LEFTIST Hypocrisy On Steroids


As A Canadian . . . believing in Israel’s RIGHT to Exist as a Sovereign Nation, and in Canada’s RIGHT to hold its own Elections without International Interference . . . I’m More Fed-Up than just somewhat, at the American LEFT’S Hypocrisy concerning RUSSIA – RUSSIA – RUSSIA.


Under Obama, the USA had to Apologize to the French, Germans & British for SPYING on their Respective Leaders’ Phone Calls & Communications. How’s that for Interfering in the Privacy of other Countries at the Highest Levels?


RUSSIA – RUSSIA – RUSSIA . . . Seems to be the Waning Battle Cry from the American LEFT as the Primary Reason for the Extremely Unexpected & Spectacular Presidential Victory of Donald J Trump.

BUT . . . In Spite of the Probable Truth – that the Russians were indeed up to their Vodka, Screwing with the American Election in one way or another, You Can Bet The Farm . . . That The Russians Weren’t The Only Ones.


There is No Secret, or even a Pretense of a Secret . . . that Obama’s White House, Including the State Department, CONTRIBUTED GOD-ONLY-KNOWS HOW MUCH MONEY & EXPERTISE, to Defeat the Conservative Likud Party led by Benjamin Netanyahu.


MORE THAN THAT . . . The USA, led by Obama, didn’t even TRY TO HIDE the Teams of American Campaign Marketers & Sleaze-Artists, which were Sent to Israel & Paid for by American Taxpayers, for the Sole Purpose of OVERTHROWING THE LEGITIMACY OF A SOVEREIGN ISRAELI ELECTION.

AS BEST AS I CAN RECALL . . . The Israelis Celebrated the Victory of their Conservative Government with none of the Israeli Parties or Media Screaming AMERICA – AMERICA – AMERICA, as the American LEFT has been Screaming Russia, Russia, Russia . . . because of the More Than Obvious AMERICAN LEFTIST Collusion with the Israeli LEFT.


Once Again . . . There are no Secrets – that the American LEFT did all it could to Defeat Canada’s Conservative Party in the last Canadian General Election, by throwing an enormous volume of American-Style Party-Politics into the Canadian Mix, which in Canada . . . IS ALMOST AS ILLEGAL AS IT GETS.

WE DON’T HAVE PROOF . . . That the Canadian LEFT (Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau) took any Campaign Money from LEFTIST American Political Usurpers, but what we do know, is that there was no Shortage of Collusion between Canada’s LEFT and the American LEFT, which certainly did make a Difference to the Outcome of the Canadian Election, giving a Majority Government to a Minority Liberal Party, with just 39% of all Votes Cast . . . which amounts to about just 20% of all Eligible Votes in Canada.

And How Pathetic Is That On All Levels All On Its Own?

And I Bet The USA Is Doing All It Can To Screw-Over Putin In Russian Politics As Well . . . Because That’s The Way It Goes – Everyone Is In Everyone’s Business.


SO . . . Perhaps the American LEFT could give it a Break, and Start Worrying More about how they will keep from Self-Destruction and out of Jail, because of their COLLUSION with the Russians . . . BEFORE, DURING & AFTER THE 2016 ELECTION, in order to Defeat The Free & Fair Election Of President Trump.


I have been writing about this for a very long time . . . And I Will Continue To Write About This Until It Becomes Irrelevant – WHICH WILL BE NEVER!


The Moment Israel Will Show Any Weakness Whatsoever . . . Is the moment Israel will Cease to Exist, as the Arab/Persian/Moslem World will Rejoice in the Streets, along with Most of Europe . . . Quietly and not so Quietly Celebrating with the Would-Be Destroyers of the Jewish National Homeland – Because That’s How It Always Was, Is & Will Always Be.

The Shooting-Down of an Israeli Fighter-Jet . . . is far more than just the Loss of a Very Expensive Military Weapon for Israel . . . IT IS A SYMBOL TO THE ENEMIES OF ISRAEL, THAT THE JEWS ARE VULNERABLE.

