How Screwed-Up Can One Party Be?


IN 2008 . . . the Democrats had the House and the Senate, AND GOVERNED Without Concern for the Conservative Side, so much so, that in 2009, the Democrat Controlled Senate Passed a Convoluted and Horribly COVERT Healthcare Bill (“First You Have To Pass It To Know What’s In It”), Without any Consideration for Republican Support – WITHOUT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTE.

AND IN 2010 . . . The Democrat House Followed Suit – Also Without One Republican Vote.

FAST FORWARD TO THE 2010 ELECTION . . . And as of January 2011, the House Fell to the Republicans . . . YET THE DEMOCRATS STILL GOVERNED AS IF THEY WERE THE MAJORITY PARTY IN BOTH HOUSES. And the Republicans through Boehner allowed them.

IN 2014 . . . The Democrats LOST the Full Congress (House & Senate) . . . YET, The Democrats Still “Ruled The Roost” – As If They Still Held The Majorities.

AND NOW WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP IN CHARGE . . . The RINOS seem to Back the Democrats, MORE than they do their President. SO HOW SCREWED-UP IS THAT?

AND AS THE LEFT . . . and the LEFT’S Sycophant Media Allies and Pollsters GIN-UP THE BIG LIE, that 2018 is going to be a Great Political Year for the Democrats, we see the RINO SCHMUCKS buying the BS of the LEFT, urging President Trump to Pass Laws more Favorable to the LEFT, than to the American People & Specifically to their Conservative Base.

And Now The RINO Fools Are Talking About Bringing Back EARMARKS . . .


REGARDLESS . . . Whether it was an Honest-To-Goodness Mistake, or a Covertly Planned Action By The Government To Wake-Up America – IT DOESN’T MATTER, since the WAILING SIRENS & Social Media Alerts on Smart Phones – ETC . . . DID WHAT NO TALKING-HEAD NOR DEBATES COULD HAVE EVER DONE.

It Woke Up Americans, NOT JUST IN LEFTIST HAWAII, but also throughout the Mainland, that the THREAT FROM ROGUE STATES like North Korea & Iran are VERY REAL.

It’s one thing for the LEFT TO BS behind their Wall of Elitist Group-Think & Group-Speak about Negotiating with People who Deprive, Starve, Beat & Murder their own Kind, as if these PSYCHOPATH HOMICIDAL TYRANTS would be Gentle and Kind to us, IF ONLY WE WERE TO OPEN A DIALOGUE WITH THEM.

BUT IT IS ANOTHER THINK ENTIRELY . . . To see the World and these Global GENOCIDALISTS for whom and what they really are, when it’s no longer just CONJECTURE & LEFTIST GROUP-THINK . . . but it’s now your Life, and the Life of your Loved-Ones, Friends, Neighbors and Co-Nationals, all of whom are in the CROSSHAIRS of Murderers, who would DO ALL-OF-US-IN At The Drop Of A Hat.


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . I MEAN REALLY CLEAR – It’s Not Just About Israel. The Middle East and the Moslem World Isn’t DYSTOPIC because of Israel. Islam ISN’T AT WAR WITH THE WEST because of Israel. Europe isn’t being Invaded by Islamists because of Israel.

The Arab/Moslem World . . . Couldn’t Give A RAT’S-ASS about the FAKE PALESTINIANS because of Israel. As a matter of Fact, the Arab/Moslem World just doesn’t give a Rat’s-Ass about the Fake Palestinians . . . Period.

The Iranians, the Turks and the Sunnis . . . Aren’t Each VYING to become the LEADER of the next Caliphate because of Israel.

AND NOWHERE IN THE JEWISH HOLY BOOKS . . . Including the TORAH (Five Books Of Moses), is it Written that the FIRST OBLIGATION of the Jewish People, is to Convert The World To Judaism, which if you know anything about Judaism, Jewish Orthodoxy DOES NOT PROMOTE CONVERSIONS TO JUDAISM . . . As it’s Written & Preached in the Koran, that the Most Important Moslem Obligation . . . IS TO CONVERT THE ENTIRE WORLD TO ISLAM.


ISRAEL IS GIRDING FOR WAR – Much Sooner Rather Than Later. America Is Girding For War. Russia & China Are Girding For War . . . WHILE “NEW” EUROPE HAS NO IDEA WHAT ITS GIRDING FOR.


