FBI . . . KGB – Pick & Choose Which One More Defines America


How could the FBI, NSA & Justice Department know what anyone had for Breakfast, yet they can’t Find their Own Missing Documents . . . OR, WHO MADE THEM MISSING?

WHAT’S WORSE THAN WHAT THE FBI & JUSTICE DID . . . Is that the LEFT Don’t Want To Know. AND GIVEN THIS TRUTH . . . How can America Remain FREE, when Elected & Appointed People in Power Knowingly & Willingly Support Obstruction of Justice, by Ignoring the Laws of the Constitution?

Why Doesn’t Everyone Feel Threatened With This Gross Abuse Of Trust & Power?

I HAD A DISCUSSION YESTERDAY WITH A FRIEND . . . who Clams to be a Centrist, who HATES President Trump, and is Himself a Pretty Smart Guy, who made his living the Hard Way, by Working for it, who also served his country over a number of years in the US Navy.

THE MORE WE SPEAK TO EACH OTHER . . . The More I keep telling him that he is a Conservative, but just doesn’t know it. And the more I ask what it is about President Trump that he HATES, the more he doesn’t know, other than he Doesn’t Like The Man.

AND THE MORE . . . we talk about YELLOW JOURNALISM in today’s Media, the MORE he’s Doubting the Nexus of his Opinions.

I think what confuses him more than anything else about me is . . . Why I care So Much? And Why At My Age Am I Always So Angry?

How Can I Explain To Him That Being Angry At Evil Is A Virtue – Not A Vice?


Yesterday . . . We spoke about the First Amendment, and the RIGHT, for Example, of Athletes to Take a Knee to the Flag & Anthem, and the RIGHT for people who do not Respect the Flag, or who wish to Protest the Flag . . . TO DESECRATE IT.

AND WE BOTH AGREED . . . that neither of us Liked the Desecration of the American Flag, BUT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – Makes it Acceptable for People to be Disrespectful to America’s Symbol of Freedom, which was also the Decision the Supreme Court (5-4) Arrived at in Defense of Flag Desecration (Flag-Burning) On June 21, 1989.


This has been said In a Myriad of Ways, but perhaps NO MORE COHERENTLY OR SUCCINCTLY, than by the Late Russian Communist Leader Nikita Khrushchev, who said, to Paraphrase . . .

The Only Power On Earth That Could Kill American Freedom Is American Freedom.


BUT NOT ALL FREE-EXPRESSION IS FREE . . . For Example – The Age-Old Adage, which says that you Can’t Yell Fire, when there is no Fire, in a Crowded Movie Theater is absolutely Acceptable.

You Can’t Say Exactly what you think of a Judge, in the Judge’s Court Room, without Real Consequences.

A Member of Congress is FREE to say whatever he or she wishes to say, NO MATTER HOW DEFAMATORY & UNTRUE in the House or the Senate, without Consequences. And he or she can even REVEAL TOP SECRET INFORMATION with Total Criminal Immunity, as long as he or she says it in the House or in the Senate.

The Same . . . By The Way Is True In Canada.

BUT THAT SAME MEMBER OF CONGRESS . . . Is Not Free To Speak his or her mind with Immunity Outside of his or her Respective Congressional Chamber.


IN 1964, when Hearing a Supreme Court Challenge, Concerning Hard Core Pornography, the Justices were asked if any of them could Define what Hard Core Pornography Looked Like, to which Justice Potter Stewart Responded . . . “I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT”.

AS I SEE IT . . . Freedom Of Expression can somehow be Described much in the same way as Justice Stewart Defined the RIGHT to Display Pornography, it is Surely Acceptable, Until It Is Pressed To The Point Where It Is Not. But who’s to decide where that Point is?

IF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS ABSOLUTE . . . Why is it that Pornography CANNOT be Broadcast on Prime Time Television?


WHAT THE AMERICAN FLAG STANDS FOR . . . CANNOT be Summed-Up in the Value of the Silk-Screening of Embroidery of the Stars & Stripes on Paper or Fabric, since the American Flag is the ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF FREEDOM . . . Not just in the USA, but no less, than throughout the Entire Planet, since the Stars & Stripes is this Symbol of Freedom that has Liberated the Planet, More than Once in the last Century, Than Has Any Other Symbol On Earth.

Nothing Has Ever Given Greater Heart To Oppressed People, Than The Image of the Stars & Stripes Coming Over The Horizon To Their Defense & Liberation.

