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I’M KIND OF SHOOTER FATIGUED-OUT, not that I don’t think that what happened on February 14, 2018 at the Florida High School wasn’t a Horrible thing, because it was . . . It’s just that I’m Tired of all the Talking-Heads, specifically from the LEFT, who know very little about Guns, or even the 2nd Amendment, Politicizing an Issue beyond Anyone’s Reasonable Control.

The People Responsible For The System . . . Failed Miserably – End Of Story.


The United States Of America . . . will Officially Move their Ambassador and some of his Key Staff to a Temporary Embassy in Jerusalem, to Both Mark & Celebrate Israel’s SEVENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF RETURN TO STATEHOOD, After A 3,000 Year Exile .


1 – Wayne LaPierre . . . Head of the NRA – Who Said It Exactly Like It Is, didn’t just speak about Guns, Gun Rights, and the 2nd Amendment – but all that is at Risk by not having the 2nd Amendment, and is still at Risk at the hands of the LEFT.

AND ALL THAT WAS LOST over a Period of Time, when the Socialists (Obama, Clinton, and an Army of Anti-American Americans) were Running the Show in America.

LaPierre’s Speech Was Perfect . . . It Was True, Encompassing, Honest & Succinct.

2 – Mike Pence . . . The Vice President of the United States of America, delivered a Rousing Speech, LAUDING all the Achievements of the Trump Administration, which were made in the Timeframe of Just One Year.

And even after Covering all the Bases the Vice President could . . . There were just Too Many Victories for the American People, as a Result of the Trump Presidency, to Present in just One Speech.

I don’t know if Vice President Pence wants to Run in 2024 . . . But if he Does, Mike Pence is Certainly Laying the Groundwork, WITHOUT Stepping on his Boss’s Toes.

Then Again . . . By the time 2024 Rolls Around, after President Trump’s Second Full Term, there will be so many UNBELIEVABLE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES who will probably want to run for the Leadership of the Party, that the American People will need a Program & Scorecard to keep up with all the Fantastic Choices, which will be available.


3 – PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP . . . The Only things I’m going to say about President Trump’s One Hour & Fifteen Minute Speech, was that I felt as if he was Speaking to me, and not to an Audience through a Teleprompter. AND THAT HE WAS ONE OF THE BOYS.


For Several Past Generations . . . all the way back to Bush 43, who was the FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT . . . whom I’m aware of, who Publicly Called for a “NEW WORLD ORDER” . . . Set The Tone.

Presidents Since . . . Have done all they could in one-way or another, to Apologize to the World for AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

EVEN AFTER 9/11 . . . There was No Need for President George W Bush to go to the United Nations, in order to Assemble a Coalition of Willing Partners, to Take-On the Islamists, to give the PRETENSE that America needed Global Approbation to do What America Should have Done All On Its Own.

AND FOR THOSE COUNTRIES . . . which really wanted to get into the Fight, like Britain, Canada & Australia, because it was the Right Thing to do when a Friend is Slapped Around – They Would Have Just Done It All The Same!


What should American Children & Soft-Headed LEFTIST American Adults Think, when the President of their Country, Tours the World, BOWING TO ARAB/MOSLEM DESPOTS, while Simultaneously APOLOGIZING WORLDWIDE for America’s Greatness?

And After Generations Of Educators . . . Teaching our Children (not just in the United States), that Winning isn’t Everything, and Everyone is a Winner just for Showing-Up, and Winning is an Unfair Embarrassment to those who Lose . . . What else did the People Expect, when American Media Coverage Fell Flat On It’s Ass in these 2018 Winter Olympic Games?

The Media, The Athletes & People – Reaped Exactly What They Sowed.


I’m very Pleased with the Battle being waged for the LEADERSHIP of the “Progressive” Conservative Party of Ontario, because there are Two Real Conservatives Running . . . Who Are Anything But “Progressive”.

1 – Doug Ford, is a Businessman whose Late Brother Rob was the Mayor of Toronto. I know Doug Ford. I met with him over Issues I needed to have Taken Care of in Toronto, for the Motorcycle “Pledge Ride”.

I never met Doug Ford before – And Doug Ford never met me . . . And I basically knew nothing about him. But after Less than a Half Hour of sitting in his Toronto City Hall Office Together, Talking about what we Needed for the Pledge Ride, which under Normal Bureaucratic BS – Would have taken WEEKS to Resolve, with Hundreds of Emails, Several Committees, and God-Only-Knows how many Meetings . . . everything with Doug Ford was resolved to everyone’s Mutual Satisfaction in Less than a Half Hour, With Nothing More Than A Few Phone Calls & A Handshake.


THAT SAID . . . There’s another Fire Brand Player in Ontario, who HATES the Term PROGRESSIVE, and has HIT THE CONSERVATIVE NAIL ON THE HEAD. Her Name is TANYA GRANIC ALLEN, who . . . unless something Comes-Up that will Disqualify Her . . . Tanya Granic Allen Is My Number Two Choice.


Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team Lost To The American Women’s Hockey Team In A Well Played Game, and as a result, Canada’s Women Embarrassed Canada to no end, for the way they Acted in Defeat . . . IT WAS DISGRACEFUL.

But what else should we Expect from Young Women, who’ve been Raised, Educated & Trained From Birth, by their Teachers, Parents and Politicians . . . that they are somehow ENTITLED, And No One Should Ever Lose.


I will Never Make the Mistake of Underestimating the Potential Level of STUPIDITY & EMBARRASSMENT that can be Caused to Canada by Our Hapless Dilettante Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who along with his DIVA WIFE . . . “QUEEN” SOPHIE, who together, provide a Never-Ending Resource for Global Humiliation.

