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The Only Freedom we have in the World, which Guarantees all of our Freedoms, is our FREEDOM to Fully Express Ourselves, mostly Guaranteed by the REAL THREAT & PROMISE OF VIOLENCE against the Government, which would otherwise Abrogate our Freedom of Expression if it could.

In The USA . . . It’s Called The 2nd . . . Which The LEFT Can’t Seem To Understand.

I Write Prolifically About Threats, Challenges, Dishonesty & the Inhumanity which Faces the World – But Mostly, I Write About Threats, which challenge us in Canada, the USA & Israel, only because the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Write or Broadcast many News Stories, which need to be Told – AND FAR TOO OFTEN, the Media Neither Tells the Truth, and far Too Often Only The Half-Truth.

HERE’S AN EXAMPLE – SUNDAY NIGHT . . . Last Night (February 11, 2018), Steve Kroft of CBS’S “Vaunted Award Winning News Magazine” – 60-Minutes, had a Special on Legislation waiting for Passage in the Senate, which will be Signed by President Trump, which will Finally Acknowledge the Full Meaning of the Second Amendment, BY ALLOWING LEGAL-CONSTITUTIONAL-CARRY THROUGH ALL 50-STATES.


DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT FAIR & BALANCED? . . . The 60-Minute Overtime Segment . . . Shows the Tattooed Hand & Wrist of a Man Being Fingerprinted to get his Gun-Carry Permit, as if all Gun-Carry Permit Holders are Heavily Tattooed Thugs . . . looking like Gang Bangers. How Fair Was That?

The Immediate Following Segment, illustrated a younger man, who was showing his Belted Holstered Gun, Extra Magazine, and then his Ankle Holster, as if all Gun-Carry Permit Holders are Armed To-The-Teeth waiting for Action.

Steve Kroft, in the same Segment, Interviewed with a Smug Elitist Minded Female Gun-Hater, who said to her, that he had to Broadcast this Issue, because not that many People are aware of this Pending Legislation, as if all Hell Was Going To Break Loose. As if it was his Moral Duty.

Which might or might not be True. But even if it is True, that People Don’t Know . . . WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?

Kroft then goes on to say . . . “It’s Not A Constitutional Right To Carry Firearms”, which couldn’t be further from the Truth. But since when, does the TRUTH become a Reason for Telling the Truth by a Liberal?


Kroft was Interviewing a Red State Gun-Advocate on a Busy Manhattan Street Corner, when Kroft asked the Gun-Advocate if he Felt “Naked & Threatened” By Not Having A Gun On Himself . . .?

Then Kroft Went On To Say To The Elitist Gun-Hater – And I Quote . . . “He Said By The Way, That He Thought Lots Of People Right There Were Carrying Guns”.

THE REAL RESPONSE WAS . . . “There Are A Lot Of People Walking Around Us, There Is At Least Somebody Has A Gun”.

That’s quite a difference between . . . “LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE CARRYING GUNS” as was quoted by Steve Kroft of 60-Minutes . . . to “At Least Somebody Has A Gun”, as was said by The Gun-Advocate.

And If You Don’t Believe Me . . . Click Here And See It For Yourself.


As you probably know from Reading this BLOG . . . I am an Unabashed History Freak, mostly because I Truly Believe, that if we don’t Know the Past, we will Repeat it in the Future.

Yesterday . . . It was a Pretty Cold & Dismal Day here in the Austin area of Texas, so I decided to stay Indoors & Binge on an Historical Multi Series Documentary of WWII, detailing what led up to the War, how the War was Fought, and how the Allies eventually Won.

I WAS MORE DISAPPOINTED THAN JUST SOMEWHAT . . . With How The Allies Were Presented. But Specifically Canada.


Watching this Extremely well Told History of WWII, Bothered me to no end, not by what was told, BUT BY WHAT WAS NOT TOLD. The Sin of Omission is no Less Sinful than Telling a Lie.


If the ONLY Reference you would have to WWII History, was from this Documentary Series, you would think the Entire War was Fought & Won by the British, Americans, Russians, French and Somewhat by the Australians . . . So Let Me Set The Historical Record Straight.


Canada DECLARED War on the German Axis within Hours of England Declaring War, In September 1939, which was almost TWO YEARS BEFORE AMERICA Got into the War because of Pearl Harbor In December 1941.

Almost Half of All Eligible Canadian Men VOLUNTEERED (1.1 Million) for Combat-Duty Overseas . . . which was Way Above & Beyond any other Significant Ally, with the Exception of the Russians, who Fought because they were under Attack, and were Fighting for their Survival, only Because Adolf Hitler Reneged on his Deal to Carve Up Eastern Europe with Stalin.

