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I Always Write, That You Do Help Lighten The Load . . . ‘Cause You Really Do.


The Single Greatest Two Gifts Given to the People of the United States of America, were the FIRST AMENDMENT, Guaranteeing Freedom of Expression Throughout the Land, and the SECOND AMENDMENT, which Enables All Americans to Bear Arms . . . “Which Shall Not Be Infringed”, which gives the People of the United States of America, THE RIGHT & ABILITY TO DEFEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT, and all other Freedoms the American People have Enjoyed through their Constitution for nearly Two and a Half Centuries.

And Understand This . . . The World Is A Better For It.


WHAT WE’RE SEEING TODAY . . . Worldwide – are Government Laws RESTRICTING the Most Basic Freedom . . . The Freedom of Expression, where Politicians, Lawyers & Bureaucrats are Deciding upon – WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE SPEECH & WHAT IS NOT.

In Canada, there is a National Law about to be Passed, which will make any Speech Against the Tenets of Islam . . . ILLEGAL & PUNISHABLE IN THE COURTS.


A Law of this Very Nature already Exists in France, where Expressing the Truth of Islam & Sharia, is considered to be Racist, Inflammatory & ILLEGAL, where Jews, who are Both Threatened and Attacked on a Daily Basis by Moslems, CANNOT Legally Criticize their Attackers, as being Followers of the Belief and Hatred of Islam, which is Responsible for the Attacks.

This Past Week . . . Two Lesbian Teenage French Girls, who were NOT Moslems were on a Train, which carried them through a MOSLEM NO GO ZONE, you know, the ones the French Government and other European Governments say don’t exist, BUT REALLY DO, just outside Paris, who were Attacked by young Moslem Men, and a young Moslem Woman, because they Appeared to be Lesbians.

HOWEVER . . . To Condemn this Attack on the Teachings and Culture of Islam in France, is not just Against the Law, IT IS PUNISHABLE UNDER THE LAW.

THEREFORE . . . If these Two Young French Lesbian Women, who were NOT Moslems, wanted to make a Point out of being ATTACKED because of the Nature of Islam, they would be ATTACKED BY THEIR OWN FRENCH GOVERNMENT, for Attacking the Base Morality and Culture of their Attackers.


Without the Second Amendment in the USA – what would Stop the American Government from Passing Similar Laws against any Speech, which the Politicians & Bureaucrats would Deem to be Unacceptable?


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR AGAIN . . . An Assault Weapon is anything that can be used, with which to make an Assault. A Broom Handle can be used as an Assault Weapon.


I’ve written this Before & I’ll write it until my Fingertips get Numb from the Keyboard. Banning AR-15’s . . . is the Precursor to Banning all Guns – to Eliminate The Second Amendment.

Those Who Are Most ANTI-GUN . . . Are The Most Ignorant About Guns.

BUT . . . If The Anti-Gun Crusaders want to Live in a Country . . . where all Blind Trust is Placed in the “Integrity” of Government, which Holds & Controls all the Power . . . Think About Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot And A Bevy Of Others.

THINK ABOUT EUROPE . . . Where the Government has the Guns, the Islamists have the Guns, and the People have Nothing more than a Hope and a Prayer.


Since the Florida High School Shooting . . . ALL OF THE MEDIA, including some of the Guests on Fox News, spoke with TOTAL AUTHORITY, that since January 1st – 2018, there have been EIGHTEEN MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS IN THE UNITED STATES. And when Pressed to Prove this Scurrilous Claim – IT SIMPLY WAS A USEFUL LIE BY THE LEFT.

During The 2016 Presidential Election . . . THE LEFT & ALL THE MEDIA – Including Fox News, Reported that a HUGE NUMBER . . . SEVENTEEN – American Security Agencies, Reported that there was Russian Collusion with The Trump Camp.

WE NOW KNOW – FROM DEPUTY AG ROSENSTEIN . . . That it was Not True; that the Trump Team had no Collusion with the Russians.

But just as important in the Not True Department. THERE ARE ALSO NOT 17-INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES IN THE USA OF MERIT.

Outside of the FBI, CIA, NSA and maybe Military Intelligence . . . Which Are The Other THIRTEEN American Government Security Agencies With Merit? I don’t know. Do you?

