What If Schumer Opposed A Nominee Because He Was Jewish?


What if an Anti-Semitic Group, which was OPPOSED to Chuck Schumer as the Democrat Senate Leader, not because he is a Jerk, which I believe he is, but Rather, because they believed there were already TOO MANY JEWS IN HIGH GOVERNMENT POSITIONS . . . did all they could BECAUSE SCHUMER IS A JEW, to Deny Him the Right to Achieve his Goals Based on Merit?


AS OBSCENE AS THAT WOULD BE . . . That’s Exactly what Chuck Schumer said by Word & Deed, when Schumer Openly Opposed a Trump Judicial Nominee, Not because he Wasn’t Eminently Qualified, but rather, because he was WHITE, where in Schumer’s “Perfectly Sick Convoluted World” . . . Skin Color Trumps Merit.


IN CANADA . . . Under Canada’s Ruling Liberal Government, Canada’s Cabinet Boasts it’s Diversity, in having an Equal Number of Women To Men in Government Positions of Power & Responsibilities . . . OPPOSED TO CHOOSING THE BEST FOR THE JOBS – From what Otherwise is a choice Amongst very Slim Pickings, Exclusively from Elected Members of Parliament.

Even though there is No Law in Canada, which Forbids Cabinet Ministers from being Appointed from Outside of Government, Literally all Canadian Cabinet Ministers are Appointed from Elected Members of Parliament . . . Which in itself is Composed of a Gaggle of Political Yes-Men & Yes-Women, Many, if not Most of Whom, you wouldn’t Trust to Walk your Dog.

So . . . Given such a Weak Bench-Strength to Begin With – Just imagine how much more Diluted Canada’s Cabinet is, which is Almost ENTIRELY Decided on what’s Between a Person’s Legs . . . Rather Than What’s Between A Person’s Ears.


IN 1977 . . . Hollywood Produced an Epic War Movie, about American and British Soldiers, whose Leading Commanding Officers & War Planners, who were coming off the Huge Normandy Victory . . . Decided in their own Self-Greatness, that they could in one Fell Swoop . . . Drive most of the German Military from Holland, while Capturing and/or Killing those they could Prevent from Escaping.


BUT . . . LIKE ALL GRAND DESIGNS – Created on the Altar of Avarice, where People are DRUNK with their own Egos, Value of Self Worth & Narcissism . . . This Military Strategy Turned out to be a Disaster for the Allies, leading in more Allied Deaths, Wounded & Equipment Destruction, than what Occurred as the result of the Entire D-Day Invasion.

In Essence . . . The Allied Strategy was to Outflank the Germans in one Huge Maneuver, Capturing all the Bridges, which would then Trap the German Troops, Artillery and Tanks in the Netherlands, to be Captured or Destroyed by the American and British Militaries.

The Entire Concept Was Perfect . . . Except, that even though the Officers in the Field, Believed that the Plan was Over-The-Top, no one told the Planners that the Germans weren’t Patsies Waiting to be Crushed – and that the Germans would give the Allied Forces the Fight Of Their Life.


“A BRIDGE TOO FAR” . . . is what happens when YOUR REACH is less than your Grasp, But you believe it to be Otherwise . . . Because you believe in your own Infallibility.

I WRITE THIS . . . Because I believe that President Trump, who was always an Outwardly Over-Confident Man & Narcissist . . . who as President of the United States Of America – Has so far Exceeded what anyone could have ever Imagined Possible . . . Might Be Becoming Drunk On His Own Success.

President Trump Too . . . Might Be On His Journey To “One Bridge Too Far”.

NO ONE CAN EVER ACCUSE ME . . . Of Not Supporting President Trump’s War Against The Swamp, Or How He’s Fighting It. But Fighting Against His Own Because Of His Own Ego Is Not Supportable.

I Hope President Trump Realizes that there are No Friends to be had amongst the LEFT – NONE OF THEM! And amongst his Own Party, there are Hardly any There As Well. And the ONLY REASON Donald Trump Won The Election in 2016, WAS IN SPITE OF THE DEMOCRATS & THE REPUBLICANS . . . BUT RATHER – BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVED IN HIS MESSAGE.


For President Donald Trump To Publicly Say – Seize The Guns & Worry About Due Process After, was Not Only a Stupid & Arrogant thing for him to have said, but was Indeed . . . A SLAP IN THE FACE & BETRAYAL OF THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED HIM.

Trump Should Be Very Careful About His Feelings Of Political Invincibility.

The Moment “Trump’s” Base . . . Begin to Question his Motives & Loyalty – and see him more for his Arrogance than his Determination – Donald Trump Will Be Standing Alone, Naked & Vulnerable – Because Every Leader . . . Great or Otherwise, who has Succumbed to his or own Self-Image of Greatness & Invulnerability, whether it was Caesar, Napoleon, Obama, or Hitler . . . All Wound Up In The Same Sorry Place, On The Ash-Heap Of History.


1 – Don’t Deviate In Any Way From The NRA.

2 – BUILD THE WALL . . . And Press The Envelope For Merit Immigration Without Surrendering An Inch To The LEFT OR RINOS.

3 – DO NOT OFFER . . . Or Support any Plan to Divide Jerusalem. Otherwise, it will be a Huge Betrayal to the State of Israel, Rendering the American Embassy Move to West Jerusalem, in the Eyes of Israel, America’s Jews, Diaspora Jews, and the Global Community, as Nothing More than a Hollow Gesture.