Canada had the 4th Largest Merchant Marine In The World, which was used at Incredible Risk to keep England Supplied during the Worst of it, which was PROTECTED by Canada’s Navy, one of the Largest Navies during the War, which Commanded the Battle of the Atlantic, while Engaging in Daily Battle with Nazi U-Boat Wolf Packs from Beginning to End.

And ONLY because of Gross Incompetence by the British High Command (General Louis Mountbatten), which Assumed Leadership over Canadian Troops, Canada took a Massive Beating at Dieppe, the Precursor to D-Day.

Canadians . . . were Amongst the First to Land at Sicily, and was one of the Key Allies to Fight & Defeat the Nazis at Casino, where my Dad was Wounded, Kept Fighting with his Wounds & All . . . And Was Decorated As a Result.

Canadians were the First Allied Soldiers to Liberate the Netherlands, where my Dad was Awarded THE BRONZE LION, by Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, which was the Second Highest Medal the Netherlands had to offer.

AND EVEN TODAY, more than 70-Years after the Liberation of the Netherlands, Dutch Children Still Lay Flowers At The Graves Of Fallen Canadian Soldiers.

Canadians Fought at D-DAY on our Own Beach – Juno Beach . . . where Canadians did Everything & More that was Asked and Expected of Us.


SO . . . To tell the History of WWII, while ignoring Canada, as if Canada was some kind of a Side-Show, Instead of being a Vital Partner, without whose Commitment, England would have surely Fallen, is a Disgrace to the Tellers of History . . . and an Incredible Insult to the People of Canada.

To Omit The Past . . . Is No Less A Lie & A Sin.


Many of the People who are Reading know . . . since I’ve been Swamped with Great Wishes for my 68th Birthday . . . That Today Is The Day. And many of you want to know how I intend to Celebrate my Birthday . . .

SO HERE IT IS . . . I’m Doing It Right Now By Writing This Editorial. I Give Thanks for my Mental & Physical Health, For my Wife Anne, my Animal Family, my Human Family, my Friends . . . AND I GIVE THANKS FOR YOU.

Many of the Readers of this BLOG have asked for Recent Photos of Anne, Stryker & Myself. But I’m not very Photogenic, but nevertheless, here’s a Photo we VERY Recently Took at one of our Very Favorite Places in Texas.

Thank You For All The Best Wishes.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I just love your attitude “problem”. LOL For as long as I’ve known you, every position you take is the one we should be taking–and you take no cr@p from anyone. I love it! Best to you and Ann and I hope you’re enjoying winter in the south. is a website you should check out, I think you’d like it.

  2. Love it. I spent 6 years in Texas design and building Medical Diagnostic Centers everywhere. Was a great experience with great people. My favorite town was Tyler, loved the flowers. Best workers anywhere, we kept many that traveled with us as we moved into other States.

  3. Anne looks as lovely as every and Stryker is a gorgeous Shepherd–I don’t know about the guy in the cap though–he looks like a subversive patriot to me….probably has a gun on him and a motorcycle parked somewhere… LOL

  4. You and your wife look fine. I have been at that same spot, quit a few years back. Your dog brings back memories of our German Sheppard, Lady. We still miss her.

  5. Thank you Howard for the insightful information that you gave to us today, on your birthday! I am so disheartened with the way we all receive information now. So much is misinformation and we must teach our children and grandchildren to discern all that they are being told. My 96 year old mother, who was an excellent teacher and history buff, would be concerned whenever a new printing of history text books would arrive in her school once again changing the real history. Happy Birthday!

  6. Where’s April the cat? What is this? Feline discrimination?

  7. Your words ring true. Few know that a very young, tough Canadian fighting force overran the highly entrenched Germans at Vimy Ridge in a matter of hours. This significantly turned the tide of battle in that horrific war. Typically the magnificent Canadian victory was hardly recognized by our Allied partners, who themselves had failed disastrously in similar attempts. Hitler paid high respect to the Canadians of WW1 by advising his soldiers in WW11 not do damage Canada’s war memorial at Vimy.

  8. Happy Birthday!

    As to your editorial, I have been telling people for years about how biased and unreliable “60 Minutes” is, after personally witnessing a prime example of their very much slanted approach to reporting. That was some 30+ years ago and I have not tuned to their miserable program since.

  9. Howard, were you packing heat in that photo like all good Texans?

  10. Thank you, Howard for setting the record straight.Having been born in 1948 in the Netherlands, the fact is I would not exist but for the bravery and sacrifices of members of the Canadian military. Being freed of the German occupation meant everything to those still alive in 1945 in the northern part of the country after a brutal winter and after the southern part had been liberated in 1944. As youngsters growing up there we were always told who did the “heavy lifting”. Thank you Canada!!!

  11. Legal gun owners in the U.S. have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, if we were the problem, everyone would know it!

