I Watched A Great Documentary Last Night


If you watched the Academy Awards Last Night . . . Don’t Take This Personally, but you Threw Away (Wasted) Several Hours of your Precious Life-Span on CRAP.


BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I DON’T LOVE . . . I Don’t Love a Slew of Over-Paid, Indulged, Self-Absorbed – Actors, Writers, Singers, Composers, Clothing Designers, TV Talk-Hosts – and the Such . . . Lecturing Me As To What They Think . . . BUT MORE SOWHAT I “SHOULD” THINK.

IT GALLS ME TO SEE & HEAR . . . The Entertainment HYPOCRITES talk Glowingly about Black Lives Matter, Me-Too, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, Global Warming or Climate Change – Depending on the Phony Flavor of the Day, when these Over-Dressed LOW-LIVES Represent the ANTITHESIS of what is Moral, Ethical, Decent & Right for the American Dream, Characterizing Everything America was Founded-On, to Become . . . WHAT THEY’RE REALLY AGAINST!


SO OVER THE LAST WEEK . . . Anne & I watched a Fabulous Netflix Production Called “TURN”, which gave a Wonderful Depiction of America during the Revolution, immediately following the Declaration Of Independence.

OUTSIDE OF BEING A BIT OVER-THE-TOP . . . with Creative License, Beating the US Drum Of Righteousness, which made the Governing British Look Far Worse than they really were, which also portrayed the Future Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe as a Nazi – The History Lesson Was BRILLIANT.

Washington’s Spies – The Relatively True Story.

ANNE & I BINGED . . . for over a week – watching this Spell-Binding History Lesson about the Inside of the American Revolution, based mostly on Actual Events & People, told from the Camp of George Washington . . . from New York City (York), Long Island, Virginia & Pennsylvania, which had all the Elements of a MAGNIFICENT STORY, with Beautiful Women, Sexy Men, Romance, Love, Hate, Violence, Tenderness, Intrigue, Conscience, Courage, Cowardice, Heroes, Heroines, Cowards, Traitors, Patriots, Loyalists . . . And Everything Else you could possibly want in a Great Production, WITHOUT GRATUITOUS SEX & NUDITY, with Only the Appropriate Level of Violence to Make a Point.

We Both Learned A Great Deal That We Didn’t Already Know.

SO PRAY TELL . . . Why would I want to WASTE Hours of my Limited Life-Span, Watching & Listening to the DROOL of Elitists, who aren’t Worth a Smidgen Of Dung, when I can Invest my Time Learning Something of Real Value & History?


JUST IN CASE YOU’RE UNAWARE . . . Or perhaps more Succinctly – Not Entirely Aware, WE’RE ALREADY WELL INTO THE REVOLUTION, With Only One Question:

On What Side . . . Will You Choose – To Be A Patriot Or A Useful Tool?

This Past Weekend . . . Hamilton Ontario, which is about an Hour by Car, a bit South-West of Toronto, which used to be Canada’s Steel-Making Hub, and has been for years trying to Re-Invent Itself as a High-Tech Medical Community – FELT THE WRATH OF CANADA’S ANSWER TO ANTIFA, when as many as 30-Masked Thugs, Dressed all in Black, calling themselves the “UNGOVERNABLES” Smashed – Without Reason, more than $100,000 in Private and Corporate Property.

These Canadian Thugs Continued Their Mayhem until the Hamilton Police Arrived, when . . . LIKE ALL PESTS, the ANTIFA-TYPE Canadians Ran for Cover.

This Was Not Just Anecdotal . . . This Was A Message Of Things To Come.


This Is A Global Conspiracy To Get Trump . . . Before Trump Does-In The One-World-Government – IN EFFECT . . . Mueller & the People Mueller Represents, ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN TO DO US-IN. Because if Trump Wins, FREEDOM WINS, and the One-World-Government Crashes & Burns.

President Trump Is Going After Steel & Aluminum Cheaters . . . Amongst all the other Global Manufacturers & Exporters, whom after Several Generations, have Literally Stolen American Jobs & Wealth with Unfair Business Practices – SO WHY IS CONGRESS . . . The Republican House & Republican Senate OPPOSED to President Trump, IMPOSING a Tariff on Unfair Imports of Steel & Aluminum?

BECAUSE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . . . Is Losing as much as, and perhaps even More than $800-BILLION every Year in Unfair Trade . . . WHERE’S THE DOWNSIDE TO AMERICA IN NOT LOSING $800-BILLION PER YEAR IN UNFAIR TRADE?

IF THERE’S NO DOWNSIDE IN AMERICA . . . To Not Losing $800-Billion Per Year in Unfair Trade – Why are Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell so much Against President Trump’s Policy . . . TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD, unless the Swamp is so Deep, Long & Wide – that it Extends Far Beyond the Borders of the United States of America and Throughout the Globalized World?

Who Does Congress Work For . . . The American People Or The Globalists?


IN 1776 – those Americans who Opposed the Patriots were called LOYALISTS, and did what they Could to Stop the Creation of The Republic of the United States of America.

IN 2018 . . . I Truly Believe these People of a LIKE MINDSET are called GLOBALISTS . . . And just as there was a Huge Number of Colonial Americans who Sided with the British & King George – THERE IS A HUGE NUMBER OF AMERICANS TODAY, WHO ARE SIDING WITH THE SOCIALIST ONE-WORLD-ORDER.

