Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste


I FULLY MEAN THE FOLLOWING . . . To the LEFT – The Florida High School Murder Rampage is akin to MANNA FROM HEAVEN. It is just another CRISIS the LEFT Lies in Wait For, Chomping to Stick a Knife into the SECOND AMENDMENT.

What happened in Florida Last Week, at the Hands of a Very Sick-Minded 19-Year Old, Highlights a Failed School System, Failed Social Services, Failed Local Police & Failed FBI, can according to the LEFT be solved by RESTRICTING Gun Rights, AKA . . . THE SECOND AMENDMENT.


To Suggest . . . that the 19-Year Old Murderer would not have Murdered anyone, had he not been able to Buy a Gun . . . would be nothing more than LEFTIST FOLLY. A Deranged Person doesn’t need a Gun to Kill, anymore than Murderers, who used Box-Cutters, Homemade Bombs, Pressure-Cooker Bombs, Cars, Knives and whatever else is at their Disposal.


After God Only Knows . . . after Studies after Studies, which have been done of Mass Murderers . . . who as Young People Tortured & Murdered Animals, have Graduated to the Torturing & Murder of Humans . . . Leads to only one Conclusion.


I won’t go over all the Flashing Red Light Danger-Signs the Authorities Knew about the 19-Year Old Murderer, since it’s been all over the News Ad Nauseam, but I will go to what the LEFT & MEDIA are Not Focusing on . . . THE ROOT CAUSE.

Instead . . . The LEFT and Media are Focusing on the Tool Used By The Mass Murderer, Rather than the Reason Why . . . and Why the “Authorities” IGNORED all the Warning Signs.

President Donald Trump came under some significant Heat, for Stating that if the FBI spent time doing their Job, opposed to the Wasted Time On The Trump Collusion Witch Hunt, maybe this Mass Murder Wouldn’t Have Happened . . . AND I AGREE.

I’m Sick & Tired of all the Media, INCLUDING Fox News, leading off every discussion about the FBI, with the Disclaimer . . . that the Rank & File Members of the FBI are Great, Decent, Honorable and Patriotic Americans, BEFORE they Lambaste the Leadership of the FBI . . . ENOUGH ALREADY!

Like Every Government Institution . . . The FBI Needs to be Held to Account – 100% OF THE TIME, not some of the Time – BUT ALL OF THE TIME, no matter who’s at Fault. And if the FBI Dropped the Ball when it came to the 19-Year Murderer . . . THE PERSON OR PEOPLE IN THE FBI RESPONSIBLE NEED TO BE HELD TO ACCOUNT!


About 100-High School Students from the Florida High School, where the Murders happened, are on their way to Tallahassee, Florida’s Capital, to Deliver their Thoughts and Demands to the Governor for Gun Control . . . TO WHICH THE MEDIA IS ALL AGAGA.

REMEMBER THIS . . . These “CHILDREN” are the same “CHILDREN”, who have been Educated by the same LEFTIST Teachers who Dropped the Ball on the Murderer, by not INSISTING the Authorities do something about the 19-Year Old.

WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER . . . Like all Teenagers, I figured I knew everything there was to know about everything, but unlike “KIDS” today, I knew enough to keep my Mouth Shut.


These “CHILDREN” are going to Teach us how much they DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE REAL WORLD, or how much they don’t know about the US Constitution, and how much they don’t know about the Blood, Guts & Treasure that was Spent Creating it.

These “CHILDREN” will Teach us how easy it is for them to become MANIPULATED PAWNS IN THE HANDS OF THE LEFT & MEDIA, so the LEFT and the Media can make their POLITICAL POINTS . . . That’s what these “CHILDREN” are going to Teach us.

AND IF THE LEFT ARE SO SMART . . . To believe we can learn anything from “CHILDREN”, why doesn’t the LEFT Campaign in Congress TO DROP THE AGE OF CONSENT TO 13-YEARS OLD?

The Florida School Shooting Was Serious . . . REAL SERIOUS, but No Less Serious than all the Murders caused in the United States of America by Whatever Means Available.

But Focusing on Guns, Opposed to the Sickness of Society CAUSED BY LEFTIST ADULTS, in Hollywood, Television, Rap Music, Academia, the LEFTIST Media . . . AND SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES, Managed mostly by Young Women, who are Children Themselves, is an absolute DISGRACE to the People who Prefer to Ignore the REASON for the Result rather than the Consequence.

What Happened To American Values . . . Where’s Ozzie & Harriet?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I find it amazing that anyone could or would try to foster a plan of action like that of Obama’s with Iran that has proven, time and again throughout history, not to work. What is worse, at least in my opinion, is that we (both Americans and Canadians) have such a short memory that we would buy into his insanity. Maybe it is true that those who forget history are damned to relive and repeat it. Not for me boys and girls, not for me…

  2. As usual, follow the $$… I don’t know many high school students that have the $$ and organization skills to pull off the kind of show like the one being put together in Florida.

    On the French CBC last night, when questioned if unions or political parties were backing the students… the reporter simply said she didn’t know where the $$ was coming from.

  3. I love the point you are making…..that somehow these children have matured 30 years and can lecture us on how to live our lives. Where are the students I have seen snippets of….who say teachers should have had guns? When will Conservatives get smart in our marketing?