ISRAEL CANNOT SURVIVE . . . Surrounded by Bloodthirsty Neighbors, constantly planning and dreaming of the Total Destruction of the Jewish State, WHO ARE NOT IN FEAR OF THE JEWISH STATE.

To be Living in Canada, the USA, Mexico, or anywhere else on the “Civilized” Planet, NONE OF US ARE IN FEAR OF OUR NEIGHBORS . . . because we don’t live in a Neighborhood like Israel, where Mayhem, Murder, Genocide & Hatred is Akin to Israel’s Neighbors . . . Like Mother’s Milk . . .

. . . Where Celebrating Death Is A Greater Virtue Than Celebrating Life.

The Time Will Soon Be Upon Us . . . When Israel, with or without Military Allies, will have to Step-Up-To-The-Plate, and Do what has to be Done, at a Cost of Enormous Jewish Life & Treasure . . . So The Whole World Can Be Safe.

This Is The Destiny Of Israel . . . Am Ysroel Chai – Long Life To Israel.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly! I love your “tell it like it is” style. Thanks so much! You are admired & appreciated more than you know!

  2. The leftists aren’t the only ones on steroids. Just the past few days I have seen several cases of blatant anti-Semitism coming from people on the right. They don’t hate Jews they say they may even have Jewish friends but you have to know that it is the Zionists who are part of the great global conspiracy. And they hate the Zionists. Hello? What’s the difference? Well it seems that Zionism has nothing to do with Jewish life only about the political life of Israel. So what’s Israel about?

  3. Totally dead-on today. And about Obama, just read an article that totally scared the crap out of me. Obama spied on Trump and his campaign without any warrants. That told me the reason Trump spent 17 days last August and him living elsewhere was the “remodeling” of the White House needed to remove all the bugs and other listening devices. Will Hillary & Obama get the prison time they deserve? Probably not. BTW, is the reason Hillary wears a “boot” is because it hides a tracking device?

  4. Indeed, Am Yisrael Chai! The reason the world hates Israel is because it is God’s land and people! And the rest of the world, or a great portion of it, doesn’t care much, if at all, about God, Who created all things. I grew up in the Roman Catholic church, and even as a child I sensed that ‘something’ was wrong in it, but with no idea what that something was. I left it many years ago. I am blessed today to belong to a Messianic congregation, and I love it.

  5. Turdeau is putting forth law changes that would allow charities to become political again. He’s probably been advised ,based on the All Party Investigation into foreign influence, on how much involvement there was from groups like TIDE in the last Canadian Election to help the liberals win. The best way to defend their liberal support and keep it going is to allow them to keep being political. I wish I could add more but 500 char. There is a law change to stop this they say but LOTS of loopholes

  6. Most of the world will rejoice if Israel is defeated. The main reason that they hate Israel and the Jews is Jealousy. From day one, when Abraham came out of his village in Babylon and spread the word that there is only one God and all the others are false, he was hated and it never stopped. We the Jewish people must remain strong and be a light to the world. Steve Acre, Canada.

  7. Could someone please tell me just HOW did the Russians do it? Why did they only fiddle in the fly-over states and let the illegals vote their arms off in California?
    And thank G-d for Israel!

    Hello to all Bloggers. If you enjoy being informed and educated by Howard who spends so much time searching and researching to bring us real truth, not fake news, give him a day off tomorrow, it’s his 6?th birthday. Click on the link above right to Donate $10, or more, and show your support for Galganov.com

  9. Just read an article by John Ivison who wrote that the new NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, wants Israel & Palestine to get together & form one state. This will totally destroy the Jewish character of Israel as they will become a minority & be totally swallowed up by their hostile Arab neighbors. The NDP is on the far left of Canada’s political spectrum but even their previous leaders (Jack Layton & Tom Mulcair) didn’t propose such a stupid idea.

