When Reality Defeats The Imaginary



TODAY IS NATIONAL HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY . . . which I Take Very Seriously, Partly to Make Certain that People Don’t Forget . . . BUT MORE SO, because in these very Anti-Semitic Times, especially throughout Europe, and amongst the Elitist Academics right here in American and Canadian Universities – It is ESSENTIAL to me, to Contribute in any way I can, to Make As Certain As I Can, that there WILL NEVER BE A SECOND HOLOCAUST.

Some People have asked me why I care so Much about the Holocaust, since I lost no one I Know About. But, if I was there from the Mid ‘30’s to the Mid ‘40’s, and if I was Not Armed & Unable to Express Myself, being Jewish, I too would have been in the Ovens with Everyone I Knew & Cared About.


IT IS NOW ILLEGAL, and Punishable by Prison in Poland, to make Reference to Auschwitz as The Polish Death Camp, even though Auschwitz was in Poland, and was a Major Industry Amongst the Polish People, where Auschwitz was no Secret, which Nonetheless provided Spin-off Jobs and no shortage of Employment for WILLING Polish Locals.


It Is Far Too Easy . . . for all of Europe to Blame JUST the Germans for the Holocaust, when in all Reality, ALL OF EUROPE WAS COMPLICIT.


AS I’VE WRITTEN MANY TIMES . . . I Really Don’t Like – NOR do I Respect Allan Dershowitz, who Loves to be Presented as Professor Dershowitz, the Smartest Civil Rights Lawyer Ever – Equal Perhaps To Clarence Darrow.

Dershowitz is all over Fox News, as the seemingly Most “Respected” Senior Judicial Statesman, with whom I have the same level of Regard as I have for the Pompous Self Promoting Geraldo Rivera – which at best is in the Negative Range.

Dershowitz is on Fox News, as much as he is Today, because I believe the LEFT no longer has much use for the “LEFTIST ICON IN-HIS-OWN-MIND” who woke up one day, Realizing that his Political Views are the Views of a Shmuck.

SO I FIND IT SAD & LAUGHABLE . . . How all of sudden, Dershowitz is saying, THAT HAD HE KNOWN, HOW CLOSE OBAMA WAS TO LOUIS FARRAKHAN, he Never would have supported Obama.

FOR THE SMARTEST LAWYER ON THE PLANET . . . Where the Hell was Dershowitz, when Conservatives like Me, Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh – ETC, were Screaming Into The Wind about Obama and his CLOSE TIES to Farrakhan, Obama’s Close Ties to Pro-Palestinian & Anti-Israel Advocates, Obama’s Close Ties to America-Hating, Israel-Hating, & Jew-Hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright?


Regardless . . . that the EVIDENCE is Piling-Up against Hillary & Bill Clinton for being the Greatest GRIFTERS the World has ever seen . . . who used their Positions of Trust & Power to Sell-Out the American People, and some of America’s Allies like Israel, while Self-Aggrandizing Themselves on their Road to IMMORAL & ILLEGAL WEALTH, Dershowitz finds no fault with the Clintons or Crooked Hillary’s Emails.

Dershowitz, The Pretend Defender of the Downtrodden, should ask the Haitians what they think about the Clintons.

And Now We Should Care About What Dershowitz Has To Say?


It’s Fascinating how Fox News continues to Trot out these Relics of a Political Bygone Era, like Newt Gingrich, to Shower us with his Pearls of Wisdom, such as what he said on Fox News the other day concerning his old Pal John Kerry, which was Repeatedly Aired.

It turns out that Gingrich . . . DIDN’T BELIEVE JOHN KERRY WOULD HAVE SAID TO THE PALESTINIANS, that they should not give an Inch to Israel, and that Trump Won’t Finish His Second Year . . .

I guess Newt Gingrich is suffering from a form of Long Term Dementia, since he seems NOT to remember how Kerry Sold-Out America to the North Vietnamese in Paris, while still in Uniform, as the Vietnamese War was still Going Strong.

OR HOW JOHN KERRY . . . Appeared before Congress, before being elected to anything, while selling himself as a Decorated Conscientious American Hero Against The War, to DEFAME his Fellow American Service Members, accusing them of being Murderers & Rapists, who in all Reality, Sacrificed so much in America’s Name, while Fighting for the Freedom of the Vietnamese People & Against the Spread of Communism in South East Asia, that they were the REAL HEROES . . . NOT HIM.

BUT IF GINGRICH NEEDS A MORE RECENT REMINDER . . . Concerning Kerry’s Duplicity, all Gingrich has to do is Refer back to the Obama/Kerry Iran Nuclear Giveaway.

It Seems To Me . . . Fox News Is The Vehicle For Shmucks To Sell Books.

