I was only going to Write Sparingly about President Trump’s First State Of The Union Address, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE, at least for me, TO CRITIQUE PERFECTION.

And as much as I think back, to EVERY State of the Union Address I’ve seen for as long as I can Remember . . . THIS WAS THE BEST.


All I can say about the Democrats, is that I LOVE CHUCK & NANCY, and wish them both Years & Years of Continuance in their Positions of Political Status.


FIRST . . . The American People have had it up to their Ying-Yang with Elitists, starting with the Nomenclature of the THIRD, as in Joe Kennedy III, which is Nothing other than ELITIST-SPEAK, somehow making him Akin to American Kennedy Royalty.

Now Isn’t That What The American People Want . . . Another Political Dynasty?


“Little Joe” was Tagged by the Democrats to make the Counter Address to the State of the Union Address, because he’s one of their Rising Stars with a Magic Genealogy, to give the Official Critique of the President’s State of the Union Address . . . So How’d He Do?

President Trump Spoke Glowingly about America’s Future, Everyday American Heroes, America’s Military, Police, Fire & First Responders.

The President Spoke about America’s Exploding Economy, which has Taken-off Like a Rocket, America’s New Across The Board Tax Reductions, America’s Breath of Fresh-Air . . . Slashing Thousands Of Useless & Damaging Regulations.

And Without Actually using these Words, but as Clearly as Possible, the President Spoke of AMERICA’S GLOBAL EXCEPTIONALISM & America’s Willingness through his Presidency, to Make Legal, almost 2-Million Illegal “Dreamers” . . . And that the President’s Job – AS WELL AS THE JOB OF EVERYONE IN CONGRESS, is to Make America Great For THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . . Not For The Government.

And by Making it Possible for 1.8-Million Illegal “Dreamers” to become Citizens, which has to happen, in spite of the Objections of many Decent Americans . . . or else this Cancer will always be with the American People, to be used as a TRUNCHEON BY THE LEFT, guaranteeing the Democrats a Never Ending Campaign Platform.

AND AFTER MAKING THIS CONCESSION . . . Which is Three Times more Generous than what Obama Conned America with . . . How does the LEFT OBJECT to this Generosity, without Turning Virtually all Hispanics Away from the Democrats?

And if the LEFT ACQUIESCES to the President’s DACA Proposal . . . GUESS WHAT? America’s Hispanic Community will Remember, that it was the Republicans, Party who Solved the Dreamer Issue and NOT the Democrats.

And Don’t Forget . . . President Trump’s Proposal to DACA, is a Path to Citizenship only after 12-Years, which is 6-House Elections, 2-Senate Elections, and 2-Presidential Elections Away.

Now How’s That For Political Jujitsu?


Little-Joe-The-Third . . . Rambled like a Person Who just Smoked Too Much Grass, and should have had the Munchies instead OF VERBAL DIARRHEA, Painting a DYSTOPIC PICTURE of America, while the President EXTOLLED the Magnificent Future & Wonders of the Country he so Obviously Loves.

PS – The LEFT Loves Verbal Diarrhea.

Watching Little-Joe spew his Venom like a “B” Actor . . . Immediately reminded me of the Image of the DUFUS we have as Canada’s Prime Minister, with his Dramatic Voice, Pauses, & Near Tear-Filled Eyes Imploring A Better, Gentler & Kinder World, as if DREAMS & EMPTY WORDS have any meaning whatsoever.

THE MOST LAUGHABLE PART OF LITTLE-JOE’S “BLATHER” . . . was how he spoke about the Unfairness & Inequality of the Lifestyles of the Average Hard Working American, compared to the Privilege of the Wealthy, as if he even had a Clue, what it’s like to be a Hard Working American . . . being a Kennedy, Born with a Silver Spoon, whose Greatest Suffering was probably a Vichyssoise served too Warm is more like it.

If this is the Best the Democrats had to offer to Rebut the President’s Masterful State of the Union Address . . . Conservative American Politicians should be feeling very, very good about themselves and their Long Term Future in Government.