But someone Created the Number of Seventeen, and the Entire Media Flock of Sheep ran with it. And as hard as I tried, and I really did try to find whom the other 13-Security Agencies were . . . All Of My Digging Was To No Avail . . .

But The YELLOW JOURNALISTS Ran With It Nonetheless.


And no less Important . . . Than The Near Absolute Freedom of Expression . . . Is The Near Absolute Freedom of THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, which together, seem to be the TWO MOST ASSAULTED RIGHTS the American People Enjoy:

Assaulted by the LEFTIST Media, Assaulted by LEFTIST Political Parties, Assaulted by the LEFTIST Entertainment Industry, Assaulted by the LEFTIST World of Academia, Assaulted by the LEFTIST near Oligopoly of Multi-Media (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter . . . Etc) Internet Moguls, Assaulted by LEFTIST Big Labor & Assaulted by the Ignorance of the American Population . . . Devoid Of The Meaning, History, Sacrifice & Price Paid For Their Freedom.

AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE . . . Thank You For Supporting

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AMEN, regarding your site! Congratulations to Mayor Rudy Giuliani for having had the GUTS to express what so many people feel and fear to express. Let’s hope that more POLITICAL officials will have the same GUTS to speak out as well. A ‘can of worms’ has been opened….. Since LIBERALS live in LA-LA LAND, maybe Ms. Schultz could hold a JOBS FAIR for the Moslem Extremists, as was suggested by the Obama administration, to show “HER love for America”. Iran would be a great place to start!

  2. You can’t legislate against Evil Hearts. Take away his gun and he can build pipe bombs to kill hundreds. He could have driven his car through a large crowd. Evil will do evil. Period. The left took public prayer out of schools then rammed leftist propaganda down their throats. Much of it evil in itself. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Then there are some countries where people aren’t brought up with the same morals and don’t value life the same waythen them immigrant to the US/Canada. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

  3. According to Colonel Flagg in the MASH series, there is the CCC, the CDC, the CIC, and a host of others he referred to by letters over the years. LOL!

  4. Why is it that the main stream media, including Fox, are so worked up about Russian meddling in the US election when none of them seemed exercised when Obama meddled in the Israeli election in order to try and defeat Netanyahu.

  5. Correct. We cannot legislate against evil nor psychopathy. I am against 18 year olds being able to buy any type of firearm when they aren’t old enough to buy a beer. We must harden our defenses and make sure that there are guns in the right hands, trained competent hands of “good guys” so when evil shows up at the door it will be blocked, and if it gets through, it will be taken down quickly, lessening the carnage. Our best defense is a hard, armed defense.

  6. Israel has 3 firearm loaded and trained teachers in all schools, so I’ve heard, and only one entrance to schools which is monitored. I don’t understand why all schools in the U.S. don’t have one monitored entrance to schools which would have stopped the shooter and how did he haul all those guns and ammo into the building as he was prohibited to carry a backpack as he had one full of bullets in the past?

  7. The number 17 probably comes from the number of federal agencies having armed agents with arrest powers.

  8. Big on Hype – Short on Fact…that’s the Left for you . Try as you may to speak softly and sensibly to a lefty , you will be interrupted with loud accusations and name calling. There isn’t a stick big enough to beat sense into the ignorant lefties.

  9. The media bias against firearms is showing… I mean, some nutcase blows up a building. No one in the media talks about controlling access to cars and products that could be used to manufactured improvised explosive device. Some nutcase rams through a crowd with the truck, no one question the availability of trucks. Some religious nutcase kills their daughter/wife because they felt dishonor, no one question to the doctrine of that “religion”….

    But when a firearm is used…

  10. Probably get a lot of flack…not being an American citizen, however..the second amendment was written before UZI, AR-15, or AK-47 were available. Referring to pistols, revolvers,(maybe) and muskets. Surely the NRA can distinguish between personal protection use and excessive fire power. Except for registered hunting weapons, just have the controlled us at shooting range rentals….maybe??

  11. It is never about the guns…it is ALWAYS about the individuals who make anti-social choices. Fix them and you fix their irresponsible actions.