MY CONFESSION . . . I Read At Least 6-International & National Newspapers Per Day. And when I’m not Reading, I’m Researching or Writing. And when I’m Researching or Writing, I’m Watching Fox News on Mute, as I’m doing right now, while from time to time looking at the Crawl to see if anything New & Important has happened.

And when I don’t want to Hear or See Media Rubbish of any kind any longer, but don’t want to sit in Silence, I REALLY Prefer Listening to the Blues, 50’s Music or Country, Instead of the News Pabulum on any of the Stations.

AND IF I HAPPEN TO HAVE THE SOUND TURNED ON TO FOX NEWS . . . When one of their Resident LEFTISTS comes-on to spew his or her “Genius BS Opinions”, I virtually ALWAYS Press the Mute Button, because who the Hell Needs to Hear the Opinions of Social Elitist Idiots?


I’m Not Happy With President Trump’s Proposed DACA Fix . . . But what choice does he really have, since America cannot Ship the 800,000 DACA Recipients, and the other 13-Million Or MORE Illegals out of the Country – Because in all Reality, It’s Just Not A Real Or Viable Option.

BUT NEITHER IS IT AN OPTION FOR THE PRESIDENT . . . Not to Build the WALL, and Not to End Lottery & Chain Immigration.

AND IT’S ALSO NOT AN OPTION . . . For President Trump to Lose the House or the Senate over the Debate of Illegal Immigrants, who will by one way or another become Legal, whether by Permanent Work Visas, Green Cards, or a Path to Citizenship for Some.

And If Trump Takes DACA Off The Table . . . What’s Left For The LEFT?

AND SINCE PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Has Stimulated the Economy on Steroids, Cranked Up Employment to Levels No One could have ever Imagined, Rewrote the Tax Codes, is Single Handedly Responsible for Substantial Wage Hikes & Corporate Employee Bonuses, and has EVISCERATED Obama’s Regulations . . . Plus – what President Trump has done with NATO, Stupid Anti-American Trade Deals, and the Embassy Move To Jerusalem . . .

. . . There’s Little Left On The Table For The President To Do . . . other than to End DACA, Build the Wall, End Ridiculous Immigration Practices, and Do Something Constructive with Healthcare BEFORE he begins to Tackle the Workings Of Government at its Core.

These Are Certainly Exciting Times If You’re American.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Peter K., I don’t mean to be rude, but did you read what Howard wrote? Do you look at any news other than main stream media? Europe is tied to Middle Eastern oil! Of course they will favor Muslims over Jews in order to keep the oil flowing. Read a few history books (preferably pre 1950), read the news from varied sources, and visit more news websites. You have to educate yourself. Your comment shows you do not understand history if you think Howard’s commentary was a generalization.

  2. I see NO reason we can’t ship all the illegals out. It’s really simple. Tell them they have 60 days to leave the country or they will be jailed and held without bail until their trial in X amount of years due to the backlog–and if convicted of being in America illegally, they get 20 years in prison. Then step back. They’ll STAMPEDE out of here.

  3. God Bless the Jewish People! NEVER AGAIN! I’m so Glad Trump has Israel Back! The Jewish people have at least 7 more years they can live without the US dictating what they can and can’t do! BUILD BUILD BUILD I say! Go Israel!

  4. They were German camps in occupied Poland, and Germans were the once who benefited,
    mostly from belongings taken from prisoners.
    A lot of Polish people died in various concentration camps as well
    (my husband’s uncle was a concentration camp survivor
    -after they performed medical experiments on him, he wasn’t able to have children)
    A lot of Poles lost their lives trying to help people inside.
    Malgorzata Samborski

  5. Wishful thinking Teri, congress will never let that happen. But what Trump should do now that the Left has labeled this attempted compromise as WHITE SUPREMACY, Trump should immediately take that offer of the table. Then he has leverage to bring those Leftists who think this proposal is Racist will have to reevaluate their ridiculous position. I don’t like the current proposal all that much either, but, as long as we get a wall, no chain migration and no visa lottery, that will have to do. MAGA

  6. If Teri Newman’s solution isn’t viable, how about systematically bit by bit removing the welfare-type benefits they’re being given? The world knows we’re soft, esp those south of the border. Why else make a dangerous trip to ILLEGALLY enter our country? The benefits are greater than the risks. Our gov’t needs to change that and get back to legal immigration; it won’t happen without securing our border. ‘Nuf said.

  7. While both Teri and Patricia are well meaning, neither suggestion would be viable. We don’t have the resources to lock them up, and removing benefits would promote a complete revolution by the ones already here. No politician on either side could afford that. It is the very definition of a conundrum! We should at least deport the bad actors, but they tend to come back supported by the liberals in “Sanctuary Cities.” It is a mess!

