Why The North American Option


Now That Justin Trudeau . . . Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister, has Demonstrated Beyond Doubt, that he’s More than just a Little-Bit-Late – Coming To The Socialist Party . . . Since by every Measure . . . Socialism is a Failed Philosophy . . . which is leaving Canada out there Hanging on the Vine, Swinging Aimlessly in the Winds of Political Time – Without a Clue as what to do Next.


Great For America – Great For Canadians Like Me.

AMERICA NEEDS IMMIGRANTS . . . so says the American LEFT and the RIGHT. President Trump wants Immigrants who are Educated, Talented, Skilled, Honest, Self-Sufficient & Law Abiding, who can Speak English, and know something about the USA – But NOT NECESSARILY Immigrants who want to Become American Citizens.


At any Given Time . . . as many as (And More Than) 1-Million Canadians are in the United States of America, many of whom own Homes & Condos or live in Expensive RV’s.

But Without Green Cards – The Maximum Time a Canadian Citizen can Legally stay in the USA IS 180-DAYS (Running Time) ON THE ENTIRE YEAR.

AS A RESULT . . . More than 1-Million Canadians Must By US Law – Abandon their Homes, Condos & RV’s, so as not to Violate their 6-Month US Immigration Status.


Even for Anne & Myself, who spend just under 6-Months In The USA (Texas) during the Winter, without being Big Spenders, and owning our own RV, we spend at a Minimum . . . $20,000 CANADIAN WHICH GOES TO THE US ECONOMY.

In Comparison To Most Canadians In America . . . We’re Small Potatoes.

Think about the Millions of Canadians who WOULD RUSH to Stay in the United States Year-Round, who QUALIFY 100% for President Trump’s MERIT BASED IMMIGRATION . . . And the Many Millions of Other Merit-Qualified Canadians who would Storm the Border, bringing their Canadian Money, Talents & Job Creation Abilities with them . . . WHERE’S THE DOWNSIDE TO AMERICA?

It’s not as if I’m suggesting that the United States of America Change its Immigration Laws, which already Prohibit Canadian Felons or Canadians with Felony Records to Cross into the United States . . .

Or for US Customs not to Demand Proper Canadian ID, such as Passports or NEXUS Cards, such as Anne and I Have.

In Essence . . . Nothing Would Change for the United States of America, other than the USA would VIRTUALLY . . . Overnight, Gain Several Million English Speaking Law Abiding Canadians, who would Demand NO SOCIAL SERVICES, Would Never Vote . . . WHO WOULD ONLY ADD TO THE VITALITY OF AMERICA.

And If Canadians Wanted US Citizenship . . . We Could Apply & Get In Line.

If This Proposal Had A Downside To Any Country . . . It would be to Canada, since there would be a Mad-Dash of Top Flight Canadian Citizens making a Mad-Dash for the USA. But that said . . . Canada could make the same Offer to Americans, who might think the Grass would be Greener on the Canadian Side.


The Problem With This Proposal Is That It’s Simple . . . ‘Cause It’s Simple.


I Worry a Great Deal when a Politician says things that Do Not Need To Be Said. Just like Politicians, who use far Too Many Words to Describe what should be Simple and Self Explanatory. Or who Give Names to Policies and Places which are otherwise Self-Contradictory (Oxymorons).

FOR EXAMPLE . . . When East Germany used to call itself The DDR – The Democratic Republic of Germany. There was NOTHING Democratic about East Germany before the Berlin Wall had Fallen. But, that’s what they called Themselves, which is how the World Chose to Refer to Their Big Lie.

Or how the Palestinians Bill Themselves as a “People” . . . but a People whom otherwise Never Existed, until Yasser Arafat and the Jew-Haters of the World Created them long after the RE-CREATION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

BUT I’M ESPECIALLY FEARFUL OF GOVERNMENT LEADERS . . . who INSIST by what they Call Democratic Principles, that they know WHAT IS BETTER FOR THE PEOPLE THEY ARE PURPORTEDLY TO SERVE, than do the People who the Government is Supposed to Answer to.

One Should NEVER Forget That Adolf Hitler Was Democratically Elected.

Hitler . . . Like all the other Really Bad Guys, pressed his reality that certain TEMPORARY Restrictions & Laws, and New Laws which would run Contrary to Individual Rights & Freedoms, under Certain Circumstances, are what is most Needed and Essential for the Good of the Whole . . . SO HITLER & OTHERS OF HIS ILK TOOK AWAY THE GUNS.

I watched the “Conversation” Between President Trump, Democrats & Republicans “Discussing” how they could make Schools Safer, mostly by somehow making Gun Ownership Safer.


Anne & I are Both Gun Owners, who enjoy Target & Action Shooting. We have Handguns & Carbines – And are quite good at Shooting. Many of our Friends are also Shooters in Canada and the United States, As Many In The USA Like To Carry.

