There Is No Equivalence Between The LEFT & Conservatives


We are living in a NUTSY WORLD of the Highest Caliber, almost as if no matter what we do or say, we’re Careening Towards Armageddon, like a Runaway Freight Train without Enough People to Apply the Brakes.

In some Respects, President Donald Trump seems to be doing all he can to Slow It Down, but as President Trump tries to Reduce the speed and the Inevitable Collision, there is a Nation of Idiots, many within his own Party who are adding as much Fuel to the Engine as Possible . . . and as Fast as they Possibly Can.


IT HAS BEEN NOT SO JOKINGLY WRITTEN . . . that a Duck-Billed Platypus was Created by a Committee. And if you leave it to a Committee, like Congress, to Create a Horse, you’ll probably end up with a Zebra-Looking Horse, with Two Humps and Antlers. AND THAT’S WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS UP AGAINST.

The Divide In America . . . because of the LEFT, has Reached the Point of NO RETURN. It is not only Unfair to say that the Problem with America is between the FAR RIGHT and the FAR LEFT, since that is a LIE out of all Proportions, because supposedly, both sides must take some Responsibility for where we are here and now . . . NOT TRUE!


The Culprits in this Insanity HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CONSERVATIVES . . . Let Me Repeat – NOTHING!

The LEFT would like the People to Believe that the FAR RIGHT is as Guilty as the FAR LEFT for the Mess we find America in Today . . . but the FAR RIGHT is Insignificant, which Barely Exists – if at all, except . . . for in the Minds of Fools, just like there was NEVER A VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY, as Crooked Hillary Peddled for all she was Worth, while Defending her Rapist Husband & Corrupting for all she could to Win Power.

To the LEFT . . . all the LEFT – who are Bereft of any Real Argument or Logic, I’M AN AGENT OF THE FAR RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY . . . Because that’s all they have to Argue.

THE NAZIS BLAMED THE JEWS . . . And It Worked. It was the BIG LIE of the Time, to find a Reason for Genocide and a way to Rally the People to a Cause of Evil. The LEFT (Democrats) are no Better.

Instead of Jews, the LEFT is Rallying Against People like You & Me, who don’t want the Government to tell us what To Do, how to Live, how to Raise our Children . . . and to Work for People who Won’t Work for Themselves.


THE LEFT FEAR OUR CONSERVATIVE QUEST FOR PERSONAL FREEDOM . . . and instead of Campaigning Honestly for their Communist Cause, they Campaign Against Straw-Men Of Their Own Making.


THE LEFT CREATES . . . Crisis After Crisis To Their Benefit – Just think back 9-Years, when Rahm Emanuel, the current FAILED Mayor of Chicago & Former Chief of Staff for Hussein Obama, said to Obama and the Nation about the Near Total Financial Collapse of America – “NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE”.

Who Would Think Such A Thing . . . Let Alone Say It, other than a LEFTIST Manipulative Piece of Work, Hell-Bent on his Cause, Rather than on the Benefit of the People he has both Campaigned to Win, and had Sworn to Serve upon Victory?

The LEFT Is All About Power & Control . . . Not About Service & Duty.

At one point, I believe much Sooner Rather than Later, since we are already in my Opinion, Locked into the Long-Coming Revolution, that the Ultimate Solution will be what Thomas Jefferson Forecast some 250-Years Ago, in his Famous Letter from France . . . CONCERNING THE AMERICAN TREE OF LIBERTY.


Israel . . . Amongst all Nations, might very well be the Most Moral Country on the Planet, with the Most Generous Population Anywhere, which has Survived under the REAL THREAT of Extermination from Day-One . . . Yet – No Nation on the Planet, Especially with the Military Ability Possessed by Israel, has been as Understanding, Patient and Forgiving as the WORLD’S ONLY HOMELAND FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE.

NO COUNTRY ON A PER CAPITA BASIS . . . has ever Contributed even a Modicum to the Well Being of Humanity . . . than has Israel, whether it be in Medicine, Technology, Communications & More – as is Self-Evident from the Number of Israelis and Jews who have Won Nobel Prizes, other than the BS Nobel Peace Prize.

YET . . . Jews are REVILED all over the World, Thus Far With The Exception Of The United States & Canada, but even within these Two Nations, Jews are not Accepted by all People as a Normal Culture Worth Having, since there are many, Especially Amongst the Far LEFT, who would Prefer NOT to have Jews living amongst their Midst.


I have several Friends of Polish Descent, who are Magnificent People, who are really Worthy to call my Friends. And there have been many Polish People at the time of the Holocaust, who Suffered and Risked Life & Limb to Protect Jewish Poles . . . BUT LET’S GET REAL.

Before the Holocaust . . . there were approximately THREE MILLION POLISH JEWS. Today, According to all the Statistics that can be Gleaned, there are as Few as 5-THOUSAND, and as many as 15-THOUSAND Jews Living in Poland, virtually all of them Centered around Warsaw.

PRIOR TO THE HOLOCAUST . . . Even though the Jewish Polish Community was Substantial in Size & Successful, Anti-Semitism in Poland was RIFE, where being Jewish was not a Plus, when & where Pogroms were also Common.


AFTER THE WAR . . . and after the Liberation of the Nazi Death Camps In Poland, in 1946, the Polish People so Hated the Surviving Jews, that in the City of KIELCE, Polish People and their Security Apparatus SLAUGHTERED 42-Innocent Jews, Wounding Dozens More.