  12. Hey Howard, you may not be very “photogenic” (very few of us are) but your writing of the truth is “prolific” and “prophetic”!! Keep on keeping on!! I wish my fellow Americans were as patriotic about us as you are!! I only had 36+ years in the Army, but they “forced” me out with mandatory retirement!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Howard. Wishing you many more and always good health.Great picture of you and Anne and Stryker of course!!!!Marlene Leavey

  14. Happy Birthday Howard, or as they say in Hebrew: “Yom Holedet Smecha” May you have a great year with your family. Good health and peace.

  15. Happy 68th birthday, Howard. Thank you for the history lesson and always telling us the truth. Love the photo. Please send us photos more often!

  16. Just last year revelations of the Purpose of the Dieppe Raid were revealed. It was all about capturing a German Enigma Machine believed stored close to the water at Dieppe. It was not in vain our Canadian Soldiers dies as rumor had it. They must have thought highly of the Canadians to use them for such an important and dangerous mission. That Speaks volumes!
    Happy birthday Howard, many more …. and that is one very handsome couple in that photo!

  17. The State of Maine has constitutional carry (no permit for concealed carry). Three years ago when the constitutional carry law passed, left wing nit-wit and failed Senate candidate Cynthia Dill forecast gun battles in the streets and bar fights causing many deaths. Last year Maine had 13 gun homicides, half of which were family related disputes.

  18. Happy Birthday, Howard…..& may you have many-many more! Thank you, also for the history lesson. And was the Mountbatten, the same family related to the Queen? Also, was a VERY NICE PHOTO, of you, Anne, & Stryker, your dog! May the year ahead, for you be filled with many blessings, good health & happy times!!

  19. Great read and Happy Birthday. One of my uncles was at Vimy Ridge on the very morning of the charge. By the end of the day the objective was reached. They could have gone further but the artillery couldn’t push through the muddy shell holes. The Second War found another uncle involved with the liberation of the Netherlands. Another uncle fought somewhere in Europe and another in Italy. I’m proud of my uncles and their contribution to Canada’s armed forces in both wars.

  20. Happy, happy birthday and many more and good health. Loved the picture! Beautiful! And as always your wonderful and interesting editorials. On a sad note, my niece’s dog, Queenie (King Charles) passed away today at age eight.

  21. Happy Birthday old man. A lot of prominent people born in February, Lincoln, Washington, you, me……

  22. Happy B-day. Joyeux Anniversaire de naissance Howard.

    A recent podcast would also be appreciated.

    Best of all to you

  23. My grandfather’s fought in WWI. My uncle fought in WWI. He had an affinity for languages and learned German, French and Italian while deployed and saved his squadron because he spoke German – it was dark and (they were behind German lines) a German squad came upon them. He convinced them that they had killed and stolen the Canadian uniforms in order to fool Cdn patrols in order to get close and kill allies as well as Cdns. The German officer thought it was ingenious. God Bless my uncle, RIP

  24. Cool photo. Now I’ll be able to recognize you next time you’re in Israel. Yom holedet sameah, chaver.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Howard!! You’re still a young man at 68 (9 years younger than I am) so you still have a lot of time to fight for the right side i.e. the conservative side. We’re losing a lot of people as our generation (the one that wrote about in your latest editorial) are leaving the country in the hands of people who have NO idea what’s happening. Real history is no longer taught – instead we are taught to denigrate the achievements of those who have created the world we live in.

  26. Very nice photo of you, Anne & Stryker. When you have a chance, however, could/would you post a photo of April, the cat.

  27. Happy Birthday. Loved your picture. Lovely wife, beautiful dog – reminded me of our German S. We still miss her. Wishing you many, many more birthdays. Remember – your age is only a NUMBER. Many good medical doctors are now looking at the BIOLOGICAL age and that can be 10-20 years earlier (or later) than the chronological age. Good food, good exercise, lots of love and friendships equal a longer life.

  28. Happy Birthday and God’s continued blessings upon you.

    I saw Darkest Hour yesterday. I thought I was fairly well versed on WWII, but I did not know just how close England came to surrender. I did come away from the movie with further proof that those like Chamberlain are not able to learn that peace comes when your enemy is no longer wishing to fight.

    Thanks for the great comments and still wish we would see you in Alpine.

  29. Happy birthday and ensuing years. I am 87 and have had no trust in the media for several decades. Your comments are refreshing.The media usually totally ignores news that does not fit their agenda. If they CANNOT IGNORE it they misinform and misdirect by half truths and sometimes by outright lies as you pointed out. I wish I could get EVERYBODY to read your blogs.

  30. Great history lesson. I am a history buff, myself. Mountbatten is the uncle of Prince Philip & there is a lot of history to that name, some good & some bad. The Queen almost didn’t get to marry Philip, due to some of his German ancestry. What makes that so ludicrous is that the Queen herself has a German in her background, Queen Victoria’s husband Albert. Oh well, such is the way of the Royals, isn’t that so? Great picture of the 2 of you & Stryker. Happy Birthday, again.

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