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All the People . . . who are Regular Readers of this BLOG, know that I have an Unabashed Affinity for Patriotism, Nationalism, Free Enterprise & FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

One of the Commenters on this BLOG, wrote in the last Editorial, that Disparaging the US FLAG IS NOT REALLY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, because it’s an Action, opposed to just Words. SHE’S WRONG.

I DETEST FLAG BURNERS . . . Especially Flag Desecraters in Free Countries such as the United States of America. But like it or not, Burning or Defiling the American Flag is as much a Right to Freedom of Expression as Anything Else.

AND THE MOMENT . . . when we Decide as a Group, to Allow our Respective Governments to Restrict that Freedom of Expression . . . What’s Next?

Are we also going to allow the Government to Decide for us, to Restrict our Freedom of Association, Freedom NOT to Associate, Freedom of Assembly . . . or any of our Other Freedoms Most People Take For Granted?

THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION . . . And anyone in Canada, who has followed my Quests through the Years to Defend Freedom of Expression, can Attest that I Organized & Led Hundreds of Rights Marches, Boycotts, Demonstrations & Public Addresses . . . AND NEVER ONCE DID I ASK FOR A PERMIT.

THE REASON I NEVER ASKED FOR A PERMIT . . . was in itself a Demonstration of my Freedom of Expression, because, had I asked for a Permit, I would have been asking for the RIGHT to Express Myself, which would have been Self-Defeating.

By Sheer Virtue of my Constitutional RIGHT To Freedom of Expression, I EXPRESSED MYSELF WHENEVER AND HOWEVER I “PERSONALLY” DECIDED without seeking Approval or Approbation of Anyone or Government to decide When, Where & How I would be Allowed to Express my FREEDOMS.

The only Caveat, which was Exclusively of MY CHOICE . . . was to inform the Police, as to When, Where, Why & How Many we might be, so the Police could be Prepared for whatever might Happen.

IT IS OUR RIGHT . . . In our Nations’ Freedom of Expression Laws – to Embarrass, Boycott, and even Bring Legal Action against those who Harm or Defame us with Untrue Words, Cartoons, Caricatures & Innuendo . . . These are our Legitimate Remedies, which we have within our Quiver, with which to Combat Lies & Threats to our Freedoms.


WE CAN SEE IT TODAY . . . In the World of the MEGA BILLION DOLLAR NFL, where Disrespecting the American Flag is Costing the NFL JERKS, Millions of Viewers, Millions of Game Attendees, Tens if Not Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Advertising & Sponsors – Many of Whom Might Never Come Back.

I have been a Football “Fanatic” from the time I can first Remember. I Played, Coached, and was a Director of a Minor Football League . . . but this year, because of the Disrespect of the American Flag, I didn’t watch one Game, including the Championship Games.

And while some will be watching the Super Bowl, I’ll be Grilling Steaks with Friends Visiting from Back Home Horse Country. And I won’t be the only one showing my Disdain for those who Disdain the Flag.

IT IS ONLY WHEN THE GOVERNMENT . . . Decides to DEEM what is Acceptable Speech, or Acceptable Demonstration, which causes no Harm or Inconvenience to Others, is when we are all at REAL RISK OF LOSING OUR FREEDOMS.


Over the Years . . . I have made an Exhaustive Number of References, to Three Classic Dystopian Minded-Books – from the Era of the 1950’s . . . ANIMAL FARM, 1984 & ATLAS SHRUGGED, which I believe have been PROPHETIC, to where we’ve Arrived at today in the 21st Century.

The Smart People, who pay Attention, and who haven’t Bought the Big Lies, are Watching & Bearing Witness to our Freedoms Slipping Away, with Broken Hearts and Fear for Tomorrow.

THE STUPID PEOPLE . . . are TOO IGNORANT to Understand, that EVERYTHING is based . . . AND BUILT UPON INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, and not the Freedom to Take from Others . . . And that the only thing the Government Creates is Debt . . . with the Consequences of Social and Fiscal Paralysis, while Governments Promise the TAKERS the Treasures EARNED by the MAKERS.


The Great Wall & Single-Most-Important Line Of Defense, which we as a Free People have In our Arsenal Of Weapons, with which to Protect & Preserve Our Freedoms . . . IS THE FREE PRESS & OUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

SO . . . WHAT HAPPENS, when the Free Press Becomes the Enemy, or Naïvely Sides with the Enemy? Or Reports ONLY the News which is “SAFE” to Report, while MUTING The News . . . Which They Believe Is Not?