  10. Agree with Steve Acre that Israel is hated because of jealousy. They were given God’s blessing & prosper in all they do, followers of God or not (my understanding of Bible writings). AND yes, Happy Birthday tomorrow. Boy it came around again fast.

  11. Happy Birthday Howard… may God Bless you with many more healthy, prosperous years.. don’t know how I would do without your editorials (blogs).. YOU ARE AWESOME… very rare we have someone like you that really cares about our Freedoms etc..

  12. Greetings and Birthday Wishes to you, Howard! Your blog editorial/opinion is the only true take on politics around us. I read 2 newspapers, watch my good share of news and plenty more everyday. Yet the only news I actually BELIEVE is King Howard Galganov! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  13. it used to really bother me that the world is full of antisemites ,but it doesn’t anymore-we were chosen by GOD,have done incredibly well in spite of overwhelming odds against us and are trying to be a light unto the nations.when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world,we send a team of experts to help save lives.we contribute in science,medicine etc but that does NOT HELP change-antisemitism is a cancer that wont go away,but it’s NOT OUR CANCER-so it’s not our problem at all.it’s THEIRS!

  14. Howard, I pray that God will protect & preserve Pres. Trump, and that you too will have Divine protection. I also pray for Israel. I have always understood from reading the Holy Bible that those who stand with our Jewish friends, will have certain blessings, and those who persecute them will at some point suffer the wrath of the Almighty.

  15. Every time i hear the name obama i hope its about his demise if any one deserves to part this world its obama.
    On a different note the white house is like a revolving door. almost every few weeks another staff member is either outed or resigines and many changes in Trump cabinet,as an astute business man he has dropped the ball as President.

  16. Happy Birthday Howard another great editorial. I think the same as Chuck Yarling that Trump had to redecorate the White House to get rid of all the listening devises called bugs. I do believe Admiral Rogers told Trump. The Canadian gov’t is ignorant about Israel, we all need Israel. I like you think there are many countries spying, America, Russia, Japan, China, Iran, UK, Germany and WE on them…the list goes on, we all do it. The worst spies like Soros, Obama, Hillary they destroy democracy!

  17. Great article,Howard. As for not fearing our neighbors, let’s add the word “YET”. Like your Canadian left, our LEFT would dearly like to turn the USA into a third world country. Fortunately we have President Trump holding firm. Hopefully your Canada will triumph in the upcoming elections and vote in a conservative. God bless us all.

  18. Mazel Tov Howard May your strong right arm continue the good work (blog) you do for another 120 years. G-d Bless.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  19. Howard, ANOTHER AWESOME “blog”! And, a VERY HAPPY B.DAY to you, tomorrow…YOU INDEED ARE A BLESSING TO US, your “blog family”! I’m going to make a donation in your honor, for your B.DAY, &encourage others to do the same! I hope you have a wonderful B. Day, along with your dear Anne, tomo. May God bless you, abundantly, along with ALL our Canadian friends, & those living in the great country of Israel! Thank GOD for Pres. Trump, &please dear Lord, watch over all us, trying to do your will!

  20. May your birthday be a good one. enjoy. I pray that G-d will take good care of you, with good health, a clear mind and a long life. This also goes for Anne. Is there a bigger word or better descriptive word to use besides Hypocrisy? Of course the Left is hypocritical at ever turn & it worse everyday! The lies are simply off the charts, these days. In my 74 years, I have never seen the US or Canada with the abhorrent mindset of the Left!!! It is getting to be satanic. Sorry, in my opinion.

  21. Ken and Geri… I agree…Happy Birthday to Howard……..Thanks be …and to… and … by way of Paypal…

  22. HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY, HOWARD! Wishing you many, many more! Thank you for all your EDITORIALS, which are most ENCOURAGING to most of us. You give us a chance to RANT our FEELINGS and VIEWS, and to keep our SANITY as well….ha…..ha…..ha! Enjoy your SPECIAL DAY with your SPECIAL FAMILY—–ANNE, STRYKER, and APRIL,THE CAT! AMEN!

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