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SO . . . YESTERDAYSunday, February 4, 2018, I MISSED THE SUPER BOWL, Perhaps the First Super Bowl I’ve missed Ever, and Guess What . . . ? My Life went-on without a Hitch, as Anne, Stryker, Two Wonderful Friends from Horse Country Back Home (South-East Ontario) & I Toured Texas in my F-250.

We went from a Magnificent Brunch, atop the Hill at Steiner Ranch Steak-House to LUCKENBACH, the Holy Grail of Country Music, Home of Willy Nelson, Pick-Up Trucks, Motorcycles, Cold Beer, One Piece Twisted Potato Fries & Pretty Women Dancing the Texas Two-Step.

And on our way to Dripping Springs, we Happened by the ENCHANTED ROCK, the Biggest and Smoothest Granite Mountain Ever, from where we Headed-Off to the World Famous Salt Lick, for some unbelievable Supper BBQ at the Salt Lick Winery and Beer Garden . . . So let me ask you this:

Given the Choice between Watching a Great Number of Millionaire Athletes, Playing for Billionaire Owners, TO PLAY A TAX-SUBSIDIZED “GAME” . . . or doing what Anne, Stryker, our Friends & I did – WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE PREFERRED DOING?


ONE OF THE BIG HEADLINES . . . about the Super Bowl, was that ALL THE PLAYERS STOOD FOR THE ANTHEM . . . Which To Me Is A Disgrace In Itself, not that they Stood for the Anthem, but because it was a Salient Point that they Stood for the Anthem.

Which to my Mindset . . . is Akin to Celebrating the Fact that “He Didn’t Beat, Abuse or Cheat on his Wife Today”, or that “He Didn’t Kick his Dog Today”, or that “He didn’t Steal from his Neighbor Today” . . . I’M SURE YOU GET THE POINT – So Screw Them and the Billions of Dollars Made by a Bunch of Spoiled Adults Playing a Child’s Game who are Proud that they did the Right Thing.


A Society Built Upon Lies – WILL FALL UNDER ITS OWN DECEIT . . . There is NOT a Society or Culture in History, from the Time of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, Russians, French, Germans . . . ETC, which has Survived its own Lies & Subsequent Socio-Political Abuses.

ALL THE TRUTH . . . does not necessarily come to Light, but ENOUGH of the Truth Always Does come to Light, ENOUGH to Stir the Passions of the People, Sufficiently, so as to change the Future Course of History, usually to the Detriment & Downfall of the Nations Built upon a Foundation of Lies, Innuendos, Half Truths, and Truths Kept Secret.


GENERALLY . . . As written above – The Nations Built upon Lies Succumb & Suffer greatly for it, which is what we are seeing today in the United States of America. BUT – AMERICA BEING AMERICA . . . I Strongly Suspect that the LEFT WILL FALL, While Conservative Patriots Will Become Stronger For It.


ON THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2018 . . . The Province of Ontario is going to the Polls to choose a New Government. And for any Canadian Ontario Resident Reading this, who doesn’t already know – Our Current Ontario Government is the Liberal Party, which is as CORRUPT & INCOMPETENT as the Day is Long.

The Ontario Liberals are ELITIST TRASH, who have LITERALLY DESTROYED the Engine of Canada, through Insane LEFTIST Policies, which were even beyond the Realm of Hussein Obama, who want yet another Kick-At-The-Can.

THROUGH THIS LIBERAL INSANITY, Ontario has a Greater Deficit Per Capita, IN REAL TERMS, than does the State of California, WITH THREE TIMES THE POPULATION, and a Virtually Unlimited Variety of Natural & Corporate Resources.

IN ESSENCE & ALL REALITY . . . The Ontario Liberals are moving the Province of Ontario Towards a Third World Status.

AND AS FAR AS THE LIBERAL LEADER IS CONCERNED . . . It seems that Kathleen Wynne’s most Important Personal Election Strength, ACCORDING TO HER, has been, that she is a Happy Lesbian . . . and according to me, Wynne has been a Life-Long Bottom Feeding Elitist Bureaucrat.


The Ontario Conservative Party is having a Leadership Convention, because the Previous Conservative Ontario Party Leader was FORCED to Step-Down, because of Seemingly Serious Sexual Abuse Charges . . . WHICH TO ME IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.