  8. These so-called immigrants are not immigrants they are Invaders anytime someone crosses a border without permission they are invading that country. Any other country including Mexico would have these people in jail until they were able to ship them back to their country, and jail in Mexico is no picnic

  9. How could there ever be a second holocaust when according to leftists, the first one never existed? (NOT FUNNY). The only reason that I watch the mainstream news is because I need to know what they support so I will know what to oppose. Like you I love music, but mostly easy listening instrumentals, by which which I studied in college e . If Nancy Pelosi or Pocahontas ever uttered a sane sentence, I would be amazed.

  10. Eisenhower was smart…he demanded those living around and near the Death Camps be brought inside to see the hideous conditions, bodies, ovens, etc. And that photographs be taken for HISTORY so this heinous action should never be repeated. Amazing the SHORT MINDS of people. John Kerry? “Duplicitous”. Nancy Pelosi? “Bitch personified”. Newt Gingrich? “Bilious”. I try NOT to watch the NEWS. Too much falsification and distortion. I want accurate, truthful news.
    Trump needs to FOCUS! MYPOV

  11. You seem to have given a pass to Trudeau’s minister of external affairs, Christian Freeland, whose family ran the official Nazi newspaper in Poland during WWII. Ms. Freeland seems to have a problem acknowledging this.

  12. Yesterday I commented on the term “Palestinian.” The Romans called Israel, Palestina, to erase Israel from the Map. If effect they were calling Jews Philistines who were ancient antagonists of Isreal starting about 1300B.C.E. Isreal was and is portrayed in Bible maps to this day as Palestine. Yasser Arafat took advantage of the map and called he and his people Palestinians and it stuck. The lie continues. Joan Peters research book, “From Time Immemorial” gives a detailed account. i

  13. The holocaust was not a Polish industry. It was a German industry within German territory that was formerly a part of Poland. At the time Poland did not exist. There is no record that a Pole was arrested for hiding a Jew. Why? Because these Poles and their families were shot on site. And all it took was a rumor. No need for an investigation. Well about 3 million ethnic Poles were murdered between the Germans and the Russians. Just a little twinge I get too often.

  14. KERRY is a DISGRACE to AMERICA and he and Obama COMPLEMENT each other…PERFECT MATCH! One way to GET RID of ILLEGAL immigrants is to slowly GET RID of the SANCTUARY CITIES where they get all their BENEFITS. The Federal Govt. CAN cut their FUNDING…it wouldn’t be EASY but POSSIBLE! BHO wanted to REFORM America and for everyone to SHARE THEIR WEALTH. Well, he SUCCEEDED at doing so, thus this is the REASON America’s in the MESS it’s in! Thank GOD for TRUMP! Let’s make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  15. If you could get this date on Google Calendar, nearly all would be reminded of this horrible time. I just posted it in mine.. The plight of those of the Hebrew ancestry is acted on in what is perceived as normal human response. “They” are/must be resourseful and very intelligent, thus accumulate massive assets. The less intlligent masses covet same assets and act on that, in ways the I can’t comprehend, to get their share. In short, for some, it is easier to destroy someone than to achieve.

  16. Every time John Kerry shows his face he is always acting the loser, weasel or worm. His failed mid east peace deal no exception. Running to the Palestinians now to undermine his president on the world stage is as weasel an act as can get. It is unbecoming of an ex-politician to internationally undermine a sitting leader.

  17. JOHN KERRY, along with NEWT GINGRICH, are BOTH TOTAL JERKS! I really can’t stand NEWT, though FOX News seems to continually have him on, for reasons unknown..he”pretends” to be a Pres. Trump “supporter”?! Thanks again, Howard, for the history lesson, as to what really went on during the Holocaust: I just hope & pray it never happens again!!! Thank goodness for Pres. Trump:he truly has his hands full with the “obstructionists” (LIBERAL LOONS!!!!). May God continue to bless PRES. TRUMP! AMEN!

  18. We should stop all citizenship seeking immigration now, until the back log of people are caught up. We made the DACA problem and we need to have a sensible solution like a permanent green card. Not citizenship, not voting rights, ever.

  19. Another good one, Howard. I think many on the Left knew about Obummer’s close ties with Farrakhan, due to Rev. Wright’s church. Wright’s indorsed Farrakhan by giving him a Lifetime Achievement Award from his church. Rev. Wright is just as strongly Anti-Semitic & a White hater, as Farrakhan. What the Left wanted most was to promote & elect the first Black President, before the GOP! IMHO, I believe this to my core. Kerry & Gingrich are “has beens” & nothing more than blah, blah, blah, empty words!

  20. We have had words before but I still read your thingee from time to time. I would be interested in your comment about the following; Suppose Trump said something like, “There are things in my plans, are negotiable and some not. The The Wall, the Military, and so on are not. We will consider these first before anything else happens. If they do not pass then you had better not send me a budget that is 1 cent over projected revenue or it will be vetoed”. Now what?

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