I was watching Fox News last Night for the Democrat Rebuttal, and the Media Opinions of the State of the Union Address . . . and where I saw a Pathetic Theatrical Insult to the Intelligence of the American People by Little-Joe . . . RINOS like Fox News’ Dana Perino LOVED IT, suggesting that Little-Joe The-Third is a Rising Star. And then there was the Expected Adoration from the Self-Serving Allan Dershowitz, who was proud to have Identified Little-Joe The-Third as one of his Former Students.

Last Night Wasn’t Just A Good Night – It Was A Great Night For Freedom.

Even as a Canadian with almost Nothing to look Forward to in our National and Provincial Politics, IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . That there is still a Modicum of HOPE, which we Conservative Canadians Can Hang Onto.

Thank You President Trump!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I have been a staunch supporter of yours for a long time. I value your comments mostly. Let me point out one error in the most recent blog. You said that Prime Minister Harper ‘might be the ONLY exception’ . there is no Might. No western leader has taken the stand that PM Harper has re Israel or Putin.

  2. The Left, by shoving little joe out there, STILL DON’T GET IT! American voters will continue to shun the elitists every time as long as the Republicans prove they will stand with the every day citizen! Hope the Dems continue to help Conservatives win for years being the elitists they are. As for Canadian politics …. just heard Rob Ford will run for the Ontario PC leadership. He should be able to pull in some (very liberal) Toronto Ridings with his reputation. That’s the road to a majority.

  3. For me, Little Joe’s speech was therapeutic, as he proved to be a cure for my insomnia.

  4. Hard to argue Howard, especially about Kennedy. Oh barf! I thought Trump was a bit flat and way too long, but the comment I would like to make is looking at the childish behaviour of the audience, either jumping up and down like idiots or sitting on their hands like petulant children, if I were an American and realized these were my leaders, I would be embarrassed. Exceptionalism? Not so much.

  5. I’m dying to read the memo. I made a bet that the hacks at FBI Brass and DOJ used the fake hillary-obama funded dossier were the basis for the wiretapping of President Trump and their stupid witch hunt was to try for a soft coup. obama lawyered up the other day–what does THAT say? obama and hillary are finally going to go where they belong–PRISON. I’d sure like to see obama’s records unsealed as well, he’s a total fraud. I’d bet my life he got school money for being a foreigner.

  6. There is always hope if you believe in GOD–Man cannot anticipate the workings of the creator!
    Thank GOD for allowing me to witness these historic times—

  7. I am once again PROUD to be a PROUD American!!! President Trump hit the ball out of the ball park and all the while, the idiot DEMS literally sat on their hands and didn’t show support for any of the GREAT issues P. Trump talked about. Per my count, there were at least 17 times when the Dems should have stood when they sat on their collective tushies! More’s the pity – for THEM – when it comes time to vote!!! BRAVO, President TRUMP! You’re one in a million! We’re lucky to have you.

  8. Whenever dems give a speech… can always count on it to be emotional but empty. These people have nothing left except their tired and overused crap they have been spreading now for decades.

  9. I see comments stating that some believe there will be many Democrats changing over. I wish I believed that. For years, the Democrats have seen many lies of their party elite and the Yellow Media, and the only reason this continues is that the Democrats don’t hold them accountable to truth. If they did, the country would have not fallen so far. I believe the Dumbocraps will continue in their idiocy.

  10. Here in Canada…if we had only ten percent the national leader that America has, then we would be in great shape.
    Unfortunately we have a “village idiot” as a Prime Minister leading this country to economic and social disaster.
    We have a Prime Minister who was born into a millionaire family and who never had to work for a living like the rest of us. His only “life experience” before becoming a Prime Minister was as a ski instructor and a drama instructor. Canadians please wake up.

  11. Watched many SOTU. BEST EVER !!! Real Leadership. Real Americans. Real Heroes. Amazing Progress. OUTSTANDING EFFORT !!! Real Judges defending the Constitution “As it was written”. Employment, Tax breaks, Small business, Lawful immigration, Border protection, Defence of the Nation, if only we had a Canadian Trump. Little Joe and Trudeau – BobbleHeads talking a lot saying Absolutely NOTHING !!! They are dangerous to Democracy. USA USA USA USA USA USA !!!