The Disgraced Conservative Leader – Patrick Brown . . . WAS A LIBERAL IN “PROGRESSIVE” CONSERVATIVE CLOTHING, who I am not sure could have won against the LEFTIST Lesbian (Kathleen Wynne), or even against the more to the LEFT NDP.

I Wrote That Having Patrick Brown Step-Down As The Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives Was A Blessing In Disguise . . . Because one of the Candidates to Replace Patrick Brown, is a Former Toronto City Councilor & Brother of the Late & Great Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


I’VE MET DOUG FORD . . . And I’ve had the Great Privilege of Negotiating on Behalf of the Pledge Ride with Doug Ford at Toronto City Hall, where Doug Ford LITERALLY GAVE THE PLEDGE RIDE THE “KITCHEN SINK”, because he, like his Late Brother Rob, Believed in our Cause, TO SAY NEVER AGAIN TO A SECOND HOLOCAUST.

DOUG FORD IS A REAL CONSERVATIVE . . . In the Mindset of Donald Trump & Beyond. He is a Self-Made Businessman & Believes Entirely in a MERITOCRACY, Opposed to the BS LEFTIST IDEOLOGY . . . of TAKING from the MAKERS to give to the TAKERS.

AND IF YOU LIVE IN ONTARIO . . . and are of the Age to Vote or Not, since we are Talking about Everyone’s Future . . . Here’s how you can Help Make a Real Difference, Instead of Just Talking About It.


And This Is How You Can Do It For Just $10 Per person:

And To Become An Even Stronger Supporter of DOUG FORD

We Have The Opportunity To Put Our Money & Labor Where Our Mouth Is.

The Moment Anne and I Get Back to our Summer Home in South Eastern Ontario, we will Both Walk The Roads, Raise Money, Recruit Supporters, Hand-Out Pamphlets, Drive in Yard Signs . . . AND DO IT ALL TO WIN BACK CANADA’S LARGEST & MOST IMPORTANT PROVINCE.

It’s That Important.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. excellent article my friend. And lets not forget that it was France who led the recent Euro charge to pass by Israel to get Palestine statehood. All in a futile attempt to appease domestic terrorism in France. Two weeks later….Charlie Hebdo. The Holocaust is happening as we speak, if it weren’t for Israel, Jews again would be greeted with forced deportation and cattle cars. I trust only one western leader to do stand firm and that is harper….but what if Trudeau or Mulclair take the helm?

  2. Well said, as usual, Howard. If the conservative Ford wins Ontario in spite of the inevitable relentless left-wing media onslaught, then there may still be hope for Canada. He can change the narrative and make conservatism respectable again, boding well for the federal conservatives.

  3. HG, hope that ALL your wishes will come TRUE on JUNE 7, 2018–when the Province of Ontario is going to the Polls to choose a New Government.Let’s hope that DOUG FORD, the CONSERVATIVE, will be SUCCESSFUL!Regarding the SUPERBOWL, you didn’t miss a thing!They had the WORST ENTERTAINMENT and WORST COMMERCIALS I’ve ever seen!Re: the WINNER–hate to say it, but the EAGLES OUTPLAYED the PATRIOTS!ALL THE PLAYERS STOOD FOR THE ANTHEM was great, but this would have NEVER been a FOCUS at one time! AMEN!

  4. I only wish that I could help the Canadian cause, but I am a US Citizen and need to concentrate on the USA’s own cause. I see that both of these causes need to be successful, strictly for the good benefits of our countries. The Left must “die”, as Communism “died” in the 1980’s. Their policies are destructive and paranoid. Anti-Antisemitism reigns supreme in both countries. I blame it all on politics/politicians and the Left’s Political Correct stance on everything.

  5. Just so our American Friends understand how Bad the liberals have ruined Ontario, Ontario’s debt stands at $320 Billion and is expected to hit $400 Billion shortly because of the liberal Hydro deal that screws homeowners for the benefit of 5 billionaire Green businesses. The US population is 25X larger than Ontario. $400 Billion X 25 is $10 Trillion… for ONE little Province. And Ontario Can’t Print New money off like Obama did. The Ontario Liberals are like Obama on Steroids and HGH combined.