As the Trump White House is Coming to the End of its ROPE with North Korea, Iran, the Created Chinese Military Islands in the South China Sea & Russia’s Spreading Military (Naval, Air and Infantry Bases) Hegemony within Syria on the Mediterranean, where Russia has had NO INFLUENCE or Structure, since the Fall of Nasser . . . THAT IS – UNTIL THE RISE OF OBAMA . . . America, under President Trump, Is Not Going To Stand-By Waiting To Take The First Hit.

I IMAGINE . . . That When It Hits The Fan – NOT IF, BUT WHEN, it will Start in the Middle East by Israel, doing what it has to do, before the Mad Iranian Mullahs & Their Proxies can Entrench themselves so Deeply, that it will take More than Israel Has Alone to Take Them Out.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU . . . Just Landed in India, who was Unexpectedly GREETED at the Airport by Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi, as if Netanyahu was INDIA’S FAVORITE SON, coming from a country, which from the beginning of the Return of Israel AFTER 3,000 YEARS . . . to the Jewish People in 1948, had at the very Least, A Frosty Relationship.

SO WHY IS INDIA . . . The World’s Largest Democracy, which shares at best, an Extremely Contentious Border Relationship with its Nuclear Armed Neighbor Pakistan, has all of a Sudden FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ISRAEL? Could it be the MORE than a Half Billion Dollar Arms Purchase from the Jewish State, and Israel’s High Tech Military Intelligence?

WHY DID PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Just Read The Riot Act To Pakistan In No Uncertain Terms, including the Suspension of Military Aid to the Pakistani Military?

AS I SEE IT . . . This isn’t going to be Like WWII, waiting for the Nazis and their AXIS to become a World Power to Fight Against at their Full Strength. And even the Japanese, are Re-Thinking their Constitutional Laws, which Prohibit Japan from Engaging Militarily Outside of their Border.

AND IN SPITE OF WHAT THE CHINESE . . . Want the World to Believe, China Does NOT have the Money, the RAW 21st Century Military Power, NOR the Domestic Support to Take-On just the Taiwanese . . . Let Alone the Entire Pacific Rim.

SO – IF THERE EVER WAS A TIME . . . To Strike while the IRON IS HOT, now is as Good a Time as there ever will be.

SO . . . While The World Media, the American LEFT, and the Democrats, are all A TWITTER over President Trump Calling Shit-Hole Countries for who and what they really are . . . And for the Global Community worrying About whether Israel is a Real Country or Not . . . There is some Pretty Serious Stuff coming down the Road at Breakneck Speed, which makes the President’s Comments & Tweets – And Israel’s Building of Apartments within their own Country, and within their Own Capital, which Dates back more than 3,000-Years IRRELEVANT . . . WHEN THE REAL ISSUE IS ARMAGEDDON.

Are The Democrats & RINOS Screwed-Up Schmucks . . . You Bet They Are.

Was The Sounding Of The Alarm In Hawaii A Mistake . . . Maybe – Maybe Not.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


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  1. By his own admission, Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama is a Muslim, nothing wrong in that. However, he is not his own man, he has a mandate in exchange for his financial rescue in 1999. To infiltrate and advance in the take over the United States of America. Give him credit, he has done a creditable job so far and won TWO National Elections which was easy considering the GREAT AMERICAN GIVE AWAY PROGRAM.

  2. The greatest invasion history is taking place in non-Muslim countries world-wide. When the islamists have numerical superiority in the Free World as a result of their invasion of those countries, then what?’

  3. The Japanese hit HAWAII starting WWII. Will this be a repeat or a bad mistake on that part of the world. Take heed. Like the First rule for carpenters.
    Measure twice cut once. Very good advice in any situation.

  4. Israel will not be defeated. Maybe lulled into a peace pact by a foreign leader, Turkey? Any way it turns out, it aint going to be pretty.

    This sounds like what Halifax and Chamberlain attempted before Churchill in WWII rallied the British Parliament, People and declared War on Germany. You can’t reason with people that try to Bully you. The Best answer to these people is to STOP them. That STOP day is coming and like Churchill ( who was not liked and trusted but feared by his enemies ) Trump will lead us or we will be lost.

  6. Howard: very well said, as I do believe that this is going to happen soon. Very Soon. The Lefties better get on board.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how that Hollyweird crowd makes the cruel, oppressive dictators of the world (Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Un) out to be folk heroes and vilify any American President or other world leader who stands up for liberty.

