Mainstream Media Hates BLOGGERS – Can You Blame Them?


I READ VORACIOUSLY . . . I Read Online Newspapers from all over the World, with News, Opinions & Inside Stories from BLOGGERS, also from All Over The World, which gives me an Extremely Unique Perspective on Global SOCIO/POLITICAL POLITICS.

HERE’S THE PROBLEM FOR THE GLOBAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA: is Neither a Global Nor a North American Powerhouse . . . BUT WE DO REACH AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE. And as I wrote a short while ago, very often, I read Phrases & Stories, which I am almost 100% CERTAIN, are PLAGIARIZED in the Mainstream Media from, which is “kind” of fine with me, since getting the “WORD-OUT” – is the Most Important thing anyway.

THE FACT . . . That the Mainstream Media are Literally Stealing Editorial Content from BLOGGERS LIKE ME, says an awful lot more about where the Mainstream Media are (In A Bad Way), than it says about Writers (Editorialists) like me (In A Good Way).

So I wasn’t surprised at all . . . when I read in the Famous British Guardian Newspaper, that they NEED DONATIONS from Readers, for them to Continue to Publish a Hard Copy Newspaper, since I believe their Hard Copy Sales are in the Tank, and very few People want to SHELL OUT ANY MONEY TO SUBSCRIBE to an ONLINE Publication.


AND THE GUARDIAN ISN’T THE ONLY ONE . . . The Guardian – I Guess In A Plea Of Desperation, is the just the First Mainstream Print Journal that I know of to Admit it.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GUARDIAN & GALGANOV.COM, is that I’m not Pretentious About It. And Never Have Been. And if NOTHING CHANGES with, I will continue to Write, Publish, Speak & Advocate as long as I Physically & Mentally Can . . . I DOUBT VERY MUCH – if the Guardian and all the others in the Mainstream Print Media can say the same.

I Guess If I Were One Of Them . . . I’d Hate Me Too!


President Trump Says He Didn’t . . . The Infamous “UNNAMED SOURCE” says he did, and even if he did – SO WHAT? . . . Most Countries around the World are “SHITHOLES” with Big Mouths & Open Begging Hands.

They’re Like Big Guns With No Magazines & Nothing In The Chamber.


If Any Of The SHITHOLES Are Offended . . . Let Them Do Three Things.

1 – Stop sending their Flotsam to America as Immigrants or Refugees.

2 – Stop Taking American Charity . . . They sure like Yankee Greenbacks.

3 – The Next Time they Need the American Calvary, let them Dial 911 Europe.


There’s a lot of things I Dream About. I Dream to be 18-Years Old Again, knowing then what I know now. I Dream about being Stinking Rich. And I Dream about being Healthier without the Aches & Pains, which comes with Age.

And I Dream About Losing 20-Pounds . . . OK 30-Pounds.

I ALSO DREAM . . . That One Day The US Government Will Give Anne & Myself Green Cards.



I Recently Heard POCAHONTAS (Elizabeth Warren) say to the Cameras of the Nation, that AMERICA MADE A PROMISE TO THE DREAMERS . . . And Now That Promise Is Being Broken.


America NEVER Made A Promise To The “Dreamers” . . . HUSSEIN OBAMA MADE A PROMISE TO THE “DREAMERS”, by Circumventing the Duly Elected Congress of the United States of America by using His Phone & A Pen.

SO . . . For Senator Elizabeth Warren, to make this SPECIOUS CLAIM, is nothing SHORT of her OTHER BIG LIE, about being a Native American, for her to CHEAT HER WAY INTO A PRIVILEGED EDUCATION & LIFESTYLE.

And for those of you who don’t know, and are somewhat interested . . . Elizabeth Warren, who Promotes herself as a Paragon of Virtue & Defender of the Poor & Middle Class . . . Warren REFUSES to Publish her Wealth, and where she Earned it.

According To All Sources . . . Warren’s Worth Millions – Where’d That Come From?


If you can Believe the Democrats, LEFTISTS at Large, and the Sycophant Mainstream Media . . . The Booming Stock Market, Exploding Manufacturing, Unbelievable Tax Reform, the LOWEST Unemployment Figures in Recent History, Especially for American Blacks & Latinos, Salary Hikes Across the Board, Tax Reductions, Bonus Checks for the Working Class, 3-4% GDP . . . PLUS FAIR & EQUITABLE TRADE DEALS, None of it is Because of President Donald Trump, AND ALL OF IT IS BECAUSE OF HUSSEIN OBAMA.

And If You Believe That . . . There’s No Fairytale You Won’t Believe.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard I say that at best Obama hates America and every thing America stands for “Except”. The laws that leave the doors open for him to achieve, the destructive powers he has used against us. From the Oval office.

  2. Wow, good editorial, Howard. The lies of the MSM & the Dimwits can not be mentioned often enough! It is a crying shame that time & words are so wasted on these lies. What ever happened to the truth? Howard, you are part of the truth & a blessed relief from all the lies, in this world. Thank you for taking all of your time & energy to tell your readers the truth of what is really happening around the world. Thankfully that you are voracious reader, your readers need that. }:O)

  3. How about moonbat Nancy saying $1000 bonuses and two dollar an hour increase in wages are just crumbs. Well maybe to multi-million dollar politician, like her, it’s just crumbs, but tell that to a worker making $50,000 a year. She should get on her broom and fly back to San Francisco and stay there.

  4. It took 8 years for obama to take us down a path of destroying the U.S. ,and Trump one year to correct much of it. we still have long way to go but the Donald will succeed.One problem facing us is the coming election and the balance of power turing to the demacraps.