WHAT HAPPENS . . . Is that our Full Society, which we “ASSUME IS FREE”, comes under Attack, where in the beginning, our Voices of Freedom will initially begin to Weaken, until those voices Cease to Exist . . . Outside of Protective Groups & Circles – WE’VE SEEN IT THROUGHOUT HISTORY, and we’re Seeing it TODAY in Places like Russia, Iran, China, Virtually all of the Middle East & Most Moslem Countries, and even Within European Communities, where Islam is Predominant.

AND NOW – WE’RE SEEING IT IN CANADA . . . Where Liberal Government Motion – M103, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is in the Process of making it ILLEGAL for People like Me . . . to Write or Speak DISPARAGINGLY about Islam, the Koran and/or Sharia, no matter how Accurate my Commentary would be.


I’ll Stand Up NOT because I’m Brave, BUT RATHER BECAUSE I AM NOT. I live in Far Greater Fear of not having my Freedoms, than I do in Threats against me for Expressing Them.

I DO WHAT I DO . . . Because that’s who I am. And even if I wanted to Hide my Head in the Sand, I Couldn’t Do It.

AND I’M NOT ALONE . . . I don’t always Agree with the Opinions of Others, BUT I DO AGREE, that the Opinions of Others, Expressed in a Free Society, whether I Like their Opinions or Not, are Critical to Keeping our Societies FREE.

TAKING ALL OF WHAT I JUST WROTE INTO ACCOUNT . . . Our Greatest Enemies are NOT the Russians, NOR the Chinese, NOR the Iranians, NOR the Islamists . . . ETCETERA.

Our Greatest Enemies are from WITHIN, who Report SELECTIVE & FAKE NEWS, and those who wish to Restrict Freedom of Expression, in all of its many Forms . . . Including BANNING the RIGHT of JERKS to Burn the American Flag or Take A Knee to the American Anthem.

SO . . . When The Justice Department, NSA & The FBI Flaunt The Freedoms of the People, and THE “FREE PRESS” lets them – Think of the Consequences:

Our Societies Are Not Great Because Of Our Governments . . .
. . . They’re Great Because Of Our Freedoms.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am certain, you think, as you write. But, please be careful. Has anyone stopped to consider WHY the Euopeans have behaved as you say they have towards The Jewish faith over the centuries ? I am sure I don’t know,and thus have little to add to this discussion, but I do object to your generalizations. The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history; and are never likely to either, as history is considered irrelevant in today’s society.

  2. Right on, Howard! Our freedom of thought and speech is the very basis of a free society; the basis of individualism!! If we aren’t allowed to be who God made us to be ….. what a repressive existence that would be!

  3. Right on! And I’ll be using my Freedom of Speech to BOYCOTT the Super Bowl. I love watching NFL football but not if it means supporting anti-Americans. Did you know your TV providers KNOW exactly what you watch and when you watch thru your Cable Digital Box. That’s how they get their RATINGS Data so quickly. So if you turn the game on they know. If you don’t turn it on, they know that too. I’m supporting your American President by NOT Turning on the Game! This won’t end until we stick together!

  4. People who burn the flag are ignorant….ignorant of what the flag represents….ignorant of history…..and probably ignorant of their own reasons or purposes.

  5. I love your patriotism and enthusiasm…….I am a 77 year old(still active) native Texan born in San Antonio, TX.
    You are 99.9999% correct in all of the opinions and stands that I have seen you take. The ONLY thing you and I disagree on is your including destruction of property in the definition of protected free speech.
    One of the first duties assigned to our government by our constitution is to provide “domestic tranquility” which
    you can’t have if property is being destroyed.

  6. Agree with you Howard reading a newspaper just doesn’t “do it” anymore. I’m a vet and the only time I burn OUR FLAG is when it’s time for a new one.

  7. Great editorial Howard. Now for an ALERT, breaking news this morning on BNN. Patrick Brown, Conservative Opposition Leader has resigned following allegations by two #METWO’ers. Freedom of Speech, so far, allows me to say good riddance to bad rubbish. Keep fighting Howard, there are a few of us who like yourself are aware of consequences but not afraid to speak up; we will never be silenced.

  8. As always Howard.. you are right on track with your opinions!! I know you always do your homework before putting anything in your Blog.. Thanks for todays awesome editorial.. I look forward to it everyday.. you are basically the only person I can trust to give me the true facts.. very sad though.. of course, there are probably are a couple of others out their as well.. but I know we can’t post them in our comments.. you come 1st though..

