Trump’s DACA Fix . . . Or Bust


Today is a Fine Day in Texas. A Good Day to Write, especially, since I was Inundated with People Commenting by Email, on my last Editorial, which Supported President Trump’s Proposed DACA/LEGALIZATION Solution. By & Large, the Emails were not Supportive.

And given the FACT that tomorrow, January 30, 2018 . . . President Trump will be making his First State of the Union Address, I figured I would be Remiss by not Writing.


I think that Andrew McCabe, the now REMOVED Deputy Director of the FBI was PUSHED-OUT of the FBI, because he’s about to meet a Justice Tsunami Head-On.

Then There’s Rod Rosenstein . . . Very Possibly – the Soon-To-Be Removed Deputy Attorney General, who almost Single Handedly Created this Anti-Trump Mueller Russia, Russia, Russia Witch-Hunt, which is now being Recognized as a Gargantuan Waste of Time, Effort & Money.


The Special Committee Memo is about to Come-Out, whether the Democrats want it or not. And it will be Devastating to the BAD ACTORS.


The MICHAEL HOROWITZ (US Inspector General) REPORT, will be made Public anytime between Mid-February to Late March, which could be, as I Suspect it will, will be a Political Nuclear Bomb, that will have a Slew Of Big-Time-Names Running For Cover away from Non-Fashionable Orange Jump-Suits.


In just a Number of Days, to perhaps a Week or Two, Peter Schweizer, the man who Wrote CLINTON CASH, will be Coming-Out with his Latest EXPOSÉ . . . which will be a Bombshell, Titled “SECRET EMPIRES”, which will Deliver an Extraordinary Blow to the Democrats, as well as to Mitch McConnell (Republican Senate Leader), who after this Book is released, might Consider a New Career outside of Politics, as President Trump’s Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner, might want to Rethink his Role in the White House Instead of in the Big-House.


But I’m Also Far From Being A Mealy-Mouthed Progressive Conservative.

Before Really Getting Into It . . . According to the LEFT and the Compliant Media, Anyone who has Real Conservative Values, MUST BE HARD-CORE, in other words – a Member of the KKK or a NAZI.

That’s Really Good For The LEFT’S Propaganda Machine – But It Ain’t True.

Most Conservatives, at least like me . . . ARE RIGHT OF CENTER, who aren’t Bigots, Misogynists, Polluters and/or Cold Hearted SOB’S, who couldn’t care in the least for the well-being of our Neighbors.

What makes People like me Conservative, is that we DON’T WANT to be Ordered to Think or Behave in a Certain Way – IN OTHER WORDS . . . “GROUP-THINK”.

We also have very Reasonable Values. And we Don’t Believe the Government is the Answer to Virtually Anything. AND WE BELIEVE IN A MERITOCRACY.

In Words We All Understand . . . The Very Basics of Real Conservative Philosophy is that Freedom Isn’t Free, Ethics & Morality are the Hall-Mark of who we are. And integrity runs from the Top-Down . . . and from the Bottom-Up.

WE ALSO UNDERSTAND . . . that sometimes – as President Trump Reminds us, whenever he Plays his Keynote-Song after the President Delvers His Speeches . . . “WE CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT”, Which Is A Truism Throughout Life.


IN THIS CASE . . . With the Dreamers, the President is Taking-On an Extremely Bad Situation, which has been Abused, Misused, & Turned into a Political Weapon of Mass Destruction for the Benefit of the LEFT and the Democrats, for more than a Generation against Conservatives.


Who Knows How Many Illegals Are In The USA? I Don’t Think Anyone Knows.

BUT I KNOW THIS . . . Whether that number is 11-Million Or 20-Million – It doesn’t matter, since these PEOPLE are fully Embedded into the Entire Structure of the United States of America . . . in all Aspects – IN NUMBERS that Cannot be Ignored or DEPORTED without causing Enormous, and perhaps even Irreparable Damage to the Fabric of the USA.


1 – The Illegals shouldn’t be in America. But like it or not . . . THEY ARE.

2 – There is no way in the World, that the USA can or should Deport all of them.