  5. Using your words, HG, is a COMPLIMENT to you! LIBERALS don’t like Trump because he speaks the TRUTH. Their CONSISTENT LYING and DECEITFUL ACTIVITIES prove that they FEAR the TRUTH. Thus this is the reason why they constantly ATTACK him. The SWAMP still HOLDS the WORST of the CREATURES, but they WILL soon be CAPTURED and ELIMINATED! POCAHONTAS is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of those creatures! For AMERICA to become GREAT AGAIN, the DRAINAGE needs to be done ASAP! GO TRUMP GO and GOD BLESS US ALL! AMEN!

  6. Yup! There are a lot of s— holes in the world and most of their inhabitants would love to move to the USA! I’m still waiting to hear if Jeremiah Wright has moved OUT of America! His ‘G.d. America’ still rankles me and I’m not an American! Then there’s Madame Obama who said that she hated America until hubby became president. I wonder if she’s gone back to hating the USA while she and the family live comfortably off the taxpayers’ largesse!

  7. According to the site, celebrity net worth dot com, Warren is worth $8 mill. Also, Warren was a Republican until 1996 when she became a Democrat.

  8. Guess it takes stupidity to believe all these Companies are giving raises, bonuses, etc., OF THEIR OWN VOLITION,…or for ha-ha’s NOT because of what Donald has done in 1 year.
    Not much sympathy for stupidity, but this is America! Tht’s Your right,….for now! Incidentally doesn’t anyone see the “soft underbelly” of todays youth that is way to soft to stomach the reality of what’s to come.
    If. You have children, make the READ and UNDERSTAND our COSTITUTION,…..PLEASE!!!

  9. No way what’s going on is “residual” from Obama! We are learning that our conservative voices can be heard in other ways than just the ballot box (using NFL as example)! America isn’t “Land of the Freebies, Home of the (mostly foreign) babies”, but things were getting like this under Obama! We definately don’t need “tired, poor, homeless wretched refuse from teeming shores (even if Statue of Liberty says this)! BTW, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” so, look at things that way, Howard!

  10. With respect to sh*tholes, I am not a noted world traveler but have been out behind the barn without a flashlight. I have been to Mexico, South Korea, Peru and a few resort areas. Compared to the USA, they are all sh*tholes and I would never want to live there permanently. Almost all of the common citizens that I met would jump at the chance of becoming US citizens, most of them for the freebies and few for the freedoms. An excellent article

  11. As always Howard, you hit the nail on the head!!! Thank you for your very informing editorials..

  12. I’m originally from Dorval,QC.born i(1950).left in 1974 and a long time member of CLF. I can only hope that President Trump
    can do something about what has happened to our Canada since Pierre Trudeau entered the scene in the 60’s.Apparently
    the U.N. has in the past called this a Tragedy.You sir, are legend to so many of us True Canadians. The Liberals must go.
    Thank you

  13. I just put my money where my mouth is . . . squarely on GALGANOV.COM and I strongly encourage others who are able to do the same. The truth has become harder and harder to find. Howard, you speak it and play it like it lies. More to come brother. Pour it on and keep it up!

  14. The mainstream media are so lazy and ill informed they just parrot one another

  15. If the liberal rags are complaining so much about falling subscriptions then LET THEM KNOW if you added Real Conservative Contributors to your News Stories like our HG, maybe you wouldn’t have to Beg the public for more money. Canadian Media are doing just that right now for that VERY REASON. I suspect right before the next election, they’ll get their Billion dollar bailout…. in return for good liberal press …. press of like this liberal smear campaign against Trump ….. Again!

  16. What MSM doesn’t get is that they play to an audience that does not care nor support them. The younger newsgetters today don’t read papers and aren’t as bright as in past. Modern times make it hard on print news. They are not doing themselves any favours by playing ridiculous lefty songs over and over and marginalizing any audience they may have left by lying, preaching lefty nonsense or faking news.

  17. We no longer have NEWS, we have propoganda! Excellent commentary! God Bless.

  18. If you’ve heard of the ‘Self fulfilling prophecy’ you understand why Pres.Trump blurted out s**tholes. He sits there meeting after meeting surrounded by n thinking I have 2 work with these ‘s**tholes. The word is on his mind n eventually will come out spontaneously n he can’t stop it. Pyscho-cybernetics is a very powerful tool one can be using without realizing it. No one can be in any doubt about what Pres.Trump thinks when he speaks, and he speaks our language. Drain the swamp.

  19. Howard I love the way you say what has to be said with no apologies. Thank you. Hey readers we should start a petition
    to the government to issue green cards to maybe the last honest man.

  20. In two words Howard…’simply brilliant’ and maybe those same ‘shitholes’ can also stop their begging, get off their own collective behinds and do something for themselves. And, there is lots they can do to provide essentials for their people.

  21. It is so wonderful to see several comments from CANADIANS here today! It seems that for so long I was about the only one! So WELCOME! The Americans, at present, are so fortunate to have a President like Donald Trump, who obviously cares about his country! Sadly, I can’t say the same for Trudeau in Ottawa. He’s too busy importing his new friends. He doesn’t seem to like Canadians.

  22. I have been to North Africa and stopped in Egypt, mainly the cities and they are “s**t holes” with dirty disgusting people who still are living in the dark ages. If the Liberals are so concerned about other countries being called a “S**t hole, maybe they should go to some of these countries and see for themselves how terrible they are and it may change their mind or maybe not.

  23. Ken Davies, I haven’t heard “Psycho-Cybernetics” since 1955. There was a book by that title that was required reading at a life insurance agency in Cincinnati I worked for ’54 – ’58. H. G., editorial right on. Pres. right on. Stop foreign aid, spend it here with Private Contractors. Three words; Government Can’t Manage. Constitutional Government CAN. There will always be Sht-Holes. What goes in must come out. People must Work to provide. Nothing is “Free”.

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