  6. When businesses in Ontario are figuring that it would be less worse for them to be in Québec and save 7K$ per employee per year on wages, it’s time that Ontario start to think more in terms of economic value than in terms of SJW values.

  7. I didn’t watch the stupid bowl and still don’t know who won…don’t care. I can’t comment on Canadian politics, so won’t even try. Everyone have a GR8 day!

  8. I am an illegal undocumented foreigner. Can I vote in the Ontario election, like I can in California ?

  9. WOW! Steiner Ranch Steakhouse and Salt Lick in same day! Confession: We broke our “boycott” to watch game during third quarter! (If Trump watched, so could we.) “Close and good” game. Better yet- Eagles gave the “glory” of their (first-time) Super Bowl win to God! Imagine that- three players said this! Love of God, America, and U.S. Constitution aren’t “history” or “1950’s” (like liberals think)! We have turned from God plus allowed those who “hate” Americans to live here to dilute “patriotism”!

  10. Great editorial Howard. I wish my husband and I were with you during your wonderful tour with friends sounds like you had a great time. We don’t watch any NFL and haven’t for over a year. Yes, we need Doug Ford to win Ontario then only will we start to see some growth in Ont. Manitoba had a NDP govt for 15 and more years, now the Cons. have been trying dig us out of debt. It’s been 3 yrs. and we have many more years to go.

  11. I took you advice Howard and joined the Ontario Conservative Party. Doug Ford will definitely get my vote.
    Ted Walker, Oakville

  12. I’m voting Doug Ford.
    Liked him as soon as he stated that the Carbon Tax was gone.
    Doug Ford used those famous words PET used, “Just watch me!”.

  13. A strong Ontario is critical to Canada’s existence. Major damage has been done to the West by the Easterners, mainly from Ontario and Quebec. Residents of Alberta and Saskatchewan have had enough and are in no mood to negotiate with the those money grabbing, socialistic elitists. Separation movements are well under way in both provinces. British Columbians may follow suit..they would have do so without the lower mainland and Vancouver areas, as they have become a cesspool of socialism, all ways.

  14. Howard. I’m with you, but I just worry that Ford might be too Conservative for “Socialist Ontario”. We want to vote Wynne out and two great female contenders might be more “Politically Correct” to get those left wing votes over to the Right. Don’t forget we have that NDP Horvath mixing the left vote.

  15. Doug Ford all the way!
    Under the Liberals Ontario became a have-not province – the first time in Canada’s history. Wynne should go for a jog on Lake Ontario – this spring!

  16. I’m hoping for Ford. But maybe in Ontario there are now more takers than makers. So all the makers have to get out and vote for Ford. Wynne is absolutely one of the dumbest, Socialist persons on the planet. Even dumber than Trudeau, and that is a stretch.
    My Lab Dog is smarter than the 2 of them combined.

  17. Right on the nail Howard. I met Brown when some of my friends were shunting him around campaigning for the leadership. I shook hands and in that moment knew he wasn’t the man for the job, too much akin to Fairy Wynne. Doug ford is the best choice and hope we have to rescue Ontario, IF it can be done. Between Trudeau and Wynne they have decimated Ontario and Canada. It will work if the GTA immigrants can believe in other than Trudeau and Wynne and their freebie welfare benefits.

  18. good luck to all of you Canadians. I thought one term of Obama was bad enough but who would ever think that he would get a 2nd one also. I think voters today at least in America live only week to week and worry more about their smart phones than their country. Hope it is not happening to you guys also.

  19. Congrats on another one. Native Texan has seen almost all of TEXAS including LUCKENBACH & ENCHANTED ROCK, (several times.) I would have preferred your trip to the Super Bowl but alas, we broke down and watched it. Yes, the players stood but most of them made it obvious that hey were chagrined. Half time was about 3 on a scale of 10. Someone said, the Eagles gave the “glory” of their (first-time) Super Bowl win to God, we missed that. Good luck in Canad, wish you could vote in our elections.

  20. Because I refused to give that liberal traitor Patrick Brown a vote, I was looking at the Trillium Party as my alternative. After reading your post, I will get my membership in the PC party updated and vote for Ford.

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