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Just A Quick Note:

I Read all the Comments & Emails (if they’re not too Long or Insulting), and I try as Best I can to Respond whenever Appropriate.

Please Understand . . . That from time to time, I might get a Date Wrong, Spell a Word Incorrectly, and/or make an Error in Naming a Place or Person, all of which I really TRY HARD NOT TO DO . . .

BUT – WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO THE FUNDAMENTALS . . . of an Editorial, there is no amount of Time, Effort & Thought I will not Expense to get the FACTS RIGHT.

WHAT I WRITE ARE EDITORIALS . . . They are Personal Thoughts & Opinions of how I see things. They are not each a THESIS with Foot Notes to be Debated, based upon REAMS of Evidence.

And to make each Editorial as easy and Time Responsible to Read, I Try very Hard to Restrict the Amount of Words I Write . . . To Approximately 1,000 Per Editorial.

SO WHEN I WRITE THINGS . . . Such as – America’s Separation of Church & State, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS, in Spite of the Nuances & Semantics some of the Commenters want to Inject, in what was nothing more than a Simple & Obvious, Observation . . . YET NONETHELESS . . . IT IS A CRITICAL ASPECT OF AMERICAN FREEDOM.


SO . . . HERE IT IS PLAIN & SIMPLE – I Write My Opinions & Thoughts in an Editorial, not a Book. And if what I Think & Write Bothers you TO THAT EXTENT, perhaps it’s time to Read what others Think & Write, because I have Neither the Time Nor Patience to be Debating how many Angels can Dance on the Head of a Pin. THAT’S LEFTIST CRAP.


And if Oprah Decided to Run Against President Trump . . . There Would Go The Whole “O” Franchise – Lock, Stock & Barrel – WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON, OF SEVERAL IMPORTANT REASONS WHY OPRAH WON’T RUN.

FIRST & FOREMOST . . . Oprah is a Performer – Plain & Simple; where Donald Trump was always a Two-Fisted Back-Alley Street-Fighter, long BEFORE Donald Trump Became a Performer.

And even AFTER Donald Trump Hit-It-Big-Time On Television, HE NEVER STOPPED being a Hard Nosed Two-Fisted Back-Alley Street-Fighter, with the Killer Instinct to Always WIN . . . NO MATTER THE COST.

It’s a Great Fantasy of the LEFT . . . that a Big Name Movie & Television Star, who happens to be a Woman, Black, and an ELITIST, will Rise from her Comfortable Island of Serenity, to get into the POLITICAL DIRT, Against a No-Holds-Barred Street-Fighter like Donald Trump.

DO YOU THINK OPRAH . . . Who Brilliantly Crafted A Persona Of Near Perfection About Herself . . . Above & Beyond the Reach of “Mere Mortals”, who lives wherever she Desires, including on her Private Island, really wants to have her PRIVILEGED Private Life DRAGGED through the Mud – SHATTERING HER GOLDEN-GIRL IMAGE . . . In Just Moments, which took her, HER LIFETIME TO CREATE?


Oprah . . . A Liberal 1-PERCENTER Amongst 1-PERCENTERS.

IT’S ONE THING FOR OPRAH . . . To give away a Few Hundred Thousand Dollars in Cars as an On-Air Television Promotion, when the Production she’s on is bringing in SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS. But it’s something else entirely, when Oprah would have to Explain why there isn’t Enough Money to put Gas into those Cars.

I have no doubt that Oprah is very Clever . . . and under Scripted Moments, SHE’S BRILLIANT, and that Oprah Employs the BEST Money Managers Available to Manage her Billion Dollar Empire . . . And that she is a Masterful Interviewer UNDER CIVILIZED CIRCUMSTANCES, but how well would Oprah Perform when a Serious Take-No-Prisoner Debater like Donald Trump – GUTS HER UNDERBELLY LIKE A FISH FOR ALL TO SEE?

Does Anyone Believe Oprah Doesn’t Have Skeletons Best Kept In Her Closet?

The Sad Reality . . . is that the American LEFT (Elitists) are so DESPERATE for a Leader, that they’re going GAGA for an Entertainment Created Black Female Fantasy, who only in their Dreams could fill a Socio/Political Void of their Own Making, that is so Large, that Nothing Short of a Revolution can Fix.


THANKS ENTIRELY TO HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . Russia is in Syria to Stay. TURKEY IS NO FRIEND TO ISRAEL, AMERICA OR NATO – even in spite of being a Member of NATO.

And Iran Is Making Its Move To Become The 21st-Century Caliphate.

I CAN’T FOR THE LIFE OF ME . . . Understand WHY our North American Media isn’t Broadcasting EVERYDAY, the REALITY, that Israeli Fighter Bombers ARE RAVAGING Iranian, Syrian, Hezbollah (Lebanese) Convoys & Military Locations & Weapons Stockpiled Just KITTY-CORNER to Damascus, the Syrian Capital.

