Who Is Going To Be The Decider?



OK . . . The Busloads of Florida High School Students are now in Tallahassee, Florida’s State Capital, to make their Point about Guns . . . and the LEFTIST Media is “Creaming-It” for all that it’s Worth – and everyone else seems to be too Frightened to say or write anything to “OFFEND THE CHILDREN”.


Are we all to believe, that the Voice & Opinions of “CHILDREN” Shall Set Us Free? Because, if that’s the Case . . . Let us just turn over the keys of the Asylum . . . to the Inmates – And Call-It-A-Day.


1 – How many of the “EXPERT” Students . . . whom the LEFT are Promoting to be their Voice of Reason, have ever Held a Loaded Gun, let alone Fired One?

2 – Could any of these Students, Never Mind most of their Parents . . . tell anyone Exactly what an Assault Rifle really is?

3 – Could any of the Aforementioned tell anyone the difference between an AR-15 and a Tricked-Out 22-Caliber Squirrel Rifle?

4 – IF 18-YEARS OLD IS TOO YOUNG – to buy or own a Gun, which it might be . . . then how come 18-YEARS ISN’T TOO YOUNG to Vote in local Elections, for Members of Congress, and the President of the United States of America . . . or TOO YOUNG to Fight in the Military . . . TO POSSIBLY DIE IN COMBAT FOR THEIR COUNTRY & FREEDOM?


5 – Staying With The Preceding . . . If Being 18-YEARS OLD IS TOO YOUNG to be Reasonable & Responsible – What makes these all of a sudden Politically Motivated “CHILDREN” – and their ADULT LEFTIST ENABLERS, think they’re Old Enough to make SERIOUS DECISIONS CONCERNING THE US CONSTITUTION?

AND IF ALL OF THESE ANTI-GUN ACTIVISTS . . . Agree that 18-Years Old, is Too Young to be Responsible Enough to Buy & Own a Firearm, which might be true, Then Let’s All Agree That 18-Years Old Is Also Too Young To Vote.

IN MY WORLD . . . If you don’t Work, Pay Taxes, have Made any Real Contribution to Society . . . and you’re Feeding off the Public System, such as going to School, which other People are paying for or subsidizing in one way or another . . . YOU DON’T GET TO HAVE A SAY!

AND IF THESE “CHILDREN” AREN’T EVEN SMART ENOUGH . . . To Know & Realize that They’re being Manipulated as a Tool by ANTI-AMERICAN SOCIALISTS, for their own Globalist One World Order . . . The Makers Shouldn’t Even Be Paying For Your LEFTIST Education.


Being Homeless Is A Very Serious Social Failure . . . And I Know From What I Write, not because I was ever Homeless, but Rather, because I Donated an Enormous amount of Personal Time, Energy, Food, Publicity & Money to Help the Homeless in Montreal during the Late 1990’s . . . Which Makes Me Something Of An Expert.


1 – Really Bad Luck, when all Hopes & Dreams come Crashing Down all of a Sudden.

2 – Being so Desolate & Depressed, that finding a Shelter and a WAY-BACK, is Too Difficult a Road to Travel.

3 – Being an Addict to Drugs, Booze or Both.

4 – No Longer being able to Survive in a “Normal Situation” off the Money of the “System”. WHICH IS WHERE WE’RE AT TODAY!


In The Preceding – I listed what I believe to be the Four Major Causes of Homelessness . . . BUT IT’S THE FOURTH THAT’S THE MOST TELLING.

In The Case of the Fourth Cause . . . It has Very Little to Nothing to do with Poor Luck, Addiction & Depression. And it isn’t even Homelessness in the sense of People who through no Fault of their Own have Fallen Between the Cracks.

What’s Happening in San Francisco & Throughout the United States of America, in Many, if not Most of the LEFTIST States and Cities . . . IS THE EXPRESSION OF DYSTOPIA . . . When a Society begins to Crumble & Spread Like a Cancer, much as we see in the Movies, where American Humanities Simply . . . Socially Disintegrate when it becomes Every Man, Woman & Child who has to Fend for Himself or Herself.


When The Will Of Government Surpasses The Will & Freedom of The People . . . THE END OF REASON WILL BE UPON US.

