I was watching FOX & FRIENDS Thursday Morning, when I heard Brain Kilmeade say as he ALWAYS SAYSWe Need More Compromises In Congress, as if Compromising to Do Wrong, or just Accept Bad Laws & Ideas to Supposedly make bad things Right or Better . . .

Is Somehow NOT Group-Think Nonsense.

I neither dislike nor like Brain Kilmeade, since he strikes me as being a Perfect example of the “Peter Principle”, where one reaches Beyond his or her Level of Incompetence . . . But this isn’t about Brain Kilmeade – It’s about that Mindset of Group-Think, which People like Kilmeade, believe will make everything OK, as Long as everyone Learns how to Get Along & “Compromise”.


THE BIGGEST COMPROMISERS EVER . . . Were The Jews of Europe, Who Compromised With The Nazis, hoping to use Reason to keep themselves from being Robbed, Disenfranchised, Enslaved, Beaten, Raped & Murdered.

How’d That Work Out For The Compromisers?

I Believe Kilmeade has Two Daughters . . . should Kilmeade Compromise with someone who wants to Rape one or both of his Daughters, by agreeing to what Extent the Rapist should be allowed to do what he wants to do?

“Liberal” Conservatives throughout the World, but in our case . . . I will Focus Entirely on Canada and Predominantly on the United States of America, who have for Generations, so as NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE, and to look Reasonable (Go Along To Get Along), have COMPROMISED our Respective Countries into Unsustainable Debts, A Loss Of Basic Freedoms, Courts which Act as Elected Politicians which set Laws, Opposed to Interpreting Laws, as the Laws were meant to be Defined.

BUT WORSE . . . “Liberal” Conservatives have Compromised the Right of People of the United States & Canada to be SAFE FROM PERSECUTION (PROSECUTION) BY THE GOVERNMENT, as we are witnessing Today through the FBI & Justice Department in the USA, and Via Parliament in Canada, which is on the Verge of Passing an ANTI-FREEDOM-OF-EXPRESSION LAW, based on Motion-103, the Motion which FORBIDS any Criticism of Islam, which will be Punishable By Arrest, Fine & Imprisonment.


“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free”

The Above Quote, which is part of the Sonnet by Emma Lazurus, Composed in 1883, which was Affixed to the Statue of Liberty in 1903, might have been a Wonderful KUMBAYA FEELING 135-YEARS AGO, when it was First Written . . . BUT HAS NO BEARING WHATSOEVER IN REFERENCE TO 2018 AMERICA.

IT’S FINE FOR THE LEFT TO TAKE THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT . . . such as the Sonnet on the base of the Statue of Liberty, and to Come-Off as the Most Decent Human Beings on the Planet, but it’s Indeed a Different Thing Entirely – TO BE STUPID & SACRIFICE YOUR COUNTRY ON THE ALTAR OF SHEER POLITICAL AVARICE.


NO COUNTRY NEEDS . . . to be Swamped with the Detritus of Different Nations, Religions and/or Cultures, which Wish to Change the Nature of the Adoptive Country . . . NOR TO LIVE OFF THE WELFARE & GENEROSITY . . . of Citizens of the Country they wish to Adopt.


It will be One Year this Saturday, that Donald Trump BECAME PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . And had it not been for President Trump, who gave an Old Fashioned ASS-WHOOPING to Crooked Hillary, America as we’ve known it since 1776, would have Ceased to Exist . . . AND THAT’S A FACT!

BESIDES SAVING AMERICA . . . And beside Kicking-Off one of the Greatest Economic Recoveries in World-History, and beside Reestablishing Global American Dominance & Respect, and beside Championing Israel, the Most SET-UPON NATION in World History . . . WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP, because President Trump has Put a Knife in the Heart of “GROUP-THINK” . . . and is in the Process of Twisting the Knife to the Hilt.

FOR THE PRECEDING . . . There is no Shortage of Gratitude Right-Thinking Defenders of Freedom OWE TO PRESIDENT TRUMP, no matter where he or she lives on this Planet . . .

