What’s Freedom & A Free Press Worth?


I’m Writing About Our “Free” Press As Much As I Can . . . Because we’re Bearing Witness to the Death of the FREE PRESS, and the Birth of A North American Equivalence to Pravda & Al Jazeera.


THE OTHER THING AS IMPORTANT . . . Is being able to do something MEANINGFUL once the Truth Is Known. And Without being able to Hold The Government’s Feet To The Fire . . . KNOWING BECOMES MEANINGLESS.

HENCE . . . Free Elections, Fair Elections & The Second Amendment are the Guarantees to a Free Society – “Of The People, By The People & For The People”, which Pains Me Immensely as A Canadian, because these American Values & Virtues, in spite of Canadian Government (LEFTIST) Propaganda to the Contrary, are Virtually Non-Existent on the Northern Side of the 49th Parallel.


As you’re Reading this . . . Canada’s Liberal Trudeau Led Government, is Creating a Media Fund of $75-MILLION to BUTTRESS THE FAILING Canadian Print Media Industry, which SIMPLY MEANS that Canada’s Print Media Industry will become DEPENDENT upon the Government, which will be Spending Canadian MAKERS’ Tax Revenue on a Media, which the Government will Own – LOCK, STOCK & BARREL.

To An American . . . $75-Million might not sound like a Great Deal of Money in a Multi Billion Dollar Economy. But when you consider that Canada’s Population is JUST ONE TENTH THE SIZE OF THE USA . . . We’re talking about an Equivalence of nearly $1-BILLION, which BUYS an awful lot of FAKE NEWS.

If News Media Isn’t 100% Independent of Government . . . It Is The Government.


THE ANTI-ZIONISTS . . . AKA Israel-Haters . . . AKA Anti-Semites who think they’re on the side of the Palestinian Angels – Just Don’t Get It . . . It’s a Socio/Political GLOBAL CON-JOB out of all Proportion, perhaps the Greatest ever Perpetrated upon the Western World.


Because Of The Palestinian Lie – Thousands Of People Have Been Murdered.

BUT THAT’S NOT THE WORST OF IT . . . Because of the Big Palestinian Lie, the Excuse for More Than A Billion Islamists, was Created to Support, and/or to Run Wild Against the West, Democracy & Modernity.

A Whole New Legitimized Jew-Hatred & Disdain For America Was Born.

“UNRWA” . . . IFThe United Nations Relief & Works Agency For Palestine Refugees” would ever be compared to any other Lie of this Proportion – NOTHING COULD COMPARE . . . Not Even The Greatest Ponzi Scheme Caused By Bernie Madoff, which was Worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which was Mitigated Against Good-Faith Unwitting Investors . . . could even come close to the Stupendous Monetary/Political Lie of the so-Called Palestinians.

If President Trump Doesn’t Lose His Steel – The Palestinian GIG IS UP.

WE’RE “TALKING” ABOUT . . . Billions Upon Billions of Pissed-Away Dollars, and an Ocean of Blood & Grief Spilled ONLY Because of the Big Palestinian Lie. We’re Talking About LOST GENERATIONS, Lost Opportunities, and the Creation of a HISTORY THAT NEVER EXISTED.

SO HOW DID IT COME ABOUT, that a NONEXISTENT People, were all of a sudden Created out of Nowhere – given the FACT that the so-called Palestinians are Predominantly nothing more or less than Moslem Arabs . . . no different than all other Moslem Arabs.


THERE’S NO PALESTINIAN HISTORY WHATSOEVER . . . Beyond the UN CREATION of the Name Palestinian, which describes a People who up to the time of the LEGITIMATE REBIRTH OF ISRAEL (1948) . . . were Egyptians, as was Yasser Arafat, or Lebanese, Syrian & MOSTLY Jordanian . . . SO HOW’D THAT HAPPEN?


BECAUSE OF THE USEFUL-IDIOT-MEDIA . . . Not even Intentionally Meaning to be Anti-Israel or Anti-Semitic, Israel’s RIGHT to Return to the 3,000-Year-Old Jewish Homeland, from the Time of King David and his Son Solomon (The Wise), in their Capital of Jerusalem – WAS UNDERMINED AS BEING A LIE, AN INVASION & AN OCCUPATION . . . with the Unlimited & Unmitigated Support of the Media.

SO I ASK YOU THIS . . . After More Than 70-Years Of Misery . . . Outside of Palestinian Insiders, like the now Thankfully Deceased Yasser Arafat, and the Current Crop of Palestinian “Leaders”, all of whom have become STINKING RICH, Courtesy of the Palestinian Lie, and the Lives, Blood & Treasure Shed because of the Palestinian Lie – What has UNRWA Done for the People, whom the Media Tag as Palestinians, other than to use them as Pawns to Attack the Legitimate, Multi-Religious, Democratic & FREE STATE OF ISRAEL?


We in the Civilized West, think of the Media as our SENTINEL, which Protects us, where in Truth, they have become the ENEMY FROM WITHIN, and the Weapon of Choice for their Political Masters.

HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE CORRUPT MEDIA . . . The So-Called Palestinians would NOT BE Refugees. They would NOT BE impoverished. They would NOT BE a Beggar-People. And they would NOT BE Spawning Generations of Ignorance, Haters & Terrorists.


