you have no need to apologize. Thank you for doing what you do the way you do.

  4. Glad to hear you got some well deserved rest! Thanks for all you do for all of us! I always look forward to your blog! Wishing your candidate well! Let’s hope Canada does the right thing too!

  5. Glad you are back. I am successful in putting your blogs on Face Book. Wish everyone would do the same. Don’t know how long that will last, but at least it is getting there. Sorry I don’t have a lot of followers but getting good feedback, so hopefully they are sending it also and Thank You so much for your wisdom and ability to tell it plainly and clearly.

  6. Please Howard, don’t even think it necessary to do an explain – as to your personal goings on. And as we see it – you there in the southwest of the U.S where many of us would like to be your close neighbors. . . you just enjoy, walk your pets, and just know – you are doing the same things there that we are in other locations, and we – of your readers do not in any way begrudge you & Anne of your ‘Time off’ from all this ‘usual’. put a Shrimp on the Barbie tonight – and screw it all!

  7. Howard, a little Rest is mandatory in maintaining mental health, ….especially if you are dedicated to the major organizational documents of ANY free world Country! The United States being a very unique experiment that has proven very successful, with the exception of the security we need to PREVENT the liberal communist thoughts from creating nonrepaiable “cracks in the Dyke” of freedom. We have basically lost interest in what we have, because we have it! God help us if we ever lose it!!

  8. Good for Doug Ford. Now let’s see if the people of Ontario actually see the light, and vote him in.

    Not a given. Many Socialist/Marxists in Ont. who will vote Liberal. And don’t forget the Climate Change zombies.

    Do you think some of the corrupt Liberals, including Wynne, will ever be charged and convicted?

  9. I voted for Doug Ford and I was thrilled this morning to find out he had won. Thanks Howard for supporting Doug, I’m sure it helped him a lot!

  10. Glad you are back. I don’t know how President Trump deals with all the idiocy thrown in his direction. Our local paper in leftist Oregon is so bias against him, it sickens me. I want to cancel it but my wife likes the coupons…. I’m retired from the high tech world but will begin teaching at a local university in the spring. Talking about a bastion of liberal group think…. Luckily I’m teach as business course. The leftist have an iron grip on academia, which turns kids into crazed Libs.

  11. Well said, Howard. Perhaps one could say “leaving the swamp was nothing more than charging is batteries”!

  12. Thank you Howard , for all the work you do
    George Poirier , North Lunenburg On.

  13. HG,

    Welcome back, though, if you took the whole March break, it would be well deserved. At the risk of you being, “tired of winning”, superb editorial! In general, thanks for always going the extra mile to eliminate the possibility for misinterpretation.

  14. Yep Howard. I took your advice and voted Ford. My second vote was Elliott but learned after I voted that she was doing some sneaky backdoor deals with Patrick Brown so am glad she didn’t win, although the last I heard she was contesting due to her losing by such a small margin. We are in interesting times.

  15. Howard…………… don’t sweat the few days that you were missing, we all knew you would be back, everyone needs a few days off at times. Glad you are back and that “your guy” won !!!!!

  16. Howard, everyone needs to CLEAR their BRAIN once in a while to be able to think more clealy, and that’s what a WISE person does! Congratulations to Doug Ford! I’m starting to believe that the TRUTH IS a NEW LANGUAGE which is VERY HARD to LEARN! Yes, Pres. Trump is DEFINITELY ‘standing between GOOD & EVIL’. He has never really gotten out of the CAMPAIGN MODE, as 2020 will come very fast! Again, the RINOS need to WAKE UP SOON, and the SWAMP needs to be drained MUCH FASTER! GO TRUMP GO! MAGA! AMEN!

  17. Hang in there Howard, the people who read your words of truth and wisdom have your back. Just like Trump God loves you and cares about you. We are all in this together. Shalom.

  18. Howard…even God took time off…when you need it, take it and we understand. Thank
    you for keeping us informed and giving us hope. I value you and your appreciation for this great country.
    God continues to be the anchor in this storm we are caught up in. HE will not abandon us.

