First They Came For My Gun . . . Then They Came For Me


Anne & I Are Not Americans . . . Not because that’s a Personal Choice, but rather, it’s because of American Immigration Laws . . . But whether we are Americans or Not Americans, does not Mitigate our Desire to enjoy the same FREEDOMS in Canada, which are Enjoyed by the American People, through their Incredible Bill Of Rights & Constitution.

THEREFORE . . . When Anne & I hear of attacks on the very Foundation of the American Dream, such as the Never-Ending Assault on the American Second Amendment, through Nefarious & Unscrupulous attempts to Demean & Parse the very Fabric of the American Right To Bear Arms as was Written some 250-Years Ago – Both of us become more Disheartened, Aggravated & Angered Than Just Somewhat.


Since the End of the Second World War . . . Canada has been on a Continuous & Uninterrupted Slide to the Socialist LEFT, to the Point, that our Politicians, Educators & Unions have been trying to Align Canada more closely with the Europeans, than with the United States of America.

OUR CANADIAN POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS . . . will Refute what I just wrote, which is Meaningless to me, since our Politicians & Bureaucrats over Generations have Developed an Incredible Expertise & Talent in Refuting all Manner of the Truth.


Canada’s Constitution has NO GUARANTEE for Unassailable Individual Rights. In Truth & Fact, Canada’s Constitution is all about Guaranteeing the Rights & Freedoms of the Government & Majorities, with Nothing more than a SHAM-SUPPORT for the Rights of the Individual . . . all the way to Canada’s Freedom Of Expression, which by all American Standards is Anything But Free.


Without the American Influence Pervading our Canadian Culture . . . There is no Doubt in my Mind, none whatsoever, that Canada would far more Resemble the Failed European Continent . . . THAN IT DOES THE UBER SUCCESSFUL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

And ONLY because of the USA, and the Influence of the American Bill of Rights & Constitution, does Canada Restrain itself from Running Roughshod Upon all Individual Rights.


In Essence . . . Canada’s “Constitution” is a Rambling Document, which was Created by Lawyers, to be Interpreted by Judges, who are in Themselves Lawyers, who are Self-Empowered to Decide upon WHICH FREEDOMS Canadians Can and Cannot Fully Enjoy.

If We Don’t Like Government Impositions Upon Our Core Freedoms, And Have No Means Of Bringing The Government to Heel . . . What’s Our Redress?


Every American Constitutional Amendment Numbering TWENTY-SEVEN Is Important . . . BUT WITHOUT THE 2ND AMENDMENT, None of the other 26-Amendments Would Really Matter. Therefore – What Does That Say About The 2nd Amendment?

Anne & I Joined The NRA Several Years Ago . . . and this Year, as our Memberships were up for Renewal, we were Lax, and more or less Decided, that because of our Draconian Canadian Firearm Laws . . . The NRA Has No Canadian Standing Or Influence . . . AND WE WEREN’T IN A RUSH TO SPEND THE $40 EACH TO RENEW . . . And then the High School Shooting Happened in Florida.

To Read, Hear & Watch . . . in the Mainstream Media – the NRA being Blamed for the Florida High School Shooting . . . “Triggered” my Long-Held Belief, That Our Vulnerability Is Not Predicated In The Truth . . . BUT RATHER IN THE LIES.

IT ALSO REMINDED ME . . . That without a Strong & Free America, with all American Constitutional Laws – Sharing our Common 49th-Parallel, and our Remaining but Diminishing Sense of National Values – WE AS CANADIANS WOULD BE DOOMED.


The Easy Answer In This Context . . . Was To Renew Our Memberships In The NRA!

EVERY AMERICAN & CANADIAN . . . Whether you own a Gun or Not. Whether you Shoot of Not. Whether you have an Inclination to Get a Gun or Not . . . SHOULD JOIN THE NRA, which is Something we can all do . . . To Show Our Support For Real Freedoms.

Just Go Online . . . It’s $40 USD & It’s A Piece Of Cake To Do.

And as for all the Companies which have Announced their Boycott of the NRA . . . Boycotts Work Both Ways.

PS – In My Next Editorial . . . I’ll Offer The USA A Deal They Should Not Refuse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howare as usual you are spot on with your comments. I have a sign in my home “ham shack” that reads………
    When guns are outlawed ONLY outlaws will have guns.
    Soooooo true !!!!