TODAY . . . More than 70-Years after this Nightmare, and with only as Few as 5-Thousand Jewish Poles Remaining in Poland, Polish Jewish Establishments, which include Synagogues & Cemeteries, come under near Daily Attacks, because Jews are as much REVILED Now, as they were Before, During & Even Just After The Holocaust.

AND FOR THE POLISH GOVERNMENT . . . to Declare, that anyone who makes Reference to Polish Nazi Death Camps, Will Be Charged as having Committed a Hate Crime, and will be Punished Accordingly . . . Is Mind Numbing.

WORSE THAN THAT . . . It Boggles my Mind, that the Current Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki – could have the AUDACITY to Accuse Polish Jews of being Complicit in the Holocaust.


IN ALL TRUTH . . . Any and all Countries which Hate Israel, or Treat Israel as an IRRITANT, rather than as a National Equal, and accept ANTI-JEWISH Movements like BDS as a Normal Expression of Political Discourse, is NOTHING SHORT of being ANTI-SEMITIC, which more or less Encompasses . . . Most – If Not All Of Europe.

When I was just Old Enough to Understand what People said . . . A Friend of my Parents was talking about the War (WWII) and the Holocaust, when he said about the Holocaust . . .

“It Will Happen Again . . . This Is Just The Calm Between The Storms”.

I Didn’t Understand The Meaning Then . . . But I Never Forgot The Words.

Don’t Let Silence Be The Voice Of Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I want to thank you for your continued comments and insight, they are so welcome in this leftis society. For the life of me I can not understand why we as a society of supposed intelligent people can not and actually refuse to learn from history.I loved the mayors direct accusation of Obama not loving America and firmly believe that he IS the Manchurian Candidate to bring AMERICA down.I also believe that he is not stupid and knows exactly what he is doing and being directed to do and say

  2. Like you said, when the nazi’s blamed the Jews for everything wrong, the lie spread into the hearts of millions. I remember growing up in the 70’s and hearing younger people asking “how could the holocaust have ever happened”. It was mind blowing. Now we know. We are seeing the cause again today. All they have to do is Start BLAMING THE JEWS again for any of their problems to see how it was possible. Despicable. This bs needs to be Called Out! EVERYTIME!

  3. Reference to the poignant words of Pastor Martin Niemoller need repeating.

  4. One thing I have learned in my years is that the world will gladly sacrifice themselves again to another Hitler or tyrant if it means the destruction of the Jews. They are doing so now with the Arabs that call for Jewish destruction. They will accept their own destruction with it just to see Israel’s demise. So virulent and deeply embedded in our planet is anti-semitism.

  5. While Americans try to find a solution to the terrible school shootings, Israel has already solved the problem.
    All schools are surrounded with a high fence, one entrance with metal detectors and a guard. No school shootings in Israel. It’s not rocket science and the USA and Canada should take note of this very simple, practical prevention.
    Trying to solve the problem with more gun laws is simply shooting oneself in the foot. With 300million guns already in play laws will not stop bad guys.

  6. Growing up I was called a Bohunk and a DP, akin to the n word in the US. It was hurtful because of the connotation of those words. Never once was I ever worried about being killed or hurt because of my ethnic background or religion. I don’t think there are many people in Canada or the USA who can understand what the Jewish people go through to this day; that people want you irradicated because of who you are. We have learned nothing. The elite use this as a money maker.. look at Ukraine.

  7. For todays editorial I thought a couple of quotes might suffice.
    A committee is a life form with six or more legs and no brain.
    “It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.” Josiah Charles Stamp
    Tolerance is the virtue of a man without conviction.
    God can move mountains, but He expects you to bring the shovel.
    This world is all the hell a Christian will ever endure. And it’s all the heaven an unbeliever shall ever enjoy !

  8. Those same Russians, who made life difficult for their Jews with Pogroms. Blood Libels, WWII, etc., are now beating the bushes in search of a distant Jewish relative, so they can move to Israel under the right of return. Most European countries have let in migrants who are the worst enemy of the Jews. I do not feel sorry for Europe at all. As a Jew I am glad we have Israel as a refuge. The Muslims are coming to N. America, and bring their baggage. Our enemies can’t kill our souls!

  9. I feel TRULY BLESSED to have had the privilege 0f having visited Israel, in 1995! As a Christian, it made such a difference in my life. I came away, totally changed, as a person! The Jews have always been a persecuted people, unfortunately!! We as a people, can DEFINITELY take lessons, from our Jewish brothers and sisters!!! May God continue to richly bless the Jewish people!!!!

  10. So much anti Jewishness in conspiracy theories it blows my mind. Protocols of Zion are being referenced again. I can hardly believe what I am reading. There are those who point fingers at the Jews to keep people from seeing WHO is the real problem. So much ignorance. I am appalled at what I am reading on the net. We are headed for the dark ages again. Some people are so dumbed down it is hard to even talk to them. They have NO clue. We can only keep trying.
    Bless you for your blog!

  11. Right again Howard. Speech against the tenets of islam, Illegal & punishable in the courts is rapidly coming to the USA. Expressing the truth of islam & sharia, is considered to be racist, inflammatory & not politically correct by the nazi liberals in the USA. Banning ar-15’s . . . is the precursor to banning all guns – to eliminate the second amendment which is exactly what the progressives want. Yellow journalism: all of the media, including some of the guests on fox news, spoke with total aut

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