3 – Those Children who were brought to America Illegally, BUT NOT UNDER THEIR OWN FREE-WILL, should be given a Pathway to Citizenship as Long as they have NO CRIMINAL RECORDS, beyond being in America Illegally.

4 – The Adults who are currently in America Illegally . . . and who have not Broken Any American Laws, besides being in America Illegally, should be given Permanent Resident Status . . . WITH NO CHANCE OF EVER BECOMING AMERICAN CITIZENS.

5 – Any Person Going from ILLEGAL TO LEGAL Status . . . must also understand, that if they Break even One American Law, it will be a ONE STRIKE PROGRAM. One Strike & You’re Out.


BUILD THE WALL, End Chain Migration, End The Immigration Lottery System, & Immigrate People Only on a One-On-One Basis, based upon a system beneficial to the American People as a whole.

And for any Illegals who are Currently in the USA, who have Criminal Records, THROW THEM OUT.


If The Republican Party Accepts This Immigration Plan . . .

1 – The Illegals Will Love It & Thank President Trump & The Republicans.
2 – The People Will Love It, Since MOST Real Americans Want This Mess Fixed.
3 – The Democrats Will HATE-IT, Because It Removes Their Only Raison D’être.
4 – And It Will Be A Finished-Debate . . . NEVER To Be Argued Again.

And when the LEFT Screams that $25-Billion is TOO MUCH MONEY to Invest in a Safe & Secure Border, they should be reminded, that the $25-Billion will also be going to Infrastructure & Employment.

And then they should be Reminded how Hussein Obama PISSED-AWAY Close to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS on his Shovel-Ready-Program, to which he Jokingly said after the Fact, “That I Guess The Shovel-Ready Projects, Weren’t Quite As Shovel-Ready As We Thought”.

I Am Depending & Expecting A Great State Of The Union Speech On Tuesday.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well Howard there is no arguing with the facts . Having worked with Europeans for 20 yrs I was absolutely astounded when anti-Semitism came into play on business decisions . I was unable to fathom the wheres and the whys when it came from what I considered normal people . OF COURSE I DID NOTHING ABOUT THE SITUATION ! I see from some of the comments however that “some” even on this Blog, are having difficulty with the reality of the situation .

  2. Howard, you are spot on, as usual. For his State of the Union address tomorrow, if The Donald were to read exactly what you just wrote, the GOP under his leadership would take control of the government for a generation. He would also secure the admiration and allegiance of millions of new fans. As a huge bonus, the crooked media would be tongue-tied, unable to distort his message with the usual leftward spin.

  3. Howard, these are my exact thoughts as well as far as dealing with the illegal immigrants. Make them permanent residents, but, if they have or even commit a criminal act, they are out of the country for good. Build the wall, do e-verify, end chain migration and have an immigration system based on merits and benefits to our country. One last, any illegal becoming a permanent resident cannot use our welfare system!

  4. Being here in Cali I and owning a welding business I have to deal with this illegal alien problem daily. I didn’t want Trump to cave on DACA. And when I saw his latest proposal I was disappointed, but, thinking it thru I think it’s brilliant.
    Ok help the dreamers stay here, but, with strict rules and force the Dims hand to show how little they care about the dreamers or really any of their base. Put up or shut up time for Nancy and Chuckie, SO nOW ENFORCE e-VERIFY AND

  5. I disagree. We did not bring these “children” to the USA – their parents did, and it’s their parents who they should look to to make them whole not the taxpayers. It’s a pathetic situation that we did not cause, and there are genuine immigrants who are waiting in line.

  6. One Problem – what of Future Illegals? Hear of Anchor Babies? 40,000 per year from China and Russia having their babies in California. Where there is a buck to be made, others will come up with a system to game immigration. They need a law (Canada too) that Any Further Parents breaking this law get 25 years in prison and their children Don’t get citizenship EVER. That’s a real deterrent. Then Publicize the names and numbers who are locked up, back to their home countries. That’s stop it.

