Yellow Journalism

Forget About CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS . . . And Forget About Fox Sunday News Too.

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear . . . Sensationalized “News”, News Loosely Based on the Truth, News that is so Slanted as to Tell only One Side of the Story, News that is MADE-UP – Can All Be defined As Yellow Journalism.

The Nazis Didn’t Invent Yellow Journalism . . . They Perfected It.

DER STÜRMER . . . was just one of Several Nazi Propaganda News Instruments of Choice, which used UGLY Images & Caricatures of Jews and other Presumed Enemies of the State, in order to Push their Big Pro-Nazi Lies.


There’s Nothing “Honest” . . . Worth Watching On The Sunday News Shows.

Forget About CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS . . . And Forget About Fox Sunday News Too.

LELAND VITTERT OF FOX NEWS . . . Said on Sunday (January 21, 2018) to his Republican House-Member Guest, who said that the SECRET MEMO everyone’s Talking About, which must be EXPOSED . . . is so EGREGIOUS, that it will ROCK AMERICA TO ITS CORE . . .

But Instead Of Pursuing This Critical Story – In Vitter’s Words . . . To Paraphrase, Why Should We Be Interested In An Anti-Democrat MEMO Written By Republicans?

But . . . when the Republican Member of the House, Vittert’s Studio Guest Responded With (Again to Paraphrase) . . . It’s NOT A Republican MEMO, It Was Written By The Culprits.

YOU COULD SEE . . . the all of a sudden Lack of Interest in Vittert, which was Palpable – So Fox News, How’s That For Fair & Balanced?


I REALLY DON’T LIKE CHRIS WALLACE . . . Any more than I Liked his Father Mike Wallace, the Uber Liberal Self-Hating Jew, who Hammered on his Republican Guest, because 3-Republicans Voted Against the Continuing Resolution, giving TRUTH TO THE LIE, that the Republicans were as much Responsible for the National Shutdown as were the Democrats, because several Democrats Voted against The Continuing Resolution, even though the Republican Guest Repeated OVER & OVER AGAIN TO WALLACE . . . but to no avail, that without 60-Votes in the Senate, it doesn’t Matter if ALL THE REPUBLICANS were to vote FOR THE BILL, as long as FEWER than 9-Democrats would Vote For it.

It’s Simple Math . . . The Senate Needs 60-Votes To Pass Virtually Anything.

It’s not as if Chris Wallace wasn’t aware of this . . . It’s that Chris Wallace Didn’t want his Audience to be Aware of This . . . That’s Called Yellow Journalism.


LATE LAST WEEK . . . Tucker Carlson (Who I Like) of Fox News, had a Female LEFTIST Guest on his Show, Speaking about LEFTIST Issues on Women’s Rights & DACA.

I don’t know if she was a REFORMED OR RECONSTRUCTIONIST RABBI, since that’s the way she Wanted to be Seen, because she Appeared on Carlson’s Show all Decked Out in Jewish Sabbath Garb . . . Including a Tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl).

SO . . . AS A PROUD JEWISH ZIONIST . . . who was Raised in an Orthodox Household & Partially Educated in a Lubavitch Yeshiva (Rabbinical College), WHO IS NOT OBSERVANT – to say that I was FURIOUS to see this PIECE OF CRAP, Presenting Herself as a Religious Jew, Giving the Impression that SHE SPOKE FOR ALL JEWS, was nothing other than an INSULT to Right-Minded Jewish People – BECAUSE . . .

This Type Of LEFTIST Jew, Led Jews To The Holocaust Gas Chambers.

AND MORE THAN THAT . . . This Modern Day American “KAPO”, is sending a PROFOUND LIE to all the Non-Jews, who see a PIECE OF WALKING/TALKING CRAP LIKE HER . . . As Being Representative Of The Jewish People.

IF I TOLD YOU THAT I “HATED” SELL-OUT JEWS LIKE HER – I would be Understating My True Feelings . . . She & People Of Her Sick Ilk Are The Epitome Of The Useful Idiots The Nazis Engaged TO SLAUGHTER 6-MILLION JEWS.

I Could Not Be Trusted To Be In The Same Room As a Piece Of Dung Like Her!


I Truly Believe . . . That Most Members Of Congress Have No Idea How Much Harm They’re Doing To The American Psyche. NOR DO I BELIEVE . . . they have any Inkling of the Violence their POLITICAL GAMES & INCOMPETENCE are Brewing Amongst the American People.


So How Sick & Out Of Touch Are The LEFT?

There Is No Commonsense Statute, to the Limitations on how Evil, Ignorant & Duplicitous the LEFT are . . . Nor to the Fear of Decent People to Stand-Up to the LEFT. Not in Canada, Not in the United States Of America & Not In Most of the Free World.


Do You Think I’m Kidding . . . I’M NOT!

