Far More Damaging Than The Memo Can Ever Be



No Matter What The “MEMO” Says . . . And it says Plenty, what already Bothers me to no end, and should Bother every Red-Blooded Freedom Thinking Person in America & Canada, is how the LEFT is doing all it can to Block or Censor the FISA MEMO . . . INCLUDING, VIRTUALLY ALL THE MEDIA.

HOW CAN IT BE . . . that a Free Press, especially in the USA, which is GUARANTEED one Privilege according to the First Amendment, which is not available to anyone else BUT THE MEDIA, which is . . . that ONLY Writers, Producers and all Journalists (Print, Electronic, and I would Imagine Digital) of the American News Media, have the Near Absolute Right . . . NOT TO REVEAL THEIR SOURCES.


THE WHOLE IDEA . . . Of giving this Extraordinary and Exclusive Right to the Media, was that the CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMERS believed that REMOVING all the Shackles possible from the Media, would FREE THE MEDIA to Expose any and all Injustices caused to or by the Weak & Poor . . . to the Strong & Wealthy.

The Framers of the American Constitution . . . as is Evidenced in their Thinking, which is Unmistakable in the US Constitution, was that their Greatest Fear for the Preservation of the newly Formed Republic, WAS THE POTENTIAL FUTURE ABUSE OF POWER . . . BY & FOR AGENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT.


HENCE . . . The First Amendment, with its Special Media Provision, and the Second Amendment, which Guarantees the Right of All Americans to BEAR ARMS, Essentially to Defend against a Corrupt and Anti-Constitutional Government, when all other Remedies Fail . . . In This Day & Age – Is Not Supported By The Media Which Benefits The Most.

FOR THE AMERICAN MEDIA . . . To RESIST the Disclosure of Information, which could reveal GROSS BIG BROTHER-TYPE Threats Against Itself and the People, which the Media Purports to Represent and Defend . . . GOES BEYOND SCANDALOUS.


How the North American Media . . . and I won’t Write about any other Countries, since it seems to me, that the WORLD MEDIA has already Gone Nuts, or perhaps Better Described, as being on to the Dark Side – are in Themselves, Rapidly Becoming . . . The Enemy Of The People.


I would like to be able to Write . . . HOW’D THIS HAPPEN? But I know how this happened, and so do probably most of you . . .

IT HAPPENED BECAUSE WE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN, by allowing the LEFT to take over our Schools & Education all the way back to the 1950’s.

AT FIRST . . . A SMATTERING OF LEFTIST TEACHERS TAUGHT our children how to become LEFTIST Students – Subsequently to become LEFTIST Teachers themselves.

And from One Generation to the Next, this Smattering of LEFTIST Teachers became the Majority, to the Point, that Virtually all Teachers have Embraced LEFTIST GROUP-THINK, where the Values, which brought our Nations to where we were before the Teachers Convinced Hundreds of Millions of Children over more than 6-Decades . . . that a Society Built upon a MERITOCRACY IS EVIL, while Socialism Governed by the Elite is a Gift from whatever God they could Perceive.


HORRIBLE MEN & WOMEN . . . The Likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Margaret Sanger . . . and others – would be Exceptionally Proud to see Today’s Portrait, Especially of the USA, which has been Painted upon the Canvass of their Creation.

AND EVEN THOUGH . . . The Revelation of Extreme Government Corruption, through the Airing of the FISA MEMO, and its THREAT to the Fabric of American Freedoms . . . Abounds With Importance – IT IS SECONDARY TO THE REASON WHY IT HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE . . . and why the Media is against its own Raison D’être.

WHEN THE LEFT SCREAMS RESIST – RESIST . . . Not only should we Listen to their Message, WE SHOULD EMBRACE IT . . . AND DO EXACTLY THE SAME.

And every time a LEFTIST Shoots his or her Mouth Off . . . WE SHOULD PUT HIM OR HER IN HIS OR HER PLACEand don’t give an Inch. And if the LEFT wants to get Violent about their RIGHT to Deny us Our RIGHTS, as we’ve all born Witness with Savage Groups like ANTIFA – FORGET ABOUT WORDS, because sometimes, the Awful Tasting Medicine is what is Needed to cure the MORE AWFUL AILMENT.


THE FISA MEMO, with a Great Deal More to Come is the Symptom . . . The Reason Is The Cancer. This ALL-OUT ASSAULT on our Freedoms at the hands of the Government with a Compliant Media didn’t happen over night . . . this was a very Long Time in the Coming.

And if we don’t Stop-It before it Invades the Entire Body-Politic, we better Prepare to Pay the Dystopian Price.

I don’t know how many people Really Realize it . . . But had Hillary Clinton won the Election in 2016, it would have been CURTAINS for World Freedom as we Know It.

