Far Too Much Is Happening All At The Same Time


Our Horse-Country Guests From Back Home (Our Summer Home) . . . are on their way Back to Their Home.

This was a Vacation Get-A-Way for them, but also for Anne, Stryker & Myself as well, which culminated in a Marvelous Time . . . and unless they Didn’t tell us the Truth, WHICH THEY DID . . . THEY WERE NOT HAPPY CAMPERS TO LEAVE.

How Can It Be Possible To Be Happy To Leave Texas?


Just think about this for a Second . . . How can anyone come to Texas, Especially Conservatives – and in the Space of just One Week Do It All . . . from Shooting, to Eating the Greatest BBQ the World Knows, to Sights & Sounds which can’t be Found anywhere else but in Texas?

By having our Back-Home Summer Friends with us for a Week . . . IT FORCED ME TO TAKE SOMEWHAT OF A BREAK FROM WRITING, as we drove HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF MILES throughout the Texas Counties, which Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I call our Winter Home . . . Culminating this Tuesday (February 6, 2018) with our Annual “Pilgrimage” to the ALAMO.


I shouldn’t really say that, since being almost anywhere in the USA, and Texas Specifically, always Includes the Good Times. But I imagine you knew what I meant.

I wrote last summer, while in Canada, that one of my Key Objectives this Coming Year, was to Write at least one Short Story, which didn’t necessarily have to do with Politics, and certainly not Politics of the Day . . . But, because of the Turmoil of the Day, all around us, in the Middle East, Specifically Israel, Europe and North America, Specifically in the USA, where more and more evidence is becoming EVIDENT, that the Freedoms Most Americans Cherish, have been Under Attack by the LEFT For Decades . . .

The Truth Was Stranger Than Fiction.


That Saddens Me . . . A Bit More Than Just Somewhat.

THAT SAID . . . And Now that I’m Finished Whining to you like a Little Girl, about what I didn’t Write – It’s Time for me to Write About the Kind of Stuff that Isn’t “Story-Telling”BUT RATHER, IS TELLING THE TRUTH THE WAY THE TRUTH SHOULD AND MUST BE TOLD, which to some extent, is not that Far Removed From STORY-TELLING, especially when analyzing the Remarkable STORIES SPUN BY THE LEFT.

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF LIES . . . The One Liars Get Away With, and the Same Ones that come back to BITE THE LIARS IN THE ASS, which in all reality are both One-In-The-Same.

And now, that the LIES, which have been FESTERING like the Pus under a Scab for Decades, are coming back to BITE ALL THE LEFTISTS HARD . . . All Manner of Unintended Consequences are Happening.

In the Past, as Presidents and Congress Interchanged . . . there was always a Deal – Don’t Spill the Beans about how We’ve Screwed-Up America & Screwed-Over the American People, AND WE WON’T SPILL THE BEANS on you when you get your turn.

The Preceding was OK, as long as the Pendulum Swung Not Too Far In Either Direction, and the People could be Kept DUMB ENOUGH not to see the Truth and the Lies for what both were Worth.

With a Compliant Media, a Mostly Incompetent Congress, which ONLY PRETENDED to Work for the Benefit of the People, opposed to working for Themselves . . . and enough Money amongst the Middle Class to keep the ENTIRE CHARADE BELIEVABLE for Several Decades . . . It All Worked.

But Then A Funny Thing Happened On The Road To The Oblivion Of The Republic.


Hussein Obama . . . AKA – Barack Obama, the Islamist Leftist Leaning First Black President of America DID THE UNTHINKABLE . . . Obama Exposed The Truth, by Believing his Own Hype, that somehow, he had the Power to Reverse the Tides and Make the Oceans Rise & Fall while he Ruled By DECREE, Opposite to Everything the American Republic Stands For.

AND NOW . . . That the Genie Is Out Of The Bottle – I can’t see how, by any Measure, anyone will be able to Put The Genie Back-In.

As much as the Democrats and their Willing Media Accomplices Try – IT’S TOO LATE FOR THEM. The Truth is Spilling Forward like the Waters of a Dammed River, after the Dam Has Been Breached.

And as much as the RINOS, who are no less Complicit with the LEFT, try to Obstruct and Contain the TRUTH, they too will be carried over the Dam, upon the Raging/Rushing Waters, which has Finally Found its Freedom.


Right Now . . . The LEFT are Plenty Cornered in a CUL-DE-SAC of their own Making, where they will have no choice but to Compromise with the Republicans, as we are Bearing Witness Today, in the Extended Budget, as the LEFT are trying to show how they are the BETTER PARTY.

But in all Reality . . . at the First Chance the LEFT & RINOS will get to Screw-Over America in their LEFTIST Quest to Socialize the USA, in their March Towards an ELITIST-RUN One World Government . . . THEY WILL DO IT.