  4. I have done probably exactly what the left wants me to do…I’ve stopped listening to the stories about the FBI, the Russian collusion, the leaks in our government, the whatever stories the media blabs on about endlessly. The ad nauseam drivel from them turns my stomach, and I’ve decided the cure is to tune it out. I pick and choose what I pay attention to.

  5. When I started to notice the Bible taken out of Public Schools, then prayers, and then came along Madalyn Murray O’Hair, atheist. And why wasn’t anyone, the Church, Catholics and Jewish speak-out against all of this before the ball got rolling?

  6. Completely agree with your audience. And by the way, where are the Ozzie & Harriet reruns? I miss family based TV.

  7. Great post, Howard. I posted an anti-gun control meme on Facebook and had a “friend” ask why I didn’t fall into her spiel about gun control. I responded with an argument made last night on Tucker. The guest answered Tucker’s question with examples where mass murder was committed with automatic weapons in countries where no guns allowed: Russia, Norway, France, Italy, & Germany just to name a few. Those laws didn’t prevent the mass shootings there – nor will they here in the U.S.

  8. Making guns illegal will work. Just look how well making drugs illegal worked.

  9. Spot on, as usual, Howard. As we all know, “Gun control” is all about “control” with libs, and has nothing to do with guns. Like you said, doesn’t do beans to prevent knife/boxcutter crime, propane bombs or Ryder truck fertilizer bombs. But, they dont’ care. So long as they neuter our 2nd Amendment rights it makes tyranny, totalitarianism and despotism a lot easier for them to pull off.

    Amerika is more and more rapidly becoming a police state.

  10. There were 39 police visits to his home over time before this happened. Ban guns?? Really! Remember Eric Holder in Obama’s cabinet who sold guns and ASSAULT RIFLES to the Mexican Drug Cartel and on of our Border Patrol was murdered. It’s not guns. It’s a corrupt, inept, bloated, self serving, lazy, bunch of government officials who are not doing their job. The FBI is too busy makinf fake news to cover for the Clinton Cartel corruptions and murders.

  11. There’s a major problem with violent video games…no consequences about the outcome, killings, shootings, bombs, etc. Kids watch this crap and then think it’s all OK. All I know is that I grew up on the farm, received firearm training and started hunting when I was about 14…..Never shot anyone….don’t know anyone that did…but no damn video games!

  12. Europe and U.K. have tight gun controls, many people have been killed by Pyschopaths and terrorists.
    No law(s) will stop that. If guns are in play only a good gun will stop a bad gun. There was a time during U.K. Great Train Robbery, happened within four miles of where I lived, no guns nobody killed. However, despite the law, guns are now used by criminals, as well as bombs, vehicles, knives etc. What will the LEFT do to stop that? Canada is seeing more gun violence in recent times in Ottawa.

  13. I’ve been hearing for the past couple of days that high school students from Florida and others across the nation are planning a march to have their voices heard. The sad part about this is that the women’s march people are planning to join them. They will, through their tactics, end up high-jacking the student’s message. Sadly the student voices won’t be heard. This will instead be a rally about how much the women’s march people hate President Trump.

  14. Its just a matter of time before another mass murder will tAke place in a business,work place or government office..
    No FBT or any law agence can stop it. Its a sign of of our sick society.

  15. More people are murdered with hammers than guns. We had a neighbor years ago who used to joke re: kids “Leave them alone & see what they make of themselves”. The bible says “Train up a child in the way that he shall go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. We have fallen as a nation. I fear that a 2nd American revolution or Civil War may be needed to restore decency, respect and traditional American values.

  16. I find it quite telling that all the “Failed” systems you mention are GOVERNMENT, at one level or another. Increased taxes have created these monsters that fail at everything they set out to do in one way or another. Yet they keep pouring more $$ into them looking to fix a broken system. All out of control spending without accountability. Just look at the USPS. It costs $1.00 to mail 2 letters now.

  17. I REALLY ENJOYED THE OTHER “bloggers” comments, & your editorial hit a home-run, Howard! The FBI, really “missed the mark” on this go-around!! Our CHILDREN are DEFINITELY being MANIPULATED by the MEDIA, & FAKE NEWS!!! The LOOSERS, UNFORTUNITELY WILL BE OUR CHILDREN!!!! THANK GOD, WE HAVE PRES. TRUMP, IN CHARGE!!!!!

  18. The media push to quell those who own guns after each shooting is only a move for control. It is done under the auspices of ‘social betterment’ but in reality it is very political. It is a way for those without guns, who may be guilty of other factors that attribute to these crimes, to assuage themselves from their responsibility and guilt. It is far easier to put all blame on gun owners as an obvious source than insist that parents today put down their pot and raise their kids appropriately.

  19. Usual great analysis, and am sending this on to all on my list of patriots. Thank you so much for all the good that you do for regular people who just want to live their lives, take care of their families, work for a living( or are honorably retired), who contribute to their communities and worship the God who made us all. I can no longer imagine a day that communist propoganda will not be coming at us from all directions; thankful for you and other voices of truth and justice. MAGA

  20. Guns in the hands of good people got us to where we are today and I am NOT ashamed of its power to civilize the human race.

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