The Memo Was The Prognosis . . . The Cure Is Up To Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Media in China, Russia, North Korea etc are FORCED by threat of life to Tow the Communist Line in what it reports on their Governments. Step out of line and its the firing line. The Western liberal media are being Politically Bias out of Free Will. That Makes the Western Media more corrupt and dishonest than the Communist Media. The Western Media HAVE A CHOICE …. and they choose a path of dishonest bias corruption …. that makes them more evil.

  2. Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society. Aristotle

  3. First, the FISA court is something I would expect to have found in the Soviet Union – no daylight, no right of appeal.
    Second, remember how the main stream media screamed about the need to publish the pentagon papers because it was a chance to attack Nixon

  4. These people believed the memo because they WANTED to believe it. I want to believe that obama is secretly gay and frequents Chicago bathhouses, but I wouldn’t swear to it in FISA court. Hillary made up outrageous lies and her minions did her bidding with the blessing of the obama administration. If heads don’t roll, something is terribly wrong and America will be finished.

  5. From my own painful experience: What has/is happening in law enforcement – in the high echelons – is already here in the Canada but with no remedy to fall back on such as the constitution (zero with the not withstanding clause), media, politics,and the judiciary. I believe, Howard, that that was your experience as well.

  6. All I can say is W O W!! You hit the nail on the head with force. Saw this coming in the education system 36 years ago when my oldest was in science class; the teacher taught evolution as fact & told students they would be tested on it. We were Bible believers. I made sure that stopped. Shame it’s taken this long for others to acknowledge the progressive push. Note they use positive terms to push destructive ideas. USA has been ‘attacked’ by progressives for over 100 yrs, harder since 50s.

  7. An article written by Yvan Couronne that appeared yesterday in La Presse, Montreal’s widest circulation newspaper, was typical of the left-wing bias of the mainstream media. Couronne deftly smeared Trump, making it appear that he was the wrongdoer in the FISA memo affair. The people are stupid because the partisan media don’t offer them the choice to be smart.

  8. Thanks Howard, very many of us will be watching this. I’m betting that in the end any wearing orange jump suits won’t included the most worthy of such. Just like in the case of Slick Willy and his escape from being rode out of the Whitehouse, tarred and feathered on a rail as he so richly was deserving of for his offenses against we ‘the people’ who gave him our trust – the ‘trust’ he ultimately scorned for his deviant sexual needs. Yes, Hillary & company will walk – walk & see!

  9. Wow, Howard, you were on fire today. Excellent and perfect take on the MSM and how they have driven themselves to hell. I’m sure we all recognize that there is no coming back for them. And that’s a shame.

  10. As i have stated many times before as long as the same members of congress are elected over and over and gain power as chairman of powerful committees we see more and more corruption in our government. The only way to stop this is serve 1 or2 terms and your out,no return to government under any reason.

  11. It has also happened because WE let big $$$$$$$$ people buy the press, government, and any other thing that can influence people, hence WE gave up our RIGHT to hear or see the truth!

  12. I shudder to think what we’d be facing if Hillary had won. Folks, we are now in the freedom rodeo. We’ve got to hold on tight and ride this out. Don’t let the bucking leftists throw us off.

  13. Wow Howard, quit picking my brain. I could not have expressed it as well. We no longer have freedom of the media, in the USA. The freedom was hijacked and is totally controlled by liberals with gobs of money. It is impossible for conservatives to control of even one media outlet. The opposition to releasing the FISA memo was an effort to protect the guilty. We all know that but what can we do about it? If we elected 100% Republican candidates, probably half of them would be secret RINOS.

  14. Amazing article Howard…..It needs to be spread far and wide by your readers. I believe what you said about McCarthy. He saw something coming that few others did, and because no one would listen, the foundations of our societies are under full blown attack in both Canada and the US. McCarthy quite likely will stand exonerated, while The Tree of Liberty is about to be refreshed!

  15. Mass communications allow millions to be “brainwashed” by false information! (“There is a war on for our minds”!) Evil prevails due to the preponderance of ignorance in our society. Liberals only know how to play “nasty games” or tell lies! People causing this “cancer” of Communist/Marxist concepts must be indicted and convicted ASAP. Deceit, deception, and dishonesty are destroying this nation, but that’s all many people know today since “ethics” and “honesty” aren’t in their vocabularies!

