Brain Surgery Is Complicated . . . Greed & Stupidity Are Not


There is so much happening . . . all at the same time, that keeping track is like trying to Count Ants as they Stream In & Out of the Anthill.


I don’t write much about the Stock Market, because what can I say that I haven’t already said a Gazillion Times, about the Biggest Financial CON-JOB & PONZI SCHEME Ever Perpetrated Upon the World?

If you’re an Investor (Gambler), understand this . . . The “Market” is an INSIDER-TRADING OLD BOYS CLUB, where you’re invited to put your Money for their Benefit.

AND KNOW THIS AS WELL . . . You’re not Betting on the Future Prosperity of a Company, as much as you’re Betting on how Many other People are Betting on the same Gamble.


And when I hear or read about “A MARKET CORRECTION” . . . What the Hell does that really mean? When the Market Crashed in 1929 – was that a Correction? When the Market all but Crashed at the end of the Presidency of Bush 43, and the beginning of the Presidency of Obama – was that a Correction Too?

TO ASSUME . . . that the Free Ride on BORROWED MONEY of Historic Market Proportions . . . was somehow not going to Crash, is to assume that the Financial Casino we refer to as the Stock Market, Can Defy The Rules Of Nature, which is in itself a Fantasy.

There is Nothing we can Conceive of, that is Perpetual, Including our own Personal Existence, and most Probably the very Existence of our Universe.

SO DON’T BE SURPRISED . . . When your Hard Earned Money gets CLOBBERED in the Global Monetary Casino . . . in spite of what the “GURUS” have to say, because they’re all Full of Beans.


I AM NOT A RAND PAUL FAN . . . But whether I supported him or Campaigned Against him during the Primaries, which I did, is IRRELEVANT to the Fact, that Senator Rand Paul is one of the very FEW PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVES, who went to Washington to do the Bidding Of His Electorate . . . AND NOT THE BIDDING OF HIS PARTY OR LOBBYISTS.

THERE IS NO QUESTION . . . None Whatsoever – That America’s Military MUST be Funded to the Hilt, because after everything is Said & Done . . . The Entire Safety & Freedom Of The World Depends Upon The Stars & Stripes.

As a Canadian, if I was so Stupid enough to Believe . . . that Canada’s Military, with its Pending Acquisition of 4-Decade Old Fighter Jets, to be bought from Australia, because we can’t afford to buy New State of the Art Fighter Planes, that we could Hold Our Own against a Real Enemy, I might also say . . . WHO NEEDS THE AMERICANS?

BUT I’M NOT STUPID . . . And I do know – that Canada would be SQUASHED LIKE A BUG against a Real Foe, if it wasn’t for the Military Juggernaut to our South.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . NOT FICTION OR HYPERBOLE – Canada is Required by our Own Signature & PROMISE to NATO, to INVEST at the Least . . . 2% of our annual GDP to our Military . . . WE DON’T EVEN PONY-UP ONE PERCENT.

It’s Remarkable how our Globe-Trotting Prime Minister, Justin the Dilettante Trudeau, has the CHUTZPAH to even show his Face amongst World Leaders, as if Canada Really Matters, because long before Trudeau – Canada Did Matter. But that was then and this is now . . . But this isn’t what this Editorial is all about.


EXCEPT FOR A FEW . . . On Average – and in spite of many who’ve Entered Politics with the Best of Intentions, MOST POLITICIANS ARE LIARS, CONNIVERS & THIEVES, or become Liars, Connivers & Thieves once in Office.

I Also Think Most Politicians Aren’t All That Smart, Competent or Capable.

With the Exception of a Handful of Principled Conservatives, the House and the Senate were EXTOLLING the Virtues of BIPARTISANSHIP, by adding Precipitously to the DEBT, while spending a GARGANTUAN amount of Money, which the PEOPLE DON’T HAVE.

REMEMBER THIS . . . The ONLY MONEY the Government has, is the Money the Government can GRAB from the People. And when spending OPM“OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY” . . . No One – But No One – is as Good at Spending it, as are the Politicians & Bureaucrats.

If any Private Business Spent Money like the Government, they wouldn’t Survive. If any Family Spent Money like the Government . . . they would be living on the Street Begging for Food.


AT ONE POINT . . . Sooner Rather Than Later – The Piper Will Be Wanting To Get Paid. And that SOONER IS FAST APPROACHING – Much Faster Than Most People Realize, And Much Faster Than The Government Will Admit To.