THE LEFT IS DECRYING THE SECOND AMENDMENT . . . Because a Group of High School Students were Murdered by a Mentally Deranged 19-Year Old with a Gun. OK . . . BUT WHAT ABOUT THE THOUSANDS – or Could that be Tens Of Thousands, or Hundreds of Thousands, or even MILLIONS of American Men, Women & Children who are Living on the Streets of America, Especially in Wealthy Cities like San Francisco?

THE ANTI-GUN LEFT . . . Who Supposedly are all about the Well-Being of the People, can tell you everything you might or might not want to know about the Hundred or Less Children who were Murdered in American Schools or Wherever by Deranged Children & Adults with a Gun, whether their Information is True & Accurate or Not, which is usually UNTRUE Nor Accurate.

SO WHY CAN’T THESE LEFTIST DO-GOODERS . . . Tell us about the Many THOUSANDS, or Perhaps Millions of Americans who are LIVING on the Streets or in Shelters because of FAILED LEFTIST STATE & CITY POLICIES?

WHY DO THE LEFT . . . Hide The Truth About San Francisco & Whole Communities, which have become Dystopian American Wastelands, where People Live in Tents, are Drugged-Out, Crap on the Streets, Drink Water & Bathe from Fire Hydrants & Beg for Food? WHERE CHILDREN LIVE AMONGST THEM?

IF THE LEFT . . . Knows all the Details of every Shooting, why don’t they seem to know or care about the Dystopia Raging Throughout their Country?

BECAUSE OF THE LEFT . . . Because of the Something-For-Northing Mentality – This is a Social Disease, just like an Aggressive Cancer, which will Spread Throughout America Destroying Everything in its Path.


I REMEMBER YEARS AGO . . . Anne and I were walking along East Hastings Street in the once tony Community of Vancouver, very early in the morning, because we were still on Eastern Time and couldn’t Sleep-In . . . As we came across the Worst Human Filth & Trash we could have ever Imagined, as Police were Rousting the Denizens of East Hastings Street, and Street Cleaners were washing away the Vomit, Urine, Excrement & Needles.


A Good Friend Of Mine In Victoria British Columbia . . . who is sort of a Conservative, but also leans somewhat to the LEFT, so as not to appear to be Heartless, argued on behalf of the Homeless, until the day came, when he and his wife arrived home from a Vacation, to Discover that their Home had been Ransacked by Homeless Denizens . . . who ran from their home through the backdoor as they entered from the front.

If I Was An American . . . I would Worry More about Keeping my Guns because of the LEFT, than Surrendering them because of the LEFT.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Rudy was born in Brooklyn..put the teflon don in jail..good luck bullying that cowboy

  2. Great Generosity on your part in Montreal! I hate when liberals suggest Conservatives don’t have a heart. As if they’ve cornered the market on caring for their fellow man. The difference is Conservatives want lower taxes, leaving more in everyone’s pockets so they have the freedom to do more with their own money … including helping others when there is a REAL NEED. Higher taxes leaves less money to help others. Simple math.

  3. My old Ithica pump shotgun, without the plug, could hold five shells plus one in the chamber. Not legal that way. SSG shells have nine pellets, each the size of a pea. At 20 yards it could put some of those pellets across through the chest of a deer. I wouldn’t want to be standing in front of it at 100 yards. I would fear that far more than an AK47. Take an AK47 to any hunt camp that I know of to hunt with and I can pretty well guarantee that you will get laughed right out if the place.

  4. OLD SCHOOL: “If you are old enough to fight and die for your country, …You are an adult,….BUT you get TRAINED and RATED on your ABILITY, and you respect those who make those assessments and try harder, so you DON’T actually have to die for your country. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT….AND LEARN,….stop crying and suck it up and BE a CITIZEN of our COUNTRY, not a bloody CRY BABY!
    IF it’s to be,….it’s up to ME!!
    DAMN right I’m old school,…..and I graduated with knowledge,….not FREEBI

  5. Sad situation , children should not die like this : nor should they be bombed , starved ,enslaved . the world can be a BAD place . It is only in the last 30 years or so that it has come to N America . WHY ? how did this happen is the real question : is it related to our “changing ” something in how we “teach” our children ? how we manage our societies ? By the way that was a needle exchange “new” to the neighborhood you described in Vancouver , PUT THERE so you would be exposed to it .