  12. As most of you know, Truth has very little to do with anything in today’s America. Perception is the new reality. The main stream media drives perception (read democratic spin) to the majority of people in this country. Media is already debunking the “Memo” before we have a chance to read it. The republican party needs to figure out how to change this or we are doomed, irrespective of the President’s (and all patriots) good deeds. EVERY network but one was unfavorable/negative.

  13. Canadian liberals foisted the inept Trudeau upon the inept voters a few years ago. Those voters lapped up the bs fast you could hear it splash in their stomachs. Could it be that we heard that same splash last night with Joe?

  14. As my daughter texted me during the speech, “I ❤️ This Trump Guy.” I am lucky as I was able to carry on text conversations with both daughters. They were both thrilled with the speech. As for Joe III, he seemed to just ramble, but I have to admit I was totally distracted by the chap stick or vasalene that looked like drool.

  15. Trump’s attorneys advised him not to read “Memo” prior to SOTU address to “keep calm and carry on”! (Rumor claims memo released by Friday.) Such “juvenile” behavior by members of Congress! “Second childhood”? (Check out what purple ribbon pins represent!) GITMO back open, so SHTF soon? Is Friday Mueller’s “last day”- he’s “Fired”? Hispanics need more “gracias”/respect for all American taxpayers do for them, blacks too! Stop money sent back to Mexico by people not declaring income to get welfare!

  16. Trump = Business Man, NOT politician. State of Union Address about others, all Americans, Not about him. Right on, Howard re: keeping Chucky, Ugly “Nan” Joey III et. al. Dem. stereotypes in office. They are self-destructing like bio-degradable refuse. There will always be more horses’ asses than there are horses. (No offense to horses). GO TRUMP, GO!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”Shazam”.

  17. President Trump ROCKS!! I have had enough of the Kennedy Clan AND the Democrats. Jack and his philandering, Teddy with letting a gal die. The nephew, etc. Nancy and Chucky looked as if they had sucked lemons before the SOTU Address. MYPOV

  18. Compared to Trump Obama was a village idiot. Trump is getting things done and back to the way they should be. Trump will have to put up with the sore losers till they are all gone. How about all of the good things that Trump has since becoming President that the major media would not dare announce. So the next time you look at the news on CNN, NBC and others, you will be looking at what are mostly people being paid to lie.

  19. By shoving “Little Joe” out there for all to see, I was reminded that the family should stick to “rum running” and that there is no longer a need for the Democrat Party. Attractive should never get it. The Kennedy’s won on same. Trump may never be a centerfold but he is a mental giant.

  20. There’s a potential problem – possibility of 1.8 million more democrat voters …

  21. Absolutely excellent SOTU by President Trump. Daren’t use here the expletives for the Dems, particularly Pelosi.
    Maybe Ontario has a Trump clone in the making, namely Rob Ford to take down Wynne the Witch. If Ford is successful as an MPP maybe he’ll move up to Parliament as an MP to become the next P.M. but that will take a few more years.

  22. Pres. Trump’s speech was FANTASTIC!The DEMORATS realized it and that’s what’s got them all ROWLED UP!There’s another saying which FITS the DEMORATS.They have “CONSTIPATION of the BRAIN and DIARRHEA of the MOUTH! “Little Joe’s” speech was the same PHONY RHETORIC that the LIBERALS CONSTANTLY REPEAT.His “drooling” really kept MY attention–more than his speech.At first, I thought it was my imagination.Can you imagine the ATTACKS Trump would have received had he drooled like that when speaking?AMEN!

  23. I think last nights SOTU speech was wonderful and it also gave the Republicans a host of political commercial’s for the upcoming November elections. Show the booing, the Dems sitting on their hands, walking out of the speech, the disrespect to the office of the President. I feel that if people are reminded of the Dems disrespect prior to the elections, the voters will then remember and vote the bums out.