And even with all the Russian Defensive Radar Technology (SAM Missile Systems), the Israeli Fighter Bombers . . . Hit Their Targets & Return Home Unscathed.


If you want to Rethink Relatively Modern Middle East War History . . . The Egyptians & Syrians PRE-1967, were building up their Armies, Tanks, Artillery & Fighter Jets, Right on the Israeli Border, when Israel FINALLY Determined that Enough was Enough & LAUNCHED A MASSIVE SIMULTANEOUS PREEMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST EGYPT & SYRIA.

The Results . . . Were that in 6-Days, the War was Over, and the Combined Egyptian & Syrian Militaries were Decimated.

JUST SIX YEARS LATER . . . In 1973 – A LEFTIST Israeli Government, led by a LEFTIST Female Prime Minister (Golda Meir), DIDN’T take Heed of the Egyptian & Syrian BUILD-UP of Military Forces, once again arrayed all along the Israeli Border . . . and when the Combined Arab Armies HIT ISRAEL in what was a Sneak Attack, yet no less Predictable, Israel came a BLINK AWAY FROM ANNIHILATION.


Iran . . . which is Coupled with Russian OFFENSIVE WAR WEAPONRY, is Arming their Proxies – Hezbollah, Hamas & Syria to the Teeth, and they’re all Advancing Towards & Along the Northern Israeli Border . . .

How Long Do You Think It Will Take Before The Israelis Repeat 1967, BECAUSE THEY CERTAINLY WON’T REDO THE YOM-KIPPUR TRAVESTY?

Netanyahu Isn’t Golda Meir & Likud Is Not The Labor Party.


1 – The Young People of Iran, which Constitutes as much as 60% of the Iranian Population, are well educated, know which side is up, and don’t want to live under the YOKE of Imams & Mullahs, have had More than Enough with Islamization . . . and are on the Cusp of Open Revolt.

2 – America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, and even the Kurds are Providing Intelligence, Money & I would NOT be Surprised if they’re also supplying Weapons to the Insurgents. As a Matter of Fact, I would be SURPRISED IF NONE of the Aforementioned AREN’T COVERTLY ARMING THE INSURGENTS.

3 – And even in Spite of the $150-Billion “GIFT” . . . and the more than $1-Billion Cash Delivered in the Dark of Night on Pallets by the Obama Administration to the Mad Mullahs of Iran – and even in Spite of the Europeans Falling all over each other to do Business with this Hitler-Like Iranian Government . . . TEHRAN IS FINANCIALLY, MORALLY & SOCIALLY ON THE SKIDS.

GIVEN THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT . . . There might NEVER be a Better Time for Israel to STRIKE HEZBOLLAH, HAMAS & SYRIA . . . Causing Iran to Commit Troops, Equipment & Money – LOTS & LOTS OF MONEY, which Iran doesn’t have, WITHOUT Israel having to Fight a War More than 1,000-Miles Away from Home, because Iran is Bringing Themselves and their Proxies Directly to Israel’s Border, for what should be THEIR UTTER DEFEAT.

SUFFICE IT TO WRITE WHAT I JUST DID . . . If what I suspect will Happen, Happens, this will NOT BE A SIX DAY WAR & Israel will not come out of it UNSCATHED, without Plenty of Cuts & Bruises . . .

BUT WHAT ISRAEL WILL COME OUT OF IT WITH – Is the Elimination of a Major Existential Threat, even though it will be just One of Many. But One of Many Removed . . . is Nonetheless a Good Day For Israel, and a Good Day For Freedom Everywhere.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe that the only major difference between Obama’s attempt to take control of America and Adolph Hitler’s taking control of Germany is the role of the military. The German military was humiliated by Germany’s surrender in WWI. Hitler offered the military another chance for glory, and they supported him. Thank God the US military hates Obama. They are all that is standing between Obama the president and Obama the dictator.

  2. I do not understand why intelligent nations, in the face of developing threats to their existence, hold off in dealing with those threats. It is like waiting to see what will happen after a diagnosis of cancer — time is NOT on your side. I suppose it is usually the head-in-the-sand approach, that if I pretend that the threat isn’t real, maybe it isn’t.

  3. Not to be too picky, or anything, but I think it’s spelled Fuhgeddaboudit. Hee, hee, hee.

  4. Well said Howard and I think Israel will prevail no matter what. Regarding your opening words, you do not have to apologize to anyone for making the very rare minor mis-spell, incorrect date or other unintended innocent error. We all make mistakes like that. I venture to suggest there are few, particularly amongst the critics who have the talent, knowledge or would take the time to research and write so informative, factual, and truthfully as you. No fake news on your website.