  6. It’s not the guns it’s the culture. Listen to or read a recent posting by Jeff Kuhner on WRKO in Boston. He has just devoted his three hours program showing how the kids are being played by the mass media. Howard you are right on with your analysis. But sadly most of our world is so blinded by hatred of Trump and the fact that Hilary lost that they have lost their moral and ethical compass. Keep on reminding us of the truth which is so foreign in today’s world.

  7. Right on the mark Howard. Glad someone has the balls to say it. It is terrible what happened in FL. However, on Feb 13, those kids were more interested in chatting with each other on Instagram, FaceBooking each other, or upset because their parents told them NO, to a request to stay out late or to take the car. Now today they are being presented as the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Since when do we let kids tell adults what the rules are. They are being played.

  8. You are lucky (or Blessed) to have NOT been “homeless”, Howard. I’ve been there, done that…TWICE! I’m glad to say I got back on my OWN two feet without anyone’s help or handouts. It’s a hard and very rough road to travel, and a lot of people don’t make it “back” to civilization’s “standards”. I’m just Lucky, living in the U.S.A., to have made it. Thanks for all you do and are trying to do, for everyone.

  9. The wicked witch of the west nancy polise who lives in san francisco is the democrap rep in congress, listening to the crap that comes out of her mouthy is about unamerican you can be.Her husband is one of the major owners of united fruit and is a m,uli million $ holder. Any time Trump proposes any legislation she is the first to condemn it as leader of the demacraps
    with some BS explanation. There is some thing wrong with people from california.

  10. While the number of shootings have been horrible, the killings pale to the millions of babies killed via abortion since Roe vs Wade. The left is the champion of abortion, so when they go crazy for gun control, what about abortion control? Here in Oregon, our Gov Brown (yep, another leftist Brown), is a self described bi-sexual, married to a man. She is proud of our free abortion laws and BTW, we pay for illegals to get abortions as well. But liberals can’t seem to equate the two, go figure.

  11. How come when people are getting stabbed so much lately , they do not outlaw knives. Maybe it is because we would have to butter our bread with spoons? Before they took G-d out of the schools we had no violence like now, and there were guns then. What is the difference here? How can we leave the true G-d out of school and expect everything to be OK? It is a MORAL problem and not guns.
    People should take tests on history and pass before they can vote. That would solve a lot!

  12. Read an article the other day that the same day 17 children were killed in a school in FL, 300 people were killed by drug overdose of prescription drugs. Quite a difference in numbers but we hear absolutely nothing about it. Nor is there any cry to take a serious look at how easy it has become to get addictive drugs with little to no oversight from doctors. Agree with Hope Wozniak, there is a serious moral and ethical problem in this country – started in the early 1960s.

  13. WOW double WOW are you inside of my head ? It is a shame that you are kicking a dead stump, but please do not stop.

  14. I started purchasing weapons at 18, a 20 guage shotgun. I would take on an AR in close range with a 12 guage pump 00 buck an extended tube and a bandalero of rounds over my shoulder any day. When I first started duck hunting with my husband, he would laugh at me because my vest held 50 rounds and it took me about 5 rounds per duck I shot. He would shoot five rounds and I swear get 10 ducks. Me I would be carrying three ducks and an empty vest. I am much better shot now. 🙂

  15. Alinsky is alive and well in Florida. The manipulation is evident. GUNS? In the hands of a person who has learned to respect this weapon will carry and use it as expected, those who do NOT give a damn will KILL & Maim. Our society needs to stand up, as one, and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. I will be on the front line. At 78 years of age I am thoroughly fed up with the idiots in this country and most of its elected officials. MYPOV

  16. HG, you hit the nail on the head!Our Country’s PROBLEMS are caused by SOCIAL DISEASES, e.g., lack of family support;no FATHER figure;loneliness;need for recognition & approval;no sense of MORALITY;feelings of entitlement;mental health issues, ETC..May sound SILLY but MAYBE 18 year olds [men & women] COULD SERVE [if capable] in the MILITARY for at least 1 yr., prior to furthering their EDUCATION to TEACH THEM SELF-CONTROL & to APPRECIATE the MILITARY vs. DEMEANING them. GOD HELP US ALL! AMEN!