The Condition Trudeau’s Liberal Government has tied to Canada’s Summer-Work Program, FORCES Companies, which want to Participate in the Program, to Sign A Pledge that they SUPPORT a Woman’s Right to Abortions . . . Don’t Sign – Don’t Get Government Funding. How’s That For A Free Society?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It might be a good idea if all those Europeans who think their salvation lies in throwing the Jews under the bus would read the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller

  2. I am not Jewish, but very pro-semetic with lots of Jewish friends. I was always told that only the Jewish men could wear prayer shawls. Is this another insult from this mixed up piece of garbage?

  3. Sorry, didn’t – nor do I ever watch the ‘news’ outlet you mention Howard. But thanks for this one! And most of us are now good at reading between the lines – we’ve seen em before, like those you today write of, and not just Jewish ‘turn coats’ – Judas goats & worse. . . Americas leftists in high places Washington leading the pack of these
    a##h@%’s. Thanks Howard for this one that eloquently identifies just whom we are dealing with – and not just the ‘Swamp’ – including the media jerks especial

  4. Howard, I’m so off of most TV “news” stations, you have no idea. I listen to a smattering of their interpretation of news and I simply cannot stand listening any longer. Lately I’ve turned more often than not to online news sources such as ZeroHedge, Drudge & CNR to get a cross section of important stories. Hope that’s ok to have named them. Of course, your editorials are right on, just as a “little known” fellow on radio (aka “Rush”)!!! Between you all, I hope to keep my sanity!

  5. At one time, Catholics were told that BLESSED WATER would/could expel EVIL! Well, maybe we should “shed” some BLESSED WATER on CONGRESS! We know that NOTHING GOOD lives in a SWAMP! We also know that the SWAMP was EXPANDED when HUSSEIN Obama was elected in 2004! EVIL became even more PREVALENT afterwards! Who knows, Pres. Trump is probably the ARCHANGEL who can and WILL PROTECT us! Re: Chris Wallace–it’s very obvious that he’s AGAINST Trump! GOD BLESS AMERICA & GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. They shut down the government to distract from the horrific truth in the memo that apparently has the potential to send that scumbag obama and his corrupt cabal/coven to prison. WE all need to keep the pressure on to #releaseTheMemo because we must eradicate corruption at ALL levels of government–which is currently corrupt from top to bottom.

  7. Hi Howard, & thanks for your WONDERFUL “blog”…..I must have missed that particular Tucker Carlson show, with the LEFTIST “LOON” on his program! I am VERY SELECTIVE in what TV shows I watch, usually only Fox, but when there is a LEFTIST “LOON” on, I selectively hit the “mute” button, & handle the problem once & for all!! This works for me, anyway.

  8. It’s sad to see that Fox News is defended because it only spews 75% leftist garbage

  9. There are some guests (loons) on news programs who make we wonder what they present to others as FACT and Truth. Sadly, with the chaos in the Senate and the House as well as what is taking place in California (judges going against Federal Laws) it would appear that Saul Alinsky in death, is still doing his thing toward ANARCHY. I bet Barry is stirring them up behind the scenes. This was constant in the 70’s and still going. Sadly. MYPOV.

  10. The ‘memo’ info is starting to ‘leak’ out. Big time effort to subvert the USA, destroy the 2nd amendment and Constitution, deplete the military in preparation for Chinese or United Nations military takeover. All of this the Obama to Hillary plan. How about the FIVE months of FBI emails/texts dealing with Styrok & mistress disappearing??? Convenient? The SWAMP is darker/deeper than we could ever have imagined.

  11. As long as the same people are voted back in congress they have a grip on how the country direction is going.
    The answer is one term and you are out and no more lobbying ,because thats where ex members of congress go.

  12. This time, there’s no doubt re: who is responsible for gov’t. shut-down. It’s ALL on Up-Chuck Shumer and the Dems. Wanna bet that few if any welfare $ will not be sent? People on Social in-security wiil raise hell, as well they should, it’s their $ !

    As far as female “Rabbis” are concerned show me one in 1st testament. Esther? No. Ruth, No? Rabbinical priesthood Was all male. More liberalism.

  13. The tide turned on Fox when the Murdochs took full control. Tucker and maybe Hannity is all they have now.
    Lise LaFlamme, CTV, made a big anti-Trump gaff Friday evening, she said, “The US government is having an UNPRECEDENTED shutdown”. Just another example together with the 11yr old Muslim girl and Hijab HOAX that the media spews lies and doesn’t check facts. All Canadian politicians (ALL) fell for the HOAX.

  14. I am a Christian but I truly love Israel & Jews. But, when I see a female “Rabbi”, wearing Yarmulke & Tallit, I don’t believe her right from the beginning & know that she is a Leftist, with a false narrative. I watch ILTV, an Israeli TV for English speaking Jews. I get a lot more from them, than I do the US news. But, ILTV & Israel both tend to lean left & that saddens me. However, I have not seen Yellow Journalism from ILTV, yet & I hope that I never do.

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