    It also amazes me that we give the “paid to ‘play pretend'” crowd out there in Tinseltown a platform to spew their idiotic nonsense (Jim Cary, Johnny Depp, Jamie L. Curtis et al). Who cares WHAT they think beyond the stage?

  8. Let’s consider the positive…at least all the swamp creatures are revealing themselves
    Matt Salenius Montreal Canada

  9. Book by Thomas Quiggin on Muslims/Islam….”Submission and the Danger to Canada”. States Trudeau forbids Liberal Caucus to mention ISIS, it would offend the Muslim Community! JT thinks Muslim Jihadist’ returning from fighting with ISIS can be rehabilitated. OMG, Canadians better wake up before too late, we already have M103. The title of the book also includes, “and a warning to America”. NB Trudeau welcomes your USA Salvadorians! Trumps immigration plan is the only salvation for USA & Canada

  10. It is inconceivable to me how and why the republicans manage to form circular firing squads at every opportunity. They are the poster children for “stealing defeat from the jaws of victory”.

  11. The removal of the Rino swamp creatures in Nov 2018 cannot come soon enough!!! Pray that God will raise up opponents to run who want to MAGA. Just hope this world war you’re talking about doesn’t happen before Congress gets a fresh set of occupants who support the president and want what is best and safest for the USA.

  12. Howard, you are on fire with this one! People must learn to be “prepared”, not just “react” to whatever is happening! U.S. got “conditioned” towards “dictatorship” under Obama, so many forgot what a Republic (or Democracy) was about! Getting rid of Israel (or Jews) isn’t the answer! BTW, Hawaii has high percentage of folks on welfare. (What happened to “independence” and “self-reliance”?) Is this “End of Times” (per Book of Revelations in Bible), so nothing else really matters? Let’s hope not!

  13. You can not deal with n.korea as um is a nut job who cares nothing about the people and starves them and killos them for no reason. The un is worthless and sanctions mean nothing.

  14. About the incoming missile warning in Hawaii that took 38 minutes to correct, it sounds to me like some devious scheme cooked up by the liberals to rattle Trump into making a rash decision and destroy a nation so they could get back into the drivers seat. I heard a strike from NK would only take 20 minutes but they didn’t sound the all clear for 38 minutes. Sounds fishy to me. Needs investigating.

  15. It’s interesting how the left is always against war standing up against tyrants against our military and police right up to the time they are under attack, wow then they are crying like a bunch of little girls begging the military or police to save them.

    Unfortunately President Trump inherited a mess form past administrations of inaction and now he has to make the tough decisions. I’m confident he and General Mattis and the rest of our new and improved military will make the right decision

  16. MY OPINION—Hawaii’s ALARM was NO error and was purposely done—by WHOM is the QUESTION? Yes, it IS all coming to a head REAL SOON & America will NOT STAND BY and take the FIRST HIT! I, too, believe that it will start in the Middle East by ISRAEL because IT is NOT AFRAID to ACT or RE-ACT! One would think that the RINOS would be SMART ENOUGH to WAKE UP before it’s TOO LATE in order to PROTECT our Country! THEY should FOCUS on the ISSUES vs. PERSONALITIES! GOD BLESS AMERICA – GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Having been involved in local EDA politics here in Canada, I’ve come to Learn that Conservatives are SO SCARED OF THE MEDIA. They’ll compromise all their beliefs just to avoid liberal media criticism. I’ve seen it over and over. How many times have I heard, watch what you say to the media, they’ll attack us with it. NOW look at Trump. He took them on and Called Them OUT!!! Conservative everywhere have seen 1st hand how they should handle it going forward. But do they have the guts going forward?

  18. With respect to the “Health Care” catastrophe, (Obamacare), it was so complex and convoluted that I suspect that even those who voted for it they had not even read it, much less understood it. I suggest that before any politician votes for or against any measure, they should be required to sign an affidavit that they had read and understood the matter on which they are voting. Otherwse, they should not be allowed to vote.

  19. Whew – What an editorial, Howard – You were on fire!!! I believe every point you made. Armageddon is coming – Sooner than later. The Dimwits & RINOs are completely delusional & think everything is okey-dokey.
    They think since Obambam apologized to the world & they have claimed their own hatred of the USA, that the world accepts the USA & might even love us, for their Politically Correct world. “No way. . .Jose” is a good expression for this mess they created.

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