  7. While I often disagree with what you write, I like to read your articles because they provide a different point of view. Sometimes they challenge my views in ways that force me to reevaluate my beliefs. In this particular case I MOSTLY agree with you about the immigration issue. This has been a train wreck in progress for many years and its well past time to fix it.

  8. “Obama” ‘shovel ready’. If Pelosi brings illegals to gallery for State of Union, A.G. should bring I.C.E. No case for complaints from Black people. Black employment highest ever. Dems. have false arguments. Pres. Trump IS MAGA. State of Union best in 28 years & continues to improve. Thanks for your astute editorial.

  9. So glad to know we might be able to stop the errors of the past re immigration laws. The gov’t allowed this to happen. I feel for the children but they must leave with their parents until they are 18. Then they will be allowed to show their allegiance to their country or ours and declare their choice. I know this to be true for children of parents from Germany, so why isn’t it true for other countries?

  10. Howard, ANOTHER AWESOME BLOG…it definitely gave me some NEW & FRESH IDEAS! I definitely like the thought of “permanent residents”, & out-the-door for ANY SORT OF “CRIMINAL ACTIVITY”!! I think there should be NO WELFARE, for these folks, either!!! We the hard working US taxpayers have paid for this for TOO LONG!!! Howard, I’m really looking forward to Pres. Trump’s State of the Union Address. The Dems have “sold us down the river for TOO LONG, DEFINITELY”! God Bless Pres. Trump & the USA!

  11. Glad what you commented on DACA. I was feeling the same way. How can he possibly
    Deport that many people. But if it goes through, illegals breaking the law gotta go. Too bad Canada hasn’t
    Figured that out.

  12. The Obama House of Cards is about to come crumbling down! The leftist meltdown and facing up to reality will be overwhelming. Let’s pray the USA Mental Health system is in place. They’ll need it. Imagine CNN and MSNBC having to report reality?

  13. I mostly agree with you Howard but you left out one very important requirement regarding non-citizen immigrants. Anyone who did not nor does not become a legal citizen should be barred from ever voting in any USA election, either Federal, State, or local.

  14. Great editorial today! I agree 100% with Barry Jackson in wishing President Trump would read your immigration plan during his SOU tomorrow. Go Trump

  15. WOW… great editorial Howard. I repeat the words of Barrie Jackson of St. Lazare and add GO TRUMP GO!!!! I can’t wait to hear Trumps State Of Union Speech tomorrow.

  16. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free”- release that memo! America isn’t “Land of the Freebies, Home of the (mostly foreign) babies”! People living here must “assimilate” (learn English, “act American”, not act like they never left wherever they came from)! If “ethics and morality” are the “Hallmark” of who we are, then why do we allow “millions” who have no ethics or morals to come live in our nation? No welfare for “illegals”! Stop all the “incentives” to cross the Border!

  17. I only take issue with one minor point. “4 – And It Will Be A Finished-Debate . . . NEVER To Be Argued Again.” That, as everyone on this site knows, is a pipe dream. Much as we all would love it to be otherwise, it is a fact that where the left is concerned the argument is never over. Even when they win the argument is never over. And, it never will be until such time as an established penalty to be paid for beating a dead horse is put in place.

  18. Excellent editorial, much common sense how could it not appeal to the Dems? Solving the USA immigrant problem isn’t rocket science if a little humanitarian solution is considered, as Trump is doing; it may be a logistical problem but it can be done and a wall is essential to stop the illegals pouring back in like water in the Bay of Fundy.
    Canada needs a wall to stop illegals running to hide from the USA to become illegals in Canada. However, it’s not a problem here, Trudeau loves them.

  19. Howard: You should send that to President Trump and tell him the common people want it.

  20. How about this for a solution? After 10 or 12 years, give the “Dreamers” a path to SEMI-citizenship. Since they came here illegally and have been in the country (without criminal behavior), then let them legally have all the benefits of citizenship, such as paying taxes, earning Social Security benefits, etc., but NEVER the right to vote – unless and until they have served the country in our armed forces for at least five years. Then and only then will they have earned that right. How about it?

  21. Watching the State of the Union and watching the stubborn childish dems who are clapping and standing for no one!!! We can do nothing unless we get rid of them!

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