  5. Thank you for your perspective, Howard. You always point out things that I had not noticed/was not aware of.

  6. Oprah will NOT run for president for all the reasons you listed, BUT she may SUPPORT a LIBERAL CANDIDATE which would have a GREAT IMPACT on the election! It’s already BEGUN! Hussein Obama’s CITIZENSHIP/BIRTH CERTIFICATE is, again, being REVIVED by Sheriff Arpaio!If proven true that he was born in AFRICA, this OUTCOME could prove to be very INTERESTING!Something is DEFINITELY “in the works” between the U.S. & ISRAEL re: IRAN.The U.S. & ISRAEL will NOT BACK OFF! GO TRUMP & GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!

  7. Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA said a couple of days ago predicted that the citizen protests in Iran will continue because of a “dire situation” with Iran’s economy – and they did not have anything to do with the uprising.

  8. Right now the best approach is the TRUMP Approach. SUPPORT the protestors letting them know the US has their backs …. making the Leaders nervous and hopefully fleeing the country. If the protestors can take over the country …. no nuclear issues. Israel will be all the more safer for it! Go Trump! p.s in 2009, if Obama had supported those protestors …. I doubt we even have this mess now. It would have been done with! The $150 Billion handout has just made things so much worse!

  9. The Calderon of what you speak Howard long simmering, but ‘this time’ & whatever it comes to, the Marxist dung heap Hussein Obama no longer gets to stir, and thank God for all that will be evolved – this time! And lets all pray hard for the victors to be those who’ve long strived & sought for a lasting peace over there – it would be about time for peace, and the world much better for it. God be with all those fighting & striving to accomplish it! May God comfort all who may lose loved ones!

  10. Amen. While shower curtain mildew is smarter than obama as well as better qualified to be POTUS; President Trump ran for office as a patriotic act in order to give back to the country that made him wealthy and loves America enough to leave his billionaire 1%er lifestyle. Oprah doesn’t give a fat rat’s patootie about America and doesn’t have the cojones or the grit needed to make tough choices. Trump is going to be one of America’s GREATEST Presidents and will be kindly remembered by history.

  11. Isaiah 17 says Damascus will be left a pile of dust and rubble without a fort or government left. Since that has not happened yet I foresee Israel doing just that in the near future.

  12. Somewhat off the topic, but currently worthwhile: GO WALMART❤️😄👏🏼And all the other businesses making fools of Democrats.

  13. Just smiling and shaking my head. Howard you know people (in general) will never change.


  15. obama is still in the picture with a new organization to support demacaps for election and well placed speeches against

  16. Great editorial Howard! Like you Oprah has to many skeletons in her closet. Lets start with Harvey Weinstien, how many young actresses did she bring to him????? What was in it for her????? and the list goes on. Ken Davies of Cornwall..I echo you thoughts. Go Trump Go!!

  17. It’s a BLOG for cryin’ out loud and NOT a political science dissertation……..Keep up the good work, Howard. We love you! You are talking and reaching out to the PEOPLE and not to “elite scholars” although most of your readers are pretty intelligent.

  18. Whether you believe the Bible, or not, it has proven to be true. God said, “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you”. check it out. God has punished the Isralis at times, but they have always come through, survived and prosperred. Personally, I want on the winning side – Israel’s.

  19. Fugget About It – A prime time Canadian adult animated sitcom. (Per WIKI). I’ve never heard of it before googling your opening comments. Loved your editorial Howard, you are always spot on! No to Oprah, Yes to Trump and I stand with Israel 100%.

  20. Howard – You are an awesome person. You willing devote your time & energy to put your all into your editorials! Anne is a saint & needs to be Woman of the Year because she supports you 100% & understands your need to write & share. I am thankful that I found your website & have enjoyed all of your editorials, since I first read one. I am not sure how your website or editorials came to me, I just know that when I first saw them, I had to sign up. Please don’t change, one itty bitty bit. Your Fan.

  21. If Ophra is so concerned about America, why did she establish a girls school in Africa? Ophra’s home town is Chicago. I am sure a private school funded by her in Chicago would go a long way to helping disadvantaged blacks. But, one gets more international aclaim by doing it in Africa.

  22. Howard, Obviously I’m not the first to tell you how awesome are your articles. Sad that some who cannot handle opposing opinions and would criticize or trash you. From N. Wisconsin on the short of Lake Superior now a 30 year Air Force retiree in Guam, USA (flying gas station operator). I appreciate your articles and your love of the USA. Just keep up what you are doing. I do share many of your articles with family and friends, many military of all services. All responses are POSITIVE.

  23. Always look forward to opening your blog. Great job as usual! You are a great thinker, well versed in history, and have a keen perception of people. Also, as a Canadian, you know more about America, our principles, Constitution and Bill of Rights, our government, the troubles we face and the tremendous potential we have, than 90+% of Americans. Come to think of it, you are a better “American” patriot than most of us. I know you love Canada, but we desperately need more citizens like you!!

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