This Past Week . . . It Was Humiliation, Ridicule & Scorn In India.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Thank you for telling it like it is about Obama and defending Rudy Giuliano! It saddens me to see what is happening to my country but heartened when I see your blog!

    LONI SIMONE, United States
  • Condolences on your having such a foolish man as head of government, rajah and ranee Trudeau. The man is a never ending source of amusement, or should one say amuse-person-ment?

    John Floyd, Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States
  • Thank The Lord For TRUMP! Ford and Tanya Are also My 2 Picks – REAL CONSERVATIVES. But Ford can actually Win. Go Ford Nation! He already has a Toronto Base which is needed to win Ontario. Plain and Simple. Sure wish we had an electoral college system provincially. Remove the TO bias. Notice media quiet on Trumps Bump Stock ban?? That’s because Obama in 2010 Legalized it. Notice the media said NOTHING about Obama Legalizing it after Las Vegas? PURE BIAS BS PROVEN RIGHT THERE by the FAKE MEDIA!

    Rick Connely, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • If 2nd Amendment is taken away, that won’t be the only thing that’s taken away from us! U.S. Embassy belongs in Jerusalem (before Muslims take it over)! Americans aren’t “entitled” to Olympic medals- they must “earn” them (if judges aren’t “bribed” and competitions, much like elections, aren’t “rigged”)! There is “talk” Pence wants to be POTUS prior to 2024 (should something happen to Trump). Socialists are in “denial” that they no longer are in power, but God help us all if they regain it!

    Mollie Hejl, Austin TX
  • We picked our captain. Our side has been playing defense for years and losing. As our captain takes the field on offense we put our faith in him to decimate the opposition.

    Sue & Dick McMains, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA
  • The Canadian girls hockey team should have been sent to a “safe space”, so they wouldn’t have to be a total embarrassment to Canada. What a bunch of spoiled brats! It’s almost as if they felt “entitled “ to win.
    The US team was overall a much better team. Worked harder, skated faster, and moved the puck better.

    Maybe Trudope will sing them a kumbaya song and cheer them up.

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • All the above right on target. I’m not a hockey fan but easy to spot the better team, and the Americans were better and deserved to win. Too bad it had to be a sudden death to decide. Add to the disgraceful sportsmanship of the Canadian women Trudeau’s antics (Mr. Dressup in India) and who will go around the world apologizing for Canada? President Trump gets better every day and the country is on the way to MAGA. Best choice for Conservative leader and vice, Ford and Allen.

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario
  • Another great editorial Howard. You are so right about the PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SYSTEM…FAILED MISERABILY! A great day for Israel on their Anniversary. Mollie Hejl of Austin TX said it for me! PM Sock Puppet is a pathetic leader of Canada. Told the Military there is no money for them in the budget and now is taking the Veterans to court!! I have come to the conclusion that PM Sock Puppet is crazy!! VOTE TRUDEAU OUT IN 2019!!! VOTE CONSERVATIVE FOR 2019!!

    Lynda Cook, Killarney, Manitoba, Canada
  • The CPAC Speeches have been great! Heard Pres. Trump read the SNAKE POEM today–what a great ANALOGY that is for people getting SCREWED! No doubt, his speech will be televised tonight…I hope so…??? Hannity! Saw the news re: TRUDEAU…what a MESS and how HUMILIATING! Am very happy for you to hear of the Temporary U.S. Embassy Ambassador & Key Staff MOVE to Jerusalem. Hope you get your WISH re: “FORD OR ALLEN”! The Canada hockey team was a DISGRACE! GO TRUMP GO…PRAY FOR HIM! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • Galganov’s comments are frightening and very disturbing. Trying to understand where he is coming from is truly very questionable. I am surprised that this web site has not been shut down.
    Galganov has portrayed himself as a piece of white trash, a little Ceaser( no , not the pizza).

    Jerry Ramme, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
  • People do and say strange irrational things because of emotions. Generally, in elections, the most attractive person gets the most votes unless that person screws up in some way. Canada has a PM who likely can’t, according to the old Army expression, pour “Pxxx” out of a boot. Likely the Canadian voters, subconsciously thought that he would be attractive to both females and males everywhere. Canada loses again.. Canada’s strength is in her natural resources. She must realize/use that.

    John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA
  • Kudos Mr. Galganov. Do not stand down or compromise sir.

    Lloyd Reighley, Fallbrook, California, United States
  • Thank you, Howard, for ALWAYS speaking the truth!

    Karen McKim-Altman, Beaverton, Oregon, United States
  • Howard, ANOTHER AWESOME,TRUTHFULL “blog”…..I hope & pray the Conservative PM wins. Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada, as was your “entitled” Women’s Hockey Team! GO CANADA, GO & G-D BLESS!! I equate Trudeau to OBUMMER…..”BAD FOR THE COUNTRY + BAD FOR THE PEOPLE”!!!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • What a great editorial today, Howard. Thanks much.

    BTW: I just read that Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson will pay for the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Amazing if true.

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • Your editorials get better and better with each idiotic thing the left throws at us!! Your blog puts my mind at ease especially on those days that I feel my husband and I are all alone in this sinking ship called California. Thank you.

    Carole Coplen, San Jose, California, United States
  • Say it again Bye Bye Jerry. In On., my 1st. pick is Ford (very Trump like), my 2nd pick is Elliet (Flanery).
    Keep up the good work .

    Michael Ritarose, Glen Robertson. Ontario
  • I can hardly wait until the next election so we can oust the ‘pretty boy’ Trudeau. He is an embarrassment! Who really cares about his fancy socks, for Pete’s sake??? If that is the most ‘positive’ comment a person an make about him ….. GROAN!!

    Maureen Moss, Lethbridge, AB

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