  2. Bravo, Howard! Well said! ALL Americans and ALL Canadians SHOULD join the NRA! It’s time for all of us to stand up and be counted – AND – tell one and all that being a member of the NRA and RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP did NOT cause the shooting in Florida or elsewhere. What caused it was the incompetence of the local Sheriff AND the FBI! All the warnings were there. NONE were followed up on! DISGRACEFUL!

  3. I’ve spoke with others who feel the same way …. With Trump as President … We are Jealous that we aren’t American Citizens …. not with Obama of course. Just Trump! God Bless America!

  4. The school shootings and gun laws are two separate issues. The school situation is easily solvable. But the left wants to connect the two. So the school situation will never get solved because the left wants to hold the children hostage for their agenda.

  5. Just Friday read an article about false flags by Mike Adams (Health Ranger). He gave a link to 60 false flag events which have now been admitted by presidents, politicians & spies. Reading that list is horrifying of the evil & yet so very sad. It verifies the adage that power corrupts. How far mankind has fallen that innocent lives are thought to be NOTHING when it comes to attaining the end goal.

  6. “Since 2012, 239 people have been killed in high school shootings. In 2010 alone, 230 people were shot while committing a felony. From 2007 through 2011, the total number of firearms used for self-protection was 338,700. That means at least a half-million lives were saved because people owned a gun. That statistic comes from the New York Times. So liberal logic goes like this: To save 239 people from school shootings, we must sacrifice the 338,700.” News with Views, Today by Marilyn Barnewall

  7. History repeats itself time & again. Hitler used various European gun registrations to confiscate guns. If they didn’t turn over their guns, the Nazi’s killed them. Therefore, the defenseless Europeans were slaughtered by the millions, especially the Jewish people. Stalin & other dictators across history did similar atrocities after gun confiscation. We can’t let leftist DemocRATS & weak Republicans take away our 2A rights. Much American blood was spilled, starting on April 19, 1775 for 2A.

  8. Used to be we didn’t lock anything, including house, car, etc. Then we started importing people from countries who have different values. Mostly Moslem. Kids rewarded for stealing from infidel. No more Chrisprayers in school, etc. Now have started raiding farms, because police slow to respond, and often no one home.
    Don’t try my place! Trained guard dogs, and a loaded gun close by!

    If I could move to the US, I would be there in a Minnesota Minute.

    Am trying to convince DT to let me

  9. Mr. Lawrence Alexander is 100% correct. The media has no intention of halting these things. It is too good for ratings, plays into their modus operandi and is a seemingly viable tool with which to attack the NRA. Why assume responsibility for something awful yourself when you can simply wow the masses by blaming others.

  10. The sad thing is that these kids from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School – many of them Jewish – who are wishing for guns to be taken away from Americans have adopted the slogan “Never Again”. The same slogan Jews use in remembrance of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of 6 million jews that was made possible because Hitler took away their guns and they were rendered helpless. PS: I am a longtime card-carrying member of the NRA.

  11. A few years ago I attended a rally and brought a tee shirt. Written on the front the Second protects the First. On the back
    Among many truths on the back was the one everyone should connect with. My gun? I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

  12. Our Bill of Rights cum Constitution is an oxymoron. The not withstanding clause does the trick. You can thank Trudeau for that. Quebec is doubly so because they never signed on yet uses it’s devious aspects. Doesn’t the B and A act still apply to this colony?

  13. Howard, you are factually correct as always!
    I was born Canada.
    My Employer (sponsored me) I moved to, and pursued my career in the Telecommunications Industry, in the U.S.
    Immigration (legal) for me began with, an Employer who sponsored me for several years (5).
    Annual Work Permits, Green Card and finally after 7 years, considerable expense ($$$), Police Reports, Medical Reports. I was granted U.S. Citizenship! Owned a Company, have a CCP, am now Retired, living the Dream! YeeHaa…MAGA!

  14. Canadian Gov is well aware of the US influence . Hence the need to control US media content (successful) Add to it the need to have NAFTA negotiations fail and draw us closer to India/China/Europe thru trade deals and cultural assimilation. Free speech ? Now controlled by Bills like M103 and more in waiting . What Guns we do have will be further controlled by Liberals before 2020 . The Plans are made , the selling job is now in progress , last two US shootings are a media boon here for the Left

  15. I have been a member of the NRA for several years. Yesterday my husband signed up to join the NRA for the first time; but he has always been supportive of the NRA and the Second Amendment. We feel this is the time for all Americans to stand up and be counted! Join us in this effort!