And for all those Shit-Hole Politicians, Shit-Hole LEFTISTS & Shit-Hole Countries who’ve been offended by President Trump Calling All Of You . . . Who & What You Are, SUCK-IT-UP & STOP BEING SHIT-HOLES.

If It Wasn’t For President Donald Trump . . . This Would Be George Orwell’s 1984.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Most will ignore the signs until it is to late (1935-1939). We are just a few short years away before one of the major EU countries completely comes under Islamic control (it is OK to laugh at this as many surely will). Once that happens the horror of the late 1930’s will be upon Europe. And just like 1935-1939……the world sits and does nothing at all. Oh, but that can never happen again. Islam will exceed the atrocities of Hitler.

  2. OMG Again… my sentiments exactly. Love President Trump… He’s BRILLIANT! This shutdown is on the left for holding America Hostage for ILLEGALS. Immigration is fine when done legally and the people that come her assimilate and take our country as their own. It makes me sick to see ILLEGALS wrapped in their flag while burning ours and DEMANDING from us… the tax payers that are paying for them to do this. Thank you for saying it like it is!

  3. Amen.. Exactly as I think. We have been blessed by having President Trump as such.

  4. It seems as if only conservatives are supposed to compromise and therefore appear “reasoned and compassionate”. Dems never seem to compromise, whether in power or not, so why should we? I am happiest when congress does NOTHING, but would be even happier if congress would boldly enact Trump’s and voters’ wish list. I have warmed up to Trump. 1st sitting Pres to address March For Life, economy, SCOTUS, judges, etc. He may become a better example of conservative pres than my hero REAGAN was!

  5. Sorry for being a post behind. I totally agree with your conclusions about today’s wimps. However, I disagree about your inclusion of dropping the gloves in hockey. In rugby, they demonstrate real toughness. They kick the shit out of each other and then help eachother up. In hockey, the wimps can’t even take a good hit! Well, maybe not wimps, but lacking creativity and discipline–not unlike leftists. I’ve played & taken my share of hits, but for the dirty hits, they paid dearly–gloves on

  6. A shithole country is NOT a race – it’s a politically corrupt regime, but the leftist media keep the fake racist schtic on the front page. I fear the majority of the masses are buying into this BS

  7. Best sentence ever: “And for all those Shit-Hole Politicians, Shit-Hole LEFTISTS & Shit-Hole Countries who’ve been offended by President Trump Calling All Of You . . . Who & What You Are, SUCK-IT-UP & STOP BEING SHIT-HOLES.”

  8. Don’t you just love how the Left berates conservatives & their values while cloaking themselves in self-righteousness? Thank heaven Trump is breaking that thought process. Might take another term, but by then I think most of America will have awakened to true reality. Go Trump,& bless you Howard.

  9. Yes, Howard, thank you every day for saying it like it is and thank God for Donald Trump…he makes me proud to be a native New Yorker and to be an American…and may Israel continue to be strong and prosper no matter what lies ahead.
    Joy Parsons, Atlanta, Ga

  10. Yippee Kai Yeah! If we could make you a citizen. The Pres. could use your assistance in cleaning up the swamp.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  11. Thank God for you, Howard, and thank God for President Trump!

  12. Perhaps with the enactment of Motion-103 you could request political asylum.

  13. Never heard of a person or race called a Shit hole, places they came from or fled from were! Compromise is something that shouldn’t always be compromised. Is not Standing FIRM a Compromise? TOO! Stand Firm on that which would compromise America and Canada. Thank you President Trump! Now, now Howard, “Yancy” Pelosi say’s DOO DO. I’d say that, that is a compromise. 🙂 A rose by any other name is still a Rose. Thanks Howard

  14. Right on Howard!! You speak truth, especially about America. The country would have been lost forever if Hillary had won.

  15. The conniving, dishonest, lying leftists almost brought us down. And they have now shut down our government. There is no question that had cHillary won, our republic would have lost. We can thank God for that – and the American deplorable voters, of course. The whole thing stunk as we are now finding out – and we can thank in part Hannity for his resolute investigation of the corruption of our government.