  19. You push yourself hard for a man who is supposed to be retired, on vacation in the USA. So time to recoup, regroup, and get back some energy & focus is needed and good. Did miss your editorial announcement in my email but glad to hear the reason. Thank you for all you do “for us”. I for one appreciate it immensely.

  20. Howard, you deserved to take a break so no apologies needed. Everyone needs a rest now and then and I’m glad you’re back and look forward to reading your upcoming editorials.

  21. We recently witnessed the beautiful “Art of the Deal” when President Trump gave the Democrats twice as many Illegals as they wanted…and they refused the offer, thereby having the DACA’s turn on the Democrats. I can’t wait to see the results of another “Art of the Deal” as a result of our President making the announcement that he wanted to ban certain weapons. I have a cottage in Ontario which is not occupied during the winter. I use no hydro but pay 1 $150 transmission charge per month.

  22. Glad you’re back, I was beginning to worry about you. I am glad that you were just resting and not ill. There as no reason to apologize for missing a couple of days. I too post your blog on face book every day, but I’m not sure how many are reading it. Take care and enjoy your remaining time in Texas. Edgar in Amarillo

  23. And here in Canada ….. we have Trudeau ….. Can hardly wait until the next election!! ‘Nuff said!!

  24. As a member of the PC party I would have voted for Doug Ford. But I never received my ballot. Given how the election was conducted, and if the Ontario PCs cannot run a leadership election what will the voters think about them running the province. The next Ontario election will be choice between incompetents.

  25. No need to apologize. I understand. Three times in my working career I suffered burn out. Even Yeshua-Ha had to get away by himself because of the pressure of his crowds. You are doing what few others are, so take credit. Your blog is important.

  26. I slept well last night after learning Doug Ford won.
    The next fight is against the Bias Main Stream Media.
    They helped Trudeau win in 2015 and Wynne win in 2013…. and McGuinty before that.

    We have to fight … and Call out the Fake Media.
    The scary part is the Federal Liberals are giving the liberal MSM Tens of Millions to stay afloat.
    To keep paying their wages. So don’t expect them to bite the hand that feeds them! Scary stuff!

  27. Congrats on the “win” in Ontario, to your candidate Mr. Doug Ford, & I HOPE & PRAY that your LEFT WING “LOONS” won’t try & “pull a fast one”! I’m ALSO so pleased to hear from MISS PAULINE in RI, who is SUCH a big FAN of our Pres. TRUMP!! She ALWAYS has such POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT OUR DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! I’M REALLY THRILLED for OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS, on the ELECTION of YOUR CANDIDATE, & GOD BLESS YOU EACH, for “NOT GIVING UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE”!!!!

  28. Take care of yourself so you can continue to keep us informed. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first!

  29. A scary climax enduring until 10.00pm las evening when it was announced Ford had won by a very few votes.
    Email this evening from C.Elliot conceding somewhat gracefully to ford’s win. The party needs to come together and give an all out effort to beat Wynne in the coming election. I think, and hope, we have the next best person to a President Trump.
    Well done Howard, I’m sure your words encouraged a lot of people to vote for Ford. We trust you and your research to bring us the facts and truth.

  30. My Brother, Agree with you on all things said. Trump needs to get rid of Jared and his daughter because they are interested in what they want not what Trump wants. Trump and you are in my prayers and I pray Trump does NOT go before Muller, that would be foolish and walking into danger.

  31. As most of you know I am a Pledge Rider with Howard. His views align with mine. To illustrate his reference to the rigged election of the Ontario Progressive Party’s system and what a Trump like victory Ford pulled off, let me tell you my personal encounter with Ford the day before election. The voting system was SO MANIPULATED that less than half the eligible voters received their ballots. His own mother was excluded and one of his staff as well. Fortunately I was able to vote for him.

  32. Howard, you have contributed far and beyond anyone else I know that has a Blog or a newspaper. You are entitled to a rest. i watched Trump speak couple of days ago and I was impressed. Can you tell me why is it that the Camera does not show how many people cheering are in the back? For more than an hour, the camera was fixated only on Trump. Is the Media afraid to show the amount of people that cheers Trump? Steve Acre, Canada

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