AT ONE POINT . . . Socialists Will Run Out Of Other People’s Money. And if the ONLY way the Republicans could get the Money the Nation NEEDS to keep America’s Military at FULL READINESS, is by Selling-Out the Future of the American People for Political Purposes . . . Rand Paul Was Right – JUST SHUT THE WHOLE DAMN THING DOWN, until the Elected Politicians Simply Start doing the Job they were Elected to do, instead of Spending Money like Drunken Sailors On Shore Leave.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That the Greatest Threat America and the World has to all of our Freedoms . . . Is The Congress Of The United States Of America, which thinks it’s so Clever, because they COLLUDED with each other to Spend America into Oblivion, in the Name of Bipartisanship as if that makes it right.


Whoever thinks Freedom of Expression is FREE in Canada and the United States of America, or elsewhere in the World . . . THINK-AGAIN.

GALGANOV.COM MAKES NO THREATS. This BLOG does Not Lie. Nor do I Defame. I NEVER call upon People to Riot, Disrupt or Destroy. What I do, is simply Report the News as Honestly & as Accurately as I possibly can . . . And I Offer My Opinions.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good on you, Howard, and good on Giuliano!
    It’s high time that more big names broadcast
    the truth!

  2. If Canada and other countries aren’t going to pay their fair share in Defending the West and the US has to cover the slack, then Trump Should slap a special Security Tax on all imports from every country not doing their share to Offset the US 4% GDP contribution to its military … or shall we say to the military protecting the rest of the world. So Canada we either pay up upfront or we pay up through our exports to the US. Freedom comes at a cost. AND It’s worth EVERY PENNY!

  3. “Truth is a brazen concept!” -Tom Corcoran. THAT is why tyrants and Demi-gods work so hard to crush it!! When you have a lot, and i.e. too many bills, high interest and just short of resurrecting a “Debtors Prison”, that is FICO scores and mystical “Credit Ratings”, a Super Tanker full of “FREEBIES”, this is expect for “LIBERTY”. We have turned from a “Constructive” economy, to a “Destructive” one! Let’s hang the legislator who proposed and passed “amendments” to motions, and DEMAND limit its!!

  4. Howard, I hate to tell you this, but it is an absolute truth…many people I know (and to whom I have sent copies of your editorials) are absolutely put off by your persistent use of caps and bold print….ME included! A lot more people would read your editorials if you would stop accentuating what you consider the important parts, and give us credit for knowing that all of what you say is important!

  5. Howard I don’t mind your caps and bold print at all. It is your blog and you have every right to present it as you see fit. Keep up the good work. The information you provide is of great importance to everyone and certainly to me.

  6. I have no problem with CAPS and BOLD lettering… this is your BLOG ask that lady Carrol how much she contributes to your BLOG financially to have that to say!!! She has a lot of nerve to say that.. is that “NIT PICKING” common, LOL I look forward to your BLOGS every day and none of that even enters my mind.. ha,ha… I just look forward to your honest and researched comments and opinions!! KEEP DOING what you are doing and always have done.. giving us the FACTS!!!

  7. I stopped trading in the stock market 20 years ago instead i invested in tax free bonds . the interest is larger then a bank
    can give and they are insured.
    The biggest problem with the military is cost control and open spending on new equipment. Example years ago a simple tool that could be bought at a hardware store for $5 cost to manufacture by the airforce $900.

  8. Interesting..I myself appreciate the BOLD…the Capitalization, the …. and Galganov style you do in your writing. Makes for easy reading and understanding of..the way you talk to us thru your Editorials. I also miss the visual & audio transcripts performed on the Farm .. up Canada. Laughing… I agree with Shirley… its your Blog…and sure as heck ….K N O W …that after all these years…You Ain’t Gonna Change…..Unless you Want to….Blog on and on and on!

    What about Lawyers, where do they fit in?
    Especially Divorce Lawyers?

  10. When people speak, they don’t talk in a monotone unless they want to bore you to death. When I read your blog, I can hear you emphasizing certain words and phrases, as if you were speaking directly to me. These are the words printed BOLD, and
    Capitalized. Carol, try reading the blog out loud, emphasizing the BOLD and Capitalized words, and it may surprise you.

  11. The CAPS and Bold don’t bother me either. Larry Lehrman is right about gov’t paying $900 for a $5 tool. Outside contractors inflate prices, create delays, etc., to run up costs for their profit. Those responsible for oversight ‘simply’ approve it because it’s not their personal money so don’t ‘feel’ the responsibility of stewardship. They’re likely also too lazy to research if costs are reasonable–also because it’s not their money. That’s one of the problems with non-merit promotions.