  24. there were many times when the Dems should have stood when they sat on their collective tushes! President TRUMP! You’re one in a million! We’re lucky to have you. ‘JOE KENNEDY III” spoke about the Unfairness & Inequality of the Lifestyles of the Average , compared to the Privilege of the Wealthy,I wonder, has he ever even met a Hard Working American. doubt it. He never even had a Clue what it’s like to be a Hard Working American.

  25. Perfect background for Joe 111 a car with the hood up,should have been in 5 feet of water.

  26. Completely agree, as a fellow Canadian can sincerely say that I hope President Trump makes CANADA great again 🇨🇦


  27. Everything I want to say has already been expressed in previous comments. Best State of the Union speech EVER!

    Trump will serve two terms as president. Lucky the United States of America.
    I’m feeling sorry for Canada. Embarrassed to say the least. 🙁

  28. I LOVED President Trump’s speech. Many times he had me in tears, when he was pointing to the sacrifices of OTHERS, ordinary people who have shown bravery and unselfishness. I immediately turned off the TV after the SOTU because I did not want to see/hear the rantings of the MSM, leftist politicians, and other ilk who would only tear him down and would not have one nice thing to say about Trump who has done so much for this country in ONE YEAR!

  29. A prodigious slap on the back. Well said. Forthright. Keep on, Keepin’ on. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  30. I loved the STOU…. But I loved all the pictures of the dems glaring HATE for all the world to see! Now the world sees how hateful, stubborn and resentful they truly are. On many comments on articles today it was clear many did see it. Now if we can #releasethememo hopefully we will finally see the truth!

  31. “All I can say about the Democrats, is that I LOVE CHUCK & NANCY, and wish them both Years & Years of Continuance in their Positions of Political Status.” Did you mean years and years of Continuance or years and years of Incontinence in their Positions of Political Status?

  32. I loved President Trump’s SOTU address. I was so happy to hear him reinterate his stance on Israel. PRAISE GOD! Why do you think (America) is being blessed!! Gen. 12:3 (a)And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that cureth thee…! ALL countries take note!

  33. GO TRUMP GO!
    Our cutie pie P.M. is damn lucky we live nest door to the USA or we’d have already been taken over by North Korea!
    Just a wee joke to keep people happy!

  34. Great SOTUA. Trump has done a good job in reversing many important problems. Too bad Canada does not have the same advantage. By the way folks get it right, it’s DOUG FORD running in Ontario for the Conservative Party not Rob who has passed away.

  35. Perfectly stated! Thank you for sharing your insight that oh so many of us ‘DEPLORABLES’ believe! Your columns are always a breath of fresh air! Thank you once again!

  36. Who can’t be overjoyed to see the Dimms behave as they did during President’s Trump’s marvelous SOTU speech. Their churlish (and childish) ways were on full display for the world to see. Portends well for us in the mid terms I’d say!

  37. I renounced the Democratic Party 40 years ago! The late President JFK in my opinion today, would have too! Howard you nailed it. Regarding Joey, nothing good to say. Except, if he’s the new breath of the DEMOcratic party, I hope he signed a “Do Not Resuscitate” Form! My hope is that, those who know what made America, America and have taught it to their children, will rise up, making their voices heard throughout Congress and Senate, with NO Backing Down! I have no desire to see Blood Shed.

  38. Right on Howard. Do you know why our Canadian Prime Minister shows tears and swallows hard when he wants to make a point, its because he was a Drama teacher and he saw that it works. Its all Fake. Steve Acre, Montreal

  39. SOTU wasn’t about political promises (& we know these days how dependable those are) or ideas, or even ideals. It was about accomplishments–of President’s promises & individual Americans. Kennedy’s speech was so much hot air about an ideology different from the President’s (& American workers). Kennedy talking about middle class and poor as though he KNEW what they went thru (not a day in his $$ pampered life)-pathetic. He appealed to utopian idealists & takers, but not realists & makers.

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