  9. Howard off topic: Here in Ont. like Alabama where Roy won where men were found guilty without there day in court. And the Ladies who were not named sunk their hides. So goes Brown, Whinn going to win here in a landslide.

  10. Yes Howard….and I believe the war against the totalitarian Left must first and urgently be fought in the school and university classrooms of our nations where the young have been inculcated with leftist ideology for the last 40-50 years, under our very noses, and without serious opposition. That opposition must happen NOW and in a most serious and assertive fashion! This is a true cultural war and is as important to win as any war in the past for freedom from oppression.

  11. I ride with Howard since 2012 and I will be in court with him, if needed. Howard wrote about my motorcycle club YOWs demonstrating in front of Palestine House in Toronto a few years ago when we were physically attacked. We stood our grounds. An incident with the police must be told. Since our bikes were on the street we were told to move them. On the way back a policewoman in a very aggressive tone told me that I can not go back. While walking on, over my shoulder I told her; YES, I CAN!

  12. I understand the freedom of expression that we have, but, what about, when those who abuse those freedoms, cost others much. I speak of the thousands of vendors, hot dog salesman and gift salesman who are being terribly hit, unfairly, by the actions of a few.Or all the local establishments who have for decades depended on the Sunday influx of people to their businesses. Its only a small part of this stupidity, but, no one ever mentions the fact that all those affected are low income people.

  13. Many people don’t appreciate certain things, UNTIL they have LOST them!One would think that the MEGA BILLION DOLLAR NFL would have the COURTESY to SUPPORT our FLAG!It’s an INSULT to our VETERANS that some PLAYERS DON’T STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!Well, some day, these SAME players may be KNEELING for an entirely different reason, i. e., to PRAY for THEIR LOSS OF FREEDOM!Isn’t it PECULIAR that those who KNEEL are BLACK? If there are some WHITES, I guess I’ve MISSED seeing them! GOD BLESS! AMEN!

  14. Howard, you “nailed it” today! (Canadian “acting American”- thanks!) “Smart People” are now drastically outnumbered by “Stupid People” (who have been allowed to make all the kids they want since taxpayers are forced to support them)! Flags should only be burned when they are “worn, torn, or old”- but if we allow this sooner, then this could apply also to people in the future! Millions today “worship” sports “professionals” (who don’t have degrees or get arrested)! We need better “role models”!

  15. Some team owners have told plAyers who would take a knee to stay off the field when the national anthem is played
    ,Jerry Jones of the cowboys started this. The second player that started the knee was a miami dolphin after kapanick and hope the dolphins never win again.
    The owners and nfl are to blame for allowing this to continue.I have been a Eagle fan all my life and will record the game rather then counted as a viewer.

  16. AWESOME “blog”, today, Howard….& I enjoyed the other “bloggers” comments, as well! God Bless, Pres. Trump!! AMEN, AMEN, as our RI friend, says!!!

  17. Our American friends and cousins came close to the brink of social and economic collapse, and would likely have collapsed if Hillary was elected. Canada is under attack right now….socialistic extremists, and foreign globalists, funded and strategized an attack on our election system with great success. They managed to put an Orwellian (see the book “1984”) minded Liberal party into office with a majority and a punk style leader, with policies that will seriously jeopardize democracy in Canada.

  18. their are many vets from ww2 Korean and Viet Nam who I think really think the ones who kneel are not only stupid but do not really understand why our flag means so much to millions of us. A Korean vet The first time I saw it I wanted to throw something at the TV(plus all the people who serve now and before any hostilities)

  19. Well Howard, reckon we can agree to disagree. It happens often in this life, but we’ll both carry on anyway.

  20. Right on the truth Howard,, the veterans have a day, take your old worn flags and they “retire them with a ceremony”.
    Some Mexicans protesting in Phoenix Az. burned spit on desecrated US Flag. nothing was done to them,, but the People that pay the tax’s have a different feeling toward them.

  21. Howard I remember a month or so ago you said to wait on the Inspector General. It is sure beginning to sound like you were absolutely correct about that also. I heard Mark Levin state it is time for get 100% behind Trump even if he does not agree with Trump on trade. Our republic is at stake. I agree with you and glad that Mark Levin made that statement.

  22. AWESOME today, Howard!!! Defining patriotic feelings is in many ways like trying to define faithful feelings, sometimes there are just no words to describe how you feel. Today, I see how you feel & you expressed my feelings as well. I love my country period. Do I think everything is wonderful & perfect? No. However, it is the best Republic in the world & our framers were extremely smart men in the late 1700’s. From the beginning the US Flag has stood for patriotism, most feel it, some don’t.

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