AND MORE TO THE TRUTH . . . The American Flag has become the Symbol of Freedom to all People who want to be FREE, and the Symbol of FEAR to all Despots & Tyrants who wish for their People NOT TO BE FREE.


I won’t Argue this Point with my Friend . . . Since one either Believes in the Protection of the Flag as the Symbol of the Greatest Nation on Earth, with the Understanding that once you Destroy the Foundation of a Structure, the Structure will Topple.

AND I WON’T ARGUE THIS TRUTH . . . With People who Believe that the Foundation of the United States of America is All-So-Powerful, that it can Sustain & Withstand any and all Attacks From Within . . . BECAUSE IT CAN’T.

And no matter how Logical I can make my Case, People who have been Brain Washed For Decades will never Accept it for the Factual Truth that it is.


AMERICAN FREEDOM IS UNDER ATTACK . . . From Within & Abroad, as we are Bearing Witness with Every Revelation of Abuse of Power from a Host of Government Agencies, a Compliant Media, a Corrupt & Incompetent Legal System & Government & ADVOCATES OF SOCIALISM.


So Why Isn’t America Fighting Back? Because It’s OK To Desecrate The Flag.

There are no Shortages of Decent People, who have been so Bombarded for so Long with LEFTIST GROUP-THINK, from our Educational Intuitions, to our Media, which has been Educated in the World of LEFTIST Academia, to our Politicians who were also Educated in the World of LEFTIST Academia, and to our Bureaucrats, who too have been Educated in the World of LEFTIST Academia, to the Point That Most People Can’t See The Tyranny For The Freedoms They Ignore.


And It’s Always Also Easier To Believe What You Want To Believe . . . Rather Than What You Should Believe.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I remember an atricle titled “All of Europe Died At Austwitz” How true. Europe has never been the same since they lost all those brains, talent and industrios Jews. Jews need to remember that the Catholic church rang their bells every year, including his last, for Hitler’s birthday. Hitler went to a Catholic school. He thought he was doing right by killing Jews because they killed Jesus. This hatred and envy is inheritant. You won’t get rid of it, get our while there is still time.

  2. Isn’t it strange how people will disrespect the President to the point of threatening to leave the country if he got elected and disrespect the country itself, yet would NEVER leave. If he and the country are so terrible, you would think that they would be long gone. In fact, a lot of people would be glad to see the backs of some of the Hollywood people who threatened to leave. Not so bad in the good old USA after all me thinks.

  3. We are starting to fully understand what the Obammatoid in chief was trained to do before he was inserted in to the WH.
    The FBI turning is but one of the Obama “legacy” set of poison packages. Nothing but fully plowing under the whole top echelon and many key agents, will do. Watergate was a chumps tumblers act compared to what we see emerging.
    And if anyone wants to sell the notion that the Kenyan or Hawaiian feller did not know, remember the bridge for sale.
    Very dangerous time for the co

  4. The people in our two countries do not know what it is like to live in an oppressed country. Let them try it for a few years and then they will open their eyes. Freedom is to die for and many have done so.

  5. Howard, Great editorial. The reason why America or any western nation cannot survive the long run is because modern liberal/leftist ideology is essentially a free-for-all with no or few limits. Nothing can withstand that. The most solid building of stone, with everyone continually taking a piece or chipping at it, will eventually crumble. So too will nations. Everything in the universe needs some structure and limitations, or it will fall.

  6. Well said, Howard! Thank you for having the courage to speak out. I still proudly fly “Old Glory,” and consider it a great privilege to live in the USA, even amid all the corruption and filth. Unless something can turn us around, God forbid where we will be within just a few years.

    Will Smith, Springville, Utah

  7. As Churchill said, those that would give up their liberties for security will have neither liberty nor security

  8. Unlike USA, seems in Canada MP’s can’t say whatever they like in the house. Thomas Quiggin in his book “Submission” says Trudeau ordered government not to use the term ISIS so that there is no link between it and ISLAM. On another occasion a Conservative MP challenged Finance Minister Morneau about his “windfall rocketing share price in his own company”. The MP couldn’t say what he wanted in the house and left so that he could say it outside and be sued if that was to be. Big brother is watching

  9. Sadly, America reached our founding fathers’ worst nightmare in the 1990s. Back then our political class was no more Mr Smiths gone to Washington. Instead theyd all become pro politicians who never go home and just bleed the American taxpayer to stay on the gravy train. And starting with BILL Clinton we had politicians that were blatantly recognized as “above the law.” That has only gotten worse since then. They got “Govt OF the people” down pat. It’s the “By” & “For” the ppl they struggle with.