The Gauntlet’s Been Dropped – Now Let’s See Who’ll Be Willing To Pick-It-Up.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. During the early days of the 2008 Presidential election, Rudy was my choice. Since then, he has consistently behaved extremely Presidential. During the last 6 years, Obama would have done far better, had he, at the very least, consulted with Rudy, Mitt,Trump, etc. But he prefers Sharpton and his ilk. Obama’s choices have isolated him, even among some prominent Democrats. Like so many, I’m mad as hell!!!

  2. When I was clicking through the channels I caught a poignant moment…on ONE of the receivers of an Academy Award (can’t recall his name) recalled as how HE served in Vietnam and asked the attendees if their were any who also had…..there was dead silence with some uncomfortable murmurs. President Trump will get the UNFAIR trade in order. Doing NOTHING is NOT an option! I understand ‘repurcussions’, but we have been on the receiving end of them! ENOUGH!!!

  3. Well stated Mr. Galganov. I for one am willing to stand for America and the constitution.

  4. I did not watch one second of the stupid’s Oscar last night. Rumor is they need to make the statute 1/2 male and 1/2 female, so I imagine the stupid attendee’s will have that by next year, and who cares? The half dressed females and stuffed Tux males who think they are something are just empty headed dolls without a sensible thought in their heads. Only the empty headed would bother to know what they won or hear what they say.

  5. Great editorial Howard…thanks. WTO is part of the One World Gov’t with its swamp members as part of the USA gov’t. Trump needs to stick to putting TARIFFs on STEEL and ALUMINUM Americans want their country back. SOROS!! GO TRUMP GO!!!! I didn’t watch the Academy Awards I have better things to do with my time than watch that crap…egotistical idiots that they are.

  6. Right now the Can. Lib. Govmt. is being pushed by the MSM to take strong measurements against the US possibly hiking tariffs on Steel and Aluminum. What do they think, a 30 mill. pop. economy against a 300+ mill. pop. one. Trump should just get it over with and extend the US borders. Canada can’t defend its borders and using a security reason for imposing these tariffs is right on. Stop illegals from getting in. Canada has a poor immigration policy and border security. Go Trump be our POTUS too.

  7. You can blame the lobbyist for representing other countries in the past for favracle trade.and most lobbyist are former
    congressmen who only look to fatten their wallets.No wonder the country was going dawn the drain.

  8. I watch as my country slips away from the foundations that were laid. I observe those today in America, are like spoiled little children who don’t like to hear the word “No”. Sacrifice is no longer acceptable! Give me and GIVE me NOW! I watch as the moral fiber of America collapses from within! I watch as mischievous behavior has degenerated to Dangerous behavior! I watch as “actors” propagate their views rather than do their job.(Entertain). Don’t like a product, ok, Don’t buy it! What Oscars?

  9. Thank you for another great true article. Keep it up. I feel like we are clones the way we think the same. Thanks again.It is great to know that I am not alone in how I see what is going on around us.

  10. Howard, I’m thinking you watched that Prager U video: “Dear Celebrities: No one cares what you think!” Lots of “Progressives” (towards Communism) in Hollywood! Actors learn their lines, then repeat them back on the scene, so they make good Democrats (“parrots of liberalism”)! Costs too much to go to movies, but if everything else is “paid for”, perhaps those on welfare can afford to do this? Oscar statue looks pretty “neuter” to me, but USA is getting “neutered” by all the “Globalism” going on!

  11. Am in total agreement Howard. Also in total agreement with Frank Canzone of NC. MSM would have us believe the globalist or socialist ideology is overwhelmingly popular in the US. I disagree, though feel it is close mostly because of big cities (heavily populated with welfare recipients) & nearly all of CA & northeast states. True patriots are finally seeing what has happened. Right now we’re counting on Pres Trump to stop them; but they’re ingrained & many. Prayer & repentance is truly needed.

  12. Enjoyed your “blog” as usual…..NO, I did NOT watch the “Oscars”, & I could care less about watching them! The “Hollywood elite” is SO OUT-OF-TOUCH with CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS!! You & your dear Anne, did the right thing, I’m sure!!! Obviously, you were NOT ALONE. Ratings were WAY DOWN, but the far left LIBERAL LOONS, STILL DON’T “GET IT”! And, that’s OK!! May God Bless PRES. TRUMP, HIS CABINET, & THE USA!!!

  13. I think you are being a little harsh on Oscar. You can see where his arms are, and…… he has no penis. Aren’t you the least bit curious as to who won best sound editing vs. sound mixing?
    The academy awards is a wonderful brain enema.
    Now we are good for another year.

  14. I didn’t watch the “Oscars” either and I can’t remember the last time I went to see a movie at a theater. Also, there’s
    hardly anything on T.V. that is worth watching so I am enjoying reading a lot of good books. The latest one which I really loved was “The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel. He is an investigative journalist, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune.
    What a fascinating story – and NO commercials!! And, Howard, I avidly read and enjoy all your Editorials. Thanks so much.

  15. Roughly 50 years ago I inherited my father’s sister’s estate. She had been UDC plus the state registrar, DAR Alabama. There was a cedar chest filled with geonegical records and books pertaining to the family. Geneology was her hobby. Suddenly I could trace my ancestry to the Plantagenets, William the Conquer, and back to Clodius. B.C.. So what?

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