  12. My friend HOWARD will go BOLDLY and I will be PROUD to accompany and RIDE along.
    On our motorcycles OF COURSE.

  13. What the congress has done makes me ill, I am so disheartened by it all. The Republicans the biggest liars of all, they build our hopes up and then “to hell with the people and the constitution”. Really hoped Trump would veto this kind of crap but he is just like the rest of the jerks that supposedly serve us. Ron Paul is the voice in the wilderness that we should heed. Hate to even think it but I believe the country as we have known it is gone never to return.

  14. Yea the world needs more people who FOCUS ON THE PRESENTATION as opposed to the content . Good thing you are NOT on Facebook HG as the PM is focussing in on all those “fake news stories ” out there , particularly those that do not meet his stringent view of what “peoplekind” is really all about . His spin on what Mankind or better yet Humankind NEEDS TO BECOME.

  15. Howard, keep up your WRITING STYLE. I, personally, mostly APPRECIATE your comments re: this subject matter because I RECENTLY received SIMILAR comments re: an online response I had made in a local newspaper. As a matter of fact, I was told that my response “LOOKED MESSY” with the CAPS, BOLDING, etc… I responded by stating that THIS was MY WRITING STYLE and that I would continue writing in that SAME fashion! Ms. “Carrol” can OPT OUT if she’s “PUT OFF”! She must be a LIBERAL! GO HOWARD GO! AMEN!

  16. Just wondering why readers just don’t add the Blog to there favorites or favorites bar and check once a day. It’s not that hard.

  17. It is your site and yours alone. If we don’t like the content or presentation, it is time to go away. Frankly, I like reading your views on important matters.

  18. Complacency, tolerance, diversity, and ignorance got USA where it is today! Gov’t keeps “spending money it doesn’t have”! Welfare folks don’t care if taxes go higher (they still get to vote for “entitlements” to be “equal”) while making more money off welfare than working, so why work? Sooner or later they will want our property and possessions too! (What’s “mine” isn’t “theirs”, but “liberals” all seem to think like this!) “God helps those who help themselves”- but not to my bank accounts!

  19. Howard: I believe you are what you are. If those who complain about “how” you write compared to “what” you write? They really have no clue about you. That is a shame and their loss. The rest of us love you like we deplorables love Trump. You tell it how it is which is something we don’t get very often from those others whom we appreciate. As I have said in the past: KUTGW! Or for those who don’t know that acronym: Keep Up The Good Work” that you do!!! Or as Gibbs would say, “Oorah!”

  20. Keep doing what you are doing as you are doing it WELL. Writing can be misunderstood and making certain words and phrases BOLD make it easier to understand by your written TONE of voice. I LIKE it as it is more clearly UNDERSTOOD! And it IS YOUR unique style. It is not some academic dissertation but for PEOPLE to understand!

  21. If people can disregard the content because of the presentation, we get what we deserve. Carroll can also be male much like Kelly… just saying. The majority of your readers have your 6 Mr. G. Thank you for your hard work.

  22. Howard, I think we share a brain, you having the larger part. It is scary to read what you write because it is almost always what I have been thinking, (except for the parts about Canada about which I know nothing.) How can anyone get involved in politics without being LIARS, CONNIVERS & THIEVES, or become Liars, Connivers & Thieves once in Office. We in America have 3 choices, (1) Democrat Party choice, (2) Republican Party choice or (3) a wasted vote. We have no choice in the party’s slate.

  23. If Baby Doc Trudeau goes with 40 year old antiques, and not the F35, Canada will loose out on all the contracts that F35 design partners receive IF THEY BUY F35 PLANES. Like Papa Doc Trudeau, he wants to kill the military. He states that there are no funds for veterans yet two days later proudly announces $650 million for birth control in 3rd world countries. 39% of Canadians elected the village idiot of the world as leader; idiots electing the biggest idiot. He is killing Canada.

  24. Only politicians believe you can borrow yourself out of debt, to bad so many voters believe them.

  25. Howard, I LOVE your “writing style”, so PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THE “VILLAGE IDIOTS”! Loved the various applauds, from your “BLOG FAMILY”…..we are here to support one another, & like minded “FELLOWS”!! The person who criticized you is PROBABLY A LIBERAL-LEFISTIST-LOON, so just consider the source!!! Keep up your AWESOME JOB of WRITING, Howard, & GOD BLESS YOU, Pres. Trump, & OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS!!!!

  26. I like the bold print, anybody that petty needs to get a life and tune in daily to Fake News networks!

  27. Howard,
    Great as ALWAYS, jUSt thought I’d Have a say about using UPPer CaSe letters and BoLdInG, if that’s all some people got to complain about. THeY mUSt lEaD a very OrDinAry and boRinG ExIsTeNcE. I look forward to rewading your posts, seems they are relevant way down here as well. Our pollies and media all have the knickers in a knot at the present time about extra marital affairs…seems we’ve got no other problems?

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