  16. Howard, thank you for making the word shit hole respectable. I’ve been calling our politicians and voters shit heads for years and in public with a deep down request for forgiveness from the guy up there. Funny, no body rebuked me. Maybe it was deep down respectable before you. Thanks anyway, I’m saved.

  17. We in Canada only hear about negative things regarding President Trump and yet the MSM gives our Prime Minister a free pass. I would love to hear your opinion Howard on the latest twist on Trudeau’s decision to deny funding to summer students unless the employer agrees to his pro-abortion stance. Is he not violating our Charter of Rights and Freedoms with this? Thank goodness for Tucker Carlson and Fox who have let their views known. Hopefully the CRTC won’t ban any American news in Canada.

  18. Unfortunately, with Trudeau in charge here in Canada, our wonderful country will soon be called a “Shit-Hole Country”
    also. I think we are too far down the hole to be saved! We don’t have a “Trump” to save us!
    Ted Walker
    Oakville, Canada

  19. There IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, but the type of GROUP-THINKING which exists in America was REINFORCED by HUSSEIN OBAMA, the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. GOING ALONG TO GET ALONG is exactly what he INSTILLED in the people. Thus, there is now very little INDIVIDUAL thinking, especially during these TRYING TIMES when people are often THREATENED for speaking out!TRUMP is slowly DRAINING that LIBERAL GROUP-THINKING SWAMP! EVERYONE has the RIGHT to speak their OWN MIND–not just the Liberals! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  20. Trudeau should be in NASA. Nothing but space between his ears! Canadians are starting to realize what a idiot he is !

  21. Bipartisanship? No thanks. When the good guys reach across the aisle to compromise with the bad guys, who wins and who loses? Let me put it this way: If Jesus compromises with the Devil, who wins and who loses? Asked and answered: Obviously by compromising, Jesus cannot win and the Devil cannot lose. Make a deal with the Devil? No way! Let Truth, Justice and President Trump’s American Way prevail! Bipartisanship?
    A fool’s errand. Once again Howard has hit it out of the park. Thank you Howard

  22. Canada must have some very intelligent business people who also see what mainstream Americans saw as well with the USA , and would at least feel patriotic enough to step up and do their bit for Canada!
    Strength has to come from within, not from without!!

  23. Howard, as usual you are correct. But, we might turn into 1984 sooner than we think because us conservatives don’t get off our butt and pull some of the “tricks” that the liberals are known for. Time to act NOT sit around and watch.

  24. Howard, as usual, you hit the nail directly on the head. I too find Brian K on F&F to be an obnoxious sycophant who talks down to real conservatives and belittles real conservative positions. When will the US learn you cannot compromise with someone who wants to destroy you, whether it be destroying your beliefs, values, or security and safety? I fear for our country when more and more people think like him.

  25. I agree will everything you write Howard. But I still live in fear that the left is somehow going to predominate in the US solely because so much of the media in the US leans so sharply in their direction.
    Many many otherwise reasonable, intelligent folks believe everything these see/hear and that scares me.
    The other thing that bothers me is that, even though I consider myself fairly well educated, I am typically lumped together with most Trump supporters who are labeled ” uneducated”. Ugh!

  26. I pay attention to our politics, but have never worked or helped during a election. Will be offering myself to both provincial and federal elections and will do whatever is needed in these upcoming campaigns to remove liberals from power

  27. I agree with the president about all those shit-hole countries. And they can’t wait to do the same to the west. By the way, when that message was written on the Statue of Liberty there were no huge liners and planes to bring them over in such comfort and in record time!
    There are a lot of countries that are very messed up and their people need to ask why. Many of them have all kinds of natural resources just like the west.

  28. How can so many in the SAME room HEAR totally different wording? And the FAKE NEWS talks only of the ‘manipulated’ answer(s). This is a country of supposedly educated persons. Where are they? I am not a particular fan of President Trump’s tweeting, but he seems to be on POINT. And last evening we have effective today a government shutdown. Where is the compromise?

  29. Thanks Howard for your editorial, The people prayed for their country, and GOD sent Donald Trump. He loves this country also, that’s why he works so hard, and he must like the people here too, ( the makers). KEEP PRAYING FOR THE PRESIDENT.

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