And if Anne & I lived in a “Carry” State, and were Legally Allowed To Carry, we Mostly Probably Would, NOT BECAUSE WE FEEL THREATENED . . . But Rather – Because It’s A Unique RIGHT & FREEDOM That Separates The United States Of America From The Rest Of A Sick World.

Being Canadian Gun Owners . . . Anne and I – like all Canadian Gun Owners have had to Jump through Hoops to get our License to Buy & Own Guns. We had to take a COMPREHENSIVE Gun Ownership Course & Exam, and needed to Pass an INTRUSIVE Background Check.

And Once Canadians have their RPAL’S (Restricted Possession Acquisition License), we are FREE to purchase any Non-Prohibited-Gun. Prohibited Guns Include Automatic Rifles & Pistols, Handguns with a Barrel Length of 4” or less, and all Rifles with a Barrel Length Less than 18”.

I Have No Problem With Any Of That . . . Not even the part that requires all “Restricted” Guns, such as AR-15 Style Semi-Automatics to be Registered with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

But, where I am Disappointed in Canada’s Gun Laws . . . is the Draconian Manner our Guns have to be Stored and Transported . . . AND THAT NO CANADIANS CAN CARRY – Not Even Off Duty Police Officers.

ALSO IN CANADA . . . Gun Owners are always Waiting for the Shoe-To-Drop, when a Liberal (Socialist) Government will eventually Deem it ILLEGAL for all Canadians to Own Firearms, much like they’ve done throughout Most of Europe and all of Australia, since we in Canada have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO OWN & BEAR ARMS.

So . . . While President Trump & Members of Congress, Especially Democrat & RINO Members of Congress Outwardly Express their LOVE for the 2nd Amendment, and some for their LOVE for the NRA . . . Remember This – Once You Place Just One Foot On The Slippery Slope, It’s Only The Beginning Of The Slide . . . BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY BACK.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • At age 78, I do not allow myself too many fantasies, but there is one that lingers long in my mind: Rudy Giuliani is appointed US Attorney General in a conservative Republican administration in 2 years.

    Ralph Glorioso, Santa Rosa, California, United States
  • My wife and I would go as well….in a nano second…!

    Ed Tait Tait, North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
  • Do you know how many pet-friendly beaches there are in Florida?
    We’re in.

    Allan Fleisher, Toronto, ON
  • Howard, you so often write about how lovely living in the US is, why not apply for citizenship, go through the process, and move here permanently. Then you could write about other important things instead of repeating the same things over and over. No, seriously, I understand from where you’re coming. I just don’t understand why you continue to make yourself uncomfortable by living where you don’t like.

    Bob Ernst, Gillette, Wyoming, United States
  • Spot on Howard, “just one foot in the door”.

    Perry E Poling, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
  • Thank you for your comment on guns. In US, I think all Federal rules and regs regarding fire arms are unconstitutional because of the second amendment. The govt is incrementally destroying a right that it has a duty to protect. BTW The same people demanding more gun control want Trump, who they call “Hitler”, to implement. Go figure.

    Ele Ingraham, Philipsburg, Montana, United States
  • We are losing our rights in Canada faster than you can blink an eye; Mr. Cyril Winter, a 70 year-old senior, was arrested by police in Ottawa on Feb. 7th and 9th. He was carrying signs that read ‘Freedom of Expression and Religion. No Censorship’ and ‘God save our Charter rights’. He was arrested while walking on a public sidewalk, sign in-hand.”

    Lawrence Kalman, Montreal QC
  • GREAT IDEA! Being a small business owner, in Cali. I would gladly hire English speaking Canadians over the non-English speaking people that I am forced to hire now. Wow. but if this idea was to be implemented, there would be, inevitably, Racist comments coming from our Southern Brothers. SUCH A GREAT IDEA, people who share the same values and allot of our customs. Individual responsibility, and cultural similarity would make the US grow, not shrink, while we take care of third world people.

    Charles Adamson, Torrance, California, United States

  • To the uninformed : Canada is not even on the US list of countries to emigrate from . That is why HG does move permanently . We are welcomed Visitors , nothing more AND the Ca. gov. will never let this happen , stopping it through Med Care and Taxation. Yes maybe Canada could exchange a few of us for some Loved Far Left idiots from the US , they would fit right in . GUNS in CANADA ? DONE . By The Way PROHIB is as you describe PLUS anything the RCMP adds to the list they control , “looks” qualify

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario
  • Don’t tease us Howard. The thought of moving to the states would be a great option. Especially if the socialist loving fools here in Canada vote jihady justin back in for four more years. Canada will be lost to Sharia law if this happens.

