Be A Fighter Or A Victim . . . Choose One Or The Other – Not Both


Who Knows How Many Pro-Assad Syrian Fighters – who Encroached in Syria upon US Military Territory were killed in the Early Morning by the US Military . . . The Americans say it was about 1-Hundred . . . BUT THE NUMBER DOESN’T MATTER.

What Matters – Is The Resolve The US Demonstrated – Not Seen For Decades.

OBAMA DREW PHONY LINES IN THE SAND, which sent the Global Message to Friends & Foes Alike, that America is a PAPER-TIGER, which also led to the INVASION of Illegal Aliens, much like the BARBARIANS who Stormed the Gates of Rome . . . Bringing Down The Empire.

To the ILLEGAL ALIENS in the USA, perhaps as many as 20-MILLION, they have no Fear of America’s PUSSY LIBERALS & RINO’S (Republicans In Name Only). And why should they, since the American LEFT have SURRENDERED the Rights and Fruits of the Labor of the People the ILLEGALS ARE LITERALLY STEALING FROM?

The American Gates Are Open . . . And Up Till Now, The American Gate Keepers Have Been There Mostly For Show.

Do You Want To Avoid War That Could Devastate Us? . . . CRUSH THE ENEMY NOW!

Any Country That Makes Empty Threats . . . Invites the Impending Misery of War, when the other Side Sees & Smells Weakness and a Lack of Resolve.

NO SANE PERSON LIKES WAR . . . But just as History Dictates, whether we like it or not, there has Always Been War . . . and There Always Will Be War, since we Cannot Decide the Behavior of the Brutes, Bullies, Tyrants & Enemies who wish to take what we have . . . And To Do Us Harm.

There Will Always Be Nazis, KKK, Jackboots & Brown Shirts. There Will Always Be the ANTIFA Mobs & Black Lives Matter. And there will always be the LEFT to make DEALS, and Compromise the FREEDOMS of Others. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THE HOLOCAUST-TYPE JUDENRAT & KAPOS . . . No matter the Race, Religion, Language, Gender or Cause.

GO TELL THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE . . . About the Ridiculous Non-Reality Of John Lennon’s Song “Imagine” . . . About John Lennon’s Drug Induced Anthem To What He Perceived To Be His Perfect World, while his Believers Scrambled for a few Bucks here and there, while he and his Godforsaken Wife, Lived the Lives of Privilege Beyond Compare.

Go tell the Victims, the still Living Survivors, their Children & Grandchildren of the Holocaust, about the AIRY/FAIRY BS of Meaningless Songs like Kumbaya, while MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of People HERE & NOW, all over the World . . . are Fleeing their Homes, Begging for Food & Shelter, as Women are Turning to Prostitution in order to Feed their Children.

TELL IT TO THE WOMEN & LITTLE GIRLS . . . who are being RAPED everyday, hoping not to be Sold into the Global Sex-Slave-Market, or to the young men and older men who are Slaughtered, because they have the Wrong Skin Color, the Wrong Accent, the Wrong Religion, the Wrong Sect of the same Religion, or come from the Wrong “Tribe”.

GO AND TELL IT TO THE HUMAN TRAFFICKERS . . . who Smuggle People into the USA and other Countries in Closed Transport Trucks, where UNKNOWN Numbers of ILLEGALS Die from the Heat, Lack of Air and/or Dehydration. Or Drown from Capsized Overloaded Boats, most of which aren’t fit to do anything more than just Float . . . as Human Traffickers Promise them Freedom at a Price.

GO TELL IT TO THE VICTIMS . . . of Illegal Aliens who Take American Jobs, Live off the Largesse of American Taxpayers, Vote in Elections where they are NOT ENTITLED, Drive Cars with Neither a License Nor Insurance, Traffic in Drugs, Create Prostitution Rings & Shake-Down Other Illegal Aliens who they Terrify, Rob & Murder.


AND TELL IT TO THE MOSLEMS . . . Who’ve Declared an UNENDING WAR against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Women, Each Other, the Secular Rule of Law & Modernity.

AND GO TELL IT TO THE VICTIMS . . . Of the People in our Societies, Canada and the USA, who are watching our Histories and the History of the World being REWRITTEN to the Benefit of the LEFT.

TELL IT TO THE PEOPLE . . . Like Me, who cherish FREE-SPEECH, where in my Country Canada, FREE-SPEECH is what the Government Says It Is. Go tell it to Bloggers Like Me, whose Editorials are BLOCKED by the Likes of ATT and Far Too Many Others, because they Don’t Like Conservative Opinions . . .

GO TELL IT TO THE MAKERS . . . Who are VILIFIED by the LEFT, because of their Success and Subsequent EARNED LIFESTYLES . . .


For Me & For People Like Me . . . There Is No Choice.

