It’s So Subtle & Sort Of Normal . . . which hasn’t been the Case for the last Dozen Years & More, to hear the Government, Specifically the White House & Justice Department – REFER TO ILLEGAL ALIENS AS ILLEGAL . . . Opposed to the BS Euphemism . . . “UNDOCUMENTED & DREAMERS”.


In the Real World, and not the Pretend & Contrived World of the LEFT, no Right-Thinking American, would ever SUPPORT the Shutting of the Government, at the cost of EVERYTHING American, in Favor of People who are in the USA ILLEGALLY.

It’s Akin to Defending the Person or People who BROKE INTO YOUR HOME, Above & Beyond the Safety and Rights of your Own Family. WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?

I realize that these So-Called “Dreamers” were SNUCK INTO AMERICA by their Parents, through No Fault of their Own, and in many cases, America has been the ONLY COUNTRY & HOME these “Dreamers” Really Know . . . BUT WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?

How can the People . . . I mean the “LEGITIMATE” Citizens of the USA (Born & Immigrated), Visa & Green-Card Holders, be held the Least Bit Culpable for the CRIME of Illegal Entry into the USA of the Parents of the So-Called “Dreamers”?

Why Should American Taxpayers Pay For The Sins Of The Illegals’ Parents?

And Now . . . Why should the Democrats SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT, with the Exception of a Few Services . . . FOR THE EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

I have no idea what the number is . . . but whether it’s 30% of the American Population – Perhaps as much as 50% of the US Population – How Can So Many Americans Be So Stupid . . . SO AS NOT TO WANT TO WANT TO WRING THE NECKS OF THE DEMOCRATS . . . For selling out Real American People, on the Altar of some LEFTIST Socialized Concept of the One World Order Crap, which the people OUTRIGHT REJECTED in November 2018?

From everything I can Glean from all Sources . . . Because of “SCHMUCKY SCHUMER’S” Arrogance, Elitism and being so Out of Touch with the American People, Schumer Outsmarted Himself, & Played One Stupid LEFTIST POLITICAL GAME TOO MANY.


And Now Schumer Needs to find a Way Out of this Mess of his Own Making, as Fast as he Possibly Can, BY NOT LOOKING LIKE THE SCHMUCK HE REALLY IS. And by Not doing Further Damage to his Anti-American LEFTIST Political Democrat Party, which I kind of Figure, is much like the Cat outside the Empty Canary Cage, with the Feathers on it’s Lips, trying to convince anyone and everyone that it didn’t eat the Missing Canary.


1 – The LEFT Thinks . . . They’re Much Smarter Than They Really Are.

2 – The LEFT Has No Idea That They Can’t Fool All The People All The Time.


As Everyone – who Regularly Reads this BLOG Understands . . . This Schumer Shutdown, has Nothing Whatsoever to do with the Continuing Budget Resolution – Nor does it have Anything to do with making America Great for the American People . . .


I BELIEVE This Is Going To Come Back To Bite The Left Hard In The Ass.

AND THE LONGER SCHUMER & THE LEFT . . . Keep the Government Shut-Down, in spite of their BS about who’s Responsible, since only Far LEFT JERKS could possibly Believe that PUNISHING REAL AMERICANS . . . is somehow the right thing to do, in DEFENSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS & THEIR CHILDREN, is Nothing Short of LEFTIST FOLLY.

REAL AMERICANS HAVE A DREAM TOO . . . Real Americans Dream that their Government should do what they were Elected to do for the BENEFIT of American People, Not For Illegal Wannabes.

AND THE LONGER “SHMUCKY SCHUMER” . . . Persists in this Anti-American Nonsense, the WORSE it will be for the LEFT, and the BETTER it will be for Conservatives.


For Years . . . Republicans Have Caved-In, EVERY-TIME the LEFT Screamed like Spoiled Little Children, giving the Population the RIGHT IDEA, that the Republicans didn’t have the COURAGE OF CONVICTION to Stand For Their Principles . . . WELL SURPRISE-SURPRISE.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That President Trump has Somehow, and without Surgery, found a way to IMPLANT a Spine in the Mostly Spineless Backs of Republicans.

This Is Painful To Some . . . But I Hope You’re Enjoying It As Much As Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe we are getting a message, come home to the land of your fathers. If we do not listen it will get worse.

  2. Interesting watching video of Schumer, Clinton, Obama, et al commenting on the previous shutdown. Big Change! Lets see: 750,000 “illegals” who have benefited for years by the US vs 330,000,000 citizens… Hmm. Tough question – ah, no. Most “dreamers” are over 24 years (and now educated) – time to move on and go home. Want in? Do it legally. Apply and get in line. PS: don’t come to Canada. We have enough freeloaders.

  3. Well-said Howard. And “You bet your sweet hippy” I am enjoying this!

  4. Please, Mr. President, hold firm! The Democrats are just like the Muslims, in that they do not negotiate. They demand! They concede NOTHING. Any Republican concession whatsoever is merely an invitation to the next demand. You have to say NO to the very first one. As Howard has so often said, Democrats are not Makers — they are only Takers. Say NO! to them, today, tomorrow, forever.