  16. When CHreston Huston was president of the NRA and there was talk of banning arms ,his quote ” OVER MY DEAD BODY”:

  17. HOWARD,
    ATT will not honour you for me. Found that I have a gmail account on my phone, so that’s where I read you.
    And because of your editorial today, I will spend $40 to join NRA, even though I don’t own a gun.
    Perhaps I will one of these days.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  18. I am so enraged by our Trudeauan Dictatorship (the worst I had to endure during my forty years of Citizenship in Canada) that my family and I are seriously considering, like the Canadian Loons, to fly south for good to escape it. In spite of all the Anti-Trumpism of the Deep State, powerfully helped by the snow flakes in Hollywood and the MSM, I am now hopeful that he will overcome, and MAGA. Only one year after his successes on many fronts, he is on his way for a redo in 2020…

  19. What’s everybody all worked up about? When seconds count, the police will be there in a few minutes.

  20. Thank you for you awesome blog Howard! And, I am another that would like to go ahead and sign up and support the NRA after all of this… my budget is so tight, but I will try to work the membership into my finances. I really want to financially support you for all that you do. You work so hard, but, I will have to try and figure out how to do all of this money wise.
    Regardless, Howard, you just don’t know how much all of us appreciate your daily comments, and we know they are not “fake news”!

  21. I wish the I could support the NRA with a non-participating membership for $10..00 per year. I am retired on subsistence income and would like to support the NRA without publications and other perks, but not for $40.00.

  22. I wish you and Anne were Americans. You are more American than many of the fools that reside here. I remember hearing a story many years ago where one high ranking Democrat Senator was overheard telling another that they would never have a problem getting constituents because so many people here were “Poorly schooled and easily fooled”, and we see that demonstrated every day here. Just the things that CNN (Communist Numb Nuts) say and do, and the fools that believe their lies is beyond me.

  23. I have just joined the NRA and I do own a handgun, I did belong to the NFA but I didn’t know I could belong to the NRA as well. I will belong to both from now on.

  24. God bless America and Donald Trump…God curse the Trudeaus, the Liberals and all the lefty destroyers of Canada…From my cold dead hands…

  25. There are many in my country now, that do not want America to resemble or be anything like what Our Founding Fathers and Millions of others since, Sacrificed for. If our Representatives are truly the image of America (as I was taught in Public School), then we are in a world of hurt! Our foundations have been and still are being chipped away, while those who know better seem to do very little to unite or even know how. Where I live, it’s mostly Democrat /Liberal. Bible Belt no less!Go Figure!

  26. I’m with you all the way! And if our P.M. gets his way, he will stop us from saying anything negative about certain groups even if it is absolutely true!
    I shudder to think that Lying Hillary might have become your president! I guess God DOES work in mysterious ways!

  27. Howard great editorial! Barry Jackson, Quebec: sarcasm at it best!! Go Trump Go!! VOTE TRUDEAU OUT IN 2019!! We should FEAR the GOV’T…confiscate the guns (Nazi Germany all over again) Communism here we come…Trudeau said he always liked China. The Conservative’s need to start taking back the Provinces one by one…I sure hope Andrew Scheer is up to it. Trudeau is an idiot through and through….PM Sock Puppet…his DRAMA CLASSES DIDN’T DO A THING FOR HIM!!!

  28. Van Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States. Van if I send you a check for $20 will you join the NRA? How good of an American are you. I hope you read the last article by Howard. That is why I only offer to send you $20. [email protected].

  29. Seems many Canadians are wanting to move to USA, but can’t due to our Immigration laws! So, what do we do? Let millions of Mexicans come live here instead! I’m totally confused- most Canadians speak English and still have some sort of “value system” (haven’t lost their “moral compass”)! Perhaps you are more “American” since you stay in Texas, not some other “liberal” state? USA needs more folks like you, Howard! Perhaps we need to start a petition in support of your moving to Texas permanently?

  30. Howard, ANOTHER wonderful “blog”! Canadians, PLEASE JUST “HANG IN THERE”…and, “DON’T GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE”, PLEASE!! I’m a NRA member, & though I don’t own a gun, thank you each for making me a proud NRA member!!! The NRA is being “tarred & feathered” by the LIBERAL-LOONS!!!! So what else is new? NRAs are true patriots! I’m VERY PROUD TO BE A NRA MEMBER, & GOD BLESS NRA MEMBERS WHEREVER YOU ARE!! God bless Pres. Trump, as well…his family, & Cabinet members., too. GOD BLESS USA!

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