I have no Intention of Fleeing. I will Never Surrender. And I will Fight like a Junk Yard Dog if and when it comes down to it . . .

And So Better Should Everyone Else Who Wants To Be Free & Remain Free!

Good On President Trump . . . Good On The US Military. And Good On The Results. The time to End Global & Domestic Appeasement to the Brutes, the Conciliators, and the LEFT – Is Far Over-Do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with Steve Acre in saying that the Muslims want all the Jewish people in one place, Israel. Once they get their atomic weapons, with help from Obama’s regime, they plan to ‘wipe Israel off the map.” Their military threat will next go after the Vatican, head of Christendom, as in the Crusades. Finally their goal is to set up their flag in the Americas & Canada. How else can the Caliph reign? While our moronic politicians argue over words like ‘terrorist’ or ‘Muslim.’

  2. “Encroached on US military territory”? Hold on friend. Looks to me like the US 8nvaded Syria and has no business there. Hubris is a dangerous thing.

  3. The real threat is the power of the half witted faction of the electorate who support these leftist phonies and promote socialism by their ignorance and stupidity! Frankly, I don’t care what happens to them or their offspring, but my descendants will suffer as well. God help us!

  4. We have rarely instigated a “war footing” (a/k/a provoked an other country on earth) deliberately without cause. IMHO, it is open season on idiots, war mongers, child molesting bigots, and ANYONE restricting the God given rights of others, UNLESS they are simply doing it for the hell of it to BE recognized IDIOTS, BULLIES, and the like. While expected to be the “Police Department” for the World, we too are HUMAN, and by very heritage CAN NOT ignore the violations of the human race, anywhere.

  5. FREEDOM is not FREE! Yes, there will ALWAYS be WARS because of those individuals who want to do us HARM–such as HUSSEIN OBAMA did to AMERICA. On a POSITIVE note, however, thank GOD for Pres. Trump who is trying and helping us to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! This has NOT been an EASY TASK for him, as he’s had NO COOPERATION from the RINOS. They are part of the SWAMP and only think of THEMSELVES–not AMERICA! MAYBE some of them will WAKE UP before it’s TOO LATE! God bless America! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  6. Our “Trojan Horse” is: No Border plus those coming don’t use “Trojans” (condoms)! This isn’t “invasion by an army”, so we can’t use our U.S. Military for defense. Instead, we send troops half-ways around the world to “protect and defend” other nations so “refugees” from these nations can come live here? BTW, If there’s no “Heaven”, then there’s no “Hell”! (Life is only about “Pursuit of Happiness”- forget “Liberty” and “Freedom”!) Howard, you have the “True Texan” perspective on so many issues!

  7. Some might remember even the Pope a few years ago asked the West for Military intervention in the middle east to help stop what the Muslim Fighters were doing to all the others. There is a justification for defending the vulnerable from these kinds of monsters. Trump’s actions were not about power control or oil or land claims. Just simply to protect the innocent. If I’m right, even the UN hasn’t condemned Trump for what the US has done in Syria. Not even the Dems or media. Necessary Dirty Work.

  8. Thanks, Howard, for speaking/writing TRUTH. You ‘tell it like it is’, and I appreciate you for it! There are far too many people in North America that have their heads in the sand, totally unaware of what is going on. Keep doing what you’re doing. We need you and your insights.

  9. Hubris? Who is exhibiting hubris here? If and when our military is fired upon it is their duty to respond and to eliminate the attackers and their means of attack. They responded correctly. God bless our troops and God bless America! Keep up the good work, Howard!

  10. The military kills people and break things–and they’re good at it! The problems come when the politicians want to limit and control how and when they do what they do for political or ideological reasons. Trump seems to have found the “magic” key on using the military–give them the goals and get out of their way!

  11. Most of the problems the U.S A. has to day goes back tg the last 4 presidents,obama 2 bushes,clinton.,ands the people who voted for them. obama and hillary in 8 years did as much damage as the other 3 presidents. Wish there was some way too punish them.
    In another note donna sullay form member of clinton administration and U of Miami president and vice chairman of clinton
    so called charities has just came out to run for congress in miami,she is only fit to run for president of the outhou

  12. Cliches that apply. Right On. Amen to that. And, Truer words were never spoken.

  13. RIGHT-ON, Howard! You hit it out of the park, with todays “blog”. I’ve enjoyed reading the other folks “blogs”, as well! They ALL, made sense to me!! I especially enjoy the ones from Canada, TX, RI, FL, & our other “bloggers” as well!!! Keep up the GREAT JOB of SHARING your THOUGHTS, as well…..& you too, Howard+ (Anne) as well!!!! May God BLESS you EACH, for your THOUGHTS!!!!!

  14. Can I put your articles on Facebook?
    You can email me if you would please.
    I don’t read all the answers you give on some of the comments.
    Thanks. You

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