In The Meantime . . . America Should Not Relent & Not Trust The Trojan Horse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, there is one problem with the suggestion that most Jews in Europe emigrate to Israel. As a matter of fact, it was Ahmedenijad the ex-president of Iran said he will be happy that all Jews go to Israel so he can wipe them out in just couple of atomic bombs.
    Steve Acre

  2. The Islamist Left leaning first black president? NO NO NO First BIRACIAL president. Call him what he is! Where is he, by the way???
    Anne in Romeo, MI

  3. Glad you, Anne, Stryker and April had a respite/vacation of sorts with friends/neighbors from Canada. You need a break from time to time.
    With Schumer and McConnell “working together”, I would be very wary. A Dem and a Rino don’t make for benefiting ordinary Americans. I personally don’t trust McConnell any more than Schumer. I’ll wait until we know what is in it.

  4. Oh dear, Trudeau wouldn’t like you saying, “Whining like a little girl” not gender neutral, or politically correct. You have to correct that and say “Little person”. (:>) Tucker on Fox is having a hilarious time making fun of Trudeau for correcting the woman who dared to say “Mankind”. Tucker told the USA what an inept PM Trudeau is, and only experience as a Drama Teacher, Ski Instructor and Bouncer. Trudeau, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff would make a great comedy act.

  5. Is there any chance that Oboma and Hillary will be punished? How could they have not known or approved of all the information that is coming to the surface?

  6. WHEN the GOP keep the Senate and Congress this November .. more and more of this corruption is going to keep getting exposed. It’s the REVELATIONS of what the Dems/FBI/Obama DOJ/Media Did together That’s keeping the Dems and Bias Media up at night. They’ll fail again this November because of this exposure. And This is why Trump is GOING TO WIN in 2020! Thus the reasoning of why the Media Want’s the Facts Hidden. Keep the Memo Hidden!
    Their like Jack Nicholson who said-You Can’t Handle The Truth

  7. Howard, glad you had some time to spend with your Canadian friends, visiting you in TX.! Who knows, but DC just passed some sort of a budget, between the Rino & Dem, Dickie S., to tell you the truth…I wouldn’t trust ANY of THIS/ THEM!! I think they know the American people as SO DARN MAD, we’ll vote the WHOLE BUNCH OUT of OFFICE!!! More will come out in the wash, I’m sure. Just like you, our Canadian friends will do up there, I hope & pray. God BLESS Pres. Trump,his family, & his Cabinet!

  8. First the Democrats screamed that the Memo should not be published. When it was, they came up with their Memo. Now Congress says the Demo Memo is twice as long and not near as clean. Did they really expect an honest, clean Memo from the Democrats – the party of the Clinton Cartel, Hussein Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, etal. The only collussion is between Clinton, the Democrats and Russia. Russia wants more uranium.

  9. Great article, like all your others! It’s true, I believe, that the left has painted itself into a corner and more and more people are seeing for the hypocrites they are. All their arguments are bogus and their moral compasses are askew. Good is bad, bad is good in their view. Thank you, too, for your kind remarks about Texas. I was born and raised their and know what that atmosphere can imbue in one. It’s about honesty, character, grit, love and loyalty, enthusiasm for life, determination, etc.

  10. Yes, Obama in his arrogance did over-step……but I believe the major “happening” was the election of Trump. Anytime a true outsider comes into a system, all hell has the potential of breaking loose. Think of the cog in the machine.

  11. Meanwhile over in South Africa whites are being placed in concentration camps and their lands and business’s seized just for being white! Zimbabwe Rhodesia all over again. Only this time and because Whites are the victims “North America’s Liberal white loathing media” is not reporting it! – not even in Texas

  12. Howard, good for you that you are enjoying Texas so much. I wish I could do the same. I have one question for you or whoever can answer me. What happened to the 5 Billion dollar fund that was donated by the world to reconstruct Haiti after the earthquake few years ago? If I remember correctly they chose Bill Clinton to oversee that the Fund is distributed. Does anyone know what happened to that fund? From what I gather not much was reconstructed in Haiti. So where is the money?
    Steve Acre, Cana

  13. I never realized how reprehensible some of the left are until I watched HBO last night. Bill Maher trashed the POTUS with disgusting language and the audience cheered him on. As far as Michael Wolff, author of “Fire & Fury, the guy gives me the creeps. He looks like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies. Needless to say, the left will keep on attacking.

  14. The “rubber has met the road” and for the sake of our country, I hope the “road” wins!!! How many Hillarys, and Billaries, and Lynch’s and Holder’s and Pelosi’s and the entire posse of “What’s In It for ME?” Professional liars, cheats and morally corrupt folks do we need to contend with before we seriously FRACTURE ourselves and our families, and live as the Eastern European world does? The question of survival as a nation is no longer “if”, but “when”?
    Live free or Die!

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