  17. Howard, you are a straight shooter as always. Good job. Look at Switzerland and Israel, both countries have lots of guns around in the hands of its citizens, yet nobody goes around to shoot children in a school. The problem is that the USA has become dysfunctional. Let’s go back to be a decent citizen; be proud of your country and memorize the Ten commandments.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  18. Yes , the students and adults are manipulated by the media and the likes of the George Soroses. The tragedy has been turned into a media nightmare, which is being milked by the lefties and social losers. How many parents of the students of this high school own guns? And the issue over guns did not come all of a sudden. Florida was one of the first states to sanction guns.
    Let me be clear, no one has to have a gun, period. I am anti NRA and any other org. that endorses guns. Ban bullets!!!!

  19. Great one, Howard!!! Jerry Ramme, England doesn’t allow law enforcement to carry guns. Now, they have a big problem – Moslems living in their country, who do not respect any of England’s laws or culture. Look what happened when a terrorist bombed an entertainer’s show and killed kids. Police were there & could not do anything to protect any of those concert attendees. Guns do NOT kill people – People kill people – Anyway they can, when they want to, period!!!

  20. I listened to the statements made at the White House by young people and by the adults who attended. There was one African American who said that at his school they installed metal detectors and x-ray equipment to check everyone entering the school. They have had no problems and do not expect any with forbidden items being carried in. Although costly, this will avoid the possible loss of lives. All other comments made had no value.
    Ben Ostrovsky, Miami Lakes Florida

  21. Dang good read, Howard. I’m 80 years old. Back in my younger days a person couldn’t vote, buy alcoholic beverages until he/she attained the age of 21…but they let me in the Navy when I was 17 with my guardian’s signature. Then some fool decided if he was old enough to fight, he should be old enough to vote…but not buy liquor! What they should have done was raise the age to vote to 25 years and maybe by that time they would have enough sense to know what they were voting for. TNX.

  22. I live in FL, & is TRULY SAD, to see these young people being manipulated by the left,+ marching on our STATE CAPITOL, in Tallahassee, FL. The LEFTIST-LOONS NEVER ALLOW A CRISIS TO GO TO WASTE! Metal detectors are not cheap, but anytime I go to a Federal Bldg., it’s part of the “deal”, to go thru the ordeal, SO DEAL WITH IT, FOLKS. It’s a “joke”, how school security has become SO LAX! It’s just part of the times we live in, so WE DEFINITELY NEED TO DEAL with THAT, AS WELL! Don’t blame guns!

  23. They need to start drafting these these 18 year olds again At least the military teaches them respect and how to obey orders Seems the parents have been a failure in this part of life

  24. Regarding the draft, they should have never stopped the draft. It would make men out of these ‘kids!” When I listened to the comments of these ‘kids’ the only thing on their mind at the moment was the word, ‘gun’ and their minds do not appear to think through that word. There are so many other factors involved in this terrible tragedy. Just my opinion. God Bless America and President Trump. And this wonderful man, Howard we have to keep us informed, both honorably and educationally

  25. We spend billions taking care of illegals, prisoners (contractors make many billions building prisons, supplying them etc.), who should be be put to sleep for crimes such as murder, but we have thousands of homeless veterans and citizens. I want citizenship cards and no more illegals voting to get more of the citizens hard earned money and voting in the “Elites” so they have the money and power to continue this Dystopia and cancer in our country.

  26. U.S. Government keeps kids from “Growing up” by teaching them how to exist off welfare, not get education or jobs! People finding more ways to be “Disabled” (“unfit” for military) or claiming “mental illness” to remain “Dependent”, not “Responsible ! We are being “programmed” towards Communism (disguised as Socialism)! Recently visited a former concentration camp (“dissenters” got “eliminated”), but that’s what’s going on here! Killing isn’t the best way to “make news”, be “famous”, or be on TV

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