  10. The Desecration Standard

    If it’s OK to publicly desecrate the American flag then…then by default it’s OK to desecrate anything.

  11. The Irony of all this is that Trump’s Outspokenness and brashness has stirred the ire of the Deep State so much that they have Foolishly allowed their bias and identities to be REVEALED out of their Own Arrogance and belief that somehow their superiority justified this treason. Trump’s Character unwittingly will help Drain the SWAMP! And to support Trump going forward, this Canadian Will NOT be watching the Superbowl until the NFL starts respecting men and women in uniform. Lets Stand together!

  12. I refuse to attend another NFL game now or in the future. When obama became President i told any one who said he is but not my president.

  13. If the FBI,NSA,Justice Department are unable to find their OWN missing Documents or who made them,IT JUST MAY BE TIME TO REPLACE THEM,WITH THOSE WHO ARE COMPETENT.I remember when Nikita Khrushchev told JFK that America will not be defeated from without,BUT will collapse from WITHIN!Yes Howard, Nikita would be indeed proud.I’m watching this happen, extremely disheartening & Scary.Especially when History bares witness to this!We ourselves are to blame,those perpetuating it those who abdicated it.

  14. This editorial is especially powerful because it is so true – The Freedom that we all believe in is being used to destroy ALL Western nations & the main reason for that is our complacency. That complacency is the result of the prosperity that has resulted from Capitalism – something that the Left is blaming for unrest in the world. Capitalism is described as Greed – the desire for accumulating vast wealth. The Left wants Utopia where everybody gets to live comfortably without making an effort

  15. We are seeing, and more will surface, the attempt that Obama as directed by his handlers in their attempt to take over the USA. If Hillary had been elected, the third Term of BHO would have had a very serious chance. I said this in my first comment to your site when BHO first was elected…. and we are not out of the woods yet. Trump is our only hope.

  16. I disagree that freedom of speech gives one the freedom to burn the flag. “Expression” instead of “speech” lends wider interpretation. Speech is verbal; desecration of flag is a physical act. The use of different words/terms in relating what the Constitution ‘meant’ is what has skewed & created wider interpretation (suitable to left agenda) & confusion. SO, freedom of speech is liberty to say whatever you feel/think. It does not give you the liberty to take action on what you say/feel.

  17. Howard, love what you wrote about U.S. flag being “ultimate symbol of Freedom”! (Most U.S. flags today are probably made in China.) We used to put up the flag, then take it down at sunset, but now it just gets left flying (or flown at “half-mast” when somebody important dies). “Freedom” today has become more like “freebies”! So many lives were sacrificed for what we have here (in spite of everything, USA is still better than most nations)! Is “Freedom of Speech” a “thing of the past? Maybe! Why?

  18. It’s hard NOT to get angry with everything going on. The illegals out protesting because the Democrats caved! What makes them think they have ANY rights over American citizens. I’m so glad that President Trump has drawn a line in the sand…Build that wall! Our governments dirty secrets are showing their ugly faces. Go Trump!

  19. Isn’t it PECULIAR that those who appear to be speaking out the LOUDEST are the ILLEGAL ALIENS? ILLEGAL ALIENS DON’T BELONG in the U.S. without PROPER documentation. Pres. Trump is attempting to RECTIFY this situation by BUILDING A WALL! The FIRST AMENDMENT gives U.S. CITIZENS the RIGHT to speak out, but some people [e.g., DEMORATS] view this RIGHT as being able to ATTACK & DESTROY those who have DIFFERENT POLITICAL VIEWS vs. DEBATING and RESOLVING those ISSUES to help to MAGA! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  20. A powerful and insightful editorial, Howard. I enjoy watching Bill O’Reily’s No Spin News on my laptop and Laura Ingrahams The Angle on cable FOX news. I seem to remember a quotation that said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The fight will go on and freedom will ultimately triumph. We need to do all we can do and trust in God that He will do the rest.

  21. It is disgusting to see those cretins stamping on the American flag! Which country would they all like to move to? Just don’t come to Canada!

  22. There was no mention of Russian meddling in our election until Mr. Trump was elected. We’ve been hearing about this for over a year, but I don’t believe the media has ever told us what this “meddling” consists of. What, exactly, did the Russians do. They certainly didn’t influence my vote. And the CERTAINLY didn’t influence anybody that voted for good ol’ what’s her name.

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