    Arlene Burch, Haliburton, On
  • Great idea/proposal; but why stop there? I’d be all for you and your wife to not just live here, but become citizens as well. In fact, if there were some way to convert your US citizenship into being something that could make you eligible to be elected as President of the U.S., I’d be the first to vote for you. We need someone who can think and be honest which is hard (as in impossible) to find in our current congressional group, but maybe with a strong leader with integrity we could make it.

    Curtis Roberts, Surprise, AZ
  • Howard, I echo “WHAT THE OTHER ‘BLOGGERS HAVE SAID’ YOU & ANNE WOULD MAKE WONDERFUL US CITIZENS”! Would love to see you follow thru, even though Canada is probably much nicer in the summertime!! I’m sure you know what the SLIPPERY SLOPE OF SOCIALISM IS!!! This GUN BATTLE IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!! From there-on-out, it’s ONLY DOWNHILL, ALL THE WAY. May God continue to bless ALL OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS, & GOD BLESS PRES. TRUMP!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • I’m certainly no expert on the US Constitution… but I really don’t understand why a Canadian couldn’t apply for US citizenship and then go back to Canada as to when ever they choose to visit family and friends.. it all does just not make sense to me.. That way, Howard could have the best of both worlds and not have to worry about the six month limitation..
    but, again, I am not an expert on all of this.. it just does not make any sense to me though… please give me some answers..

    Barry W. Dolbier, SUMMERVILLE, South Carolina, United States
  • Why not a fair exchange? Trump-hating American libtards move to Kanada; Canadian conservatives move to the United States. What could be fairer?

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec
  • Send this editorial to Pres. Trump.

    John C. Rochotte, Tiffin, Ohio
  • I have numerous friends who live in the Ottawa area as I used to spend one to two months per year up there. Every one is an outstanding person and would be an asset to the U.S. I know Ottawa far better than I do Chattanooga, which is only 30 miles north of here. Many of my Canadian friends have spent months at a time visiting me here also. I maintain contact with most of them daily. Late spring until fall, we frequently head for the Gulf Coast for as much as a week.

    John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA
  • I would far prefer to live in the States, and just forget about the pathetic self-righteousness I hear daily from my politically correct country”persons”. We do indeed have a government that represents the majority–sadly!

    Gordon D Miller, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Regardless of the US immigration laws, the actions of Canada’s deep socialist government will perpetuate a massive brain drain, to America. It is already underway from the province of Alberta, where enormous numbers of educated, young, and talented individuals sit idle wondering when another payday will ever come. The brain drain is precisely what Canada’s socialist rulers would prefer, as they work to dumb down the population, and render it more susceptible to complete control by dictatorship.

    Ben Eby, Calgary, AB
  • i was employed by National Air lines many moons ago ,there ads in the NE part ot the country in the winter “COME ON DOWN” SO cANADIANS COME ON DOWN. Here in the s.Fla there is one problem some canadians work illegally i have seen it
    mostly in construction.,this is small percentage but it i report it to ICE.Illegals are a way of life here.

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • I would be there in the blink of an eye

    William Conlon, Ottawa, Ont
  • GREAT blog & ideas!!! Let’s go for it & start the ball rolling in the US. I am in FULL agreement with Canadians coming to the US! We need them & they need us. Oh, by the way, Southerners are the most Patriotic people I have ever met & I was born & raised in California! It is Southerners, who are in the military, both blacks & whites! Yes, our military comes from all over the US, but the Southerners have the most numbers. Southerners stand by our military, law enforcement & for the US Flag!!

    Mickey D Watson, Douglasville, GA, USA
  • Howard, I appreciate your viewpoint but things are not simple in the USA. The two parties have a lock on politics.Anyone expecting to get elected must be loyal to either Democrat or Republicans. Once elected they are no longer beholden to those who elected them, but their alegiance is to the party that sponsored them and to those who financed their campaign. Trump is an exception and since he does not toe the party line, he has no support from his party.

    Van Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States
  • You are 100 percent correct in this piece. I would welcome all the upright Canadian citizens to become full time residents of the USA and applaud their successes in becoming citizens of the USA. Thank you for your contributions if only for 6 months a year and I wish you could join us in the USA permanently. BTW, the e mail addy refers to horses we breed and not our nationality. Gail

    Gail Pate, Camp Verde Arizona
  • Howard it is not yet illegal for Australians to own firearms, the laws are almost to a point of overbearing. Each state has somewhat similar firearm legislation but very repressive. The anti firearms lobbies and governments and some state police forces and departments always rattle on about gun control, getting illegal guns off the streets. Sad but true the baddies and crooks in the end may be the only ones with guns, ILLEGAL of course, and they wont surrender anything that’s Aussie Gun Law!

    Graham Inskip, Oakhurst, Queensland, Australia

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