  16. Great Editorial. WE THE PEOPLE should be able to see the FISA report and the DOSSIER so we can see the steps taken to obtain the EAVESDROPPING on Trump Campaign and its personnel. Yesterday’s release of the GOP memo copy gave us the insight as to the extent of abuse by the government. We ALL need to be informed and take action to stop this destructive force we have ‘allowed’. Thanks to President Trump we can SEE a small portion of what is being completed behind closed doors. MYPOV

  17. With all the proof that Trump is making a positive difference it’s amazing to see how many of the ‘uninformed and compliant citizenry’ steadfastly refuse to see it. They have been reared on a diet of hate and intolerance, just what most educators promoted. All they watch is main stream media and live on a diet of leftist social media. There seems to be no way to reach them. obama’s intentions were clear when he stayed in DC; their fight continues. I see violence down the road.

  18. The “free press” left American culture right behind the “unbiased” media some decades ago. What filled their voids is nothing more than a propaganda ministry for the Democrat Party and the leftist agenda.

  19. It started with Dewey and public education and the Dick and Jane books we read as kids. No morals, no religion and silly stories and English that was not even spoken….”See Spot run! Run, Spot, run!” Should have been: “Look at Spot run! Go, Boy, go!” McGuffey Readers instilled morals and consequences for bad behavior. (sigh). There was COLLEGE material in the last volume #6.

  20. I have just read the “dossier” (it’s online). The document looks like it was written by a sex depraved 7th grader. Comey and his cohorts must be halfwits to attach any credibility to this garbage, let alone use it for a FISA application. Even the National Enquirer’s standards are higher than this. What are we coming to?

  21. We all know that EVIL is even MORE RAMPANT in our world TODAY! How can the DEMORATS keep ATTACKING & ACCUSING PRES. TRUMP of all sorts of “inappropriate practices”? THEY are the ones who are DESTROYING AMERICA via their TWISTED POLITICAL & SOCIAL ANTICS! Their DEMEANOR, during the President’s speech, is already SLOWLY DESTROYING them. They are completely DISGUSTING! JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL a lot sooner than they EXPECT! The ORANGE SUITS come in ALL sizes! GOD BLESS AMERICA & GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  22. With all the top FBI and DOJ officials being named as complicit with the Dossier,when will,one of them feel too much heat and implicate the real leader’s effort to take down Trump. Notice how careful the media and the people in the know, have WILLFULLY,failed to connect the dots and say what is painfully obvious. Barack Hussein Obama is and was the man at the top. Who else directed all these people to go rouge and risk their jobs&reputations.ACCUSE THE 1ST BLACK PRES? Oh a race war would erupt!!

  23. When I hear someone dissing your President I tell them that the more they criticize President Trump the more I like him. This usually shuts them up! I’m a Canadian living close to your border and I thank God that you are my neighbour!

  24. Joe McCarthy Was right. He knew / saw the commies in D.C. He was shamed by leftists & commie pressure in “Le Presse” + t.v. He was a ‘whistle-blower’, like you.

  25. back when Obama was running for senator from Illinois I saw on TV a woman asked him because he was not born here how he could run for Senator and his answer was I am not running for President only Senator so it is O.K. about 3 years ago I saw this clip a 2nd time. Now I wonder if the FBI was in on it clear back then. When I got my top secret clearance in the Korean war the FBI was all over my background while growing up.

  26. If we could only find someone in Ontario to look AT the OPP and their attachment to the Liberal party and the RCMP Federally. Maybe Doug Ford would do it provincially if he can get past the existing conservitive party hierarchy.

  27. The FISA Court is sort of like a .Grand Jury wherein evidence is collected and presented to justify further action: arrest, prosecution or other actions. As in the Grand Jury there are no defense attorneys and the accused is not present to defend himself or to challenge testimony. In both cases abuse of the system is very possible.

  28. Here, here, to plain speak…Maybe the normal people – conservative, Judeo-Christian, heterosexual, freedom lovers – ought to secede – from the left! It’s not like you can reform the left – ‘neoliberalism’, or fascism – like it’s cousin ‘Islamism’ – is a mental disorder…and both are inimical to the survival of the West and it’s moral principles!

  29. My sincere apologies to you Howard, I really like your writing but thought that sometimes you might exaggerate a bit, but now I know you dont. this has rattled the very believe I have in the justice system of the USA, if it weren’t there for my own eyes to see, I would not nor could not believe it that at this high level something as base as it is, could really happen in the land of the righteous and free!
    Please carry on!

  30. I agree Howard, the coup would have been complete with the coronation of Hillary.

  31. Sir, Excellent article. I have known several politicians, some personally others thru business contacts. Why would Lawyers & Doctors leave great paying practices to become Politicians, MONEY. These people go from good folks with many great ideas that they share when campaigning to real pieces of work once in office. The LOBBIESTS pour money into the capitol to get votes their way, some good many bad. TERM LIMITS and true OVERSITE is the only war to reduce this. It will never stop.

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