4 – START THE TRADE WAR . . . Since Nothing Could Better Usher In The END of the Socialist Ideology of a One-World Government. And if the United States of America is Already LOSING as much as, and Perhaps even MORE than an $8-Hundred Billion Annual Trade Imbalance to Europe, Asia & NAFTAPRAY TELL . . . WHAT DOES THE USA HAVE TO FEAR FROM A TRADE WAR?


There are Two People in the White House who are in my Opinion . . . Indispensible. The First of Course is President Donald Trump. The other . . . Is President Trump’s Chief Of Staff General John Kelly, who has the GRIT to KEEP-OUT THE NOISE, and Curb the Corruption and Insanity of the Wannabes.

If President Trump wants to Wage a Global & Domestic War against Corruption . . . and the GLOBAL LEFT, President Trump is Best Suited by having Powerful Generals Marshaling The Troops . . . Opposed to Weak-Kneed Self-Indulgent Pretenders, who see themselves as being Far Greater & Smarter than who and what they Really Are.


And If That Means Slapping-Down “Kushner & Ivanka” . . . So-Be-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard, great editorial. Could you write something about Mr Trumps fear of Mr. Putin? When North Korea threatened the U.S with their rockets, Mr. Trump was all over Kim Jong Un. When Mr. Vladimir Putin flexed his muscle yesterday against the U.S., not a peep from Mr. Trump. How come? I’m sure Howard that a lot of your readers would also like to know why the fear. Keep up the good work. Regards, Joe Wroblewski.

  2. ever since the the NAFTA agreement was introduced I have never felt any benefits that were produced for Canadians, really would like to know where all the supposed benefits promised went????? In Canada the Family Compact still rules.

  3. Howard well said. Go Trump Go . When you get back let me know and i’ll go to the range with you. It has been a long time since I fired a gun. Oh yes yesterday I joined the NRA.

  4. In a bridge too far you are referring to “Operation Market Garden” which was an allied disaster. I have been there with a veteran of the operation and talked with the local Dutch residents. More information can be found on Wickipedia.

  5. To be successful, you must believe in yourself! Obama is “narcissist”, not Trump! Do you now think Trump “fooled” his voters (or made “fools” out of them)? HRC is the one who became “drunk on her success” (assuming she would win, but we all know what happens when you ASSUME)! Have patience, Howard! Perhaps Trump is “playing” with the “liberals”? BTW, Trump is “confident”, not “arrogant”! (Hate to think where USA would be today had he not won election.) His “To Do” list just keeps getting longer!

  6. Howard, great article. I am of the persuasion that mr. schummer is a putz who would vote against his own grandma if the occasion arose. He is a schumck deluxe.

  7. According to the WSJ, President Trump changed his tune re firearms control after listening to Mr Cox from the NRA. The NRA is a very well-funded, well-organized, well-respected and influential organization. I think the President realized all of those facts post-meeting.
    He would be wise to heed them.
    I also feel all the firms pulling their affiliations with the NRA will come to the same realization shortly. And the same for the chain store gun deslers

  8. WOW, Spot On, Howard!!! Trump does need to listen to the NRA. As for NAFTA, I was against it, right from the get go! I knew that it was a bad trade agreement. If, you are wondering where the money has gone, look no farther than Mexico. Yes, the US has lost billions & I am sure that Canada has lost billions, as well. I had read that NAFTA was part of the NWO plot/plan. This is NOT Star Trek & mankind is always too greedy, lusting power & someone always wants to be King of the hill, right???!!!

  9. Mr. Shummer is a LIBERAL-LEFT-LOON! I say, “just consider the source”, about him!! Also, Pres. Trump, needs to stick with the “winners”, the NRA, & the VERY BAD DEAL, the NAFTA gave the USA. Please continue to pray for Pres. Trump, his Cabinet members, & his family….as these a VERY TROUBLED TIMES, THE USA is going thru! May God continue to bless PRES. TRUMP!!

  10. The one thing that bothers me is the continuing firing and resignation of members of the Trump administration its like a revolving door .I wonder if this is how Trumps businesses were run.

  11. Facts and truth are the most important thing in any debate. Trump Say “seize the guns & worry about due process after”. But he also said this only applied to those with mental disorders. I agree 100% with what he said.
    And there in FACT is a gun problem in the US. It might be the registration process, or something else, but don’t try to hide the FACT there is a problem.
    Canada has gone overboard with gun control. Can’t use it to defend yourself or you will be charged,

  12. The problem lies not with guns, but with the people who acquire them via their doting mothers (Sandy Hook). If you will research, you will find that the people with mental disorders, who have been prescribed Ritilin, Prozac, etc., each & every one of them, were either on those prescribed drugs or coming off them. An excellent book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, by Jim Maar, has researched & listed each and every one of those mass shooters, what they were taking or coming off of, an eye opener

  13. Good stuff Howard, I wouldn’t be judging Trump so fast. I believe he has an agenda and he is playing it close to his chest. You can’t trust anybody. You never know who is going to tape record a word or a sentence that you have said off the cuff. Give him time, I truly believe in him, however he cannot clean the swamp as he wants to, because it has too many Republicans. Steve Acre, Québec, Canada.

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