  5. Every time I see Galganov in my email, I get a smile. I go past all the other emails and go straight to you. You are a fresh breath for the conservative Trump supporters that there are in Mexifornia. I have customers who are so left leaning and angry they lost the election and that I am a Trump supporter, they refuse to do business with me any longer. Oh well, maybe they will learn the error of their ways, but, I’m not holding my breath. Can’t wait for your next email. Thankyou so much.

  6. The democrat plan is to flood the U.S. with uneducated unskilled people from third world countries and make them voters so they will vote democrat. The American taxpayer is fed up with the democrat leftist BS

  7. Kick them ALL out and #release the memo. The Dems are so terrified about what’s in that memo they are blaming “Russian Bots” for making it the #1 trending hashtag (not shown on Twitter though, Jack suppressed it–nothing new there) rather than FURIOUS citizen wanting to know if our DOJ and FBI are corrupted so we can jail the criminals in the government. This scandal dwarfs Watergate goes ALL THE WAY to the obama White House. Jail them ALL!! I am Spitting mad!!

  8. Time we stop all the “dreams” and deal in “reality”: All these “future Democratic voters” frankly “don’t give a damn” about U.S. taxpayers or citizens! Most are only for themselves, plus whatever (“freebies”) they can get! They don’t care if what Obama did was “illegal” (they had things “their way”), but Trump is POTUS now! Reply to comment above: I’m also “politically separated” from several “friends” and “relatives” who simply won’t listen to reason anymore! (They don’t know or read Galganov!)

  9. If a family sneaks into Disney World and gets caught, does the management let the children stay? It’s not complicated.

  10. There are around 700,000 DACA-eligible individuals who came as young people to the the U.S. but they are a small subset of perhaps around 4 million or so so-called DREAMers, many of whom failed to apply for relief under DACA but could conceivably qualify under the kind of amnesty Democrats want.

  11. The liberal plan is to flood Canada with uneducated unskilled people from third world countries and make them voters so they will vote liberal. The Canadian taxpayer is fed up with the liberal leftist BS. It’s time all you conservatives stood up for your rights. Hopefully come the next election you will all have developed a brain and a spine.

  12. Chain migration would wind up giving amnesty to their parents too; so #s are far greater than 800K. Send illegal parents home, their kids will likely follow. Start with source & eliminate most all the problem as a result. No tears for any who set up business/lives/families, etc., in their 20+ yrs here illegally if they did not apply for citizenship. Now they face consequences, not US anymore. Congress should be ones not paid since they aren’t doing their job; they’re non-essential.

  13. When I moved here my “Green Card”was marked RESIDENT ALIEN. When I renewed that card it was marked PERMANENT RESIDENT; hence the term undocumented immigrant/resident. I don’t worry about it anymore because now the card in my wallet is marked UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PASSPORT CARD, AMERICAN CITIZEN

  14. For the left, it’s all about creating votes for the future. Illegal is Illegal….period. Why haven’t they tried to obtain citizenship? The number is not 7 or 800,000, it’s a bunch more and the chain migration thing is a joke. The you see the dirt bag that shot the two police officers and wish he could have done more… can’t fix stupid!

  15. Why aren’t the PARENTS of the ‘undocumented DACA’ children/adults – sent back to their own countries? And El Salvador – needs to take back the thousands of ‘refugees’ that WE took TEMPORARILY. NO EXCUSES! Same for MEXICO and all the rest of the ‘saved’ countries. Come to the USA LEGALLY or don’t bother. We don’t want you or need you! Thanks Howard for your passionate blogs!

  16. Schmucky Schumer, Petulant Pelossi and their cohorts should get together, approach CNN and come up with a new Saturday Night Live show. They are unfit to be in government. BTW they should invite Trudeau to be a special guest and keep him there; after all his claim to fame was being a drama teacher.

  17. Trump won the Presidency because he DARED to INITIATE the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION TOPIC. The other candidates did NOT DARE to broach this topic until AFTER Trump INTRODUCED IT into the DEBATE(S). Building the WALL is also another U.S. CITIZEN CONCERN..they WANT the WALL! Pres. Trump is not about to “cave in” re: his PROMISE to do so! Schumer, ET AL, will MORE than REGRET this Government SHUT-DOWN! It’s more important for the DEMORATS to get votes than to PROTECT its OWN PEOPLE! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. I have a new “name” for the democrats. Dummercrats. or maybe Damnacrats.

  19. It’s about friggin time!!! The GOP is NOT noted for their bravery & that has been a great part of their problem. To be honest, I think the last time the GOP looked brave was when Eisenhower was President, honestly! When Reagan was, the GOP Congress wouldn’t stand behind him, either. They were cowards then, too. I have been a Republican all my life & will readily admit, they have been cowards for well over 40 years! I kept voting in hopes the tide would change. Looks like it might have, finally.

  20. You’ve said it – beautifully. “From your lips to God’s ears”.

  21. The resolve is simple. If the illegal has APPLIED for Citizenship on their own, they should be allowed to stay until the process is complete. Provide them with a TEMPORARY work permit. All others, OUT NO EXCEPTIONS. No more entries under any circumstances until the count evens out. i.e. allowed less illegals still on hand. Why is that so difficult. I remember when we worked in the Bahamas, annual review, been a good person, OK, if not hit the sea home.

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