  12. Take away my gun and then a crazy killer kicks my door down and I have no personal protection. Killers don’t go by laws, how hard is this for some brainless gun hater get into his mind. So their answer is call the police and the police come the next day while your family is making funeral arrangements for you, that is if there is still a family left.

  13. “But just as important in the Not True Department. THERE ARE ALSO NOT 17-INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES IN THE USA OF MERIT.” Our perennial politician, Hillary, spouted off the statistic of 17 intelligence agencies in one of the debates. Of course, no one questioned her.

  14. Having lived in Paris some 25 years ago,many times i heard mostly older frenchmen say the United States was the cause of world was 2. I know that most of the men had little red buttons in there lapels ,a sign of members of the communist party.
    France today is a socialist country and engernet people.

  15. It might be of interest to note, what John Adams had to say about Islam. “Islam is not a religion. It is a highly disruptive ideology masquerading as a religion”.

  16. It’s a bad thing to think of and maybe shouldn’t even post it as some deranged individual might try it. But what if some lunatic would throw a can of gasoline in a room and lite it. Would the leftist media and the rest of the leftist politicians and students that have no idea of what they are really talking about want to ban gasoline.

  17. 2nd amendment, applies as much today as when it was written. Too prevent the abuses of a tyrannical government. “The right of the people to keep and bear and arms shall not be infringed”. People in Canada and Australia gave up your rights when you let your governments blatantly passed laws to take away your firearms. Has your crime rate gone down? “From my cold dead fingers”..

  18. And let us not forget that Obama had his operatives in Canada working for the Liberals and NDP in the election of 2015

  19. Liberal MEDIA=Leftist LOONS! I live in SE Florida, home of the winter W/H (White House)! AND the LIBERAL LOONEY TUNES ARE getting themselves worked up into a REAL DITHER! Something is definitely wrong with the picture, &it seems to me, that the FBI definitely dropped the ball. They were tipped off about the young man who did this pure EVIL act, about the social media posts he had made, but they NEVER ACTED on the “tips” made to them…they were probably SO BUSY with the “Russian Collusion”!

  20. At the time of the constitution the musket was the weapon of war. People carried equal fire power to that of their government. When the Colts and Winchesters were army issue, civilians owned them too. Now we should be able to buy any firearm we want but have been relegated to semi-automatic. No one can imagine this country invaded by an enemy. We are where we are securely because most Americans were armed up until the last 50 years. Liberal ideology denies enemy invasion or tyranny is possible.

  21. We are Blessed that GOD has brought us a President that believes in the Constitution and He Swore to up-hold it when he became President!! We as Americans are very Blessed!! Pray for our President..

  22. I think I know weapons 10 out of 12 yrs as a Ranger. Expert in small arms during the 60’s,70’s,and 80’s. Retired Federal
    agent with a top security clearance. There is NOT 17 -INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES in the federal government.

  23. Our only defense against the lying media is a network of truth-tellers such as you. I believe we can win this. People are seeing the lies, even though they squawk loudly.

  24. Can the Koran be quoted in Canada to show what the Jihadists are following and that it is political and not religious? Use their own book as most Moslems do not know what it really says like most Christians and Jews do not really know the Bible. Islam changed from religious goals when Mohammad went on the Hajira. THEN it became political and really began to grow in adherents. >These are facts. < No one can have different political ideals against their own and survive.

  25. I agree with Rick from Dundas
    The Left has a Goal
    Thank God for President Trump
    We need one like him in Canada

  26. Setting the needful COMPASSION aside for a minute–FIRST, it’s NOT surprising that the DEMORATS/LIBERALS are so EMBROILED in pursuing the GUN LAWS & 2nd Amendment, as the School crisis OCCURRED on their OWN TURF, i. e., in a very LIBERAL DEMOCRAT County. SECOND–KIDS are now getting INVOLVED in UPCOMING demonstrations! We live in a very SAD world when KIDS get SO AGITATED & GATHER to PROMOTE a certain CAUSE! What have the ADULTS taught them? Things are definitely getting out of hand! PRAY! AMEN!

  27. God help us all if the Democrats regain power in the next election. Then the only thing we can hope for is “the coming of Christ”.

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