HAD THE MEDIA NOT BEEN IN THE TANK . . . Against their Real Responsibilities to Portray the Truth, the Clintons would already be Behind Bars, along with many of their Partners in Crime.

Most of the Politicians & Bureaucrats would have been FORCED out of their Positions of Power & Privilege.

THE NSA, FBI & JUSTICE DEPARTMENT . . . Would not be Playing Fast & Loose with the Freedoms of all American People.

And The World Would Be A Much Better, Safer & More Equitable Place.

All of Which . . . is More than Reason Enough to Continue to Focus on the Media.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I wanted to make a comment on your article of February 18th, but was too late…here it is anyway.

    Right on Howard, I have believed that our commander in chief, Barry/Barack is definitely a Moslem and he is aiding and abetting the enemy daily!
    Jan Clement Ocala, Florida

  2. I don’t know about all your listeners, but I have been sending info out about the biased press since 1995 and no one would listen. Even now that it has become evident to all, it appears that the Democrats don’t care. This is what is so disturbing to me. I watched the news on the night that Al Gore was initially declared as loosing to Bush on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc all of them started crying when Florida was declared as won by Bush. Then I woke up to them being happy. Maybe Fl wasn’t done.

  3. Yesterday at Davos President Trump tells the Palestinian Authority directly any U.S. financial assistance will stop if they refuse to enter peace talks. He stated that he was shocked that previous administrations never considered stopping the millions that are given to the Palestinians. He made it clear as day that they won’t get another dime if they are not willing to negotiate. You can tell our President was pissed off about the Palestinian leadership refusing to meet with VP Pence.

  4. The claim of “the age old Arab Palestinian rights to Arab Palestine” is contradicted by history. The Land was named Palestina by the Romans as a “slur” to eradicate all traces of its Jewish history. It is only politically that Rome defeated Israel and scattered the Jewish population and made a decisive change in the history of The Land. That lie is perpetuated in so many fronts. I’ll name a good research book if you allow. Mike Hendrickson, Lewiston, ID. USA

  5. Most “foreign aid” money comes from U.S. taxpayers! Why do we keep supporting nations that don’t support our values (but expect USA to take “refugees” during “conflicts”)? America has “catered” to Arabs for years because of oil! (Saudis financed Carter’s peanut farm!) Obama allowed more Muslims to live in USA (on welfare). MSM helped elect him POTUS! Do Americans now prefer “Fiction” to “Truth”? What’s been “hidden” (sealed) from us in the past? Release that memo! “De-classify” the real truth!

  6. Remember back way when, for 5 days Obama attempted to place his Media Czars in US newsmedia sites so they’d report the Correct News? The MSM “QUIETLY” Protested and won out. Now in Canada you have the bought and paid for CBC State TV ($1.5 Billion/year) who are now competing with regular Media who are bought and paid for by the liberal gov’t! but will less $. How is Anyone Ok with this? They say you get what you pay for. I’m sure the liberals are counting on it!

  7. There are a lot of crappy people and crappy countries in the world but the crappiest of all are the Clintons!

  8. If you live in s.florida the miami herald is the largest news paper it is anti Trump and mustly geared to the cuban population.
    II read there on line daily news only to get sports reports. I get most of my news from mon line blogs and fox TV.You are right print news is finished and a new PM now.

  9. Howard, you are apparently picking my brain again, but I think you underestimate the power of the media. We have virtually no freedom of the press in the USA because the press has been hijacked by the Liberal, socialist, world without borders crowd. The media refuses to publicize the unvarnished truth. Everything that I read is biased to some degree if not outright lies, (AKA fake news.) Truth evaporated with the demise of small town newspapers whose editors were not afraid to print the truth.

  10. VERY INTERESTING, Howard…..& THANKS for EXPOSING the “FAKE MEDIA AGENDA”, & the Palestine “BIG LIE”! It’s really unbelievable how ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT our “Liberal LOONS” have become, as well as the MEDIA!! Thank God for President Trump, & his good, common sense, for being able to call a “SPADE” a “SPADE”!!!

  11. As long as idiots elect idiots Howard it will go on for ever.
    Our voting “system” is idiotic. “one man, one vote” is foolishness in the extreme.
    Result? we end up with “pretty boy” troo-doh and his ilk.
    Simply a popularity contest. Were his name “Bill Smith” he would still be coaching aspiring dramatists.

  12. One man-One vote is not idiotic, for the US is a Republic, not a democracy. One Man-One vote is essential towards that goal. The US is a Nation of Representation. The US Citizens vote who they want into office, not some random voting system. The MSM is part of our freedoms, to keep our government “on track.” For the last 60+ years, the MSM has been lying to all US Citizens. What is going on in the US is mainly due to the SDS(Students for a Democratic Society), back in the 1960’s universities.

  13. President Trump is shredding the Obamatoids. He and a very smart staff are doing it by using the Clintonites own devices.
    Meanwhile the US is moving forward as it has not been allowed to do by the still sabotaging Obama operatives.
    I expect that the so called “secret society” will not stop at anything to harm the Union and President Trump.

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